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    Asia and Europe. 8-67. Scale 1:15,000,000. "56875." Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. AACR2
    • Contributor: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
    • Date: 1967
  • Collection
    [Tasker Howard Bliss collection of World War I maps and other related graphic materials]. Consists principally of col. and black-and-white maps of Europe (as a whole) and of individual European countries and regions during the period of World War I and the succeeding Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Some of these are annotated with ms. (ink, col. pencil) additions. Also there are various related maps of Asia and Turkey, and miscellaneous maps of Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. ...
    • Contributor: Bliss, Tasker Howard
    • Date: 1916
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    Asia and Europe. 2-75. Scale 1:15,000,000. "502411." Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. AACR2
    • Contributor: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
    • Date: 1975
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    [A portolan chart of the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent continents]. Also shows the southeast Pacific Ocean, the southwest Indian Ocean, as well as the continents of South America, Africa, Europe, and portions of North America and Asia. Relief shown pictorially. Title supplied by cataloger. LC Nautical charts on vellum, 16. LC Luso-Hispanic World, Vellum Chart 16 Pen-and-ink, watercolors, and colored pencil, matted and mounted between panels of transparent Lucite plexiglass; the panels are riveted ...
    • Contributor: Roiz, Pascoal
    • Date: 1633
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    Asia, Europe-Asia, railway map = Mapa sieci kolejowej = Eisenbahnkarte /
    Mapa sieci kolejowej Catalog Record Only
    Panel title and legends in English, Polish, and German; specific map titles also in Russian. Title from panel. Includes notes, Asia inset, and coverage map.
    • Contributor: Wydawnictwo Kartograficzne "karta"
    • Date: 2006
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    Imperial Russia 1739.
    Imperial Russia seventeen thirty-nine | Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae, tam majoris et Asiaticæ, quam minoris et Europææ tabvla Catalog Record Only
    Covers Asia (north of the Tropic of Cancer) and Eastern Europe. Relief shown pictorially. Facsimile. Original version: Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae, tam majoris et Asiaticæ, quam minoris et Europææ [sic] tabvla : ex recentissimis et probatissimis monumentis et relationibus concinnata, et ad legitimas projectionum geographic. regulas plane exacta / opera Ioh. Mathiae Hasii, Math. P.P. ; Seb. Dorn sc. Norimbergæ : Impensis Homanniorum ...
    • Contributor: Hase, Johann Matthias
    • Date: 1996
  • Map
    Europe, Middle East, Asia international highway network. Catalog Record Only Scale ca. 1:20,000,000. AACR2
    • Contributor: International Road Federation
    • Date: 1970
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    Asia and adjacent areas Catalog Record Only Relief shown by shading and spot heights. "Asia, March, 1951, the National geographic magazine, vol. XCIX, no. 3."
    • Contributor: United States. Aeronautical Chart and Information Service - Darley, James M. (James Morrison) - National Geographic Society (U.S.). Cartographic Section
    • Date: 1952
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    Asya kıtʼası haritasıdır. Catalog Record Only Covers the continent of Asia. Ottoman Turkish. LC copy mounted on cloth backing. Copy brittle, missing edge sections, and stained. Acquisitions control no. 2007-152
    • Date: 1848
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    Ya'ou di zhen gou zao tu / Catalog Record Only June 1981. Cover title: Ya'ou di zhen guo zao tu = Seismotectonic map of Asia and Europe. Legend in Chinese and English. Includes insets showing structure in Asia and Europe and seismic zones and districts in Asia and Europe.
    • Contributor: Guo Jia DI Zhen Ju DI Zhi Yan Jiu Suo (China)
    • Date: 1981
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    An atlas of rare city maps : comparative urban design, 1830-1842 /
    Comparative urban design, 1830-1842 Catalog Record Only
    Covers urban areas mainly in Europe, a few in United States and Asia. Based on maps published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, London, 1830-1844. Originally published: Comparative urban design : rare engravings, 1830-1843. New York : Arno Press, c1978. Includes bibliographical references.
