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  • Map

    Vniversale descrittione di tvtto il monde

    Relief shown pictorially. Probably the second state of the map. Differs from the first state in the reworking of Tierra del Fuego to include the Straits of Magellan. Presents Staten Island, west of Tierra del Fuego, as an island, presumably based on the observations of Hendrik Brouwer in 1643. Differs from the state owned by the Harry Ransom Center by the presence of a ...

    • Contributor: Rosaccio, Giuseppe
    • Date: 1643
  • Collection

    [Mylon Merriam collection]. Catalog Record Only

    Maps dated from ca. 1496-ca. 1969. In addition to maps and views the collection includes atlases, books, photographs, diagrams, models, transparencies, notes, correspondence, and other materials directly related to Merriam's cartographic research. Includes some ms. pieces. Primary theme of the collection is the historical development of Swiss cartography, especially covering the period between the 1850's and 1950's. The secondary theme is the use of ...

    • Date: 1646