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    The Mall--Washington's monumental core 1978 / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view. Also covers federal enclave and part of central business district. Originally drawn in the office of Joseph Passonneau and Partners. Includes text. DCP

    • Contributor: Passonneau, Joseph
    • Date: 1978
  • Map

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, StreetMap : including Bethany, Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Norman ... & neighboring communities / Catalog Record Only

    Panel title. At head of panel title: UniversalMap. Indexes, downtown Oklahoma City map, indexed view of the University of Oklahoma campus, and area map.

    • Contributor: Universal Map (firm)
    • Date: 2001
  • Map

    Washington, District of Columbia, our nation's capital. Catalog Record Only

    F41511 U.S. Copyright Office Bird's-eye view of federal enclave and central business district. Oriented with north toward the upper left. Includes index to points of interest, names of U.S. presidents along margins, col. ill., and coat of arms. DCP

    • Contributor: Taylor, Daniel M.
    • Date: 1966
  • Map

    Chicago visitor map & guide : Chicago ... my kind of town! Catalog Record Only

    Birds eye views, one to the horizon, with some buildings shown pictorially. Panel title. Metro area map oriented with north toward the left and downtown map oriented with north toward upper right. Indexed for points of interest.

    • Contributor: Perspecto Map Co.
    • Date: 1982
  • Map

    Chicago map and guide / Catalog Record Only

    Tourist map of city center and adjacent inner districts. Title from panel. Printed: 1.5 Mil 4/99. Includes text, index to points of interest, and directories. Ancillary maps: Lincoln Park/Lakeview -- Hyde Park -- McCormick Place complex [aerial view]. Text, metro-area tourist map, index to suburban points of interest, directories, col. ill., and advertisements on verso.

    • Contributor: Gordon Graphics (firm)
    • Date: 1999
  • Map

    Moskva, avtomobilʹno-peshekhodnai︠a︡ karta : 2700 ulit︠s︡ / Catalog Record Only

    Panel title. Includes indexes, inset Kremlin bird's-eye view, ancillary subway-system diagram, col. ill., and advertisements.

    • Contributor: Mosgorgeotrest (moscow, Russia)
    • Date: 1995
  • Map

    Salem, Ohio, centrally located between Cleveland & Pittsburgh : blending old fashioned heritage with new fashioned charm : your official map & visitor's guide to local shopping, eateries, services, entertainment, and points ... Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view of city center. Title from panel. Includes descriptive business index. Text, points-of-interest directory, map of "Salem's East Side businesses" with business index, location map, and ill. on verso.

    • Contributor: Salem Tourism Advisory Board (ohio)
    • Date: 1999
  • Map

    The Studley map of Washington, D.C. Catalog Record Only

    VA 155-667 U.S. Copyright Office Panel title. Includes bird's-eye view of "The City of Washington," text, and blank areas. DCP

    • Contributor: Adc (firm)
    • Date: 1984
  • Map

    A guide to "America's Main Street" : new development along Pennsylvania Avenue : [Washington D.C.] / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view. Covers Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. between 3rd St. and 17th St. Also covers adjoining blocks of the central business district. Shows developments dated 1978 thru 1994. Alternate title at upper left: Avenue displays its new look. From the "Friday, January 20, 1989" issue of the Washington post. Oriented with north toward the upper right. Includes text and ill. DCP

    • Contributor: Washington Post Company
    • Date: 1989
  • Map

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 2011-2012 / Catalog Record Only

    Tourist maps with selected buildings shown pictorially; central part of city map drawn to resemble an aerial view. Includes notes and indexed advertisements.

    • Contributor: Resort Maps (firm)
    • Date: 2011
  • Map

    The best of Saratoga Springs 1997-1998 / Catalog Record Only

    Pictorial tourist maps with selected buildings shown pictorially as in an aerial view. Both maps show principal streets. City-center map oriented with north to the right. Includes indexed advertisements.

    • Contributor: Resort Maps (firm)
    • Date: 1997
  • Map

    Riga, turistskai︠a︡ skhema / Catalog Record Only

    Panel title. Includes text and indexes to points of interest. View of city center, index of service organizations, and col. ill. on verso. Publisher's no.: B-3091.

    • Contributor: Soviet Union. Glavnoe Upravlenie Geodezii I Kartografii
    • Date: 1983
  • Map

    Birds-eye Boston souvenir map : an axonometric projection : the street map with buildings / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye views of downtown Boston. Panel title. Includes indexes, map showing spatial relationship of 2 views, "Freedom trail guide" consisting of diagrammatic tour map with descriptive index, text, and ill. (some col).

    • Contributor: Olde South Publishing
    • Date: 1994
  • Map

    Street map of Eugene-Springfield, Oregon / Catalog Record Only

    Relief shown by hachures. Title from panel. Includes indexed map of downtown Eugene, view of the University of Oregon, 2 insets, and advertisements. Text and indexed map of Lane County on verso.

