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    Yamashiro meishōshi zu, Kii-gun.
    Kii-gun Catalog Record Only
    Shows Kii in Kyoto area. Selected buildings shown pictorially. Relief shown pictorially. Cover title. Oriented with north to the left. Pen-and-ink. Suppl. to: Yamashiro meishōshi / Ōshima Takeyoshi (1711) Cf. Kotenseki sōgō mokuroku. Acquisitions control no. 96-11m
    • Contributor: Ōshima, Takeyoshi
    • Date: 1711
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    The empire of China and island of Japan : agreable to modern history / Catalog Record Only Gift; G. Blair McCune; Shannon Wagner; Antoinette Bement; 1995. Acquisitions control no. 96-30a
    • Contributor: Moll, Herman
    • Date: 1710
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    Edo ōezu /
    江戶大繪圖 / Catalog Record Only
    Title from title piece mounted on case. Within single border (134.8 x 176.3 cm.). LC copy extensively wormed, with loss of text, but repaired. LC copy imperfect: title piece probably lost (or new cover replaced) Transferred from Asian Division 4/19/2006. 3469 Tokugawa jidai shuppansha shuppanbutsu shūran, p. 121 (under 須原屋茂兵エ ... 江戶; 江戶大絵図・温清軒・正徳中 [1711-1716]). Kotenseki sōgō mokuroku, v. 1, p. 87 (2 entries under ...
    • Contributor: Onseiken
    • Date: 1711
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    Kyō ōezu. Catalog Record Only Scale not given. Title from label on case. Wood block print. Relief shown pictorially. Pictorial map. Shows selected landowners and points of interest. Includes text. Vault AACR2: 650/1; 651/2
    • Contributor: Hayashi, Yoshinaga
    • Date: 1716