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    [Ohrid--grad UNESKO] = Ohrid--city of UNESCO.
    Ohrid--city of UNESCO Catalog Record Only
    Panel title in Macedonian and English; index in romanized Macedonian. Panel title. Includes index to points of interest. Aerial views on verso: Ohrid [old town] -- [Ohrid region].
    • Date: 1994
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    Skopje, plan na grad 1:20 000 /
    Skopje city map 1:20 000 | Skopje Catalog Record Only
    Metro-area street map showing principal buildings, points-of-interest, and generalized land use. Panel title in cyrillic Macedonian and English; legend in romanized Macedonian and English. Title from panel. "Copyright © 2004 Trimaks." Includes 2 local-area insets and coat-of-arms. Street index, artist's aerial view of Skopje city region as if seen from outer space, tourist information (text), color illustrations, coats-of-arms, and website names.
    • Contributor: Trimaks Kartografija (Firm)
    • Date: 2004
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    Grafička karta na grad Skopje : centralno podračje na gradot / Catalog Record Only Aerial view of city center. Includes index to points of interest and coat-of-arms. Arterial-route "Plan na grad Skopje, razmer 1:100 000" and ill. on cover.
    • Contributor: Stankoviḱ, Predrag
    • Date: 2000
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    Skopje, plan na grad : najdete go vašiot pat niz glavniot grad, razmer 1:20 000 [sic] : sodrži--detalna mapa na gradot ... považni objekti /
    Skopje city map | Skopje, razmer 1:18 000 Catalog Record Only
    Relief shown by shading. Also shows principal buildings, points of interest, city administrative wards, and generalized land use. Panel title in cyrillic Macedonian and English; legend and title within map border in romanized Macedonian. Title from panel. Includes 2 local-area insets, "3-D mapa na regionot Skopje" (inset), and coat-of-arms. Street index, phone directory, 2 maps of bus transit routes (city and suburban), 2 address...
    • Contributor: Trimaks Kartografija (Firm)
    • Date: 2008