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    Reitetō senkyō yōzu : Shō. 19. 12. matsu made happyō.
    レイテ島戰況要圖 : 昭・十九・十二・末迄發表.
    Covering Leyte Island, Leyte Gulf, Camotes Sea, Biliran, Samar, Suluan and Homonhon islands; indicating military operations and movements of both Japanese (in blue) and Allied Forces (chiefly American; in red), from Oct. 7 through Dec. 22, 1944 (the latest dates in pencilled-in notes); listing the makeup of American fleet and Army divisions (written in red pencil), and Japanese army divisions names (in black). Pen-and-ink, ...
    • Date: 1944
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    Gomanbun no ichi Hansaiga shōmen jinchi jōhōzu.
    五万分一半截河正面陣地情報圖. | 1:50,000 Hansaiga shōmen jinchi jōhōzu | Gomanbun no ichi Hansetsuga shōmen jinchi Jōhōyō sozu. Catalog Record Only
    Maps show west part of Xingkai (Hankako) near Jixi Shi in Heilongjiang Sheng. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Confidential "Gokuhi" "Hi" printed. Engraved 1942-1943 and printed 1943. Includes index map to adjoining sheets. LC copy complete set of 3 maps (sono 1-3). LC copies have "Army Map Service Library sheet ... " "Captured map" "Primary File Copy" and AMS number stamped. Gaihozu. ...
    • Contributor: Japan. Rikugun. Kantōgun. Sokuryōtai - Japan. Rikugun. Kantōgun. Sanbōbu. - Japan. Rikugun. Kantōgun. Shireibu
    • Date: 1943
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    Senryakugaku kyōtei. Fuzu. Catalog Record Only Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by form lines. Shows positions of Austrian, Hungarian, etc. troops in a number of countries in Europe, e.g. Austria, Germany, and Russia. Probable date 1812, from map depicting war with Russia in 1812. Multiple maps shown on 10 sheets to teach military strategies. LC copy imperfect: Torn on folded lines. Sheet 1 wanting left portion. ARP
    • Date: 1812