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    Military Battles and Campaigns

    This category contains maps showing campaigns of major military conflicts including troop movements, defensive structures and groundworks, roads to and from sites of military engagements, campsites, and local buildings, topography and vegetation. Some of the maps are manuscripts drawn on the field of battle, while others are engraved including some that have manuscript annotations reflecting the history of the battle or campaign. A significant ...

    • Date: 1570

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  • Map

    [Franklin-Folger chart of the Gulf Stream].

    Shows the Gulf Stream. Publication authorized by Benjamin Franklin and Timothy Folger. Gulf Stream information overprinted on: A new and exact chart of Mr. E. Wrights projection, rut. Mercators chart, con. ye sea coast of Europe, Africa & America, from ye Isles of Orkney to Cape Bona Esperance & Hudsons Bay to ye straits of Magellan, according to ye observations of Capt. E. Halley, ...

    • Contributor: Franklin, Benjamin - Folger, Timothy - Wright, Edward - Halley, Edmond - Moll, Herman - Jno. Mount and Tho. Page
    • Date: 1768