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Talking Book Topics March-April 2014

March-April 2014

About Talking Book Topics

Talking Book Topics is published bimonthly in audio, large-print, and online formats and distributed at no cost to blind and physically handicapped individuals who participate in the Library of Congress reading program. It lists digital audiobooks and magazines available through a network of cooperating libraries and covers news of developments and activities in network library services.

The annotated list in this issue is limited to titles recently added to the national collection, which contains thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles, including bestsellers, classics, biographies, romance novels, mysteries, and how-to guides. Some books in Spanish are also available. To explore the wide range of books in the national collection, access the NLS International Union Catalog online or contact your local cooperating library.

Talking Book Topics is available online in HTML at Talking Book Topics section and in downloadable audio files on the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service at

Library of Congress, Washington 2014
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Only send correspondence about editorial matters to: Communications and Outreach Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington DC, 20542-0002.

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In Brief

The following information about changes to the format of Talking Book Topics has been reprinted for the benefit of subscribers.

Changes to Talking Book Topics: More books, longer annotations

Beginning with the January–February 2014 issue of Talking Book Topics (TBT), some subscriber-requested changes were made to the magazine format. NLS has restored the fifty-word book annotation to the audio, large-print, and online versions of TBT. The large-print version of the magazine will continue to announce more books than in years past to accommodate the expanding number of audiobooks in our collection. This issue announces 510 recently produced titles. To make it easier for you to find books by subject category and author last name the titles are now announced in the following alphabetical order:

  1. As before, the titles are listed under broad headings: Books for Adults, Books for Children, and Foreign Language Books.
  2. Within Books for Adults and Books for Children, titles are subdivided into Fiction and Nonfiction. Fiction will now be listed first, since it comes first alphabetically.
  3. Inside the Fiction and Nonfiction genres, titles are listed by their subject categories in A-to-Z order. For example, the Adult Fiction titles for this issue are ordered by subject from Adventure to Westerns.
  4. Within each subject category, the titles are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.
  5. If there is more than one title by a given author, the titles are further organized alphabetically by title.

For example if you’d like to read Danielle Steele’s recent novel Hotel Vendôme, you would look under Adult Fiction, then in Romance, then by the last name Steele, and it’s the second title listed.

The new arrangement eliminates the need for an index.


The following announcements may be of interest to readers. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped reserves the right to publish announcements selectively, as space permits. The items mentioned, however, are not part of the NLS program and their listings do not imply endorsement.

IRS services for people with disabilities

Hundreds of accessible federal tax forms and publications are available for download from the IRS Accessibility web page. Visit and look for the Accessibility link near the bottom of the page. You can choose from large-print, text, accessible PDFs, e-Braille, or HTML formats that are compatible with screen readers and refreshable braille displays. The IRS also provides American Sign Language videos with the latest tax information.

People who are unable to complete their tax returns because of a physical disability or are age 60 or older may get assistance through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs. You can find a nearby VITA or TCE location by calling 1-800-906-9887. Publication 907, Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities, explains the tax implications of certain disability benefits and other issues and is available at

Window-Eyes screen reader free to users of Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions

Window-Eyes is a screen reader that enables individuals who are blind or visually impaired to access Windows PCs via speech and/or refreshable braille displays. Consumers using Microsoft Office version 2010 or higher can now download the screen reader for free at External The website provides download instructions as well as additional details about this offer.

Books for Adults

Books listed in this issue of Talking Book Topics were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books, including biographies, classics, westerns, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more or order books.

Titles and magazines are also available for download on the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) website at

Note: A notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of violence, strong language, or explicit descriptions of sex. The word “some” before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in “some strong language.” Commercial audiobooks for which NLS does not have access to the print book may display the notice “Unrated,” which means that the book may or may not contain violence, strong language, or descriptions of sex.

Adult Fiction


The Race
DB73929 11 hours 5 minutes
by Clive Cussler and
Justin Scott
read by Robert Sams
1909. Newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway offers fifty thousand dollars to the first person to fly from New York to San Francisco in fewer than fifty days. To protect aviatrix Josephine Frost from her insane, murderous husband Harry during the competition, Whiteway hires PI Isaac Bell. Some violence. Bestseller. 2011.

Zero Hour: A Novel from the NUMA Files
DB77088 12 hours 50 minutes
by Clive Cussler and
Graham Brown
read by Ray Childs
While attending a conference in Sydney, Kurt Austin witnesses a helicopter force a speedboat to crash and then circle back to shoot the survivors. One of the dying men presses papers into Austin’s hand and gasps “Tartarus”—the name of a mythical underworld prison. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted; a Novel of the Marvel Universe
DB77045 8 hours 57 minutes
by Peter David
read by Julie-Ann Elliott
The world has discovered that mutants exist, and the general public’s fear of the unknown prompts demand that mutants be cured. But the X-Men have plans to defend themselves and others who share their extraordinary differences. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

DB77481 10 hours 59 minutes
by Ted Dekker
read by Nicola Barber
1963. Julian Carter and her two-year-old son Stephen leave Atlanta, Georgia, and set sail to spread the gospel around the world. After they are shipwrecked off Australia, Stephen is presumed lost at sea and Julian is enslaved by a jungle tribe. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Napoleon’s Pyramids: An Ethan Gage Adventure
DB73281 13 hours 8 minutes
by William Dietrich
read by Jack Fox
While in Paris, Ethan Gage, a thirty-three-year-old American frontiersman, wins a curiously engraved gold medallion in a card game and soon after is framed for murder. Gage escapes to Egypt with Napoleon Bonaparte’s expedition. He encounters mysteries, battles, and treachery; finds love; and solves the mystery of the amulet. 2007.

Unholy Night
DB77376 9 hours 49 minutes
by Seth Grahame-Smith
read by Peter Berkrot
The Three Wise Men are infamous thieves, led by murderous Balthazar. After a daring escape from Herod’s prison, the fugitives stumble upon a manger housing a newborn king. When Herod’s men slaughter the first born in Judea, the thieves help the baby’s family flee to Egypt. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Wayne of Gotham
DB76934 8 hours 5 minutes
by Tracy Hickman
read by Todd Fox
After a visitor raises questions about the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha, Batman delves into his family’s dark past. Violence and some strong language. 2012.

Iron Man Extremis: A Novel of the Marvel Universe
DB77245 6 hours 3 minutes
by Marie Javins
read by Jason Griffith
When the terrorist Mallen gets his hands on a body-enhancing process called Extremis, Tony Stark must use Iron Man to try to stop him. But Iron Man’s armor isn’t good enough for what Mallen has become. Violence and strong language. 2013.

State of Wonder
DB73464 11 hours 23 minutes
by Ann Patchett
read by Erin Jones
Vogel Pharmaceutical sends pharmacologist Marina Singh to Amazonian Brazil to locate elusive employee Dr. Annick Swenson, who was once Singh’s professor. While investigating the status of Swenson’s fertility-drug research, Singh also hopes to uncover the fate of colleague Anders Eckman, whom Swenson reported dead. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.


The Glass Bead Game
DB77056 21 hours 19 minutes
by Hermann Hesse
read by David Colacci
In the twenty-third century, Joseph Knecht gradually ascends to prominence as a Magister Ludi—a master of the game—in his quest to comprehend the essential unity of art, music, science, and spirituality. Culminating work of the 1946 Nobel Prize winner. Commercial audiobook. 1943.

Drama and Screen

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope
DB77244 3 hours 22 minutes
by Ian Doescher
read by Steven Carpenter
The story of Star Wars: Episode IV; a New Hope told in the format of a Shakespearean play. Luke Skywalker purchases two droids, one of which carries a secret message from a captured princess. They draw Luke into a battle with the Empire. Young adult appeal. Some violence. Bestseller. 2013.


One Summer
DB73451 8 hours 55 minutes
by David Baldacci
read by Guy Williams
As former army ranger Jack Armstrong lies dying, his wife Lizzie is killed in a car accident, and his three children are sent to various relatives. But Jack miraculously recovers, collects his kids, and moves to Lizzie’s childhood home on the South Carolina coast. Bestseller. 2011.

Secrets from the Past
DB77031 10 hours 12 minutes
by Barbara Taylor Bradford
read by Kristin Allison
Serena Stone is writing a biography of her late father, a famous war photojournalist. After she finds old photos of a woman who resembles her—and who appears to be her father’s pregnant lover—Serena searches for the truth of her parentage. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Weird Sisters
DB73212 12 hours 18 minutes
by Eleanor Brown
read by Mitzi Friedlander
The three Andreas sisters return home to help their Shakespearean-scholar father care for their mother. But each sibling has her own issues: penniless Cordelia is pregnant, Rosalind is losing her adjunct professorship—and her fiancé, and Bianca was fired for stealing. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

These Things Hidden
DB73467 8 hours 44 minutes
by Heather Gudenkauf
read by Jill Fox
Five years ago Allison Glenn, a sixteen-year-old star student and athlete, was arrested for murdering her newborn. Now released to a halfway house and shunned by her family, Allison connects with women whose lives were altered by Allison’s past. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

DB77097 7 hours 46 minutes
by Kent Haruf
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Diagnosed with terminal cancer, patriarch Lewis attempts to put his affairs in order. His daughter Lorraine returns home to help her mother care for him and they all question their relationship with estranged son Frank. Meanwhile neighbors also deal with life-changing issues. Strong language. 2013.

Beautiful Day
DB77169 13 hours 19 minutes
by Elin Hilderbrand
read by Laura Giannarelli
Jenna Carmichael plans her Nantucket wedding to Stuart Graham according to her late mother’s wishes. But members of both families bring drama to the ceremony and not everything works out as planned. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

If You Could See What I See
DB77035 15 hours 54 minutes
by Cathy Lamb
read by Amy McFadden
Widow Meggie O’Rourke is summoned home to Portland, Oregon, to save her squabbling family’s lingerie shop. Meggie hosts an event where her employees and relatives talk about their favorite bras—and the revelations are surprising. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

How to Read the Air
DB73438 9 hours 41 minutes
by Dinaw Mengestu
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Jonas, a young Ethiopian American, meets Angela, an African American, at the immigration center where they work in New York City. The two experience a colorful courtship and tackle relationship difficulties. Meanwhile Jonas’s immigrant parents adjust to life in Peoria, Illinois, while weathering marriage issues. Some strong language. 2010.

The Summer Girls: Lowcountry Summer Trilogy
DB77124 11 hours 41 minutes
by Mary Alice Monroe
read by Mary Alice Monroe
Marietta Muir of Charleston, South Carolina, invites her three granddaughters—Carson, Dora, and Harper—back to her summer house on Sullivan’s Island. Bonds are renewed and family secrets are revealed. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Instructions for a Heatwave
DB77157 10 hours 35 minutes
by Maggie O’Farrell
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
London, 1976. In the midst of a heat wave Gretta Riordan discovers her husband has left with all the money in their bank account. Her children gather around her—even youngest Aoife, who returns from New York with a secret—and family differences are aired. Strong language. 2013.

Sing You Home
DB72862 13 hours 44 minutes
by Jodi Picoult
read by Erin Jones
After years of fertility treatments, Zoe delivers a stillborn son. Her husband Max can’t face more attempts and they divorce. When Zoe later marries a woman, Vanessa, Max fights Zoe’s plan to impregnate Vanessa with Max and Zoe’s three remaining frozen embryos. Strong language and descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

DB72916 9 hours 27 minutes
by Belva Plain
read by Catherine Byers
Small-town New England. Businesswoman Cassie Wright adopts orphan Gwen and raises her in a world of privilege that is envied by local beauty Jewel Fairbanks. When Gwen grows up and marries working-class Stan, Jewel marries Stan’s boss. Meanwhile, Stan uncovers illegal dealings at work. 2008.

The Perfect Family
DB73442 12 hours 14 minutes
by Kathryn Shay
read by Erik Sandvold
Upstate New York. Seventeen-year-old Jamie Davidson openly declares that he is gay, not anticipating the problems it will cause his family. His Catholic father cannot accept Jamie’s sexuality and when his mother does, their marriage is threatened. Meanwhile Jamie’s brother Brian is harassed at school. Strong language. 2010.

The Soldier’s Wife
DB77249 10 hours 16 minutes
by Joanna Trollope
read by Charlotte Anne Dore
British major Dan Riley returns from Afghanistan and struggles to readjust to family life. His stepdaughter Isabel runs away from boarding school, his preschool twins act out, and his wife Alexa begins to regret marrying a military man. And Dan misses the camaraderie of his mates. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Lonely Polygamist
DB73276 20 hours 19 minutes
by Brady Udall
read by Barry Bernson
Despite having four wives and twenty-eight children, overwhelmed construction-company owner Golden Richards is lonely. He finds solace from an unexpected source—the Guatemalan wife of his latest client. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.


