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Braille Book Review September–October 2022

Volume 91, Number 5

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Books for Adults

The following books were recently produced for the NLS program.

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Books within the headings Adult Fiction and Adult Nonfiction are listed alphabetically by subject category, author last name, and title. For example the title War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy would be listed in Adult Fiction under the Classics subject category and by the last name Tolstoy.

Note: A notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of violence, strong language, or descriptions of sex. The word “some” before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in “some strong language.”

Adult Fiction


Everything Sad Is Untrue (A True Story) BR23597
by Daniel Nayeri
4 volumes
At the front of a skeptical classroom in Oklahoma, young Khosrou tries to tell his story. Khosrou’s stories span centuries, from the moment his family fled Iran in the middle of the night to tales set in the jasmine-scented city of Isfahan. Some violence. Printz Award. For senior high and older readers. 2020.


A Court of Silver Flames BR23617
by Sarah J. Maas
8 volumes
As Nesta struggles to find her place in her new world, feelings ignite between her and the infuriating Cassian. This intensifies after they are forced into close quarters. Meanwhile, a new alliance threatens the fragile peace of the realms. Sequel to A Court of Frost and Starlight (BR22275). Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2021.

Across the Green Grass Fields BR23593
by Seanan McGuire
2 volumes
When she suddenly finds herself thrust through a doorway to a world filled with centaurs, kelpies, and other magical equines, Regan is expected to step up and be a hero. But she soon discovers that not all heroic quests are as they seem. 2021.

Shadowshaper Legacy: Shadowshaper Cypher, Book 3 BR23877
by Daniel José Older
4 volumes
If Sierra has any hope of saving the world’s future, she will need to control the power given to her by Death and confront her family’s past. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2020.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue BR23467
by V.E. Schwab
6 volumes
France, 1714: in a moment of desperation, Addie LaRue makes a Faustian bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. But everything changes when, after nearly 300 years, Addie stumbles across a young man in a hidden bookstore and he remembers her name. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2020.


Infinite Country BR23717
by Patricia Engel
2 volumes
Talia is being held at a correctional facility for girls in the mountains of Colombia after committing an impulsive act of violence. She urgently needs to get back home to Bogotá, where her father and a plane ticket to the United States are waiting for her. Strong language and some violence. 2021.

The Kindest Lie BR23701
by Nancy Johnson
4 volumes
Needing to reconnect with the baby she gave up for adoption years earlier, an Ivy League-educated African American engineer uncovers devastating family secrets before her bond with a young white misfit scandalizes her racially torn community. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2021.

Temporary BR23631
by Hilary Leichter
2 volumes
A young woman works for a temp agency in positions from the menial to the absurd. One day she shines shoes, while another she is a pirate. She fills increasingly bizarre placements in search of steadiness, connection, and something, at last, to call her own. Some strong language. 2020.

The Man Who Saw Everything BR23846
by Deborah Levy
3 volumes
In 1988 Saul Adler is invited to Communist East Berlin to do research. While standing in the Abbey Road crosswalk waiting for his girlfriend, he is grazed by an oncoming car, changing the trajectory of his life. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2019.

No One Is Talking about This BR24063
by Patricia Lockwood
2 volumes
A woman who has recently gained fame for her social media posts travels around the world to meet her adoring fans. Speaking on panels about the Internet—here called “the portal”—she grapples with an unshakable conviction that a vast chorus of voices is now dictating her thoughts. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2021.

The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals BR23719
by Becky Mandelbaum
4 volumes
Ariel discovers that her estranged mother’s animal sanctuary in Western Kansas is in financial trouble and has been the target of anti-Semitic hate crimes. She returns home, but is surprised to learn that her first love, a ranch hand named Gideon, still works at Bright Side. Strong language. 2020.

Bewilderment BR23985
by Richard Powers
3 volumes
Astrobiologist Theo Byrne has been raising his son Robin alone since the death of his wife. As the nine-year-old becomes more and more troubled, Theo considers an experimental neurofeedback treatment to help Robin with his emotional control. Some strong language. 2021.

Such a Fun Age BR23303
by Kiley Reid
4 volumes
African American babysitter Emira Tucker is accused by a security guard of having kidnapped the toddler she is caring for when she takes the girl to an upscale market. The incident is caught on film and her white employer is determined to make things right. Strong language. Bestseller. 2019.