    • Contributor: Seeger Map Co.
    • Date: 1995
  • Map

    Banská Bystrica 1:10 000, 1 cm.-100 m., mapa mesta = City map = Stadtplan Catalog Record Only

    Shows all buildings, generalized land use, and house-numbering system. Relief shown by spot heights. Titles, text, and legend in Slovak, German, and English. Title from cover. Includes notes, city-center inset, 4 local-area insets, and coat-of-arms. Text, street index, directories, aerial view of "Nízké Tatry" mountains, region road map, col. ill., and advertisements on verso.

    • Contributor: Mapa Slovakia Plus, S.R.O. - Glosová, Dana
    • Date: 2007
  • Map

    Historic Bath : 2008-2009 : a National Trust distinctive destination / Catalog Record Only

    Title from panel. Includes indexes to points of interest, partially indexed directories to points of interest, inset, location map, text, and col. ill.

    • Contributor: Main Street Bath, Maine (firm)
    • Date: 2008
  • Map

    Budapest grafikai látkép / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view of city center. Accompanied by English translation: Graphical view of Budapest : English version. [2] p. : photocopy ; 30 cm. Includes index of buildings. DRM

    • Contributor: Magyar, Béla
    • Date: 1991
  • Map

    Kyïv, plan mista 1:35 000 : + t︠s︡entralʹna chastyna mista, panorama t︠s︡entralʹnoï chastyny / Catalog Record Only

    City street map showing generalized land use, administrative wards (raions), points-of-interest, and house-numbering system. In Ukrainian; legend in Ukrainian and Russian. Title from panel. "© DNVP 'Kartohrafii︠a︡', 2004 ... 2010-2012. © Ukrheodezkartohrafii︠a︡, 2004." Aerial view on verso "© H.S. Zimina, 2001." Includes city-center inset and subway-system inset. Text, indexes, aerial view of "Kyïv--t︠s︡entr mista", statistical table of ward data, indexed illustrations of historic/architecturally significant ...

    • Contributor: Dnvp "kartohrafii︠a︡" (organization : Ukraine) - Haldet︠s︡ʹka, R. M. - Zimina, H. S. - Ukraine. Derz︠h︡avna Sluz︠h︡ba Heodeziï, Kartohrafiï Ta Kadastru
    • Date: 2013
  • Map

    Eisenstadt Haydenstadt : Stadtplan = Citymap. Catalog Record Only

    Title from panel. Text in German and English. "© Copyright by Schubert & Franzke". Includes two location maps, text, indexes, col. ill., and advertisements. Aerial view of central Eisenstadt, city center map, text, indexes, col. ill., and advertisements on verso.

    • Contributor: Schubert & Franzke
    • Date: 2007
  • Map

    Dallas visitor's guide map & bird's-eye view : visitor's guide, vital information on museums, hotels ... cultural attractions / Catalog Record Only

    VA 490-975 U.S. Copyright Office Panel title. Alternate panel title: Dallas visitor's guide map. Includes indexes and directories.

    • Contributor: Pierson Graphics Corp
    • Date: 1991
  • Map

    Tallinn, tourist map = Linnaplaan = Stadtplan. Catalog Record Only

    Panel title. Title at upper left: Tallinn. Copyright: AS "Regio" Ltd. 1992. Indexed. Bird's-eye view of city center, inset, col. ill., and advertisements on verso.

    • Contributor: A/S "regio"
    • Date: 1992
  • Map

    The George Washington University, Washington DC. Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view of university buildings. Includes notes and index of buildings. Text, directory of offices, Washington D.C. city-center map, and metro-area approach-routes map on verso. "7540-40-001 (G11405 4-98)." DCP

    • Contributor: George Washington University
    • Date: 1998
  • Map

    Yale University : Yale University, a walking tour and pictorial map of buildings in the center of New Haven / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view. Only university buildings shown in perspective. Includes indexes, notes, and coat-of-arms.

    • Contributor: Yale University. Office of the Secretary
    • Date: 1985
  • Map

    Cracow's historic town centre / Catalog Record Only

    Aerial view of old-town precinct. Title from panel and from map area. Oriented with north to the left. On alternate title panel: (IT) Kraków. LC copy imperfect: Use-worn, staple-holed, annotated in black marker ink, adhesive label affixed. Includes city coat-of-arms and inset area of col. ill. Descriptive index of historic buildings and ill. (some col.) on verso. "Zam. 1885/83."

    • Contributor: Szelerewicz, Marian
    • Date: 1983
  • Map

    A cityscape transformed : as demand for office space continues to grow, developers look beyond downtown's crowded core : [Washington D.C. eastern business district] / Catalog Record Only

    Axonometric aerial view of the eastern part of Washington D.C. central business district (area bounded by Constitution Av. N.W., 2nd St. N.W., Mass. Av. N.W., and 15th/16th Sts. N.W.). "Reporting by Neil Irwin." Removed from newspaper: The Washington post, Washington business [section], Monday, February 24, 2003, [p.] E12. Includes notes, index of planned/abuilding/completed office-building projects, inset of "Elsewhere in the District", graph, and col. ...

    • Contributor: Edwards, Mickey
    • Date: 2003