DB73173 21 hours 24 minutes
by Kristen Britain
read by Annie Wauters
When dark magic threatens Sacoridia, Karigan G’ladheon buys time for her fellow Green Riders as they search for lost magical documents that could save them from the evil that is spilling out of the Blackveil Forest. Sequel to The High King’s Tomb (DB/RC65822). 2011.

Firestorm: Weather Warden, Book 5
DB73171 9 hours 41 minutes
by Rachel Caine
read by Mary Kane
Joanne Baldwin warns other weather wardens of the upcoming fight against the newly freed djinn. Meanwhile, Mother Nature is angry enough to cause destruction to the entire world. Sequel to Windfall (DB72524). Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2006.

Thin Air: Weather Warden, Book 6
DB73184 10 hours 7 minutes
by Rachel Caine
read by Mary Kane
After averting disaster in Firestorm (DB73171), weather warden Joanne Baldwin wakes up naked in a forest with her memory stolen by djinn Ashan. She must destroy the demon who is impersonating her or Joanne’s identity will remain lost. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Curtsies and Conspiracies: Finishing School, Book 2
DB77370 9 hours 33 minutes
by Gail Carriger
read by Moira Quirk
Sophronia, from Etiquette and Espionage (DB77373), has survived the first months at her spy finishing academy, despite an intrigue over a stolen device. When the dirigible school flies to London, Sophronia learns that a dire conspiracy is afoot. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB76806 11 hours 12 minutes
by Andrea Cremer and
David Levithan
read by Andy Pyle
Sixteen-year-old Stephen, born invisible, is orphaned and alone. He meets Elizabeth, who moved to New York City, wishing to be unseen. To Stephen’s amazement, Elizabeth can see him. Soon they are thrust into a complicated situation. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Dust of Dreams: The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 9
DB70858 45 hours 39 minutes
by Steven Erikson
read by John Haag
Adjunct Tavore, from Toll the Hounds (DB70385), leads the Malazan army into the wastelands to fight for an unknown cause. Meanwhile, other clans converge there to confront their own destinies. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2009.

Magician’s End: The Chaoswar Saga, Book 3
DB76842 18 hours 13 minutes
by Raymond E. Feist
read by Michael Scherer
Hal conDoin, Duke of Crydee, gathers his allies to anoint a new king after the events of A Crown Imperiled (DB75480). Meanwhile the magician Pug and his son Magnus are trapped in another realm, leaving Midkemia in peril. Violence. 2013.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye
DB73260 15 hours 58 minutes
by Alison Goodman
read by Erin Jones
Eona, from Eon (DB/RC68595) and now the Mirror Dragoneye, has another secret—she cannot control her power. But she must still find a way to save Kygo, the rightful emperor, after High Lord Sethon dethrones him. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. For junior and senior high readers. 2011.

Trapped: The Iron Druid Chronicles
DB77072 10 hours 3 minutes
by Kevin Hearne
read by Andy Pyle
Twelve years after the events of Tricked (DB76356), Atticus is about to initiate Granuaile as a full druid. But the night before the ceremony, the gods discover Atticus is still alive—and all of them want to ensure he dies this time around. Violence and strong language. 2012.

Blood of Dragons: The Rain Wilds Chronicles, Volume 4
DB76725 17 hours 4 minutes
by Robin Hobb
read by Mary Kane
The dragons and their keepers settle into Kelsingra. Each tries to adjust to new roles while attempting to uncover the secrets of Kelsingra’s past. They are soon besieged by the Duke of Chalced, who needs dragon parts for his own survival. Some violence. 2013.

Tiger’s Destiny
DB77338 15 hours 23 minutes
by Colleen Houck
read by Annika Boras
Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren search for the goddess Durga’s Rope of Fire. But when sorcerer Lokesh kidnaps Kelsey, she must make the hardest choice of her life. Sequel to Tiger’s Voyage (DB74384). Some violence. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

River of Stars
DB76726 24 hours 13 minutes
by Guy Gavriel Kay
read by Ken Kliban
Fifteen-year-old Ren Daiyan is recruited to protect an imperial magistrate who needs to travel for official business. En route, Ren kills seven outlaws and goes into hiding. Years later, he emerges and develops a relationship with Lin Shan, a poetess for the Emperor’s court. Strong language and some violence. Companion to Under Heaven (DB73644). 2013.

Princess of the Sword
DB76549 12 hours 21 minutes
by Lynn Kurland
read by Anne Hancock
Morgan of Melksham, swordmaiden for Tor Neroche, searches for the spell that will reverse the curse her father laid over the land. Miach, the archmage of the kingdom, is also determined to save his homeland—but fears losing the woman he loves. Violence. 2009.

The Dragon of Despair
DB73714 25 hours 22 minutes
by Jane Lindskold
read by Kristin Allison
Melina Shield, from Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart (DB73399), continues her manipulations and bends the will of men to gain power. Firekeeper and her royal wolf companion Blind Seer must find a way to stop the malevolent sorceress. Some descriptions of sex. 2003.

The Queen Is Dead
DB77393 10 hours 27 minutes
by Kate Locke
read by Moira Quirk
Half-blood vampire Xandra Vardan, from God Save the Queen (DB77392), must deal with her change in station. Her relationship with werewolf alpha Vex McLaughlin is also causing tension. When her brother Val goes missing, Xandra is determined to find him. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

September Girls
DB77236 9 hours 50 minutes
by Bennett Madison
read by various narrators
After seventeen-year-old Sam’s mother leaves, his dad drags Sam and his brother to a seaside town for the summer. The beautiful blond girls there are inexplicably attracted to Sam, who is determined to uncover their mystery. Strong language and descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

A March into Darkness: The Destinies of Blood and Stone, Volume 2
DB73060 29 hours 9 minutes
by Robert Newcomb
read by Richard Davidson
After defeating Wulfgar, from Savage Messiah (DB72419), Prince Tristan grieves over the price he paid for his victory. But a new evil threatens Eutracia, and Tristan and his sister Princess Shailiha must prepare for a daring battle. Violence and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Dark Flame
DB73574 11 hours 3 minutes
by Alyson Noël
read by Margaret Strom
Haven, drunk on her new powers, threatens Ever’s struggle to keep the Immortals a secret. Meanwhile, Ever dabbles in dark magic in hopes of freeing Damen—and her plan backfires. Sequel to Shadowland (DB71021). Some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2010.

DB73605 11 hours 14 minutes
by Alyson Noël
read by Margaret Strom
Ever and Damen seek a cure for Damen’s curse—and explore their relationship’s secrets and origins. To be together forever, they must face their past. Sequel to Night Star (DB73584). Descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

Night Star
DB73584 10 hours 6 minutes
by Alyson Noël
read by Margaret Strom
Haven blames Ever for the death of her boyfriend and threatens to tear Ever and Damen apart forever with a secret from one of Ever’s past lives. Sequel to Dark Flame (DB73574). Some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2010.

Crucible of Gold: The Temeraire Adventures, Book 7
DB77322 12 hours 54 minutes
by Naomi Novik
read by Erik Sandvold
With Britain’s last hope of defeating Napoleon in peril, Will Laurence and his dragon Temeraire are recalled from exile in Australia. Laurence is persuaded to negotiate peace in Brazil, but plans go awry when they land in the Incan Empire. Sequel to Tongues of Serpents (DB76507). Some violence. 2012.

DB73443 10 hours 46 minutes
by Cherie Priest
read by Kristin Allison
Blind Ian Stott hires fellow vampire Raylene Pendle—also known as Cheshire Red—to steal medical documents that may help Ian restore his sight. But in the process Raylene finds herself up against Project Bloodshot, a government program that performed cruel experiments on vampires. Strong language. 2011.

The River of No Return
DB76677 17 hours 36 minutes
by Bee Ridgway
read by Gary Tipton
2013. Ten years ago, Nick Davenant unexpectedly found himself flung from Regency England to the twenty-first century. But now to unravel a conspiracy he must return to 1815—where he discovers his former neighbor Julia Percy has a secret. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Wise Man’s Fear: The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day Two
DB72900 47 hours 0 minutes
by Patrick Rothfuss
read by John Polk
Kvothe, innkeeper of the Waystone Inn, continues to tell of his epic adventures, including saving a lord and defeating mercenaries. Meanwhile, he searches for the mysterious Amyr and answers about his parents’ death. Sequel to The Name of the Wind (DB/RC64855). Some violence. 2011.

DB73289 11 hours 2 minutes
by Alison Sinclair
read by Erin Jones
After Lightborn Floria White Hand, a trusted guard, is accused of killing Prince Isidore, she flees and finds tenuous asylum with the Darkborn. Prince Fejelis, Isidore’s successor, continues to investigate his father’s murder, while Telmaine and the Darkborn court face their own dangers. Sequel to Darkborn (DB69987). 2010.

The Golem and the Jinni
DB76801 21 hours 25 minutes
by Helene Wecker
read by Andy Pyle
1899. On a ship to America, a golem is awakened just before her master dies from appendicitis. In a New York City metal-repair shop, a jinni is released from a copper flask. As the two navigate a world they do not know, they uncover a connection to each other. 2013.

Sea Change
DB77284 10 hours 39 minutes
by S.M. Wheeler
read by Catherine Byers
Lilly’s only friend, a kraken named Octavius, has promised her he will harm no humans. When he is captured and sold to a circus, Lilly must travel far and barter with many to free him. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2013.


Twelve Books in One: Andrew Lang’s Complete “Fairy Book” Series; Traditional Folk Tales and Fairy Stories from around the World
DB71963 127 hours 21 minutes
edited by Andrew Lang
read by J. Michael McCullough
Full-length unabridged edition of Lang’s series containing the Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Brown, Orange, Olive, and Lilac Fairy Books. 2006.


The Infinities
DB72879 8 hours 27 minutes
by John Banville
read by Barry Bernson
On a midsummer’s day, at the top of the house in the Sky Room, stroke patient Adam Godley goes about his dying surrounded by family and a group of mischievous immortals reenacting a version of the play Amphitryon. By 2005 Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sea (DB/RC61200). 2009.

Claudia Silver to the Rescue
DB77152 8 hours 53 minutes
by Kathy Ebel
read by Claudine Ohayon
Brooklyn, 1993. Twenty-four-year-old Claudia lives with her best friend Bronwyn. Claudia takes in her younger half-sister, who is fleeing their bohemian mother’s lusty boyfriend. Then Claudia gets fired and begins an affair with Bronwyn’s dad. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane
DB77148 10 hours 17 minutes
by Kelly Harms
read by various narrators
Reclusive Janine “Janey” Brown of Cedar Falls, Iowa, thinks she has won a dream house in Maine. Across town sociable drifter Janine “Nean” Brown also thinks she is the lucky winner. The women meet in small-town Maine—and become friends. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Silver Girl
DB73457 15 hours 29 minutes
by Elin Hilderbrand
read by Carol Dines
Although they are estranged, recently widowed Connie helps her childhood friend Meredith after Meredith’s husband is arrested for running a Ponzi scheme. The two retreat to Connie’s Nantucket home, where they cautiously rekindle their friendship and find surprising romances. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

The Curiosity
DB77206 13 hours 38 minutes
by Stephen P. Kiernan
read by Mark Ashby
Deep in the Arctic, Dr. Kate Philo and her research team find the frozen body of Jeremiah Rice, who was lost at sea in 1906. When Lazarus Project researchers bring Jeremiah back to life, he must navigate the twenty-first century. Meanwhile Kate struggles with the project’s ethical implications. 2013.

The Husband’s Secret
DB77238 12 hours 16 minutes
by Liane Moriarty
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
While searching in the attic, Cecilia Fitzpatrick discovers a letter from her husband John-Paul with instructions that she open it in the event of his death. John-Paul is still very much alive—and the secret inside the letter is devastating. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

DB76831 8 hours 56 minutes
by Monique Roffey
read by Gary Tipton
A year after their home in Trinidad was destroyed by a flood, Gavin Weald takes his six-year-old daughter Océan on a sea journey. He hopes the voyage will give them a new perspective on the challenges of life and the courage to live again. Some strong language. 2013.

An Irish Country Courtship
DB73163 14 hours 51 minutes
by Patrick Taylor
read by Corrie James
Ballybucklebo, Northern Ireland; 1960s. Widowed Dr. Fingal O’Reilly falls in love with nurse Kitty O’Hallorhan. Meanwhile his young assistant, Dr. Barry Laverty, struggles to keep the interest of his girlfriend, Patricia, who wants to live in a city. Sequel to An Irish Country Girl (DB70451). 2010.

