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    Northern Alabama and Georgia

    Relief shown by hachures. Slight variant and most recent edition. Accompanied by 2 copies of note "Field map carried by General Sherman on his famous march from Atlanta to the sea, prsented by him to Vinnie Ream soon after the close of the Civil War and bequeathed by her to her husband. [signed] R.L. Hoxie Brig. Gen." U.S.A." Original in LC Manuscript Division, container ...

    • Contributor: Lindenkohl, A. - Lindenkohl, H. (henry) - Krebs, Charles G. - United States Coast Survey
    • Date: 1864
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    Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond

    A thematic collection exploring changing models of the universe through time, ideas of life on other words and Carl Sagan’s place in the tradition of science. It features manuscripts, rare books, celestial atlases, newspaper articles, sheet music and movie posters. Like our ancestors, we look up at the heavens and wonder. What is the structure of the universe? How significant are we? Are we ...

    • Contributor: Sagan, Carl - Druyan, Ann - Macfarlane, Seth

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    • Contributor: Morse, Samuel Finley Breese
    • Date: 1841

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