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    Carte geographiqve de la novvelle Franse Scale ca. 1:5,500,000. Manuscript, pencil and pen-and-ink. Includes illus., index to points of interest, and text. Accompanied by manuscript text. [4] p. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Vault AACR2
    • Contributor: Thoreau, Henry David - Champlain, Samuel De
    • Date: 1850
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    Carte des Etats-Unis de l'Amérique suivant le Traité de paix de [espace vide] Covers the area east of the Mississippi River from James Bay to Gulf of Mexico to Newfoundland. Relief shown pictorially. Shows location of Washington D.C. and includes Vermont in the list of "Les treize Etats-Unis". Prime meridian: Ferro. Watermark: BAR. Imperfect: Trimmed at upper left, has paper strip affixed to left edge as if removed from bound vol., fold-lined, darkened at right edge. Available ...
    • Contributor: Lattré, Jean - Delamarche, Charles François - Dien, Charles
    • Date: 1805