The Pale King: An Unfinished Novel
DB73248 21 hours 6 minutes
by David Foster Wallace
read by Barry Bernson
David Wallace and other trainees arrive at the IRS center in Peoria, Illinois, in 1985 to begin their careers as agents—the same year that the IRS began to operate like a for-profit business. The work is so tedious that boredom-survival training is offered. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns
DB76903 13 hours 29 minutes
by Lauren Weisberger
read by Suzanne Toren
A decade after the events in The Devil Wears Prada (DB56233), Andrea “Andy” Sachs owns a bridal magazine and marries her sweetheart, media scion Max Harrison. Then Andy’s former boss and nemesis Miranda Priestly reenters her life. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Growing Up

Girl in Translation
DB73069 9 hours 10 minutes
by Jean Kwok
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Eleven-year-old Ah-Kim “Kimberly” Chang and her widowed mother move to New York City before the 1997 Chinese takeover of their native Hong Kong. They live in an unheated apartment and work in Kimberly’s aunt’s Brooklyn sweatshop. But Kimberly’s intelligence earns her a private-school scholarship and hope for the future. 2010.

Historical Fiction

The Boleyn King
DB76894 11 hours 39 minutes
by Laura Andersen
read by Julie-Ann Elliott
1536. Queen Anne Boleyn gives birth to a boy, the future successor to King Henry VIII. Seventeen years later, young William—now King Henry IX—struggles against the constraints of a regency and resolves to prove himself as the new ruler of England. Some violence. 2013.

While We’re Far Apart
DB73413 14 hours 2 minutes
by Lynn Austin
read by Anne Hancock
Brooklyn, New York; 1943–1945. Penny Goodrich, who has a crush on widower Eddie Shaffer, volunteers to watch Eddie’s son and daughter after he enlists, but the children have trouble adjusting. Meanwhile their elderly neighbor Jacob Mendel worries about his son’s family, who are trapped in Hungary during the Holocaust. 2010.

Caleb’s Crossing
DB73473 12 hours 44 minutes
by Geraldine Brooks
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Bethia Mayfield secretly befriends Caleb, a Martha’s Vineyard Wampanoag Indian. After smallpox kills Caleb’s family, Bethia’s minister father takes him in to be educated. Bethia follows Caleb and her brother Makepeace to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1660 as an indentured servant while the boys prepare to attend Harvard College. Bestseller. 2011.

Spring Awakening: Summerset Abbey
DB77142 8 hours 36 minutes
by T.J. Brown
read by Sarah Coomes
Upper-class British siblings Rowena and Victoria Buxton and their estranged foster sister Prudence are drawn into the events of World War I. Rowena volunteers as a pilot, even as her wedding approaches; suffragette Victoria becomes a nurse; and Prudence worries about her enlisted husband. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

The Rathbones
DB77317 13 hours 37 minutes
by Janice Clark
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Connecticut, 1859. Fifteen-year-old Mercy and her cousin Mordecai go searching for her father, who has been missing at sea nearly ten years. Mercy also has vague memories of a brother no one acknowledges. During the journey other family secrets are uncovered. Violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Creation of Eve
DB72890 14 hours 23 minutes
by Lynn Cullen
read by Madelyn Buzzard
1560. Having given up her lessons with Michelangelo because of a romantic mistake, Italian painter Sofonisba “Sofi” Anguissola arrives at the Spanish court of Felipe II to teach drawing to his fourteen-year-old bride Elisabeth de Valois. Sofi becomes Elisabeth’s confidante, gaining dangerous knowledge about Elisabeth’s flirtation with her brother-in-law. 2010.

The Rosetta Key: An Ethan Gage Adventure
DB73294 11 hours 3 minutes
by William Dietrich
read by Jack Fox
As Bonaparte’s army marches on the Holy Land in 1799, American Ethan Gage searches for the Book of Thoth, an ancient—and possibly magical—Egyptian scroll that reputedly empowers its owner to rule the world. Gage races to find the legendary document before his enemy, Emperor Napoleon, obtains it. Sequel to Napoleon’s Pyramids (DB73281). 2008.

The Gods of Heavenly Punishment
DB76570 13 hours 2 minutes
by Jennifer Cody Epstein
read by Jill Fox
Yoshi grows up in 1930s Japan. Her father, who supports expansion of the Japanese empire, soon leaves home to settle in China. Then the war comes and Yoshi’s world crumbles further. After miraculously surviving the 1945 firebombing of Tokyo, she must find her way forward. Strong language. 2013.

Queen’s Gambit
DB77318 13 hours 45 minutes
by Elizabeth Fremantle
read by Kristin Allison
Twice-widowed thirty-one-year-old Katherine Parr gains the attention of Henry VIII as he searches for a new wife. But Katherine has already fallen in love with Thomas Seymour. When the king makes his intentions known, she must navigate his treacherous court. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Crossing on the Paris
DB76439 11 hours 17 minutes
by Dana Gynther
read by Nicola Daval
1921. Three women cross paths—and find their lives changed—on the trans-Atlantic maiden voyage of the SS Paris. Constance deals with her failure to convince her sister to return home from Paris, Vera prepares herself for her inevitable death from cancer, and Julie starts her first job as a waitress. 2012.

Hawk Quest
DB76943 26 hours 38 minutes
by Robert Lyndon
read by Bill Hensel
1072. Soldier of fortune Vallon takes on a mission to free a Norman knight from Turkish captivity. While searching for rare hawks to offer as ransom, Vallon gathers a band of misfits, each on his own secret quest. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

DB76922 10 hours 27 minutes
by Colum McCann
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
An Irish maid and her descendants cross paths with historical figures: pioneering transatlantic aviators Jack Alcock and Arthur Brown; abolitionist Frederick Douglass, on a speaking tour in Ireland in 1845; and U.S. senator George Mitchell, in Belfast for peace talks in 1998. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

The Son
DB76883 18 hours 58 minutes
by Philipp Meyer
read by David Hartley-Margolin
1936. One-hundred-year-old Eli McCullough, the first male born in the Republic of Texas, recounts his life. When his mother and sister are murdered, twelve-year-old Eli is taken in by Comanches. Over the decades he and his descendants make their way in the world. Violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

A Spear of Summer Grass
DB76901 13 hours 53 minutes
by Deanna Raybourn
read by Terry Donnelly
1923. Though her mother is a scandalous woman, it is Delilah Drummond’s behavior after the death of her estranged husband that causes family outrage. Exiled from Paris to Kenya, Delilah learns about life beyond the hottest jazz and cocktails. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Paris: The Novel
DB76756 31 hours 34 minutes
by Edward Rutherfurd
read by Barry Bernson
Members of six families cross paths in the streets of Paris over the course of seven centuries. Generations of Le Sourds, de Cynges, Renards, Blanchards, Gascons, and Jacobs follow their fates as their fortunes rise and fall. Bestseller. 2013.

The Celestials
DB77051 10 hours 18 minutes
by Karen Shepard
read by J.P. Linton
1870. A group of Chinese laborers arrive in North Adams, Massachusetts, to serve—unknowingly—as strikebreakers for Calvin Sampson’s large factory. Tension between the locals and the foreigners increases dramatically when Calvin’s wife gives birth to a mixed-race child. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Island of Second Sight: From the Applied Recollections of Vigoleis
DB76504 46 hours 30 minutes
by Albert Vigoleis Thelen
read by Ken Kliban
1931. Vigoleis and Beatrice travel from Amsterdam to the island of Mallorca to care for Beatrice’s brother, who telegraphed them of his imminent death. They arrive to find him in perfect health and are soon caught up in the looming Spanish Civil War. Translated from German. Strong language. 2010.

Rules of Civility
DB73689 11 hours 4 minutes
by Amor Towles
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Manhattan, 1938. Young secretaries Katey Kontent and her roommate Eve Ross meet banker Tinker Grey while enjoying the nightlife. Eve takes up with Tinker, while Katey works her way into the upper echelons of society and earns a job with a publisher. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Merivel: A Man of His Time
DB76679 11 hours 37 minutes
by Rose Tremain
read by Gregory Maupin
1683. Fifteen years after the events in Restoration (DB32365), aging court physician Merivel contemplates the way he has lived his life. Searching for answers, he heads to the French court at Versailles, where he meets a Swiss woman who may provide him new opportunities. Some descriptions of sex. 2012.


A Piggly Wiggly Christmas
DB73702 7 hours 42 minutes
by Robert Dalby
read by Jill Ferris
Second Creek, Mississippi. In September, Mayor Dunbar and his new wife Gaylie Girl enlist the help of the Nitwitts—the wealthy ladies of the town—to organize a Christmas Eve gala in the town square. But obstacles arise, including a premature birth, a diva, and a fire. 2010.

1225 Christmas Tree Lane
DB73750 6 hours 15 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Sandra Burr
Cedar Cove. Christmas-tree-farm owner Beth Morehouse looks forward to the holidays, until her college-age daughters invite Kent, who is their father and Beth’s ex-husband, to the celebration. Beth considers a reconciliation, but Kent brings a young woman with him. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Trading Christmas
DB73827 5 hours 31 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Renee Raudman
Widowed Emily Springer of Leavenworth, Washington, swaps houses with Charles Brewster of Boston for Christmas. Meanwhile, Emily’s friend Faith travels to Leavenworth to visit her and Charles’s brother Ray shows up at the house in Boston. Unexpected romances ensue in both locations. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Human Relationships

Wise Young Fool
DB77258 9 hours 22 minutes
by Sean Beaudoin
read by Jordan Leigh
Teen rocker Ritchie Sudden deals with the loss of a family member and anger issues as he writes a journal about the events that landed him in a juvenile detention center. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Ten Things I’ve Learnt about Love
DB77182 8 hours 36 minutes
by Sarah Butler
read by various narrators
Alice returns home to London from Mongolia just in time to say goodbye to her father. Alice is unaware that she has a special connection to Daniel, who is searching the streets of London for the daughter he fathered during an affair with a married woman. Some strong language. 2013.

The Rules for Disappearing
DB77091 8 hours 6 minutes
by Ashley Elston
read by Kristin Allison
Seventeen-year-old Meg and her family are in the Witness Protection Program but Meg doesn’t know why. After she changes her identity for the sixth time, Meg determines not to make friends—until she meets cute Ethan. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

We Are All Completely beside Ourselves
DB76947 9 hours 0 minutes
by Karen Joy Fowler
read by Orlagh Cassidy
1996. Rosemary Cooke is away at college and her sister Fern and brother Lowell are long gone. As Rosemary slowly reveals, Fern is a chimpanzee—who was removed from the family home when Rosemary was five—and Lowell became an animal-rights activist who blamed Rosemary. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2013.

The Last Original Wife
DB77028 11 hours 7 minutes
by Dorothea Benton Frank
read by various narrators
Les, the last of the original wives in her husband Wes’s group of friends, tires of Wes’s behavior and takes an extended vacation. Les and Wes alternate telling their viewpoints to their therapists. Then their social circle prepares to reunite for a wedding. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

DB77378 5 hours 28 minutes
by Lisi Harrison
read by various narrators
The five most popular students at prestigious Noble High School have secrets to hide—secrets they wrote down in their journals. Now one of their own exposes the private entries. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

The Favor
DB77159 9 hours 41 minutes
by Megan Hart
read by Kristin Allison
Janelle Decker and her twelve-year-old son return to Janelle’s small hometown to care for her ailing grandmother. Gabe Tierney still lives next door with his father. Janelle and Gabe were close as children, but a dark secret haunts the Tierney family. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

OCD Love Story
DB77154 7 hours 49 minutes
by Corey Ann Haydu
read by Mare Trevathan
When the power goes out at Smith-Latin Boys’ Academy, Bea helps Beck overcome a panic attack. Bea likes Beck but has feelings for someone else. Things change when she is placed in group therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorders with Beck. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Courting Greta
DB76925 12 hours 26 minutes
by Ramsey Hootman
read by Alec Volz
Condescending computer genius Samuel, who is insecure about his congenital birth defect, is anything but a ladies’ man. But when he leaves his lucrative career to become a high school computer-science instructor, Samuel falls for gym teacher Greta. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Jumpstart the World
DB73600 4 hours 55 minutes
by Catherine Ryan Hyde
read by Annie Wauters
To please her mom’s boyfriend, fifteen-year-old Elle is forced to move into her own apartment across town. Lonely Elle falls for her friendly neighbor Frank. But when she learns that he is transgendered, it turns her world upside down. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2010.

