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    Carte vniverselle du commerce, c'est à dire carte hidrographique, où sont exactement decrites les costes des 4 parties du monde, avecque les routes pour la navigation des Indes occidentales et orientales
    Carte universelle du commerce Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Relief shown pictorially. Includes illustrations of ships on trade routes. Shows California as an island. LC copy foldlined. Stamped on verso: 6849. Shirley, R.W. Mapping of the world, 364 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Duval, P. (Pierre)
    • Date: 1677
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    Mappe-monde, ou carte generale du globe terrestre : representée en deux plan-hemispheres : reveiie et changée en plusieurs endroits suivant les relations les plus recentes Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Relief shown pictorially. Appears in atlases published after Sanson's death by his heirs. LC copy: fold lined, with liquid staining from left and right margins to middle of hemispheres. Lightly hand colored to mark political boundaries. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Sanson, Nicolas - Mariette, Pierre
    • Date: 1678
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    Kun yu quan tu.
    Wood block prints. Shows the world in two hemispheres. Relief shown pictorially. Based on the world map of Joannes Blaeu. Translated title: Double Hemisphere Map of the World. Includes ill. and text. Gift; Arthur William Hummel; 1930, no. 5. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Verbiest, Ferdinand - Blaeu, Joan - Hummel, Arthur W. (Arthur William)
    • Date: 1674
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    Typvs orbis terrarvm
    Typus orbis terrarum Catalog Record Only
    Relief shown pictorially. Gift; John (Jack) M. Raymond; July 2016. Includes illustrations of vessels and sea monsters. Latin text on verso. Two sheets joined to form 1.
    • Contributor: Ortelius, Abraham
    • Date: 1671
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    A new map of the world projected upon the poles of the equator Catalog Record Only Relief shown pictorially. Includes illustrations. Ancillary maps and charts: Copernican systeme -- Tychoes systeme -- The planisphere of the antients -- Ptolomies systeme. LC copy has trimmed left and right margins and is mounted on cloth. Stamped on: 795B. Hand coloring to delineate continental boundaries only.
    • Contributor: Berry, William - Rich, John
    • Date: 1675
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    Novissima totius terrarum orbis tabula Catalog Record Only Shows California as an island. Includes illustrations, including scenes of the four seasons. Ancillary maps and charts: Incrementum et decrementum dierū -- Phasis lunae naturalis -- Hypothesis Tychonican -- Hypothesis Ptolomaica -- Phasis lunae artificialis -- Hypothesis Copernicana. Appears in Seller's Atlas maritimus. LC copy trimmed to neat line on left, right and bottom margins. Shirley, R.W. Mapping of the world, 460
    • Contributor: Seller, John
    • Date: 1675