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DATE: December 14, 2023

NAME: Adding Subfield $5 to Field 580 in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format

SOURCE: OCLC, in consultation with Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

SUMMARY: This paper presents a case for adding subfield $5 (Institution to which field applies) to field 580 (Linking Entry Complexity Note) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format.

KEYWORDS: Field 580 (BD); Linking Entry Complexity Note (BD); Subfield $5, in field 580 (BD); Institution to which field applies (BD)

RELATED: 2024-04; 2023-DP08

12/14/23 – Made available to the MARC community for discussion.

01/24/24 – Results of MARC Advisory Committee discussion: Most MAC members endorsed fast-tracking the discussion paper considering its connection to Proposal 2024-04. Two requests were made for the inclusion of examples showcasing the utilization of subfield $8 and a scenario involving a title change in a library's local bound volume. In a straw poll, the committee voted in favor of processing the paper as a Fast-Track proposal. The paper was referred to the MARC Steering Group for final processing and approval as a Fast-Track proposal.

Discussion Paper No. 2024-DP01: Adding Subfield $5 to Field 580


While writing our proposal for adding $5 (Institution to which field applies) to some linking entry fields (Proposal No. 2024-04), we realized that this subfield should also be added to field 580 (Linking Entry Complexity Note) because field 580 provides a description of relationships recorded in linking entry fields 760-787. If the relationship recorded in the linking entry field was specific to an institution, then the note explaining that relationship would also be specific to that institution.


A linking entry field may have the relationship between resources explained four ways: 1) with an indicator used to generate a display constant (e.g., Issued with:), 2) with a relationship code recorded in $4; 3) with a relationship designator recorded in $i; or 4) with field 580. This is an example from the current MARC 21 page for field 580 of a 580 field used with a linking entry field:

580 ##$a Cumulates: Deutsche Bibliographie. Wöchentliches Verzeichnis.
787 1#$t Deutsche Bibliographie. Wöchentliches Verzeichnis

As the current field definition and scope state, field 580 may also be used to state a relationship when there are no corresponding linking entry fields. An example given for using field 580 without a linking entry field is "a serial bearing a relationship to one or more publications which cannot be named."

The subfield $5 would be used in field 580 most often when describing a published resource that is part of an archival collection. The collection itself is unique, but the published resource is not, so the subfield $5 is needed to indicate that the relationship is only for an institution's copy of the resource.

We believe that the only reason that subfield $5 has not been already added to this field is that there was no need to when the linking entry fields did not have $5. Many 5XX fields have subfield $5 including 500 (General Note), 501 (With Note), and 563 (Binding Information).

The future of this discussion paper is linked to that of our proposal (2024-04). If that proposal is approved, supporting this discussion paper logically follows.


In field 580 (Linking Entry Complexity Note) of the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format, add new $5 as follows:

$5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Note: In these examples, we have included $5 in the linking field in square brackets because this is not valid in the MARC format but would be if our related proposal is approved.

4.1. Cartoon

245 00 $a Villagers clearing out rubbish!!! / $ c engrav'd by Hixon.
580 ## $a Forms part of: British Cartoon Prints Collection (Library of Congress). $5 DLC
773 0# $t British Cartoon Prints Collection (Library of Congress) $w (DLC)##2004678900 [$5 DLC]

[A published graphic resource in a library-created collection]

4.2. Map

245 10 $a Universalis cosmographia secundum Ptholomaei traditionem et Americi Vespucii alioru[m]que lustrationes.
580 ## $a Originally bound with Waldseemüller's 1516 Carta marina and other maps in the Schöner Sammelband. $5 DLC
787 0# $t Schöner Sammelband $w (DLC)##2016586442 [$5 DLC]

[Map was once bound with other items after publication in a volume known as the Schöner Sammelband but has been removed from that volume.]

4.3. Score

245 10 $a Attente / $c par V. Hugo ; comp. Richard Wagner.
580 ## $a Forms part of the Frederick R. Koch Collection. For a full description of the collection, search by call number: GEN MSS 601. $5 CtY-BR
773 0# $a Koch, Frederick R. (Frederick Robinson) $t Frederick R. Koch collection, 1640-1983. $w (OCoLC)702187064 [$5 CtY-BR]

[A published score in an archival collection]


The MARC to BIBFRAME specifications for the 580 field indicate that this is a note in bf:Work. When adding a subfield $5 to the field to indicate that the note is copy-specific, it should go to bf:Item. The BIBFRAME data conversion programs would need to accommodate the addition of $5 to this MARC field if this were to be approved.


6.1. Do you agree that there is a use for subfield $5 in field 580?

6.2. Are additional examples needed?

6.3. Are there any potential consequences to this proposed change that have not been considered?

6.4. Would MAC consider turning this into a fast-track proposal to be discussed in conjunction with the linking entry $5 proposal for fields 773, 774, and 787?

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