Calling Me Home
DB76861 13 hours 39 minutes
by Julie Kibler
read by various narrators
Ninety-year-old Miss Isabelle asks Dorrie—the hairstylist Isabelle has come to consider like a daughter—to drive her to Cincinnati from Texas. Isabelle reveals her hidden past on the drive and helps Dorrie sort out her own life. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Openly Straight
DB77101 9 hours 1 minute
by Bill Konigsberg
read by Joe Peck
Things have worked out well for Rafe since he came out in eighth grade, but he doesn’t like being known as the gay guy. He transfers to a boarding school where no one knows him, but things get complicated when he assumes a straight persona. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

The Baker’s Daughter
DB77325 11 hours 51 minutes
by Sarah McCoy
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
1945. In the final days of World War II, teenager Elsie Schmidt remains innocent and naive, protected by the high-ranking Nazi who wants to marry her. Then an escaped Jewish boy comes to her door. Sixty years later, Elsie relates her story to journalist Reba Adams. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Changeling
DB73187 13 hours 0 minutes
by Kenzaburo Oe
read by Robert Sams
As writer Kogito Choko listens to a tape recording made by his brother-in-law, famous filmmaker Goro Hanawa, he learns Goro has committed suicide. This propels Kogito into an obsessive examination of their complicated friendship. Autobiographical fiction by 1994 Nobel Prize winner, translated from Japanese. 2010.

Foreign Bodies
DB73593 7 hours 58 minutes
by Cynthia Ozick
read by Annie Wauters
1950s. Bea Nightingale, a divorced schoolteacher from New York, travels to Paris at her brother Marvin’s behest to retrieve his truant son Julian. Complications include Julian’s marriage to an older woman, Bea’s entanglement in Marvin’s family drama, and her unresolved feelings for her own ex-husband. 2010.

Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish
DB77271 1 hours 59 minutes
by David Rakoff
read by Gregory Maupin
Novel about twentieth-century America told in verse. The characters are linked by acts of generosity or cruelty. At the core is Clifford, an artist who struggles with his sexuality from childhood to adulthood. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

The Perfect Marriage
DB77253 5 hours 16 minutes
by Kimberla Lawson Roby
read by Shay Moore
Denise and Derrek appear to have an idyllic life, with high-paying careers in the medical field and a beautiful teenage daughter. But they both are addicted to drugs and, despite twelve-step meetings, they continue to abuse. Their daughter makes a desperate attempt to save them. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Secret Obsession
DB77251 4 hours 38 minutes
by Kimberla Lawson Roby
read by Macaila Milburn
Paige Donahue, who has seethed with resentment toward her older sister Camille since childhood, conceives a plan to steal her brother-in-law through deceit. When Camille uncovers her sibling’s scheme, more than one family secret is revealed. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Gemini Bites
DB73614 6 hours 22 minutes
by Patrick Ryan
read by Joe Peck
Twins Kyle and Judy are dubious when they learn that Garret, a strange classmate who claims to be a vampire, will be living with them for a month. But they soon begin to compete for his affection. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2011.

The Goldfinch
DB77453 32 hours 27 minutes
by Donna Tartt
read by David Pittu
At the age of thirteen, Theo Decker survives an accident that kills his mother. Abandoned by his father, Theo is raised by wealthy family friends. His one connection to his mother—a painting—draws Theo into New York City’s underground art world as he grows older. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Torn between Two Lovers
DB73073 5 hours 56 minutes
by Carl Weber
read by Bill Quinn
Loraine Farrow renews her wedding vows with her husband Leon, even though their marriage is rocky and Loraine continues her affair with Michael. Meanwhile Loraine’s gay friend Jerome is in love with a mystery man—and Loraine’s life is about to change forever. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2010.


The Secret Lives of the Kudzu Debutantes
DB76857 12 hours 49 minutes
by Cathy Holton
read by Marguerite Gavin
After the events in Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes (DB76859), Nita’s former mother-in-law Virginia—a dominatrix dressed in Anne Taylor suits—seeks to bankrupt Nita and gain custody of Nita’s daughter. Eadie and Lavonne rally to defend their friend. Commercial audiobook. 2007.

Amy Falls Down
DB77324 10 hours 37 minutes
by Jincy Willett
read by Amy McFadden
Aging novelist Amy Gallup is content—if not exactly happy—with the hermit-like existence she and her dog Alphonse lead. On New Year’s Eve, Amy goes out to plant a tree and falls down. This seemingly simple mishap sets off events that open up possibilities in her life. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

DB77125 7 hours 29 minutes
by P.G. Wodehouse
read by Jonathan Cecil
Ten tales about the disastrous enterprises of Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge. From writing political slogans to opening a college for dogs, the disreputable, scheming, and unscrupulous Ukridge still manages to make himself lovable to his loyal chums. Commercial audiobook. 1935.

Legal Issues

Try Darkness
DB72829 9 hours 52 minutes
by James Scott Bell
read by Ray Foushee
Los Angeles attorney Ty Buchanan moves to the grounds of a Benedictine community after he is cleared of murdering his fiancée in Try Dying (DB72663). Buchanan offers free legal advice to the poor but one of his clients, a single mother about to be evicted, is murdered. 2008.

Try Fear
DB72905 9 hours 52 minutes
by James Scott Bell
read by Ray Foushee
Los Angeles attorney Ty Buchanan, last seen in Try Darkness (DB72829), and his assistant Sister Mary Veritas take on the drunk-driving case of Carl Richess. When Richess is murdered after being acquitted, Buchanan uncovers city corruption. 2009.


Cousin Phillis and Other Stories
DB76813 13 hours 11 minutes
by Elizabeth Gaskell
read by Kristin Allison
Five Victorian short stories and the title novella by English novelist Elizabeth Gaskell (1810–1865). In Cousin Phillis seventeen-year-old Paul Manning meets his mother’s distant relatives. Includes “Lizzie Leigh,” “Morton Hall,” “My French Master,” “Half a Life-Time Ago,” and “Manchester Marriage.” Also provides a 2010 introduction and notes by Heather Glen. 1865.

Look at the Harlequins!
DB73833 7 hours 52 minutes
by Vladimir Nabokov
read by Stefan Rudnicki
Fictional Russian novelist Vadim Vadimovich reminisces about his life: leaving Russia after the Bolshevist revolution, attending Cambridge, marrying four times, immigrating to America, writing books, and admiring his muse. Commercial audiobook. 1974.

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
DB73734 6 hours 4 minutes
by Vladimir Nabokov
read by Luke Daniels
1930s. After Russian novelist Sebastian Knight dies at age thirty-six, his younger half brother V attempts to reconstruct his life. V travels throughout Europe searching for Sebastian’s professors, friends, and lover. Commercial audiobook. 1941.

Transparent Things
DB73829 3 hours 17 minutes
by Vladimir Nabokov
read by Christopher Lane
When New York publisher Hugh Person goes to interview author Armande Chamar in Switzerland, he falls in love with her and brings Armande back as his wife. Eight years later—after a murder, madness, and imprisonment—Hugh returns to Europe. Commercial audiobook. 1972.

Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography
DB72858 10 hours 57 minutes
by Nick Rennison
read by Jon Huffman
Biography of the fictional Victorian-era sleuth compiles and expands on events in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels and short stories, from Holmes’s birth in 1854 to his death in 1929. Focuses on his years as a consulting detective and his friendship with Dr. John Watson. 2005.

The Girls of Slender Means
DB73601 3 hours 28 minutes
by Muriel Spark
read by Annie Wauters
London, 1945. The forty-odd women of the May of Teck Club, a ladies’ boarding house, work menial jobs and look for husbands in an austere post-war economy. By the author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (DB69464). 1963.

Barry Lyndon
DB72857 11 hours 45 minutes
by William Makepeace Thackeray
read by Bruce Huntey
Irishman Redmond Barry, soldier of fortune and cardsharp, marries wealthy widow Honoria, the countess of Lyndon; lives as a gentleman; and writes these memoirs. But he mistreats his wife and stepson and eventually receives his comeuppance. Published as a magazine serial in 1844. Basis of Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 film. 1852.

Medical Themes

Critical Care
DB73078 9 hours 57 minutes
by Candace Calvert
read by Suzanne Toren
After watching her firefighter brother die, nurse Claire Avery became an educator to avoid further emergency-room work. She is dismayed when Sierra Mercy Hospital asks her to provide crisis counseling for its ER staff, especially because attractive ER director Logan Caldwell is dismissive of her job—and her faith. 2009.

Rescue Team: Grace Medical
DB76933 11 hours 44 minutes
by Candace Calvert
read by Carol Dines
After the previous supervisor disappeared, Kate Callison was made acting director of Grace Medical’s chaotic Austin, Texas, emergency room. Overwhelmed with her job duties and struggling with her faith, Kate develops a relationship with handsome rescue volunteer Wes Tanner. Sequel to Trauma Plan (DB75514). 2013.

Critical Condition
DB73071 9 hours 18 minutes
by C.J. Lyons
read by Catherine Byers
Angels of Mercy Medical Center, Pittsburgh. Dr. Gina Freeman’s fiancé, detective Jerry Boyle, is recovering from a head wound he received when gunmen targeted emergency-room doctor Lydia Fiore. The assassins strike again during a New Year’s Eve blizzard, forcing the staff to fight for survival. Some violence. 2010.

Mystery and Detective

Elegy for April
DB73149 8 hours 46 minutes
by Benjamin Black
read by Alexander Strain
1950s Dublin. Pathologist Garret Quirke has recently left an addiction-treatment center when his daughter Phoebe asks him to help find her missing friend April. Quirke and Inspector Hackett question April’s family while Phoebe interrogates April’s friends. Sequel to The Silver Swan (DB/RC66116). Some violence and some strong language. 2010.

Naughty in Nice
DB77092 9 hours 16 minutes
by Rhys Bowen
read by Gabriella Cavallero
The French Riviera, 1933. While searching for the Queen’s missing snuff box and necklace, Lady Georgiana Rannoch must also solve a murder and model for Coco Chanel. 2011.

Spirit and Dust
DB77183 9 hours 34 minutes
by Rosemary Clement-Moore
read by Kristin Allison
Seventeen-year-old Daisy Goodnight is a psychic consultant for the FBI. When mob boss Devlin Maguire learns of her unique abilities, he snatches her to help find his kidnapped daughter—and a magical Egyptian artifact. Violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel
DB73737 7 hours 17 minutes
by Harlan Coben
read by Nick Podehl
Mickey Bolitar begins his sophomore year at a new high school and gets a girlfriend named Ashley. When Ashley suddenly disappears, Mickey uncovers an underworld and learns the truth about his father. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

The Whole Enchilada
DB77411 13 hours 14 minutes
by Diane Mott Davidson
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Caterer Goldy and her artist friend Holly have grown apart, but their teenage sons are throwing a joint birthday bash. Holly acts strangely at the party and then drops dead. Goldy uncovers surprising changes in Holly’s lifestyle—and her investigation doesn’t go unnoticed. Some strong language. 2013.

A Dead Man’s Tale
DB73577 10 hours 47 minutes
by James D. Doss
read by Gregory Gorton
Granite Creek, Colorado. Millionaire Samuel Reed approaches Ute part-time investigator Charlie Moon and chief of police Scott Parris with a wild story that someone intends to kill him on his trophy wife’s upcoming thirtieth birthday. Meanwhile the “Crowbar Burglar” vandalizes area homes. 2010.

Die Laughing
DB73142 7 hours 48 minutes
by Carola Dunn
read by Colleen Delany
England, 1924. After Daisy Dalrymple discovers her dentist Raymond Talmadge dead in his chair, Daisy’s husband, chief inspector Alec Fletcher, investigates. Daisy also interviews the likely suspects, including Raymond’s other patients and his wife, mistress, and nurse. 2003.

The Janus Stone
DB73403 9 hours 13 minutes
by Elly Griffiths
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
British forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway is summoned when construction workers discover a child’s bones in a wrecked mansion. Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson—a married man and the unknowing father of Ruth’s unborn child—investigates the history of the house, which was once a Catholic orphanage. Some strong language. 2010.

Dead and Buried: A Benjamin January Mystery
DB73278 8 hours 55 minutes
by Barbara Hambly
read by Jack Fox
New Orleans, 1836. After mourners discover a white corpse in a coffin that should contain a freed black man, Benjamin January investigates on a friend’s behalf. He uncovers family secrets while trying to save the accused killer, an English aristocrat, from the gallows. Some violence and some strong language. 2010.

