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  • Map

    Plano del puerto de Cartavena de Yndias

    Shows coast of Colombia in region of Cartagena. Relief shown by shading. Depths shown by soundings. Watermark: J. Whatma[n]. Pen-and-ink and red and brown inks. Mounted on cloth backing. LC Luso-Hispanic World, 282 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Indexed. Annotated in brown ink in lower right margin: 33. Maggs number annotated in pencil in lower right ...

    • Date: 1804
  • Map

    A chart of the coast of America : from New York and Philadelphia to the Strait or Gulf of Florida, and from thence to the Mississippi

    Nautical chart. Relief shown by hachures in selected areas. Depths shown by soundings. In lower margin of each of the original sheets: A New Edition. London, Published as the Act directs, March 1st 1837, by J.W. Norie & Co., at the Navigation Warehouse, no. 157 Leadenhall Street. Oriented with north toward the upper right. Hand col. in red and yellow to show lights and ...

    • Contributor: Norie, J. W. (john William) - J.W. Norie & Co. - Norie, J. W.
    • Date: 1837
  • Map

    Sketch of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States showing the loyal part, and the parts of the coasts of the rebellious states in actual possession of the U. S. ...

    Scale not given. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 25 Lower right corner of the copy is wanting. "This sketch was prepared to show at a glance the difference in extent of the coasts of the U. States occupied by the loyal men and rebels; its circulation it is believed will have the effect of counteracting the exertions of traitors at home as well ...

    • Contributor: Blunt, Edmund - Blunt, G. W. (george William)
    • Date: 1862
  • Map

    General chart of the coast. No. IV, from Cape May to Cape Henry. From a trigonometrical survey under the direction of F. R. Hassler and A. D. Bache, Superintendents of the survey ...

    Scale 1:400,000. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 33.7 From its Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, showing the progress of the survey during the year 1862 (Washington, Government Printing Office., 1864). Map 14. "No. 14" in the upper left corner. "The triangulation was executed by E. Blunt, J. E. Johnstone, J. Farley & J. E. Hilgard, Assistants between 1841 & 1853. ...

    • Contributor: United States Coast Survey
    • Date: 1862
  • Map

    Chart of North America from Boston to the Strait of Florida and Havana : in 4 sheets

    Blue back coastal nautical chart extending from Havana to Richmond Island (Me.). Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by contours and soundings. Hand col. to emphasize navigation beacons and markers (some with visibility circles). Also shows outlines and center line of the Gulf Stream. Principal title from segment marked "sheet 4" (left end). Oriented with north toward the upper right. Original 1859 publication note ...

    • Contributor: Hobbs, J. S. (john Stratton) - Wilson, Charles William - Norie & Wilson - Hobbs, J. S.
    • Date: 1863
  • Map

    Sketch of the Atlantic coast of the United States from Savannah River to St. Mary's River, embracing the coast of the State of Georgia

    Scale 1:200,000. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 129.4 Inset: [Coast of Florida from St. Johns River to St. Augustine] 32 x 24 cm. Coastal chart showing place names, roads, railroads, rivers and streams, and swamps. Description derived from published bibliography. Available also through the Library of Congress web site as raster image.

    • Contributor: Lindenkohl, A.
    • Date: 1861
  • Map

    The Atlantic Neptune,

    L.C. copy no. 3, with 125 items. Charts dated 1774 to 1781. Undated ed. in 3 volumes, called part I, part II, and part III in their respective tables of contents. The general t.p., without volume numbering or imprint, and the prelim. leaves are repeated in each volume. The contents leaf for pt. 2 calls for a chart of Prince Edward's Island instead of ...

    • Contributor: Des Barres, Joseph F. W. (joseph Frederick Wallet) - Des Barres, Joseph F. W.
    • Date: 1800

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  • Map

    Chart of the coast of Brazil from Maranham to the River Plate.

    "The spots coloured red on the chart indicate the places where slavers land their cargoes and also where they are fitted out for slave trading." "Ordered by the House of Commons, to be printed, 22 July 1850." Relief shown by hachures. In upper right margin: Select Committee on African Slave Trade. Oriented with north toward the upper right. Includes note and 12 insets. "No. ...

    • Contributor: Arrowsmith, John
    • Date: 1850
  • Map

    [Map of the defeat of the Confederate ship Alabama by the U.S. steamer Kearsarge on June 19, 1864, off Cherbourg, France].

    Scale ca. 1:41,000. LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 703 From. Report on the Secretary of the Navy, with an appendix, containing reports from officers. December, 1864). opp. p. 630. Map shows the "Position of the Kearsarge when she received the first broadside of the enemy," the general direction of the ships during the battle, and the position of the Alabama, when it sank ...

    • Contributor: United States. Navy
    • Date: 1864
  • Map

    [Pencil sketch of the Atlantic Coast from Charleston, South Carolina, to Savannah, Georgia].

    Title and date from Stephenson's Civil War Maps, 1989. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), S128 Available also through the Library of Congress web site as raster image.

    • Date: 1864
  • Map

    Map showing the route of the Washington and Atlantic Railroad and its connections.

    Map of the middle Atlantic states showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, coal and iron ore deposits in West Virginia and western Maryland, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Washington and Atlantic Railroad
    • Date: 1883
  • Map

    Chart of the coast of Maine

    Relief shown by hachures on some sheets. Depths shown by soundings on some sheets. On some sheets: Entered according to Act of Congress, by Capt. Seward Porter, in the year 1837, in the Clerks office of the District Court of Massachusetts. Some sheets lack geographic coordinates and bar scale. Orientation varies. Sheets numbered: No. 1 ... No. 9. Ristow. American maps and mapmakers. Available ...

    • Contributor: Porter, Seward - Moody - T. Moore's Lithography
    • Date: 1837

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  • Map

    [Map of the coast of South Carolina, from Charleston to Savannah].

    Title, date, and scale from Stephenson's Civil War maps, 1989. Portion of an unidentified printed map showing roads, railroads, towns, and drainage. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), S126 Available also through the Library of Congress web site as raster image. Handwritten note in lower right corner: From Chief Engrs. O[ff.] Mil'y. Divn. Miss: O. M. [Poe] Bvt. Col. & [Chf. Engr.] 67.

    • Date: 186?