    • Contributor: Branch, Melville Campbell
    • Date: 1997
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    Mapping world history : 2MH300 / Catalog Record Only TX 1-967-229 U.S. Copyright Office Relief shown by shading, gradient tints, and spot heights. Title from label affixed to box. Issued as a kit with laminated maps of world, Europe, and Asia and teacher's guide. Ancillary maps: [Northern Hemisphere] -- [Southern Hemisphere] -- Annual rainfall [world] -- Distribution of people [world] -- Mineral fuels [world] -- Annual rainfall [Europe] -- Frost free areas [Europe] ...
    • Contributor: Nystrom (Firm)
    • Date: 1985
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    Project relief map of Eurasia. Catalog Record Only
    • Contributor: Rand McNally and Company
    • Date: 1952
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    Comparative urban design : rare engravings, 1830-1843 / Catalog Record Only Reprint of maps published 1830-1844 by the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, London. Includes bibliographical references. Form AACR2: ga10 11-28-06
    • Contributor: Branch, Melville Campbell
    • Date: 1978
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    Planning maps. Scale 1:6,336,000 ... Catalog Record Only
    • Contributor: United States. Army Map Service
    • Date: 1943
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    Part of the Eastern Continent showing the primitive settlements and subsequent progress of the posterity of Noah : compiled from Bochart, Calmet, Mede, Jones, Hales, Hemings, Drummond, &c. / Catalog Record Only Shows Europeans as descendants of Japheth, Africans as descendants of Ham, and Asians as descendants of Sam, ancient kingdoms, ancient rulers, and modern and classical names. Relief shown by shading and hachures. Title from principal map.
    • Contributor: Virtue, George
    • Date: 1880
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    Novyĭ atlas avtomobilʹnykh dorog / Catalog Record Only Includes indexes.
    • Contributor: Minskai︠a︡ Pechatnai︠a︡ Fabrika Goznaka Belarusi
    • Date: 1993
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    Mohammedan conquest at their height 750 A.D. / Catalog Record Only "Edited by Rolla Milton Tryon, Ph. D., University of Chicago; Arthur Guy Terry, Ph. D., Northwestern University; Clyde Leclare Grose, Ph. D, Northwestern University; Ernest Lauer, M.A., Northwestern University." "Copyrighted 1931 by The George F. Cram Company, Indianapolis, Indiana." Historical map shows stages of expansion of the Islamic Empire: Up to the death of Mohammed, 632 -- Under the First three Califs, 632-656 -- ...
    • Contributor: George F. Cram Company - Muḥammad
    • Date: 1931
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    Atlas of Asia and Eastern Europe to support detection of underground nuclear testing. Catalog Record Only Cover title. Scale of maps 1:5,000,000. L.C. set imperfect: v. 4 wanting. Bibliography: v. 1, p. 3-7.
    • Contributor: United States. Geological Survey. Military Geology Branch
    • Date: 1966
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    Atlas complétant la Carte des chemins de fer de l'Europe. Catalog Record Only
    • Contributor: International Railway Union - International Railway Union. Carte Des Chemins De Fer De L'europe
    • Date: 1932
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    A-Ō tenkizu : Shōwa 16-nen 1-gatsu yori 6-gatsu made.
    亜歐天氣圖 : 昭和十六年一月ヨリ六月マデ. Catalog Record Only
    Title hand written and data recorded by hand on printed maps. Title from cover. Issued as confidential document. Daily records of climate, Jan. -June, 1941 (181 days); LC set lacks June 22 and 30; April 11-13 torn half; June 26 misfiled; and July 30 inserted. LC set bound together (仮綴) with cover ("水路部" printed on verso).
    • Contributor: Japan. Rikugun. Kishōbu.
    • Date: 1941
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    Aziı︠a︡ : fizicheskaı︠a︡ karta. Catalog Record Only Romanized.
    • Contributor: Soviet Union. Glavnoe Upravlenie Geodezii I Kartografii
    • Date: 1948