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    A map of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland with part of New Jersey &c. Shows provinces, coastal towns and a few frontier settlements, Indian villages and tribal territory, English "Factories" among the Indians, mines, rivers, numerous place-names. Covers also part of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Relief shown by contours. From the Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle (July, 1755), vol. 24. Prime meridian: London. Appears to be based on the work of John Mitchell. LC Maps of North...
    • Contributor: Baldwin, R. (Robert)
    • Date: 1755
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    Map showing the Port Royal Railroad and its connections. Map of the southeastern United States showing drainage, cities and towns, township and county boundaries, and the railroad network. In 1871 the line was in progress of completion. One of Colton's typical maps published for an individual railroad company to promote industry and settlement in rich mining or agricultural areas. (Entry 533)
    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Port Royal Railroad
    • Date: 1870
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    A new map of North & South Carolina, & Georgia
    A new map of North and South Carolina, and Georgia | New map of North and South Carolina, and Georgia
    Shows the boundaries of each of the above provinces extend from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River. Also shows towns along the coast, Indian villages and tribal territory, forts principal rivers, and relief. Relief shown by hachures. From The London magazine or Gentleman's monthly intelligencer. (April, 1765), vol. 34. Prime meridian: London. LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789, 1390 Available also through the...
    • Contributor: Kitchin, Thomas
    • Date: 1765