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    Pingjiang tu.
    Stone rubbing dated between 1858 and 1869. One of the earliest and biggest stone rubbing maps in China. Original stone was engraved in 1229 under Li Shoupeng. The map is now in the Museum of Engraved Stone Tablets in Suzhou, China. Shows temples, bridges, rivers, and city walls of Pingjiang (Suzhou) during the Southern Song Dynasty. Relief shown pictorially. Available also through the Library...
    • Contributor: Gamble, William
    • Date: 1229
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    [Map of the Far East and adjacent Pacific].
    The map, in its ornamental frame, occupies the right side of the sheet. Drawing of a ship and an eight-line explanation of Roman numerals on left side of the sheet. Place names in Arabic. Chinese in two columns, on right side of map. Text in Venetian Italian. Undetermined authenticity. Provenance unverified. Pen-and-ink. Further description of map appeared in article: Bagrow, Leo, 1948. The maps...
    • Contributor: Polo, Marco
    • Date: 129?
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    Lancashire in the fourteenth year of King John, A.D. 1212 : s... County administrative-divisions map showing the names and status of the minor civil divisions using 22 areal tints. "The thick black broken lines mark the divisions of the hundreds and the red lines the divisions of the fifty-six parishes into which the county was divided in the thirteenth century." Map sheet removed from textual publication: The Lancashire pipe rolls of 31 Henry I., A.D. 1130...
    • Contributor: Great Britain. Exchequer - John
    • Date: 1212
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    Sketch map illustrating the Mongol Campaigns in North China, ... Relief shown by spot heights. "Map no. 2."
    • Contributor: Wallus, C. C.
    • Date: 1216
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    The ancient mappa mundi in Hereford Cathedral : map of the world Cloth map. "Printed by hand." Includes text. Vault
    • Contributor: Ricardus - Robin, Plas
    • Date: 1290
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    al-Ḥarūb al-Salībīyah min sanat 582 H.-sanat 1186 M. ilá sana... Romanized.
    • Contributor: Sharīf, ʻabbās Maḥmūd - Ḥabashī, Ḥasan - Naṣr, Muḥammad Al-Sayyid Salāmah
    • Date: 1291