Implementation of Change in Indicator Value for Multiple Surnames Delayed

In 1996, the first indicator value 2 (Multiple surname) in X00 fields was made obsolete. Value 1 (Single surname) was redefined as "surname" to be used for headings with either single or multiple surnames. At the time value 2 was made obsolete, LC had an arrangement with an outside source to update existing authority records programmatically to change all instances of value 2 to value 1 in X00 fields; these updated records were then to have been made available to other libraries through distribution from LC. LC was recently informed by that source that it would be unable to execute this change. In view of this development, the Library of Congress has had to reassess its implementation strategy.


LC/NACO libraries will defer implementing the discontinuation of using value 2 in X00 fields until some time after installation of an Integrated Library System (ILS) at the Library of Congress; that installation is now scheduled for October 1, 1999. There are two exceptions to this policy: 1) for current records contributed by the British Library (BL) and 2) for retrospective records from the Dance Heritage Coalition (see below).

The Library realizes that this decision may have an impact on the library community, but, after considering various alternatives, it became clear that the Library has neither the human nor machine resources to change the entire authority database manually or programmatically.


Based on LC's original plan to implement the change in 1998, the BL announced that it has implemented the change on January 2, 1998. Other British libraries have followed suit. The LC/NACO practice will take these implementations into account (see below).


Approximately 52,000 retrospective records from the Dance Heritage Coalition were recently loaded into the name authority file, some of which represent headings for multiple surnames. At the time they were being processed for loading, these headings contained a first indicator value of 1. Since at that time we had anticipated making the programmatic change described above, the decision was made to leave the indicator value at 1. The LC/NACO practice will take these records into account (see below).


LC/NACO policy is to continue to use first indicator value 2 for multiple surnames except as noted below. In the normal course of searching the name authority file, be particularly conscious of the first indicator value with a view to:

  1. preserving any X00 character strings for multiple surnames containing value 1 in records contributed by the British Library or the Dance Heritage Coalition;
  2. preserving the relationship between the character string in a bibliographic record and that in the name authority record.

In essence, this practice means that LC/NACO libraries will continue to use value 2 in both authority and bibliographic records. By exception, records from the following two sources will use value 1 for all surnames:

1. Authority records contributed by the BL, three NACO libraries (National Library of Scotland, Cambridge, and Oxford) linked with the BL in a UK cooperative called the Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloguing Programme (CLSCP) and the UK's National Art Library. All of these records can be readily identified by the letters "Uk" at the beginning of their USMARC organization code in field 040.

2. Authority records contributed by the Dance Heritage Coalition (USMARC organization code "NN- PD" in field 040.)

Also, if adding a reference to a record from one of these sources, LC/NACO libraries follow this exceptional practice for coding the first indicator, i.e., use of value 1 for all surnames. For headings in bibliographic records, LC/BIBCO policy is to use the first indicator value reflected in the authority record to preserve the consistent relationship between the first indicator values in bibliographic and authority records. Note that this practice may result in bibliographic records that contain headings for surnames with a mixture of indicator values, that is, some with 2 and some with 1.

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