Among Thieves
DB72877 12 hours 39 minutes
by David Hosp
read by John Polk
Attorney Scott Finn comes to the aid of old acquaintance Devon Malley, who was involved in an art heist years ago. While trying to help Malley avoid a violent Irishman determined to find the still-missing paintings, Finn cares for Malley’s recently discovered young daughter. Violence and strong language. 2010.

The Madness Underneath: The Shades of London, Book 2
DB77185 7 hours 43 minutes
by Maureen Johnson
read by Mare Trevathan
After surviving Jack the Ripper’s copycat, Rory Deveaux is back in London—and now has the ability to eliminate ghosts. Rory teams up with the Shades, the city’s secret ghost-fighting police, to investigate a new string of inexplicable deaths. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

A Man without Breath: A Bernie Gunther Novel
DB76562 15 hours 2 minutes
by Philip Kerr
read by Ray Foushee
1943. Berlin detective Bernie Gunther, now working for Nazi Germany’s war crimes bureau, is sent to Smolensk to prove that the Russians are responsible for a mass grave containing bodies of Polish army officers. While there he must also battle a skilled killer. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

A Quiet Flame: A Bernie Gunther Novel
DB72934 16 hours 59 minutes
by Philip Kerr
read by Ray Childs
Buenos Aires, 1950. Colonel Montalbán of Juan Perón’s secret police enlists German immigrant Bernie Gunther to investigate a German Argentine girl’s murder—a case that mimics the crimes of a psychopathic killer in prewar Berlin. Some violence and some strong language. 2008.

The Silent Hour
DB73603 9 hours 56 minutes
by Michael Koryta
read by Mark Delgado
Paroled murderer Parker Harrison, who has been rehabilitated at a program run by Alexandra and Joshua Cantrell, hires Cleveland PI Lincoln Perry to find Alexandra, who has disappered. The hunt, already complicated by Alexandra’s mafia ties, intensifies after Joshua’s body is discovered. Strong language and some violence. 2009.

The Scarlet Ruse
DB77333 8 hours 49 minutes
by John D. MacDonald
read by Robert Petkoff
Travis McGee, specialist in recovering lost property, tries to help stamp dealer Hirsh Fedderman after valuable rarities go missing from a portfolio Fedderman sold to a Miami mobster. McGee falls in love with Fedderman’s assistant, and another Fedderman employee is murdered. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1973.

The Troubled Man
DB73565 14 hours 49 minutes
by Henning Mankell
read by Mark Delgado
As aging chief inspector Wallander’s forgetfulness gets him into trouble at work, his daughter Linda has a baby with her lover Hans. When the baby’s ex-military grandfather goes missing, Hans asks Wallander to investigate. Then Hans’s mother disappears, too. Originally published in Sweden in 2009. Some violence. Bestseller. 2011.

Sticky Fingers
DB73710 8 hours 36 minutes
by Nancy Martin
read by Mare Trevathan
Pittsburgh. Streetwise Roxy Abruzzo refuses to kidnap a woman for her uncle Carmine, a mobster. But the crime takes place anyway and the victim—a museum curator and high-school classmate of Roxy’s—is found dead. Roxy investigates to clear her name. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Sherlockian
DB73774 13 hours 26 minutes
by Graham Moore
read by Jim Zeiger
2010. A Holmesian scholar turns up dead after announcing he has found Arthur Conan Doyle’s diary. Harold White—newly inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars, a Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts’ society—investigates. Meanwhile, events in 1900—when Doyle and his friend Bram Stoker become entangled in a murder—shed light on White’s case. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2010.

Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Mystery
DB76882 8 hours 37 minutes
by Walter Mosley
read by David Hartley-Margolin
1960s. After his car went over a cliff in Blonde Faith (DB66652), PI Easy Rawlins was presumed dead. Found later by his friend Mouse, Easy awakens from a two-month coma to Mouse’s plans for him to return to work. Strong language, descriptions of sex, and some violence. Bestseller. 2013.

Trophies and Dead Things
DB77062 9 hours 4 minutes
by Marcia Muller
read by Laura Hicks
PI Sharon McCone helps settle the large estate of a former 1960s radical who was murdered. But when she discovers in his new will that he has disinherited his children, McCone decides to investigate. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1990.

The Snowman
DB73460 17 hours 38 minutes
by Jo Nesbø
read by Jon Huffman
Oslo detective Harry Hole is tracking a serial killer who leaves snowmen at murder scenes. Hole’s new young colleague believes there is a link between the crimes and a long-missing cop from her town. Originally published in Norwegian in 2007. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2010.

Blessed Are the Dead
DB76923 8 hours 41 minutes
by Malla Nunn
read by Todd Fox
1953. Reinstated South African detective sergeant Emmanuel Cooper investigates the murder of a Zulu chief’s seventeen-year-old daughter. The farming hamlet authorities had not followed up on her family’s missing-person report, and the local doctor does not want to perform the medical examination. Strong language and some violence. 2012.

South of Hell
DB73721 13 hours 11 minutes
by P.J. Parrish
read by Ray Childs
PI Louis Kincaid returns to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to inspect the cold case of missing farm wife Jean Brandt. As Jean’s violent husband is released from prison, Louis discovers that she had a child—and learns about a secret from his own past. Violence and strong language. 2008.

The Mingrelian Conspiracy: A Mamur Zapt Mystery
DB73077 7 hours 11 minutes
by Michael Pearce
read by George Holmes
Colonial Egypt, 1908. Captain Gareth Owen, the Mamur Zapt or head of the British police in Cairo, discovers trouble among the late-night café culture when gangs demand more protection money. Owen also learns that the impending visit of a Russian duke is igniting political unrest. 1995.

A Christmas Garland
DB77293 4 hours 11 minutes
by Anne Perry
read by James Konicek
India. During the Christmas season of 1857, as mutiny rages against the East India Company, young lieutenant Victor Narraway defends a British orderly accused of helping an Indian prisoner escape. 2012.

Dark Road to Darjeeling
DB73172 13 hours 55 minutes
by Deanna Raybourn
read by Colleen Delany
1889. Julia Grey and detective Nicholas Brisbane, from Silent on the Moor
, honeymoon in the Himalayas—only to be interrupted by Julia’s brother Plum and sister Portia. Portia’s former lover Jane Cavendish, who was recently widowed in suspicious circumstances, is alone in India and has asked for help. 2010.

On the Line
DB73185 9 hours 8 minutes
by S.J. Rozan
read by Mark Ashby
A vengeful person from PI Bill Smith’s past kidnaps his partner Lydia Chin, forcing Bill into a frantic timed game to find her. With the help of Lydia’s computer-savvy young cousin and his companion, Bill sifts through clues—only to be set up for murder. Strong language and some violence. 2010.

The Death Instinct
DB73720 16 hours 26 minutes
by Jed Rubenfeld
read by David Hartley-Margolin
September 16, 1920. Dr. Stratham Younger, New York City police detective Jimmy Littlemore, and French scientist Colette Rousseau witness a bomb exploding on Wall Street. Their investigation takes them to Europe—and Sigmund Freud. Sequel to The Interpretation of Murder (DB/RC63107). Some violence and some strong language. 2010.

Though Not Dead
DB73422 14 hours 48 minutes
by Dana Stabenow
read by Mare Trevathan
Kate is attacked while reading the diaries of her late uncle, “Old Sam.” When she discovers that Sam changed his will shortly before he died, she searches for clues to his past and finds a Russian icon and a deed to valuable property. Some violence and some strong language. 2011.

The Black Mountain
DB77173 6 hours 27 minutes
by Rex Stout
read by Michael Prichard
Armchair detective Nero Wolfe, who rarely leaves his apartment, and his sidekick Archie Goodwin travel to cold, forbidding Montenegro in pursuit of the killers who gunned down the owner of Wolfe’s favorite New York restaurant. Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1953.

A Family Affair
DB77172 5 hours 52 minutes
by Rex Stout
read by Michael Prichard
When a waiter from legendary gourmet Nero Wolfe’s favorite restaurant is murdered ten feet from Wolfe’s guest bedroom, the armchair detective takes it personally. But he and his assistant Archie may be too close to the crime to crack it. Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1975.

Too Many Cooks
DB77171 8 hours 23 minutes
by Rex Stout
read by Michael Prichard
Armchair detective Nero Wolfe, along with his sidekick Archie, braves the outside world to attend a gathering in West Virginia of great chefs. But when a hated guest is murdered and Wolfe must intervene, the culinary holiday loses its savor. Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1938.

Occult and Horror

DB77339 8 hours 47 minutes
by Susan Ee
read by Caitlin Davies
The angels of the apocalypse destroyed the world and enslaved and tortured the surviving humans. When her little sister is kidnapped by the angels, seventeen-year-old Penryn risks everything to save her. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

World After
DB77340 9 hours 10 minutes
by Susan Ee
read by Caitlin Davies
Following the events in Angelfall (DB77339) Penryn searches for her sister Paige and learns of the angels’ horrific plans. Meanwhile, Raffe hunts for his wings and is torn over helping Penryn. Violence, descriptions of sex, and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB77043 19 hours 46 minutes
by Laurell K. Hamilton
read by Colleen Delany
While Micah’s estranged father lies dying from a zombie infection, U.S. Marshal Anita Blake realizes that the undead who attacked him are more sinister than those she usually encounters. Sequel to Kiss the Dead (DB75115). Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

Hit List
DB73582 9 hours 37 minutes
by Laurell K. Hamilton
read by Annie Wauters
U.S. marshals Anita and Edward track the serial killers responsible for a string of were-creature murders. The prime suspects are the Harlequin, enforcers who work for the Mother of All Darkness. Sequel to Bullet (DB71634). Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Dead
DB73715 13 hours 35 minutes
by Charlie Higson
read by Erik Sandvold
After a disease hits that turns people over sixteen into zombies, Ed and his friends are trapped at Rowhurst school. They fight off older students and staff and flee into London to search for survivors. Prequel to The Enemy (DB71902). Violence. For senior high and older readers. 2010.

Zombie Apocalypse!
DB77211 13 hours 46 minutes
by Stephen Jones
read by Joe Peck
Stories, told in the form of various eyewitness accounts, describe the reemergence of an ancient plague that turns its victims into flesh-hungry ghouls. After the disease ravages the United Kingdom, it spreads worldwide. Violence and strong language. 2010.

Darkness under the Sun
DB73830 1 hours 33 minutes
by Dean Koontz
read by Steven Weber
When Howie Dugley climbs to the roof of Boswell’s Emporium to watch the people in the town below, he runs into what he thinks is a monster. But hobo Alton Turner Blackwood is something much worse than that. Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

What the Night Knows
DB72871 12 hours 5 minutes
by Dean Koontz
read by Jack Fox
Off-duty homicide detective John Calvino feels compelled to investigate the case of fourteen-year-old Billy Lucas, who brutally murdered his entire family. The murders mirror those of a serial-killing psychopath who slaughtered John’s parents and sisters twenty years ago, before fourteen-year-old John shot him dead. Violence and strong language. 2010.

DB73238 14 hours 32 minutes
by Trish J. MacGregor
read by Jill Fox
For centuries Brujos—or ghosts who inhabit human bodies—have repeatedly converged upon Esperanza, Ecuador. FBI agent Tess Livingston and journalist Ian Ritter unwittingly become key figures in a battle between the Brujos tribe and the cazadores de luz—the light chasers. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2010.

The End Games
DB76702 10 hours 27 minutes
by T. Michael Martin
read by Bruce Huntey
Michael and his autistic five-year-old brother Patrick battle zombies, or Bellows, in the rural mountains of West Virginia, where the mysterious Game Master manipulates the siblings’ survival. But the Bellows are evolving—and not everyone plays by the rules. Violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Apocalypse of the Dead
DB73441 15 hours 24 minutes
by Joe McKinney
read by Joe Wilson
After a virus outbreak following Hurricane Mardell turns people into zombies, Texas is placed under quarantine. When a desperate group of uninfected survivors tries to escape the quarantine zone, horror creeps out with them—leaving humanity struggling to survive. Violence and strong language. 2010.

The Dark and Hollow Places
DB73607 9 hours 45 minutes
by Carrie Ryan
read by Mary Kane
Annah waits alone for Elias to return and listens to the moaning of the Dark City dying around her, while longing to find her way back home to her family. Sequel to The Dead-Tossed Waves (DB71614). Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

Political Themes

The Appointment
DB73273 7 hours 17 minutes
by Herta Müller
read by Jill Fox
A factory worker looking for a way out of Ceausescu’s Romania is repeatedly summoned for questioning for sewing marriage proposals into garments bound for Italy. En route to an interrogation, she recalls the horrors of her life. Winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature. Some strong language. 1997.

