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Proposal 2008-06: Adding information associated with the Series Added Entry fields (800-830)


Subfield $3, Materials specified, is currently defined for most 7XX fields, and can be used to designate the part to which the information in the field applies in place of providing the information in a note. Discussion Paper No. 2008-DP03 was presented to the MARC Advisory Committee at its meetings in January 2008 and explored the issue of adding subfield $3 (Materials specified) to fields 8XX. Committee members generally felt that defining subfield $3 in fields 800-830 would be useful in describing serials, multipart monographs, map sets and other resources.


2.1. Definition of subfield $3 in 8XX fields and field 490

This paper is based on a recommendation by the CONSER working group that developed the CONSER Standard Record to define a subfield for data specifying when a particular responsible body or series appeared on issues of a serial in 7XX added entry fields and 8XX series fields. Since subfield $3 (Materials specified) does not exist in 800-830, this proposal suggests defining it in these fields for the purpose of showing which parts display a particular series title, enabling catalogers to associate issue or part designations such as a date or volume number with an entity (e.g. series title) recorded in an 8XX field. Since coding of both field 490 and 8XX is used in many instances, this paper proposes aligning coding practices for 490 and 8XX fields by also defining subfield $3 for the 490 field. Previously, information about the parts to which the series statement applies have been entered in field 490 in $a, but not parsed in a separate subfield. If subfield $3 is defined in 490 and 8XX, applicable coverage dates can be recorded in 490 if present or in 8XX if 490 is not present.

2.2 Definition of subfield $x (ISSN) in 8XX Series Added Entry fields

MARC Proposal 2008-07 proposes making field 440 obsolete in favor of field 490. Currently in field 440, ISSN numbers may be recorded in subfield $x. Because they provide a useful access point for the series, it was proposed to add a subfield $x in 8XX Series Added Entry fields. The comments on Discussion Paper No. 2008-DP02 indicated that an alternative to defining a subfield for these codes in 8XX was to expand definitions of 022 to provide an ISSN identifying a series. However, that option is not being considered, because the ISSN Network does not allow repetition of field 022 and multiple 022 fields are rejected for processing in the ISSN database. It was pointed out that providing the ISSN in an 8XX field might facilitate searching in other systems such as link resolvers.


In the 8XX Series Added Entry fields in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format:

In the 490 Series Statement field in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format:


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