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    Tonden Hohei Daiichi Daitai Daigo Chūtai Wanishi Washibetsu ryōson kyūyo chizu.
    Tonden Hohei Dai 1 Daitai Dai 5 Chūtai Wanishi Washibetsu ryōson kyūyo chizu Catalog Record Only
    Cadastral map showing land given to militia families in Hokkaidō during Meiji period. Relief shown by form lines. Probably prepared by Tondenhei Honbu. Cf. Hokkaidō daihyakka j. Oriented with north towar the upper right. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Imperfect: Torn at middle and bottom left. Correction slip attached.
    • Contributor: Japan. Tondenhei Honbu
    • Date: 1873