Historical Fiction

The Lost Apothecary BR23769
by Sarah Penner
4 volumes
In eighteenth-century London, Nella runs an apothecary shop selling well-disguised poisons for women to use against the oppressive men in their lives. Meanwhile in present-day London, aspiring historian Caroline stumbles upon a clue to the long-unsolved apothecary murders while dealing with the failure of her marriage. Strong language. 2021.

Spy BR23878
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes
In 1939, England is at war. Alex makes her way to London, determined to volunteer as a nurse. But she has skills that would make the perfect secret agent. As she travels and learns to be a spy, she must hide the truth from everyone she loves. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2019.


Dear Santa BR23978
by Debbie Macomber
2 volumes
Feeling low after her boyfriend cheated on her, Lindy Carmichael heads home to Wenatchee, Washington, for Christmas. Her mother encourages her to write a grown-up letter to Santa, which ultimately brings her hope and joy, not to mention a chance at love with a handsome former classmate. 2021.

Human Relationships

Firefly Cove BR23721
by Davis Bunn
3 volumes
Since the age of seven, Lucius Quarterfield has known his heart condition meant he might not live to see his next birthday. Now at twenty-eight, he’s returning to the Miramar Bay, the only place he ever felt happy, near the only woman he ever truly wanted. 2018.

Miramar Bay BR23700
by Davis Bunn
3 volumes
Putting his acting career and his fiancée on hold, Connor Larkin boards a late night bus to Miramar Bay to figure out what he really wants. He applies for a waiter job at Sylvie Cassick’s restaurant and finds himself wanting to stay. 2017.

Tranquility Falls BR23765
by Davis Bunn
3 volumes
Six years after his fiancée died in a car accident for which he was responsible, Daniel is clean, sober, and taking things one day at a time. Just as his solitude begins to chafe, two souls in need of fresh starts unexpectedly enter Daniel’s life. 2020.

It’s Better This Way BR23766
by Debbie Macomber
3 volumes
Six years after a difficult divorce, Julia is approaching sixty and downsizing into a condo that she hopes will be a new start. She doesn’t want a man in her life, but can’t help but be drawn to Heath, a new resident in her building. 2021.

Cursed BR23837
by Karol Ruth Silverstein
4 volumes
Fourteen-year-old Erica “Ricky” Bloom struggles with her recent chronic illness diagnosis, which comes amid family upheaval and challenges at a new school. Strong language. Schneider Family Book Award. For senior high and older readers. 2019.


The Mutations BR23844
by Jorge Comensal
2 volumes
Militant atheist, successful attorney, and traditional family man Ramón discovers the pain he is experiencing is cancer of the tongue. As his family deals with the diagnosis and treatment, their maid Elodia gives Ramón a foul-mouthed parrot. Translated from the 2016 Spanish edition. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2019.

The Judge’s List BR23986
by John Grisham
4 volumes
Lacy Stoltz, from The Whistler (BR21746), is considering leaving the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct when she’s contacted by Jeri Crosby. Jeri’s father was murdered twenty years ago, and Jeri believes a current judge was behind it. Lacy must discover the truth. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2021.

Mystery and Detective

The Scarred Woman: A Department Q Novel BR23302
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
6 volumes
In a Copenhagen park, the body of an elderly woman is discovered. The case bears a striking resemblance to an unsolved homicide investigation from over a decade ago. Detective Carl Mørck of Department Q, the cold-cases division, is charged with solving the mystery. Translated from Danish. Violence and strong language. 2017.

Murder on the Caronia BR23650
by Conrad Allen
4 volumes
In 1908, George and Genevieve board the famous Caronia, only to meet a handcuffed couple being escorted to England by Scotland Yard. The two are alleged murderers, but our sleuths do not quite buy it. They must hurry to solve their assigned cases before they can follow this hunch. Some violence and some strong language. 2003.

After the Storm BR23692
by Linda Castillo
4 volumes
Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is emotionally shaken by the death of a baby when a tornado devastates the area. As locals clean up the storm’s damage, they discover a skeleton that plunges Kate into an Amish cold case. Violence and strong language. 2015.

Fallen: A Kate Burkholder Novel BR23953
by Linda Castillo
3 volumes
When a body is found in a Painters Mill motel, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder recognizes the victim as a charming, but troubled, Amish girl who left the fold. As Kate digs into the woman’s past, someone doesn’t want the secrets she took to the grave revealed. Strong language and some violence. 2021.

