• Map
    [A portolan chart of the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent continents]. Also shows the southeast Pacific Ocean, the southwest Indian Ocean, as well as the continents of South America, Africa, Europe, and portions of North America and Asia. Relief shown pictorially. Title supplied by cataloger. LC Nautical charts on vellum, 16. LC Luso-Hispanic World, Vellum Chart 16 Pen-and-ink, watercolors, and colored pencil, matted and mounted between panels of transparent Lucite plexiglass; the panels are riveted ...
    • Contributor: Roiz, Pascoal
    • Date: 1633
  • Map
    De Eylanden en Vastelanden van Westindien Relief shown pictorially. Shows the coasts of North America and South America from Virginia through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to Guiana in South America highlighting Cuba, the island of Hispaniola and the West Indies. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Described in Terrae incognitae, v. xvi, 1984. Richard W. Stephenson's The Henry Harrisse collection ... , p. 40; the first volume has binder's title "Manuscript maps ...
    • Contributor: Vinckeboons, Joan
    • Date: 1639
  • Map
    Nova et exacta delineatio Americae partis avstralis. qve est : Brasilia, Caribana, Gviana regnũm noũũm, Castilia del Oro, Nicaragva, insũlae Antillas et Perv. Et sub Tropico Capricorni, Chile, Rio della Plata, Patagonṽ, ... Title appears on upper sheet of the map; no indication of title or imprint on lower sheet. The map was engraved for the second edition of the fourth part of Hulsius' collection of voyages, which consists of 26 parts. In this second edition of the map, three islands have been inserted below the bottom border of the lower map, with the name "Francisi Draco ...
    • Contributor: Hulsius, Levinus - Hans and Hanni Kraus Sir Francis Drake Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1692