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    Grad Beograd oko IẼ veka u doba despota Stefana : 1403-1427 zlatni vek Beograda. Catalog Record Only Bird's-eye view. Text and notes in Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic); some notes in Greek and Latin. At bottom right in Gothic script: Griechisch Weissenburg. Oriented with north to the bottom. Includes text, historical notes, and ill. LC copy annotated in pencil in lower margin: Belgrade in XVth century. 95/200.
    • Date: 1989
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    Kulturno-istorijska karta, Sremski Karlovci + plan grada 10: 000 /
    Cultural-historical map of Sremski Karlovci + city map 1:10 000 | Kulturno-istorijska karta Sremskih Karlovaca | Cultural-historical map of Sremski Karlovci Catalog Record Only
    Text and titles in Serbian and English; legend in Croatian and English. Title from panel. Includes text, indexes, directories, calendar of events, extensive ill. (some col.) of "Historical persons", other ill. (some col.), and coats-of-arms. "COBISS.SR-ID 110479116."
    • Contributor: Dević, Vojislav D.
    • Date: 2003