The Killings at Kingfisher Hill: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery BR23988
by Sophie Hannah
3 volumes
Hercule Poirot has been summoned to the exclusive Kingfisher Hill estate by owner Richard Devonport to prove that his fiancée, Helen, is innocent of murdering his brother Frank. But on the trip from London, his train stops when a young woman insists she will be murdered if she stays. Some violence and some strong language. 2020.

The Mystery of Three Quarters: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery BR23979
by Sophie Hannah
4 volumes
Someone impersonating Hercule Poirot has sent letters to various people accusing them of murdering a man named Barnabas Pandy. As the instigator obviously wants Poirot involved, Poirot obliges by engaging the help of Edward Catchpool, his Scotland Yard policeman friend, and digging into the investigation. Some violence. 2018.

Robert B. Parker’s Grudge Match: A Sunny Randall Novel BR23716
by Mike Lupica
3 volumes
When Sunny’s long-time gangster associate Tony Marcus comes to her for help, Sunny is surprised—after all, she double-crossed him on a recent deal. But Tony figures Sunny owes him, and Sunny’s willing to clear the slate. Tony’s trusted girlfriend and business partner has vanished, and he doesn’t know why. Strong language and some violence. 2020.

Book, Line, and Sinker BR23767
by Jenn McKinlay
3 volumes
When a salvage company arrives in town to dig up rumored pirate treasure, Briar Creek locals are torn. Then the tourism director who hired the company is found murdered—and library director Lindsey Norris’s neighbor is the prime suspect. Lindsey’s ex-husband also arrives in town. Some violence and some strong language. 2012.

The Right Sort of Man BR23847
by Allison Montclair
4 volumes
In post WWII London, unmarried Iris Sparks and widowed Gwendolyn Bainbridge successfully launch The Right Sort Marriage Bureau. But when a client is found murdered and the man arrested for the crime is the prospective husband they matched her with, they must clear his name—and theirs. 2019.

Dead Men Don’t Ski BR23712
by Patricia Moyes
4 volumes
It’s January and Chief Inspector Henry Tibbett and his wife Emmy are on a skiing holiday in the Italian Alps. But it’s no restful vacation when the inspector discovers some of the hotel guests are part of an international smuggling ring, and a dead man is riding the ski lift. Some strong language. 1959.

The Sunken Sailor BR23715
by Patricia Moyes
4 volumes
While on holiday with his wife, Emmy, Chief Inspector Henry Tibbett of Scotland Yard is plunged into a murder investigation involving buried treasure. Some strong language. 1961.

The 19th Christmas BR23867
by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
3 volumes
When a fearsome criminal known only as “Loman” seizes control of the headlines, December is upended for the Women’s Murder Club. Loman is planning a deadly surprise for Christmas morning and has commissioned dozens of criminal colleagues to take actions that will mask his plans. Violence and strong language. 2019.

The Dead Letter: An American Romance BR23644
by Seeley Regester
4 volumes
Henry Moreland was murdered on his way to visit his betrothed, Eleanor Argyll. There is no clear motive, but Richard Redfield—who harbors a secret love for Eleanor—vows to find Henry’s killer. He soon finds himself out of his element and teams with legendary detective Mr. Burton. 1866.

Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two BR23711
by Ann B. Ross
4 volumes
Miss Julia’s neighbor Mildred is sent into a tizzy when a grandchild she’s never met shows up on her doorstep. And Mildred’s husband keeps forgetting who she is, so she’s all on her own. Meanwhile, Etta Mae is worried about losing her job now that the Handy Home Helpers is up for sale. 2020.

The Mountains Wild BR23485
by Sarah Stewart Taylor
4 volumes
Twenty-three years ago, Maggie D’arcy learned from the Dublin police that her cousin Erin was missing. Maggie spent weeks in Ireland, but no trace was found. When Maggie—now a divorced Long Island detective—learns that Erin’s scarf has now been found and another young woman has gone missing, she returns to Ireland. Strong language and some violence. 2020.

