News from the Library of Congress

September 2002

  • September 16, 2002  (02-132)
    Library of Congress Publishes Annual Report for 2001 The “Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress for 2001” is now available to the public. The report was submitted to Congress earlier by Librarian James H. Billington and accepted by the legislative body. The report, for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2001, describes the Library’s activities in Washington, D.C., and in national and international outreach programs.
    • Date: 2002-09-16

February 1997

  • February 7, 1997  (97-022)
    Jefferson Building Centennial Calendar Published In cooperation with the Library of Congress, Fulcrum Publishing has produced a full-color 1997 calendar that depicts the art and architecture of the recently restored Thomas Jefferson Building. The calendar also celebrates the centennial of the Jefferson Building, which was known for many years as the Library of Congress Building and opened its doors to the public on Nov. 1, 1897. Captions and historical...
    • Date: 1997-02-07