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About the Narrator: Ryan Dalusung

Narrator Ryan Dalusung in a studio with microphone and booksThis is Ryan Dalusung (duh-LOO-sung). I’ve had the delight of being a narrator with NLS since 2015, sharing my voice with 50+ projects available on BARD to date. Some personal favorites include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts I & II (DB85528) by Jack Thorne, John Tiffany, and J. K. Rowling, Fight Club (DB83519) and Survivor (DB84612) by Chuck Palahniuk, Stories & Other Writings (DB104573) by Ring Lardner, Mad Boy (DB94699) by Nick Arvin, The Dead Letter (DB103456) by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor (part of the Library of Congress’s “Crime Classics” series), Zama (DB94263) by Antonio Di Benedetto, and Star Wars and Philosophy (DB92292) from editors Kevin S. Decker and Jason T. Eberl, among others.

I’ve also had the joy of directing a video special for NLS—a compilation of poetry readings featuring some of its best and timeless in-house narrators, including Michael Kramer, Dawn Ursula, Laura Giannarelli, and Kimberly Schraf, to name a few. Born in the Philippines and raised in Virginia, I thrill in blending a diverse style of influences to the genres I voice, which have included everything from biographies and literary anthologies to horror fiction and comic fantasy.

You can follow an updated list of titles I’m working on with NLS via our online catalog or BARD. If you enjoy what we do at the studio, please reach out to us and share your thoughts (or requests)! We always love to hear from listeners.

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