The Consequences of Fear: A Maisie Dobbs Novel BR23768
by Jacqueline Winspear
4 volumes
1941. While making a delivery, government office runner Freddie Hackett witnesses a murder, then faces the killer when completing the delivery. Freddie turns to Maisie Dobbs for help when the police won’t listen. Maisie must tread carefully when her work with the Special Operations Executive collides with murder. Violence. 2021.

Occult and Horror

The Dead Girls’ Dance: The Morganville Vampires, Book 2 BR23477
by Rachel Caine
3 volumes
When Claire and her best friend, Eve, are invited to the annual Dead Girls’ Dance at a fraternity, all hell breaks loose when the living party with the dead in a town rampant with bloodthirsty vampires. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2007.

Midnight Alley: The Morganville Vampires, Book 3 BR23484
by Rachel Caine
3 volumes
When she pledges herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town, Claire is faced with a stalker, murder, and an ancient bloodsucker who extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2007.

Forgotten: A House of Night Other World Novel BR24015
by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
4 volumes
As Other Neferet operates in secret to gain more power, Zoey distracts herself by organizing the first human-vampyre swim meet in Tulsa. Strong language, descriptions of sex, and some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2019.

Survivor Song BR23554
by Paul Tremblay
3 volumes
The world is overrun by a rabies-like virus that turns the afflicted into homicidal maniacs. Pediatrician Ramola Sherman receives a call from her pregnant friend, Natalie, who needs help after her husband is killed in a violent attack. Violence and strong language. 2020.

Religious Themes

The View from Rainshadow Bay BR23698
by Colleen Coble
4 volumes
After her husband dies in a climbing incident, Shauna has only her five-year-old son and her helicopter charter business to live for. When her business partner is murdered, she turns to her husband’s best friend—the man she blames for her husband’s death—to protect her son. Some violence. 2018.

Her Secret Song: Brides of Hope Mountain, Book 3 BR23788
by Mary Connealy
3 volumes
Colorado, 1874. The Nordegren sisters were raised on Hope Mountain and taught to fear the outside world. With her sisters married, oldest sister Ursula finally ventures out and comes across a wounded man, bounty hunter Wax Mosby. Wax was climbing Hope Mountain in part to atone for his terrible choices. 2020.

Promised to Another: The Amish of Seymour BR23654
by Laura V. Hilton
3 volumes
Annie Beiler is a spunky, spirited schoolteacher, but she’s struggled ever since the man she was promised to left the Amish of Seymour. She needs a man who is committed to his Amish beliefs. Joshua Esh might just be that man, but he is unsure whether Annie is free to love him. 2012.


Harvest Moon BR23850
by Robyn Carr
4 volumes
Burned-out San Francisco sous-chef Kelly Matlock joins her sister Jillian, a gardener, in Virgin River to recuperate. There Kelly meets screenwriter Lief Holbrook and his unruly stepdaughter Courtney. Kelly and Lief fall in love, while Courtney finds trouble. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

Absolute Trust BR23905
by Piper J. Drake
3 volumes
Veteran Brandon Forte returned to his hometown to open a facility for military service dogs like Haydn, a German shepherd who’s seen his share of combat and loss. His return also brings him back to Sophie Kim, the one woman he can’t have. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2016.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown BR23740
by Talia Hibbert
4 volumes
Eve Brown has a hard time sticking with anything for long, and her parents have just shut off her trust fund. She applies for a job as a chef at a country bed-and-breakfast but immediately clashes with Jacob, the owner. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2021.

Science Fiction

Providence BR23552
by Max Barry
3 volumes
Astronauts Gilly, Talia, Anders, and Jackson are crewmates on a ship battling an aggressive alien race. Public support for the war has waned, and the military hopes to accomplish zero-casuality warfare through AI. But when an attack severs the crew’s contact with home, they must each confront the war’s reality. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2020.

A Memory Called Empire BR23571
by Arkady Martine
6 volumes
Ambassador Mahit Dzmare discovers that the death of her predecessor at a small independent mining station in the multi-system Teixcalaanli Empire may not have been an accident. She must discover the killer, rescue herself, and save her station from annexation while navigating an alien culture. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2019.

Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters BR23760
by Aimee Ogden
1 volume
In this space opera reimagining of “The Little Mermaid,” gene-edited human clans have scattered throughout the galaxy, adapting to their new environments. The daughter of a Sea-Clan lord sparks a war when she rejects her people by choosing her land-dwelling love. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2021.

