• Map
    Galata, İstanbul, tarihi ve kültürel miras haritası / Catalog Record Only The Galata map is an aerial view (originally drawn) showing all buildings. Titles of constituent maps devised by cataloguer. "© OBAAM, 2005." Includes text, descriptive indexes, coverage map (inset), specimen view, and specimen map.
    • Contributor: Oxford Cartographers Ltd
    • Date: 2005
  • Map
    İstanbul şehir plânı = Istanbul city map. Catalog Record Only Bird's-eye view. Turkish and English. Alternate title: İstanbul. Indexed. Maps of Boğaziçi Bosphorus area and "Istanbul E-5 Çevreyoıu Kavşakları = E-5 Peripheral Freeway" with index, col. ill., and information on places of interest on verso.
    • Contributor: Türkiye Turing Ve Otomobil Kurumu
    • Date: 1983
  • Map
    Efes--türkçe / Catalog Record Only Low-angle aerial view of Ephesus Greek ruins (Turkey). Panel title. At foot of title: Güney Books. Includes text, descriptive index, and col. ill. Text, tourist map of Selçuk city, road map of Selçuk region, floorplan of Ephesus Museum, and ill. (some col.) on verso.
    • Contributor: Atalay, Özcan
    • Date: 2000
  • Map
    Istanbul. Catalog Record Only Scale 1:8,400. Folded title: Türkiye yol haritası. Road map of Turkey. [Istanbul planı. Map of Istanbul] Bird's-eye-view. Indexed. Road map of Turkey and col. illus. on verso. AACR2
    • Contributor: And Kartpostal Dağıtım.
    • Date: 1972
  • Map
    Istanbul. Catalog Record Only Scale ca. 1:8,150. Indexes in Turkish and English. Bird's-eye-view. Indexed for points of interest. Indexed pictorial map of Istanbul area, map showing "Istanbul peripheral freeway," 8 exit maps, and col. illus. on verso. AACR2: 651/1; 700/2; 710/3
    • Contributor: Özden, Şevket
    • Date: 1976
  • Map
    Türkiye yol haritası = Road map of Turkey ; İstanbul planı = Map of Istanbul.
    Road map of Turkey Catalog Record Only
    City map is axonometric aerial view. Legend in Turkish, English, French, and German. Title from panel. LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, rubber-stamped, torn at fold lines, taped, adhesive label affixed. Includes notes, indexes, distance tables, ancillary pictorial map of Turkey, and col. ill.
    • Contributor: And Kartpostal Dağıtım.
    • Date: 1970
  • Map
    Izmir touristic plan / Catalog Record Only Scale not given. Folded title: The key of Izmir, touristic city map, 1977. Bird's-eye-view. Includes inset. "Road map of Turkey, 1977-78," pictorial map of Turkey, and distance chart on verso. AACR2: 651/1; 651/2; 710/1
    • Contributor: Izmirli, Cem
    • Date: 1977