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    Središte Zagreba = The city of Zagreb = Zagreber Stadtmitte /
    City of Zagreb Catalog Record Only
    Street map also shows generalized land use; bird's-eye view shows major streets and highways to horizon. Aerial view copyright: 1992 Nexus d.o.o. ... Zagreb. Includes colophon and coat-of-arms.
    • Contributor: Lovrić, Paško.
    • Date: 1995
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    Zagreb panoramic map /
    Zagreb Panoramalandkarte Catalog Record Only
    Aerial view of Zagreb metropolitan area/region to horizon at northwest (top). Text and index in English and German. Cover title/panel title. Text, descriptive index to points of interest, aerial view of city center, title panel with specimen view, and col. ill. on verso.
    • Contributor: Štefanec, Darko
    • Date: 1997
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    Zagreb. Catalog Record Only Tourist street map of city of Zagreb (Croatia). Legend in Croatian, English, and German. "Nakladnik i copyright: ©, 2008." LC copy imperfect: Annotated in blue ink, additionally fold-lined. Includes "Info centar" advertisement. Maps on verso: Mreža tramvajskih linija, početna stajališta autobusa = Tram networks, bus terminals [diagrammatic] -- Zagreb [city center] -- Zagreb [oblique aerial view of metropolitan area from the S.E.].
    • Contributor: Stef D.O.O.
    • Date: 2008
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    Split, gradisko središte = Central area /
    Split, central area Catalog Record Only
    Selected buildings shown pictorially. Text in Serbo-Croatian (roman), German, English, French, and Italian. Cover title. On cover: Edicija splitskih vodiča. Includes street index. Text, phone directories, coverage map with inset, aerial view of "Dioklecijanova palača", and advertisements on verso.
    • Contributor: Turistička Zajednica Grada Splita
    • Date: 1997
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    Zagreb, središte /
    Zagreb, city center Catalog Record Only
    Selected buildings shown pictorially. Croatian, English, and German. Aerial view of Zagreb metropolitan area on verso: Zagreb, okolica = Surroundings / Kartografia Štefanec 1999.
    • Contributor: Laper (Firm)
    • Date: 1999