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    Geologisk kort over Danmark 1:200 000. Kortbladet Femer Bælt-Arkona Bassinet, sen-kvartære sedimenter /
    Kortbladet Femer Bælt-Arkona Bassinet, sen-kvartære sedimenter | Geologisk kort over Femer Bælt-Arkona Bassinet, sen-kvartære sedimenter | Map sheet Femer Bælt-Arkona Basin, late Quaternary sediments Catalog Record Only
    Cover title in Danish and German; legend, title in upper margin, and accompanying text also in English. Cover title. Includes 2 ancillary maps and coverage map. Bibliography in accompanying text.
    • Contributor: Jensen, J.
    • Date: 1996
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    Hamborg, den indre by / Catalog Record Only Scale ca. 1:19,000. Folded title: Hamburg, Hamborg byplan. "4/76." Danish. Place names in German. Includes text, col. ill., directories, indexes, and map of "Hamborgs havn." Maps of "Hamborg, byområde" and "S-tog og nærtrafik 'Hamborgs trafikselskab'" and indexes on verso. AACR2
    • Contributor: Neide, H.
    • Date: 1976
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    Kongeriget Danmark med Hertugdömmet Slesvig / Catalog Record Only Scale 1:480,000. Facsimile. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by contours and soundings. "Udgivet af Generstaben 1846." Includes list of administrative divisions with population data and inset of Bornholm. AACR2: 651/1; 651/2; 650/3; 700/1; 710/2
    • Contributor: Olsen, Oluf Nicolai
    • Date: 1979
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    Atlas over Kongeriget Danmark og Hertugdömmet Slesvic. Catalog Record Only
    • Contributor: Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, Copenhagen
    • Date: 1956
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    KNA kart- og reisehåndbok. Catalog Record Only
    • Contributor: Kongelig Norsk Automobilklu
    • Date: 1967