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    Map of the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad and its connections... Township map of northern Missouri and parts of Kansas and Illinois showing rivers, place names, railroads, and the land grant to the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad. Profile of the railroad is shown across bottom of map. Chartered in 1847 and completed in 1859.
    • Contributor: Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth) - Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company - Colton, G. Woolworth
    • Date: 1860
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    G. Woolworth Colton's railroad map of Illinois. Township map showing place names, counties, and the railroad system. At bottom of the map appear statements about the economic conditions of the state and its railroads.
    • Contributor: Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth) - Colton, G. Woolworth
    • Date: 1861