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  • Map

    [Portolan chart of the Mediterranean and connecting seas].

    Portolan chart with seaport names given for all coastlines. Does not cover Black Sea. Title devised by cataloguer. Oriented with north to the right (indicated by fleurs-de-lys). Contains 11 compass roses in a circle centered on Sicily, 2 additional roses in Iberia, and rhumb lines connecting all roses and some central points without roses. Manuscript: pen-and-ink (brown) and dark watercolors. LC Nautical charts on ...

    • Date: 1550
  • Map

    The mariners mirrovr ... Catalog Record Only

    • Contributor: Waghenaer, Lucas Janszoon
    • Date: 1588
  • Collection

    [Henry Harrisse collection]. Catalog Record Only

    Consists of pen and ink drawings, pencil sketches, facsimiles, and photographs of significant early maps showing all or part of America during the period of discovery. Included are 16 17th century maps and views attributed to Joan Vinckeboons. The collection also consists of letters, correspondence, and other miscellaneous items. Inventory and personal and corporate name index in Geography & Map Division Reading Room. Vault ...

    • Contributor: Harrisse, Henry
    • Date: 1511