Network Effect: A Murderbot Novel BR23992
by Martha Wells
4 volumes
Murderbot’s human associates that are definitely not its friends are captured, and another not-friend from its past also requires urgent assistance, leaving Murderbot no choice but to take drastic action. Sequel to Exit Strategy (BR23235). Violence and strong language. 2020.

All Clear BR23816
by Connie Willis
9 volumes
Trapped time-traveling historians Michael, Eileen, and Polly frantically struggle to survive Hitler’s bombers and find a way back to their own world in 2060. At home, Mr. Dunworthy and Colin look for the missing three, whose actions have altered history. Sequel to Blackout (BR23741). Some violence. 2010.

Short Stories

A Registry of My Passage upon the Earth: Stories BR23584
by Daniel Mason
2 volumes
Interlaced short stories from the author of The Winter Soldier (DB92407) that portray men and women facing the mysteries and magic of the world. Some violence. 2020.

Spies and Espionage

The Janson Equation BR23722
by Douglas Corleone
4 volumes
Prominent US Senator James Wyckoff hires Janson and Kincaid to find his missing son, who fled after his murdered girlfriend was discovered. Wyckoff insists that his son is innocent and that the woman was murdered for overhearing the wrong thing at a conference. Sequel to The Janson Option (BR23676). 2015.


Jonathan Quinn, Books 0.1, 0.2, 4.5, 7.5, 8.1, 8.2, 8.5 BR23572
by Brett Battles
5 volumes
“Becoming Quinn” explains how a Phoenix rookie cop came to freelance for the Office, a secret US intelligence agency. Also includes “Just Another Job,” “Off the Clock,” “The Assignment,” “Quick Study,” “Lesson Plan,” and “Night Work.” Published 2011–2015. Violence and strong language. 2015.

The Dark Hours BR23991
by Michael Connelly
4 volumes
As the year winds down, LAPD Detective Renée Ballard is called to the scene where a man has been fatally hit a bullet in the middle of a crowded street party. The case ends up being linked to an unsolved one assigned to Harry Bosch. Violence and strong language. 2021.

The Dark Corners of the Night: An UNSUB Novel BR23718
by Meg Gardiner
4 volumes
FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix returns to Los Angeles to assist with the Midnight Man case—a serial killer whose methods test Caitlin’s skills and dedication. The key to unlocking this killer’s psyche and solving the case may lie in Caitlin’s own past. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2020.

Dangerous Games BR23744
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes
TV journalist Alix Phillips travels to the hot spots of the globe for her reporting. At her side is Ben Chapman, cameraman and ex-Navy SEAL. The pair are in real danger as they pursue a corrupt vice president. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2017.

Confessions on the 7:45 BR23475
by Lisa Unger
4 volumes
Commuting home by train, Selena strikes up a conversation with a beautiful stranger. The woman confesses that she’s been stuck in an affair with her boss. Selena, in turn, confesses that she suspects her husband is sleeping with the nanny. Days later, Selena’s nanny disappears. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2020.

Adult Nonfiction


Apple: Skin to the Core; a Memoir in Words and Pictures BR23594
by Eric Gansworth
4 volumes
Memoir-in-verse by award-winning author and artist Eric Gansworth. A member of the Onondaga Nation, he describes growing up at the Tuscarora Nation. Covers his family’s history and struggles, the impact of boarding schools, racism, and poverty. Strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2020.

Business and Economics

Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry BR23743
by Jason Schreier
4 volumes
Journalist analyzes the video game industry. Draws on interviews with members of the industry to relate the ways a number of renowned studios closed up shop, the effects on employees, and how they moved on. Strong language. 2021.

Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want BR23742
by Patricia Walsh
3 volumes
Woman shares her story of losing her sight due to a pediatric brain tumor and surgical complications, and her road to becoming an award-winning computer engineer and champion paratriathlete. Discusses the ways she motivates herself through her goal-setting system of Fuel/Fire/Blaze. 2015.


Nadiya Bakes BR23906
by Nadiya Hussain
3 volumes
Author of Time to Eat (BR23585) and winner of the 2015 season of The Great British Baking Show presents a collection of recipes for baked goods. Categories include cakes, one-pan bakes, no-bake bakes, tarts and pies, desserts, celebration bakes, cookies and bites, breads and buns, and savory bakes. 2020.

