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00X - Control Fields-General Information

MARC 21 Bibliographic
October 2003

"Full" documentation refers to the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data that contains detailed descriptions of every data element, along with examples, input conventions and history sections.

"Concise" documentation refers to the MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data that contains abridged descriptions of every data element, along with examples.

001 - Control Number Full | Concise
003 - Control Number Identifier Full | Concise
005 - Date and Time of Latest Transaction Full | Concise
006 - Fixed-Length Data Elements - Additional Material Characteristics Full | Concise
007 - Physical Description Fixed Field Full | Concise
008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements Full | Concise


Control numbers and other kinds of control and coded information that are used in the processing of machine-readable bibliographic records. These fields have no indicators or subfield codes.

For fixed-length fields with various kinds of coded information, specific data elements are positionally defined. A more detailed explanation of positionally defined data elements can be found in the sections describing specific fields.

Field 009 is currently reserved for local use and is not described in this document.


Field 009 - Physical Description Fixed-Field for Archival Collection (VM) [OBSOLETE, 1985]
Field 009 was made obsolete when new character positions (08-22) were defined for archival motion pictures (007/00=m) in field 007 (Physical Description Fixed Field). The character positions for field 009 and new 007 locations were: 00 (Genealogical stage) (007/11), 01 (Technical stage) (007/09), 02 (Color stage) (007/14), 03 (Film emulsion) (007/10), 04 (Film base) (007/12), 05 (Negative or positive sound), 06 (Additional types of color) (007/13), 07 (Longitudinal shrinkage), 08 (Perforation shrinkage), 09 (Film deterioration) (007/15), 10 (Completeness) (007/16), and 11-14 (Film inspection date) (007/17-22).

Field 009 - Cartographic Material - Physical Description Fixed Field (Detailed) (CM) [CAN/MARC only] [OBSOLETE, 1997]
CAN/MARC field 009 was made obsolete with the definition of the new field 007 for remote sensing images and new values in the maps 008 field.

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