Psychological Themes

The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein
DB72854 11 hours 8 minutes
by Peter Ackroyd
read by Alec Volz
Percy Bysshe Shelley challenges his friend, scientist Victor Frankenstein, to study electricity as a source of life and energy. Frankenstein ponders this idea and reanimates newly departed Jack Keat, but quickly abandons his creation out of fear. Then Jack follows Frankenstein, bringing death and destruction. Some violence. 2008.

The Sense of an Ending
DB73935 5 hours 23 minutes
by Julian Barnes
read by Jim Zeiger
London. Retired divorcé Tony Webster is bequeathed a journal that belonged to his schoolmate Adrian, who committed suicide forty years ago. Tony reflects on the past, which included a bitter parting from his first lover Veronica, who next dated Adrian. Some strong language. Man Booker Prize. Bestseller. 2011.

Learning to Stay
DB77146 10 hours 54 minutes
by Erin Celello
read by Kate Rudd
Attorney Elise Sabato and her husband Brad love each other. But after Brad returns from the war in Iraq exhibiting signs of a possible brain injury, their relationship becomes strained. Brad retreats to his family’s farm and Elise finds inspiration from a dog named Jones. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

DB77416 8 hours 20 minutes
by Amy Christine Parker
read by Kristin Allison
After the tragedy of 9/11, cult leader Pioneer invites the grieving Hamilton family to live with his followers in the Community on Mandrodage Meadows. Pioneer believes the apocalypse is coming, but teen Lyla begins to question him—and endangers herself. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

The Leftovers
DB73792 11 hours 57 minutes
by Tom Perrotta
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Millions disappear in a Rapture-like instant—and not just Christians. Those left behind react in different ways. Laurie Garvey joins the Guilty Remnant, a silent cult; her son follows a prophet; and her daughter and husband—the town’s mayor—are left to flounder. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

Religious Themes

The Mercy
DB73777 7 hours 35 minutes
by Beverly Lewis
read by Kristin Allison
Lancaster County. After breaking her engagement to Silas, Rose wonders if she will ever find love again and struggles with lingering feelings for Nick, the bishop’s rebellious foster son. Her sister Hen cares for Englischer husband Brandon, who returned to their Amish family when he temporarily became blind. Bestseller. 2011.

A Bond Never Broken: Daughters of Amana
DB73144 11 hours 45 minutes
by Judith Miller
read by Margaret Strom
Iowa, World War I. The anti-German Iowa Council of National Defense coerces twenty-six-year-old Jutta Schmitt into returning to the Amana colonies as the council’s spy. Though she hates eavesdropping on visitors and residents, Jutta hopes to save her parent’s bakery from destruction—and spare her friends from accusations of betrayal. 2011.

A Lineage of Grace: Five Stories of Unlikely Women Who Changed Eternity
DB73235 25 hours 4 minutes
by Francine Rivers
read by Theresa Conkin
Five previously published novellas about women from Christian history. Unveiled features Tamar, Unashamed has Rahab, Unshaken relates Ruth’s story, Unspoken depicts Bathsheba, and Unafraid portrays Mary, the mother of Jesus. Illustrates age-old problems and the women’s solutions based on biblical stories. 2009.


The Perfect Mistress

DB73568 10 hours 53 minutes
by Victoria Alexander
read by Annie Wauters
London, 1885. Low on money, young widow Lady Julia Winterset decides to sell her great-grandmother Hermione’s scandalous memoirs. Earl Harrison Landingham, shocked to learn his father was one of Hermione’s lovers, attempts to stop Julia. Then Hermione’s ghost arrives to advise Julia as well. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

Forged in Steele
DB77027 11 hours 33 minutes
by Maya Banks
read by Jordan Leigh
When Steele, leader of an elite mercenary squad, needs to patch up a victim or someone on his team, he goes to Dr. Maren Scofield—a woman who gets under his skin. But when trouble follows Maren, Steele vows to protect her. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Shades of Gray
DB77184 12 hours 3 minutes
by Maya Banks
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Rival sharpshooters P.J. and Cole, both on the Kelly Group International (KGI) team, indulge in a one-night stand. But things go horribly wrong on their next mission, and P.J. walks away from KGI. Includes the KGI novella Softly at Sunrise. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

My Favorite Mistake
DB77145 10 hours 17 minutes
by Chelsea M. Cameron
read by Kate Rudd
The University of Maine housing department mistakenly assigns a guy, Hunter Zaccadelli, to live with a girl, Taylor Caldwell. Hunter makes a bet with Taylor so that she will stay, and the two gradually begin to share trust and secrets. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Canyons of Night: Book Three of the Looking Glass Trilogy; an Arcane Society Novel
DB73758 7 hours 58 minutes
by Jayne Castle
read by Joyce Bean
Rainshadow Island. Charlotte, an aura reader, returns home to run her aunt’s antique store. Meanwhile Slade, a former paranormal investigator, arrives to become police chief. The two fall in love as they investigate crime in the Preserve together. Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

The Fall of Rome
DB73158 8 hours 2 minutes
by Beth Ciotta
read by Mary Kane
Arizona territory, 1878. Former Wells Fargo detective Rome Garrett and his brothers aim to catch train robber Bulls-Eye Brady. Rome joins his former lover, card shark Kat Simmons, to set a trap. Sequel to Lasso the Moon (DB/RC63553). Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2008.

Getting Rid of Bradley
DB73828 6 hours 4 minutes
by Jennifer Crusie
read by Elenna Stauffer
Lucy Savage was already through with her husband Bradley when cop Zack Warren arrests him for embezzlement. After Lucy suffers two attempts on her life, Zack moves in to protect her and the pair fall in love. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

Entwined with You
DB77139 11 hours 6 minutes
by Sylvia Day
read by Jill Redfield
Eva and Gideon hide their renewed relationship after Eva discovers that Gideon has killed her childhood abuser—her former stepbrother Nathan. But Gideon must now confront demons from his past. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Moonlight Masquerade
DB76494 11 hours 24 minutes
by Jude Deveraux
read by Carol Dines
After her boyfriend, the heir to a food dynasty, dumps Sophie, she steals his family’s cookbook and heads to Edilean, Virginia. Hoping to start over, Sophie takes a job with her friend’s brother. But mishaps await. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Chain Reaction
DB73845 8 hours 13 minutes
by Simone Elkeles
read by various narrators
Luis Fuentes, from Rules of Attraction (DB72211), was sheltered from the violence that plagued his older brothers. Now Luis has fallen for a doctor’s daughter—and is approached by a gang leader. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Leopard’s Prey
DB77029 12 hours 58 minutes
by Christine Feehan
read by Anne Hancock
Jazz singer Bijou Breaux, daughter of a rock star, returns to New Orleans and entices leopard shape-shifter Remy Boudreaux, a homicide detective. Meanwhile, a serial killer preying on the French Quarter has also reemerged. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Savage Nature
DB73726 13 hours 41 minutes
by Christine Feehan
read by Anne Hancock
Leopard shape-shifter Drake Donovan is sent to the Louisiana bayous to investigate a series of suspicious murders. He meets young Saria Boudreaux, who is from a family of shape-shifters. Drake realizes that Saria is his future mate—but he has rivals. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. 2011.

Where the Wind Blows
DB77039 8 hours 40 minutes
by Caroline Fyffe
read by Phil Gigante
Wyoming, 1880s. Cheyenne-bound cowboy Chase Logan stops en route to bring Jessie Strong the news of her husband’s death. He agrees to help Jessie complete the adoption of a child from the orphanage—and finds himself wanting to stay. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Forever and Ever
DB73139 13 hours 52 minutes
by Patricia Gaffney
read by Corrie James
Wyckerley, England. Sophie Deene takes over her father’s copper mine and becomes attracted to Jack Pendarvis, the new Cornish foreman. But Jack is an imposter investigating mine safety. Sequel to To Have and to Hold (DB73119). Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1996.

With No Remorse
DB73718 8 hours 14 minutes
by Cindy Gerard
read by Mare Trevathan
Gunmen hold up the train that Black Ops, Inc., operative Luke Colter is on after spending his vacation providing medical help in the Andes. Colter escapes with the traveler they were targeting—and is shocked to discover she is supermodel Valentina. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

Ghost Moon: Bone Island Trilogy
DB77085 9 hours 13 minutes
by Heather Graham
read by Angela Dawe
Kelsey Donovan returns to Key West to settle her grandfather’s estate. When a body is found on the property, detective Liam Beckett, Kelsey’s childhood crush, investigates—and suspects a haunting. Sequel to Ghost Night (DB71581). Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

To Seduce a Sinner
DB73066 11 hours 11 minutes
by Elizabeth Hoyt
read by Alice Jones
England, 1765. After Jasper Renshaw, from To Taste Temptation (DB72421), is jilted at the altar, Melisande Fleming takes a chance and proposes to him—the man she has secretly desired for years. What begins as a marriage of convenience for Jasper turns into love. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

A Duke’s Temptation: Bridal Pleasures
DB73709 8 hours 11 minutes
by Jillian Hunter
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
London, 1818. After breaking off her engagement, young Lily Boscastle flees society and becomes a housekeeper. Lily’s employer turns out to be Samuel St. Aldwyn, the duke of Gravenhurst, who is the anonymous author of the romantic suspense novels that Lily loves. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.

Ecstasy Unveiled: A Demonica Novel
DB77451 13 hours 9 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Paul Boehmer
Half-breed demon Lore is forced to act as his dark master’s assassin. To earn his freedom and save his sister’s life, he must kill one last target—but earthbound guardian angel Idess is as much a temptation as an obstacle. Sequel to Passion Unleashed (DB77450). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

Eternal Rider: Lords of Deliverance
DB77388 12 hours 36 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Hillary Huber
Ares is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the fate of mankind rests on his powerful shoulders. But his own brother plots against him. Gifted Cara Thornhart gets entangled in Ares’s—and the world’s—destinies. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Immortal Rider: Lords of Deliverance
DB77389 12 hours 43 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Hillary Huber
Arik, a soldier with the U.S. Army’s paranormal unit, steals a kiss from Limos, a Horsewoman of the Apocalypse and Satan’s fiancée. When Arik is sent to hell as punishment, Limos makes a dangerous deal with Pestilence to save him. Sequel to Eternal Rider (DB77388). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Lethal Rider: Lords of Deliverance
DB77390 12 hours 55 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Erin Bennett
Thanatos, the most deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse, has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days. But just one night with the wickedly sexy Aegis guardian Regan Cooper shatters centuries of resolve. Sequel to Immortal Rider (DB77389). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Passion Unleashed: A Demonica Novel
DB77450 12 hours 10 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Renee Raudman
Archaeologist and treasure hunter Serena Kelley possesses a powerful charm that Wraith, a Seminus demon, needs as an antidote after he is poisoned. He plans to seduce Serena for the charm—and falls for her instead. Sequel to Desire Unchained (DB77395). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2009.

Pleasure Unbound: A Demonica Novel
DB77394 11 hours 56 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Cassandra Campbell
Demon slayer Tayla Mancuso hungers for sensual pleasure, but she will always be denied. Then she lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise, and the head doctor Eidolon makes her body burn with desire. Can a demon and a slayer find love? Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

Rogue Rider: Lords of Deliverance
DB77391 11 hours 32 minutes
by Larissa Ione
read by Erin Bennett
Jillian Cardiff went to a remote mountain town to forget the demon attack that almost killed her. Instead, she rescues and falls for a gorgeous stranger who has no memory of anything other than his name, Reseph—but he is also known as Pestilence. Sequel to Lethal Rider (DB77390). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Something Old, Something New: A Blessings Novel
DB73606 9 hours 2 minutes
by Beverly Jenkins
read by Faith Potts
Henry Adams, Kansas. After the events in Second Helping (DB72510), former high school sweethearts Lily Fontaine and Trent July are finally getting married. Lily’s wealthy boss Bernadine wants a grand wedding for the couple despite their wishes for a simple ceremony. Meanwhile, the feuding July clan causes problems. 2011.

The Winter Sea
DB77040 15 hours 54 minutes
by Susanna Kearsley
read by Rosalyn Landor
Carrie McClelland, a bestselling novelist, moves to Scotland to write about her ancestor Sophia, who helped King James Stewart try to reclaim the crown in 1708. There, the past seems to commingle with the present, and she is attracted to a local man. Some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

DB76809 11 hours 21 minutes
by Kris Kennedy
read by Madelyn Buzzard
England, 1294. Sophia Darnly must retrieve her traitorous late father’s ledger listing bribes and other official misdeeds. She breaks into a moneychanger’s office—only to encounter her ex-lover Kier, who is looking for the same item. Explicit descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 2012.