How to Cook for Beginners: An Easy Cookbook for Learning the Basics BR23852
by Gwyn Novak
2 volumes
Guide to introductory kitchen skills intended for those with minimal cooking experience. Covers best practices, measuring and mixing, knife skills, boiling, pan cooking, oven cooking, and building flavor. Recipes are included to support the skills learned. including breakfast, snacks and small bites, salads and vegetables, main dishes, and desserts. 2019.

The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes from Everyone’s Favorite Thai Mom BR23784
by Pepper Teigen and Garrett Snyder
3 volumes
Mother of model Chrissy Teigen and mother-in-law of singer John Legend presents a collection of recipes drawing on her childhood in Thailand and later years cooking for her American-born children and grandchildren. Recipe categories include snacks, salads, family specialties, vegetables, leftovers, curries and stews, and dessert. 2021.

The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook: Weight Loss Made Simple BR23984
by Susan Peirce Thompson
4 volumes
Companion cookbook for Bright Line Eating. Sections include highlights of the diet program, recipes and techniques, and meal plans. Recipes cover breakfasts, vegetables, cold bowls, warm bowls, dressings, sauces, and salsas. Also includes community-provided tips and tricks. 2019.

Diet and Nutrition

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach; 4th Edition BR23697
by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
6 volumes
Dietician Tribole and nutrition therapist Resch present a revised edition of their resource for building a healthy body image and making peace with food. Provides ten principles to develop a trusting relationship with food, addresses diet culture and mentality, and examines ways to deal with and avoid eating disorders. 2020.

Medicine and Health

Project Bloom: Diverse Reflections on Surviving the Pandemic BR23913
edited by Lisa M. Alexander and Joshua Potter-Efron
2 volumes
Collection of thirty essays exploring experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributors address topics including race, disability, health care, mental health, aging, and discrimination. Some violence and some strong language. 2021.

The Premonition: A Pandemic Story BR23738
by Michael Lewis
4 volumes
Author of The Blind Side (BR21589) and The Undoing Project (BR21799) examines the work of scientists and pandemics experts who worked to spread the word and respond to COVID-19. Profiles include a secret group of doctors with world-class pedigrees, but no official permission. Strong language. 2021.


Cast Away: Poems for Our Time BR23778
by Naomi Shihab Nye
1 volume
Poetry Foundation’s Young People’s Poet Laureate shines a spotlight on the things we cast away, from plastic water bottles to refugees. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2020.

Dunce BR23845
by Mary Ruefle
1 volume
Sixty-four poems exploring the themes of failure and fragility. In the title poem, friends explore the beauty of nature in a bog and meditate on warnings that never end, until they have to. 2019.

Psychology and Self-Help

Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting BR23798
by Lisa Genova
2 volumes
A neuroscientist explores the intricacies of human memory and distinguishes between normal and concerning memory loss. She explains the roles of sleep, stress, and other contributing influences, and discusses why some memories last a lifetime and others are gone in a moment. 2021.

The Resilient Teen: 10 Key Skills to Bounce Back from Setbacks and Turn Stress into Success BR23761
by Sheela Raja
2 volumes
Raja, a clinical psychologist, provides tools and critical skills to help teens bounce back from challenging situations, deal with difficult emotions, care for their physical and mental health, and cultivate a sense of joy, even in the face of modern-day stressors. For senior high and older readers. 2021.


Think like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day BR23495
by Jay Shetty
4 volumes
Podcast host presents life lessons he learned while following the path of Vedic monks and then coaching others on the concepts of well-being, living life with a purpose, and mindfulness. Topics covered include overcoming negativity, learning from others, stopping overthinking, and the importance of kindness. 2020.

Social Sciences

Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally BR23987
by Emily Ladau
2 volumes
Handbook with guidelines and direction on how to be an ally to disabled people, with actionable steps for what to say, what to do, and how to influence spaces to be more inclusive. Topics include recognizing and avoiding ableism, disability etiquette, practicing accessibility, and countering disability stereotypes. 2021.

US History

The Black Cabinet: The Untold Story of African Americans and Politics during the Age of Roosevelt BR23416
by Jill Watts
8 volumes
Recounts the work of a group of African Americans who, in the early twentieth century, fought to lobby the White House regarding racial affairs. The author profiles prominent members, including Mary McLeod Bethune, Robert Weaver, Bill Hastie, Al Smith, and Robert Vann. 2020.

