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    [Aihun, Luosha, Taiwan, Nei Menggu tu]
    [艾渾,羅刹,台灣,蒙古圖] | Pictorical maps of Aihun, Russia, Taiwan and Mongolia
    Scales differ. Manuscript on silk. Relief shown pictorially. Pictorial map. Bird's-eye view. Covers four frontier regions of the Manchu Dynasty, Aihun area, a military colony since the middle of the 17th century on the north banks of the Amur, Russian camp in eastern Siberia, Taiwan and Pescadores Islands, and Inner Mongolia. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image....
    • Date: 1697
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    A description of the sea coasts ... in the East Indies
    Hack's descript of ye East Indies | Buccaneer atlas
    Covers the coasts of eastern Africa, India, and the East Indies. Relief shown pictorially. Each drawing bears a brief description with soundings, distances and facts regarding anchorages and navigation of rivers which might be of value in pirating activities. This atlas is known as the "Buccaneer atlas" because it results from the experience of Hacke in association with Captain Bartholomew Sharpe, the notorious Buccaneer...
    • Contributor: Hacke, William
    • Date: 1690

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    Imperii sinarum nova descriptio. Relief shown pictorially. Appears in: Clüver's Introductionio in universam geographiam tam veterem quam novam ... Venduntur Amstelaedami : Apud Joannem Wolters, 1697. In upper right corner: Tab. 37. Includes ill. LC copy stamped on: 626888. In pencil on recto and ink on verso: 34. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Clüver, Philipp
    • Date: 1697