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    Novi Belgii Novæque Angliæ : nec non partis Virginiæ tabula multis in locis emendata

    Stokes, Iconography, p. 147 (vol. 1), lists dates as 1651-55. See Map collectors circle, #24. Phillips, 465 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes view "Nieuw Amsterdam op t eylant Manhattans." Vault

    • Contributor: Visscher, Nicolaes
    • Date: 169?
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    Taiwan di li tu

    Bird's-eye-view. Covers Taiwan Zhen, Penghu Zhen, Taiwan Xian, Zhulo Xian, and Fengshan Xian. Shows busy life of native island people, also shows Qing officials, official offices, villiages, soliders, and defense walls during Kangxi period (1684-1722). Relief shown pictorially. Oriented with north to the left. Hummel purchase 1930, no. 10. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Previous call ...

    • Contributor: Hummel, Arthur W. (arthur William)
    • Date: 1683
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    Nowel Amsterdam en Lameriqve : 1672

    Bird's-eye view of Lisbon, Portugal (not New Amsterdam) showing individual buildings and place-names in French. Map based on: Braun, George, 1540 or 41-1622. Civitates orbis terrarum, [1612-1618] Vol. 5, Olissippo quae nunc Lisboa, Civitas Amplissima Lusitaniae. Relief shown pictorially. Text in Latin and French. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Annotated in pencil on cloth backing. Includes ...

    • Contributor: Jollain, Gérard
    • Date: 1672
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    Peloponnesus hodie Moreæ Regnum : distincté divisum in omnes suas provincias, hodiernas atque veteres, cui et adiuguntur insulæ Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo et St. Maura

    Relief shown pictorially. Originally printed on 3 sheets. LC copy imperfect: Fold-lined, annotated in ink on verso: 22. Includes ill. of lion with enslaved human figures shown in embellished title cartouche. Views of fortified towns in outer margins: Navarino -- Zarnata -- Casl. Tornese -- Corinto -- Malvasia -- Patrasso -- Coron -- Napoli di Romania -- Modon -- Misitra olun Sparta -- Atene ...

    • Contributor: Wit, Frederik De.
    • Date: 1688
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    Civitates orbis terrarvm.

    "Privilegium Caesareae maiestatis, which occurs in each volume generally on the reverse of the title page, refers to Francis Hogenberg as the author's collaborator."--Phillips. Colophon of v. 1: Coloniae Agrippinae, apud Petrum à Brachel, sumptibus auctorum. Colophon of v. 6: Colonię Agrippinę, Antonius Hierat & Abrahamus Hoghenberg. Collaborators and artists whose works these maps were based on include George and Jacob Hoefnagel, Simon Novellanus, ...

    • Contributor: Braun, Georg - Hogenberg, Franz - Brachel, P. Von - Hierat, Anton - Hogenberg, Abraham - Novellanus, Simon - Hoefnagel, Joris - Hoefnagel, Jacob - Deventer, Jacob Van - Rantzau, Henrik
    • Date: 1612

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    Eigentlicher im Grund und Prospect entworffener Abriss mit beygefügter Beschreibung der Beläger-und-Eroberung der von Natur sehr festen Stadt und Casteels Namur : nebst ihren neuen Fortifications-Wercken ... Anführung Sr. Königl. Majest. von ... Catalog Record Only

    Shows the siege of Namur in 1692 including troop positions and directions of cannon fire. Fortifications shown pictorially. LC copy imperfect: Fold-lined, annotated in lead pencil on recto, in ink on blank verso. Has paper strip affixed to verso as if to indicate that the map sheet was removed from a bound volume. Includes texts at left and right, index to points of interest, ...

    • Contributor: Lemkus, Diederich
    • Date: 1695
  • Collection

    [Mylon Merriam collection]. Catalog Record Only

    Maps dated from ca. 1496-ca. 1969. In addition to maps and views the collection includes atlases, books, photographs, diagrams, models, transparencies, notes, correspondence, and other materials directly related to Merriam's cartographic research. Includes some ms. pieces. Primary theme of the collection is the historical development of Swiss cartography, especially covering the period between the 1850's and 1950's. The secondary theme is the use of ...

    • Date: 1646
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    Bologna / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view with pictorial southern horizon at top. Oriented with north to the bottom. Includes note and index to points of interest. LC copy torn, fold-lined, and trimmed. Vault

    • Contributor: Ferratini, Gaetano
    • Date: 1650
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    Le due famose fortezze di Navarino vecchio e nuovo rese all'arma della potent'a. rep'ca. di Venetia l'anno sotto il pontificato d'Innoc'a. XI / Catalog Record Only

    Bird's-eye view. Pictorial map. Shows a 1686 battle in a naval campaign led by the Venetian Francesco Morosini against the Turks. Includes index, dedication, and cartouche portraits of the Doge of Venice and Francesco Morosini.

    • Contributor: Westerhout, Arnold Van
    • Date: 1686
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    Whare conterfactur der Stadt Ofen und Pest wie es von den Christen belegert worden, Anno 1602. Catalog Record Only

    Relief shown pictorially. Shows siege of Budapest. Oriented with north to the upper-left. Includes index to position of Christian and Ottoman-Turkish troops. Watermark. Minimal level cataloging record. Vault

    • Date: 1602
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    Tabvla Russiæ : ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris desumta ... amplificata / Catalog Record Only

    Covers European Russia and adjacent regions to the west. Relief shown pictorially. Text on recto and place-names in Latin; text on verso in French. Gift; Andrew Arthur Benton, New York, N.Y. Atlas page removed from Joan Blaeu's atlas: Le theatre du monde ou novvel atlas, Amsterdam, 1647. LC copy imperfect: Torn at central fold line, rubber-stamped with number "626888" in lower margin, adhesive label ...

    • Contributor: Blaeu, Willem Janszoon
    • Date: 1647