Books for Children

The following books were recently produced for the NLS program.

Registered users can immediately download all titles and magazines from BARD, the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download service, at The free BARD Mobile app for reading talking books on your personal smartphone or tablet is available from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon’s Appstore and can be used to read books with a refreshable braille display. To order books or sign up for BARD service contact your local cooperating library. Regional library telephone numbers and email addresses are listed on the last pages of this magazine.

These books are listed alphabetically within the headings Children’s Fiction and Children’s Nonfiction by subject category, author last name, and title. For example, the title Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown would be listed in Children’s Fiction under the Classics subject category and by the last name Brown.

Children’s Fiction

Animals and Wildlife

The Very Impatient Caterpillar BR23190
by Ross Burach
1 volume
A very eager caterpillar learns to be patient while undergoing metamorphosis. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool–grade 2. 2019.


I Talk like a River BR23736
by Jordan Scott and Sydney Smith
1 volumes
When a child has a “bad speech day” at school, his father provides him with a new perspective on his stuttering. Schneider Family Book Award. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2020.

Nana Akua Goes to School BR23188
by Tricia Elam Walker and April Harrison
1 volumes
Zura is worried about how her classmates will react to her Ghanaian Nana’s tattoos on Grandparents Day, but Nana finds a way to show how special and meaningful they are. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2020.

Growing Up

I Am Every Good Thing BR23735
by Derrick Barnes and Gordon C. James
1 volumes
A young Black boy celebrates everything that makes him who he is. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool–grade 2. 2020.

I Am Enough BR23191
by Grace Byers and Keturah A. Bobo
1 volumes
Little girls celebrate their differences and diversity by loving who they are, respecting others, and being kind to one another. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool–grade 2. 2018.

A Place Inside of Me: A Poem to Heal the Heart BR23729
by Zetta Elliott and Noa Denmon
1 volumes
A young Black boy skateboards and ponders his deep emotions, from joy to sorrow and anger to compassion, but above all, love. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2020.


Big Shot: Diary of a Wimpy Kid BR23980
by Jeff Kinney
1 volume
After a disastrous field day competition at school, Greg decides to retire his athletic career—until his mom urges him to give sports one more chance. Greg unexpectedly lands a spot on the worst team, but anything can happen. For grades 3–6 and older readers. 2021.

Some Assembly Required: Toy Academy BR23851 (contracted), BR23853 (uncontracted)
by Brian Lynch
1 volume
Attending Toy Academy to train in the art of play, misfit little toy Grumbolt resolves to find his proper place. But when a plot by rival Evil Toy Academy threatens his school, Grumbolt takes a risk and proves his worth. For grades 2–4. 2018.

Dog Diaries: Ruffing It; a Middle School Story BR23776
by James Patterson and Steven Butler
1 volumes
Excitedly accompanying his human family on a camping vacation in the woods, canine Junior happily chases raccoons, fetches sticks, and swims in the lake, before an obedience-obsessed human arrives and spoils his fun. For grades 2–4. 2020.

LGBT Themes

The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish BR23189
by Lil Miss Hot Mess and Olga de Dios
1 volumes
Drag queens perform their routines while marching, dancing, stomping, and swishing through town. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool–grade 2. 2020.

Mystery and Detective

Notorious BR23858
by Gordon Korman
3 volumes
On Centerlight Island, halfway between the United States and Canada, middle-schoolers Keenan and ZeeBee team up to seek gold rumored to be hidden there by a famous gangster. For grades 3–6. 2020.

Scary Stories

The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb: Goosebumps BR23764
by R.L. Stine
2 volumes
Lost in an Egyptian pyramid, twelve-year-old Gabe and his cousin, Sari, find that they are not alone. For grades 4–7. 1993.

Don’t Scream! Goosebumps: Hall of Horrors BR24068
by R.L. Stine
1 volume
Jack Harmon, who is bullied at school, finds a cell phone and hears a strange voice who wants him to do bad things. For grades 3–6. 2012.

The Five Masks of Dr. Screem: Goosebumps; Hall of Horrors BR24069
by R.L. Stine
1 volume
Monica Anderson, who thinks her biggest problem is taking her karate-chopping younger brother, Peter, trick-or-treating, is wrong; Monica and Peter must defeat the evil Dr. Screem, who is after five ugly ancient masks that have the power to manipulate the world around them. For grades 3–6. 2011.

