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    Cartas esfericas y planos de los Puertos situados sobre las Costas Septentrionales de las Californias è Yslas adyacentes, descubiertos por los Españoles Covers Pacific Coast extending from Mexico to Alaska. Relief shown by contours and hachures. Title and date in pencil on verso of all sheets. Pen-and-ink, watercolor, and pencil and mounted on cloth. Original format described in the Luso-Hispanic World in Maps as an atlas with index entitled,"Yndice de las Cartas, y Planos contenidos en este Libro" now missing. Sheet 14 entitled, "Plano del archipielago ...
    • Date: 1799

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    [Map of the Far East and adjacent Pacific].
    The map, in its ornamental frame, occupies the right side of the sheet. Drawing of a ship and an eight-line explanation of Roman numerals on left side of the sheet. Place names in Arabic. Chinese in two columns, on right side of map. Text in Venetian Italian. Undetermined authenticity. Provenance unverified. Pen-and-ink. Further description of map appeared in article: Bagrow, Leo, 1948. The maps ...
    • Contributor: Polo, Marco
    • Date: 129?