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02/14/2008 - Results of the MARC Advisory Committee discussion - Committee members generally felt that defining subfield $3 in fields 800-830 would be useful in describing multipart monographs, map sets and other items. Other fields were mentioned as possible candidates for inclusion of subfield $3.

Discussion Paper 2008-DP03: Definition of subfield $3 for recording information associated with series added entry fields (800-830)



The CONSER standard record (CSR) was developed to replace existing multiple record levels, and reduce serials cataloging costs by requiring that only those elements that are necessary to meet FRBR user tasks are included in a serials catalog record. The standard is supported by documentation that indicates which fields are mandatory and which are not required: (PDF / 398kb).

This paper is based on a recommendation by the CONSER working group that developed the CSR to define a subfield for data specifying when a particular responsible body or series appeared on issues of a serial in 7XX added entry fields and 8XX series fields. Subfield $3, Materials specified, is currently defined for most 7XX fields, and catalogers could use the subfield for this purpose, since it is used to designate the part to which the information in the field applies. Since the subfield does not exist in 800-830, this paper suggests defining subfield $3 in these fields. Subfield $3 is already defined in field 700, 710, 711, and 730, so could be used to associate part information, a date or volume, with an entity (e.g. corporate body) recorded in one of these added entry fields.

Former practice: (information about when certain bodies were responsible for the serial):

550 ## Issued by: British Economic Association, 1891-1902; by: Royal Economic Society, 1903-
710 2# $a British Economic Association.
710 2# $a Royal Economic Society (Great Britain)

New practice (with $3 used):

710 2# $3 1891-1902: $a British Economic Association.
710 2# $3 1903- $a Royal Economic Society (Great Britain)


According to CONSER serials cataloging practice before implementation of the CSR, dates specifying when a particular series title appeared on issues were given in the 490 field. If the series was traced the title was given in the 830 field. Over time series titles might change or new series will be associated with issues of a serial. In these cases, additional 490 fields showing date or the designation of the issue upon which the series appeared were added to the record, and additional 8XX fields added to the record.

Under the CSR guidelines, recording a series statement for traced series (490) is not required if an authority record exists. The series can be recorded in the authorized form in the 8XX field, but it is useful to specify when a new or changed series title began to appear on issues. In other cases, the part to which the information applies may be specific volumes applicable to a series title. This discussion paper proposes that $3 be defined in the 800, 810, 811, 830 fields to serve the purpose.


Example 1:
Series title change on later issues, earlier CONSER practice:

490 1# $a -1980: DHEW publication
490 1# $a 1982- : DHHS publication
830 #0 $a DHEW publication
830 #0 $a DHHS publication

Same example, with subfield $3 defined for 8XX series fields:

830 #0 $3 1980: $a DHEW publication
830 #0 $3 1982- $a DHHS publication

Example 2:
Series title begins to appear on issues that didn't show a series title. On preceding issues, earlier CONSER practice:

490 1# $a <May 1986->: Tourism research series.
830 #0 $a Tourism research series.

Same example, with $3 defined for 8XX fields:

830 #0 $3 <May 1986-> $a Tourism research series.
Note that the use of angle brackets around the date is a convention to show that the data was supplied.

Example 3:
Series title applicable to specific volumes of a multipart item:

490 1# $a v. 1-8: Collection byzantine
490 1# $a v. 9: Collection des universités de France
830 #0 $a Collection byzantine
830 #0 $a Collection des universités de France

Same example with $3:

830 #0 $3 v. 1-8 $a Collection byzantine
830 #0 $3 v. 9 $a Collection des universités de France


  1. Are there other uses for subfield $3 in 8XX outside of textual material?
  2. Is there a need to provide subfield $3 in other 7XX added entry fields where it isn't defined (720, 740 and 752) to specify part to which the information applies?

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