• Map
    [Map of landholdings in the part of Prince George's County (Md.) that is now central Washington D.C.] Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Shows landholdings as of "1784." Depths shown by soundings. Pen-and-ink (black and purple) on tracing linen. Title devised by cataloger. Probably traced by Joseph M. Toner from the original map by Beatty and Orme. From the Joseph Meredith Toner Collection in LC Manuscript Division. Oriented with north to the right. Stained and fold-lined. Includes notes and index of survey points. On verso in lead ...
    • Contributor: Beatty, Chas. (Charles) - Orme, Arch. (Archibald) - Toner, Joseph M. (Joseph Meredith)
    • Date: 1784
  • Map
    From Bladensburgh to near Alexandria past Georgetown. Catalog Record Only Shows trace of single road. Relief shown by hachures. Photostat of ms. map in library of the New York Historical Society. At head of title: No. 124, L. In upper and lower margins: 124 L. LC copy originally printed on 4 sheets, assembled, annotated in lead pencil, and mounted on cloth backing. DCP
    • Contributor: De Witt, Simeon
    • Date: 1781
  • Map
    Camp à 1 mille 1/2 audela de George's Town. Catalog Record Only Covers area in vicinity of presentday Dupont Circle N.W., Washington D.C., not part of Georgetown. Relief shown by hachures. At head of title: 16e. Photocopy of ms. atlas map. "From Amérique Campagne 1782. Plans des differents camps occupés per l'Armée aux ordres de Mr. le Comte de Rochambeau." Oriented with north to the left. LC copy annotated in pencil to show presentday geographic names ...
    • Contributor: Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien De Vimeur
    • Date: 1782