My Friend Slappy: Goosebumps SlappyWorld BR23739
by R.L. Stine
1 volume
When his friend Lizzie can’t stop the school bullies from terrorizing him, Barton makes a new friend with an evil ventriloquist doll named Slappy. And Slappy is always happy to help a buddy get revenge. For grades 3–6. 2020.

Revenge of the Invisible Boy: Goosebumps SlappyWorld BR23614
by R.L. Stine
1 volume
After an embarrassing failure at Magic Club, Frankie wants revenge against Ari, who ruins everyone’s tricks. A legendary magician comes to town to perform his daring stunts, and Frankie sees an opportunity to get even with Ari. But then everything goes wrong. For grades 3–6. 2019.

Welcome to Camp Nightmare BR23781
by R.L. Stine
2 volumes
Baffled at the series of strange, unexplained events taking place at summer camp in the desert wilderness, twelve-year-old Billy considers escaping the horrors forever. For grades 4–7. 1993.


I Wish You Knew BR23737
by Jackie Azúa Kramer and Magdalena Mora
1 volumes
After the deportation of her father, Estrella’s teacher invites her and the other students to meet around an old oak tree and share the things they wished the class knew about their life at home. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2021.

Short Stories

Black Boy Joy BR23949
edited by Kwame Mbalia
3 volumes
Seventeen acclaimed Black male and nonbinary authors share stories, comics, and poems about the power of joy and the wonders of Black boyhood. Authors include B.B. Alston, Jay Coles, Jerry Craft, Lamar Giles, Tochi Onyebuchi, Jason Reynolds, and more. For grades 3–6. 2021.

Children’s Nonfiction

Animals and Wildlife

Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera BR23745
by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann
1 volumes
Award-winning author describes the life cycle of the hard-working honeybee. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2020.


The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to Astrological Signs, the Zodiac, and More BR23762
by Nikki Van De Car
2 volumes
Introduces kids to astrology, stars, signs, and the zodiac while promoting mindfulness, self-care, creativity, and a connection with nature. For grades 3–6 and older readers. 2021.


The ABCs of Black History BR23690
by Rio Cortez
2 volumes
Notable poet celebrates Black history, people, and culture with every letter of the alphabet. For grades K–3. 2020.

Nature and the Environment

Ocean Soup: A Recipe for You, Me, and a Cleaner Sea BR23896
by Meeg Pincus and Lucy Semple
1 volumes
Explains that plastics fill our oceans, from single-use bottles and take-out containers to the teeny tiny plastic particles you need a microscope to see. Provides suggestions on how we can do our part to help clean up the seas. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K–3. 2021.

Science and Technology

Monstrous: The Lore, Gore, and Science behind Your Favorite Monsters BR23854
by Carlyn Beccia
3 volumes
Presents the origins of eight scary creatures: Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, zombies, King Kong, werewolves, the kraken, Bigfoot, and Godzilla. Uses science to explain the myth and discusses the events that led to the rise of the beasts. For grades 5–8. 2019.

Braille Magazines

The following is a list of braille magazines in the Library of Congress program. Readers may obtain free personal subscriptions to these magazines. For information on the availability of specific magazines, consult the library that sends you braille materials.

Braille Book Review (NLS publication)
Braille Chess Magazine (British publication)
Braille Music Magazine (British publication)
Conundrum (British publication)
Cook’s Illustrated
Cricket: The Realm of Imagination (for children and teens)
Dell Sunday Crosswords
Harper’s (literary)
Health Newsletters (includes Harvard Health Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter)
Interweave (knitting)
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine
Muse (for children)
Musical Mainstream (NLS publication)
National Geographic
National Geographic Kids
News (NLS publication)
The New York Times Book Review
The New York Times Large Print Weekly
PC World
Popular Mechanics
Popular Music Lead Sheets
Reader’s Digest
Rolling Stone (popular culture)
Science News
Scout Life (for children and teens)
Short Stories (British publication)
Spider: The Magazine for Children
Sports Illustrated Kids
Stone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers and Artists (children’s writings)
Today’s Parent

Schedules for the following sports leagues are also available:
Major League Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Football League
National Hockey League
Women’s National Basketball Association

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