The Irish Warrior
DB76681 13 hours 26 minutes
by Kris Kennedy
read by Alec Volz
1295. To learn the secret to an explosive indigo dye, Lord Rardove tortures warrior Finian O’Melaghlin and tries to force wool merchant Senna de Valery to marry him. But Senna frees Finian—and the two escape together. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.

The Girl in the Gatehouse
DB76651 14 hours 6 minutes
by Julie Klassen
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Miss Mariah Aubrey, banished from her family after a scandal, is offered refuge on a relative’s estate. The mansion is later leased by navy captain Matthew Bryant, who is home from the Napoleonic wars and trying to woo back a society lady. But Matthew becomes intrigued by Mariah. 2010.

The Tutor’s Daughter
DB76584 16 hours 20 minutes
by Julie Klassen
read by Jill Ferris
Cornwall, 1817. Danger awaits Miss Emma Smallwood and her father at Ebbington Manor, the cliff-top estate of Baronet Giles Weston, whose two younger sons the Smallwoods have come to tutor. As mysterious occurrences have Emma searching for answers, she finds herself drawn to an older Weston brother. 2012.

Stranger in My Arms
DB73740 10 hours 56 minutes
by Lisa Kleypas
read by Rosalyn Landor
Lady Lara is shocked when, three years after her cruel husband Hunter, Lord Hawksworth, was believed to have drowned, a man shows up claiming his identity. For one thing, this new person is too nice and loving to be her spouse. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 1998.

Where Dreams Begin
DB73825 12 hours 29 minutes
by Lisa Kleypas
read by Rosalyn Landor
Victorian London. Low-born but wealthy Zachary Bronson needs a wife to secure a position in society. Instead Zachary propositions widowed Lady Holly Taylor—and she is tempted to become his mistress. Commercial audiobook. 1988.

This Is All I Ask
DB73366 13 hours 30 minutes
by Lynn Kurland
read by Gabriella Cavallero
England, 1249. Gillian is terrified when the knight known as the Dragon of Blackmour proposes to her, unaware that the Dragon is blind—and that he had promised her late brother he would rescue Gillian from their abusive father. Descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 1997.

The Tragedy Paper
DB76874 8 hours 3 minutes
by Elizabeth LaBan
read by Alec Volz
After receiving the dreaded assignment called the Tragedy Paper, Irving School student Duncan gets wrapped up in the tale of the ill-fated romance of albino Tim Macbeth and popular girl Vanessa Sheller. For junior and senior high readers. 2013.

Beautiful Bastard
DB76572 7 hours 1 minute
by Christina Lauren
read by Erin Jones
Chloe Mills works for demanding and unreasonable Bennett Ryan, who also has a reputation as a playboy. When Chloe stands up for herself, boss and subordinate develop a physical relationship. But Chloe must choose between her future and Bennett. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Highland Scandal
DB73727 10 hours 40 minutes
by Julia London
read by Gabriella Cavallero
1807. Jack Haines, falsely accused of cuckolding the Prince of Wales, flees England for his native Scotland, where he is captured by laird Carson Beal. Carson threatens to betray Jack unless he agrees to a handfasting with Carson’s very unwilling niece Lizzie Beal. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2009.

Homecoming Ranch
DB77147 11 hours 2 minutes
by Julia London
read by Tanya Eby
Florida realtor Madeline Pruett flies to Pine River, Colorado, to collect an inheritance from a father she never knew and to meet her two half-sisters. Meanwhile, Luke Kendrick goes to reclaim the ranch his father lost to Madeline’s dad. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Only His
DB73761 9 hours 4 minutes
by Susan Mallery
read by Tanya Eby
Fool’s Gold, California. Nevada Hendrix takes a construction job working for Tucker Janack, who broke Nevada’s heart ten years ago after a one-night stand. The couple are developing a relationship when Tucker’s former girlfriend returns. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Three Little Words
DB77036 9 hours 14 minutes
by Susan Mallery
read by Tanya Eby
Divorcée Isabel Beebe is temporarily in Fool’s Gold, California, to run her family’s bridal shop. Her first love, bodyguard Ford Hendrix, is also in town—and Isabel still has a crush on him. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2013.

Two of a Kind
DB77087 9 hours 9 minutes
by Susan Mallery
read by Tanya Eby
Misfit genius Felicia Swift moves to Fool’s Gold, California, to join her army buddies. But Felicia’s one-time fling, Gideon Boylan—now a traumatized former black-ops agent—also retires there. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Against the Edge
DB76866 10 hours 40 minutes
by Kat Martin
read by Jill Fox
When former Navy SEAL Ben Slocum learns that he is a father and that his son is missing, he agrees to help social worker Claire track the boy down. As Ben and Claire gain on the abductors, their attraction mounts. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Big Sky Summer
DB77106 9 hours 36 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by John Haag
Country-western star Casey Elder belatedly reveals to her young teenagers that a family friend, rancher Walker Parrish, is their father. Casey and Walker marry, but problems arise with their daughter. Sequel to Big Sky River (DB76032). Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

The Creed Legacy
DB73475 11 hours 7 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by J. Michael McCullough
Rodeo star Brody Creed returns home to Lonesome Bend, Colorado, where his twin Connor, from Creed’s Honor (DB73454), has married Tricia McCall. Brody wants to resume his love affair with Carolyn Simmons, but Carolyn is still heartbroken from their last fling. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

Creed’s Honor
DB73454 10 hours 48 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by J. Michael McCullough
To sell her late father’s campground, Tricia McCall returns from Seattle to Lonesome Bend, Colorado. Tricia’s beloved great-grandmother Natty encourages her to date rancher Connor Creed. Tricia wants to return to city life but can’t resist Connor. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

The Book of Broken Hearts
DB76924 9 hours 55 minutes
by Sarah Ockler
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Jude’s sisters warned her about getting involved with the Vargas brothers—they are nothing but trouble and heartbreak. But when she and her Papi hire Emilio Vargas to work on a motorcycle, Jude wonders if her sisters were wrong. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB73739 5 hours 31 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Phil Gigante
Confirmed bachelor J.B. Hammock doesn’t want to settle down, but his female friend Tellie Maddox wants to take care of him. After Tellie loses her memory, J.B. allows her to remain his friend—until he falls in love with her. Commercial audiobook. 2006.

DB77143 7 hours 28 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Eric G. Dove
Jacobsville, Texas. Sheriff Hayes Carson suspects that newspaper publisher Minette Rayner gave his late brother drugs—but he doesn’t know Minette is an undercover DEA agent. Meanwhile, a sniper’s shot puts Hayes in the hospital. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Nowhere Near Respectable
DB73578 12 hours 48 minutes
by Mary Jo Putney
read by Laura Giannarelli
Lady Kiri Lawford, the daughter of an Indian princess and an English duke, is kidnapped while fleeing a fortune-hunting suitor but saved by gambling-club owner Damian Mackenzie. Although they are unmatched socially, a threat against the crown throws them together. Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2011.

Sommerfeld Trilogy
DB76654 27 hours 54 minutes
by Kim Vogel Sawyer
read by Theresa Conkin
In Bygones Marie Quinn returns to Sommerfeld, Kansas, after twenty years, unsure of the reception she will get from her Mennonite family who rejected her. In Beginnings Marie’s daughter Beth has two suitors from different backgrounds. In Blessings Trina wants to become a veterinarian despite her faith’s opposition. 2007.

The Border Vixen
DB73159 14 hours 53 minutes
by Bertrice Small
read by Colleen Delany
Scotland, 1536. Dugald Kerr declares that any man who can best his granddaughter Maggie in riding, running, and fighting can marry her and inherit his lands. King James V learns of the challenge and sends his cousin Fingal to compete. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.

This Heart of Mine
DB76757 28 hours 12 minutes
by Bertrice Small
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Skye O’Malley’s youngest child Velvet, the wife of a Scottish earl, is kidnapped in India and given to Emperor Akbar. Velvet is later allowed to leave—but with heartbreaking conditions. Sequel to A Love for All Time (DB76564). Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1985.

The Best of Me
DB73766 10 hours 58 minutes
by Nicholas Sparks
read by Guy Williams
Oriental, North Carolina. As high school seniors from different sides of the tracks, Dawson and Amanda had a doomed romance. Twenty-five years later they return home when Tuck, an old man important to both of them, dies—and leaves behind a letter describing his own life’s magical love. Bestseller. 2011.

First Sight
DB77084 13 hours 6 minutes
by Danielle Steel
read by Arthur Morey
Fashion designer Timmie O’Neill operates a successful company but is lonely after the death of her child and subsequent divorce. While in Paris she falls in love with Dr. Jean-Charles Vernier, who doesn’t deny his attraction to her despite being married. Some strong language. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Hotel Vendôme
DB73832 9 hours 26 minutes
by Danielle Steel
read by Fred Stella
After Hugues transforms a rundown Manhattan hotel into a five-star establishment, his wife leaves him. Hugues’s daughter Heloise grows up loving the hospitality business. When Heloise goes to university in Europe, Hugues falls for interior designer Natalie. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Currant Creek Valley
DB76926 9 hours 31 minutes
by RaeAnne Thayne
read by J. Michael McCullough
Sous chef Alexandra likes her independence, but things heat up when she works with Sam, the kitchen construction foreman. When he and his son move into a house down the street, Sam wants more than Alexandra is ready to give. Descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2013.

Sweet Laurel Falls
DB76758 10 hours 12 minutes
by RaeAnne Thayne
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Maura is mourning her daughter’s death when her older child Sage comes home for Christmas with a surprise: her father Jackson, whom Sage has just met. As Maura and Jackson struggle to overcome the past Sage reveals her own secret. Sequel to Woodrose Mountain (DB76490). Some strong language. 2012.

Can’t Stop Believing
DB77417 8 hours 51 minutes
by Jodi Thomas
read by Kristin Allison
Harmony, Texas. Wealthy Nevada Britain makes neighboring rancher and former schoolmate Cord McDowell, an ex-con, a strange offer: if he marries her for eight months she will give him three hundred acres. Cord agrees—but adds his own terms. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Bed and the Bachelor
DB73724 9 hours 52 minutes
by Tracy Anne Warren
read by Kristin Allison
London, 1813. When bachelor Lord Drake Byron’s longtime housekeeper unexpectedly leaves, Anne Greenway applies for the position. Drake has doubts about hiring such a lovely young woman—even before he learns that she is really Sebastianne Dumont, a French spy. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

Science Fiction

DB76834 9 hours 11 minutes
by Ben Bova
read by Jack Fox
People from the lunar nation of Selene set out to build an observatory on the far side of the moon to capture images of a recently discovered planet dubbed “New Earth.” But politics and murder may derail the project. Some violence. 2013.

Never Fade
DB77332 15 hours 23 minutes
by Alexandra Bracken
read by Amy McFadden
Ruby uses her powers against a corrupt government and searches for Liam. He holds a flash drive with crucial information about the virus that transformed Ruby. Sequel to The Darkest Minds (DB77179). Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB77151 9 hours 39 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
Limping along from the events of Fearless (DB77150), the Alliance fleet—led by Captain “Black Jack” Geary—stops at a Syndic mining settlement to raid it for raw materials. Meanwhile, Jack realizes there may be another player beyond the Syndics. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

DB77149 9 hours 59 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
Captain “Black Jack” Geary awakens from a hundred-year hibernation to find he is worshipped as a hero by the Alliance. It is still at war with the Syndics—the enemy Jack fought when he first went to sleep. Jack is now the Alliance’s only hope. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2006.

DB77150 9 hours 50 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
After the events of Dauntless (DB77149), Captain “Black Jack” Geary takes command of the Alliance fleet. He orders a retreat from the Syndics but fears an ambush awaits. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2007.

DB77144 9 hours 49 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
When Captain “Black Jack” Geary learns there are Alliance prisoners of war held deep within Syndic territory, he is determined not to leave them behind. But once he and his fleet rescue the prisoners, they must figure out how to escape. Sequel to Valiant (DB77141). Strong language and some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2009.

DB77141 10 hours 12 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
Captain “Black Jack” Geary orders the Alliance fleet officers to return to the Lakota Star System, where they were nearly annihilated. This command has his officers questioning his sanity—and contemplating mutiny. Sequel to Courageous (DB77151). Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

DB77140 11 hours 15 minutes
by Jack Campbell
read by Christian Rummel
Black Jack Geary is promoted to admiral, giving him negotiating power with the Syndics on behalf of the Alliance. The ruling council fears Jack may stage a military coup, but Jack knows the Syndics are not their greatest threat. Sequel to Relentless (DB77144). Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

DB73581 11 hours 28 minutes
by C.J. Cherryh
read by Eva Wilhelm
Human diplomat Bren Cameron leaves the atevi capital to seek refuge at his country estate, Najida. But instead of finding a safe haven, Bren winds up on a delicate diplomatic mission negotiating with a rival atevi leader. Sequel to Deceiver (DB72513). 2011.

