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    Plan of Charles Town, Maryland. Cadastral survey map showing lot/tract lines, lot numbers, public lands, street names, and some acreages. Relief shown by form lines. Also shows "The Lord Properiators [sic] two lots." Oriented with north toward the upper right. Manuscript: pen-and-ink (dark brown). Original sheet and backing hemmed by cloth strips at the 4 edges. Imperfect: Mottled, fold-lined, missing small sections at sheet edges/fold lines. Includes notes and...
    • Date: 1770
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    [Map of military lots, tracts, patents, etc. in western Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland] Scale ca. 1:40,000. Manuscript, pen-and-ink and watercolor. Oriented with north to the right. Has watermarks. "The whole amount of lots, 4163. Settled and improved, 635. Unimproved, 3520." "The patent tracts are shaded with yellow, the settled and improved lots are numbered with red--and unimproved lots numbered with black." Based on Map of military lots, tracts, in Allegany Cos. Md.; map made by Francis Deakins...
    • Contributor: Veatch, Hezekiah
    • Date: 1787
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    [Land ownership map of part of Harford County, Maryland. Catalog Record Only Scale 1:39,600; 1 in. = 3,300 ft. Photocopy. Cadastral map. AACR2
    • Date: 1700