Abaddon’s Gate: The Expanse, Book 3
DB77025 20 hours 35 minutes
by James S.A. Corey
read by Jim Zeiger
Jim Holden and the crew of the Rocinante, from Caliban’s War (DB74942), are part of a combined military and scientific flotilla on its way to Uranus to investigate an alien craft. However, Holden is the target of a secret conspiracy. Violence and strong language. 2013.

Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures
DB72827 20 hours 56 minutes
by Brian Daley
read by Alec Volz
Three previously published Han Solo novels: Han Solo at Stars’ End, Han Solo’s Revenge, and Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. While traveling in the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewbacca the wookiee embark on dangerous adventures and run into ruthless enemies. 1979.

BZRK Reloaded
DB77326 10 hours 49 minutes
by Michael Grant
read by Nico Evers-Swindell
BZRK, a guerrila group of teens, continue to battle the Armstrong twins’ nanotechnology in a fight over humanity. BZRK’s target is the Bug Man, who controls the American president’s mind. Sequel to BZRK (DB74583). Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB77425 10 hours 27 minutes
by James Gunn
read by Joe Wilson
Riley joins a group of pilgrims traveling to the outer edges of space seeking transcendence. His secret assignment is to uncover the identity of the prophet leading the group, but as he learns his fellow passengers’ stories—and develops a relationship with mysterious Asha—his mission grows more complicated. Some violence. 2013.

DB77299 13 hours 48 minutes
by Tom Holt
read by Ray Sawyer
Theo Bernstein’s wife has left him, he has lost his job after accidently blowing up a large hadron collider in Switzerland, and his former mentor died and willed him the contents of a safety-deposit box. Theo just wants a doughnut, but must go on a quest instead. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

DB77426 10 hours 37 minutes
by P.J. Hoover
read by Mare Trevathan
The global heating crisis is destroying Piper’s world, and her overprotective mother is stifling her. But everything changes on her eighteenth birthday, when Piper learns her destiny is intertwined with the myths of the Underworld. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Fiendish Schemes
DB77327 11 hours 23 minutes
by K.W. Jeter
read by Justine Eyre
George Dower, from Infernal Devices (DB26584), is living in self-imposed exile from steam-powered Victorian London. With the prospect of erasing the debt he has accumulated, George is drawn into an intrigue to find his father’s Vox Universalis invention. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

The Unincorporated Woman
DB73719 17 hours 42 minutes
by Dani Kollin and
Eytan Kollin
read by Kristin Allison
Justin Cord’s assassination imperils the rebellion against the incorporated movement. His logical successor, Fleet Admiral Black, doesn’t want the presidency for herself but knows the perfect woman for the job. Sequel to The Unincorporated War (DB71319). Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Shade of the Moon
DB77262 9 hours 53 minutes
by Susan Beth Pfeffer
read by Erik Sandvold
Miranda’s seventeen-year-old brother Jon lives in Sexton, an enclave that is well-protected but has a rigid class-stratification system. Jon struggles to do what is right without endangering his loved ones. Companion to This World We Live In (DB71462). For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

Across the Universe
DB72924 11 hours 49 minutes
by Beth Revis
read by J.P. Linton
After Amy and her parents agree to be cryogenically frozen for three hundred years aboard the spaceship Godspeed, Amy is shocked to awaken early—and to learn that someone is trying to kill her. Some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

DB73735 38 hours 36 minutes
by Neal Stephenson
read by Malcolm Hillgartner
After Richard Forthrast creates a hugely popular, massive multiplayer online role-playing game called T’Rain, hackers release a virus called Reamde. The virus encrypts players’ files and holds them for ransom, wreaking mayhem in the real world. Some strong language. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

The Guns of the South: A Novel of the Civil War
DB76946 26 hours 39 minutes
by Harry Turtledove
read by Jason Culp
Advocates of apartheid travel back in time to 1864 to deliver a new weapon—the AK-47—to General Robert E. Lee. But while the South may win the Civil War, the long-term results are unexpected. Violence and strong language. 1992.

Cobra Guardian: Cobra War, Book 2
DB77095 12 hours 22 minutes
by Timothy Zahn
read by Joe Wilson
After the Troft forces’ attack on the Cobra Worlds in Cobra Alliance (DB75308), victory depends on the action of Cobra Lorne Broom, who is tasked with smuggling an important political figure off one of the invaded planets. Some violence and some strong language. 2011.

Short Stories

Supernatural Short Stories
DB77413 7 hours 57 minutes
by Charles Dickens
read by Jim Zeiger
Selection of ten short stories by the author of A Christmas Carol (DB43546). In “No. 1. Branch Line: The Signalman” a man has a premonition of his own death. Also includes three selections from The Pickwick Papers (DB47884). 1836.

Unnatural Creatures
DB77259 13 hours 20 minutes
edited by Neil Gaiman
read by Erik Sandvold
Sixteen tales about strange, wondrous beings of the imagination, including griffins, mermaids, and werewolves. Some violence. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

Chicago Blues
DB73269 11 hours 29 minutes
edited by Libby Fischer Hellmann
read by Ray Foushee
Noir stories from twenty-one writers, including Sara Paretsky, Marcus Sakey, and Barbara D’Amato. In Stuart Kaminsky’s “Blue Note,” gambler Pitch Noles must win at a poker game or his blues-singer mother will lose a finger to a loan shark. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

Extremities: Stories of Death, Murder, and Revenge
DB77278 3 hours 42 minutes
by David Lubar
read by Bill Hensel
Thirteen tales of teens and their encounters with death, murder, ghosts, haunted houses, and monsters. Violence and some strong language. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

Spies and Espionage

A Delicate Truth
DB76871 10 hours 5 minutes
by John Le Carré
read by Ray Foushee
A British government employee is knighted for his part in an anti-terrorism operation in Gibraltar. But three years later he and the secretary to the member of Parliament who orchestrated the mission find evidence of a cover-up and investigate. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2013.

Red Sparrow
DB77102 16 hours 59 minutes
by Jason Matthews
read by Mark Ashby
CIA operative Nathaniel Nash loses his Moscow post after narrowly escaping from a meeting with an important source. New Russian intelligence agent Dominika Egorova is assigned to seduce Nash and identify his contact. Violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Tehran Initiative
DB73759 13 hours 57 minutes
by Joel C. Rosenberg
read by Christopher Lane
After Iran conducts its first atomic weapons test the White House sends CIA operative David Shirazi, from The Twelfth Imam (DB73090), to sabotage the warheads and preempt an attack on—or by—Israel. Meanwhile, a Muslim messiah seeks annihilation of Zionists. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Satori: A Novel Based on Trevanian’s Shibumi
DB73136 13 hours 8 minutes
by Don Winslow
read by Joe Peck
After years of imprisonment for killing his surrogate Japanese father, Nicholai Hel is developed as a spy by the CIA. He poses as a French arms merchant to assassinate the Soviet commissioner to Red China. Prequel to Shibumi (DB13826). Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.


The Enraged: A Jonathan Quinn Novel
DB77264 8 hours 55 minutes
by Brett Battles
read by Jim Zeiger
After the shootout in The Collected (DB76082) that left Quinn’s lover and partner Orlando clinging to life and their fellow operative Peter dead, a mysterious note from Peter turns up. It instructs Quinn to finish Peter’s last job. Violence and strong language. 2013.

Holy Orders: A Quirke Novel
DB77321 10 hours 27 minutes
by Benjamin Black
read by Jim Zeiger
1950s. The Dublin pathologist known as Quirke analyzes the diminutive corpse of Jimmy Minor—a reporter friend of Quirke’s daughter Phoebe. Despite suffering from vivid hallucinations, Quirke helps Inspector Hackett determine why Minor was savagely beaten and dumped in the loch. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

The Highway
DB77158 11 hours 59 minutes
by C.J. Box
read by Jim Zeiger
Montana cop Cody Hoyt has just been fired for planting evidence when he learns the girls he rescued in Back of Beyond (DB74134) have gone missing on the road. Hoyt and his former partner begin a frantic investigation. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

DB76805 15 hours 35 minutes
by Dan Brown
read by Jack Fox
Symbology expert Robert Langdon, from The Da Vinci Code (DB55735), awakens in an Italian hospital suffering from a gunshot wound and horrible hallucinations. When an assassin comes after Langdon, a doctor rescues him—and shows him the unusual biohazard canister she found hidden in his jacket. Violence. Bestseller. 2013.

DB73782 12 hours 58 minutes
by Sandra Brown
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
A man suspected of mass murder takes young widow Honor and her four-year-old daughter hostage. After shooting a cop, the suspect tells Honor that he’s an undercover agent trying to expose a web of corruption that included Honor’s late husband. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

If You Were Here
DB76759 12 hours 44 minutes
by Alafair Burke
read by J. Michael McCullough
A woman chasing after the youth who stole her smartphone saves him when he falls on the subway tracks. Viewing a video of the event, reporter McKenna Jordan is shocked to recognize Susan Hauptmann, her old friend who went missing a decade earlier. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

Let Me Go
DB77263 13 hours 17 minutes
by Chelsea Cain
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
After Leo Reynolds’ DEA cover is compromised, Detective Archie Sheridan searches for him at a lavish Halloween party hosted by Leo’s father, a drug lord. But a guest ends up dead and escaped serial killer Gretchen Lowell is on the premises. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Night Season
DB73708 8 hours 54 minutes
by Chelsea Cain
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
When Portland’s Willamette River floods, several people drown. But the police soon learn that some victims were poisoned first—with octopus venom. As detective Archie Sheridan and reporter Susan Ward investigate, Susan also seeks the identity of an unearthed skeleton from a much older flood. Violence and strong language. 2011.

Her Last Breath
DB76872 10 hours 36 minutes
by Linda Castillo
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Police chief Kate Burkholder arrives at a horrific hit-and-run scene: someone drove into an Amish buggy, killing the father and two of three children inside. Kate must tell her childhood friend Mattie about Mattie’s family’s tragedy—and that it was not an accident. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel
DB77346 13 hours 48 minutes
by Lee Child
read by Jim Zeiger
While stopping by his former army office to finally meet the appealing commanding officer Susan Turner, Reacher is accused of committing murder sixteen years ago—and of fathering a child. Turner is also being framed, and the two go on the run. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

DB77160 11 hours 57 minutes
by Catherine Coulter
read by Erik Sandvold
En route from San Francisco to join Dillon Savich’s FBI unit in Washington, D.C., Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith learns his music-student sister has been attacked in her Virginia home. Meanwhile, Savich and his wife Lacey Sherlock investigate a politically significant murder. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Love You More
DB73429 12 hours 3 minutes
by Lisa Gardner
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Newly pregnant detective D.D. Warren is called in to handle the case of state trooper Tessa Leoni, who killed her abusive husband and whose six-year-old daughter has disappeared. But D.D. doesn’t realize the lengths to which Tessa has gone to protect her beloved child. Violence and strong language. 2011.

Kind of Cruel
DB77237 13 hours 32 minutes
by Sophie Hannah
read by Mare Trevathan
While visiting a hypnotherapist for insomnia, Amber Hewerdine meets another new patient, detective Charlie Zailer, who is puzzling over some odd words found at a murder scene. Amber recalls seeing the words but doesn’t remember where. Charlie’s husband, detective Simon Waterhouse, risks his career to determine the connection. Strong language. 2012.

The Wrong Mother
DB73156 14 hours 48 minutes
by Sophie Hannah
read by Corrie James
Stressed-out mother Sally Thorning has a brief affair with a man who calls himself Mark Bretherick. A year later, when she learns of the murder-suicide of Bretherick’s daughter and wife—who looked just like Sally—she realizes that the grieving husband isn’t the man she knew. Detective Simon Waterhouse investigates. Strong language. 2008.

The Silent Wife
DB77153 9 hours 8 minutes
by A.S.A. Harrison
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
For twenty years, forty-five-year-old therapist Jodi has had a comfortable live-in relationship with philandering Todd, a successful developer. But Todd’s girlfriend becomes pregnant—and demands marriage. When Jodi learns that Todd plans to leave her—and take their condo—she plots revenge. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

The Third Bullet
DB77341 19 hours 18 minutes
by Stephen Hunter
read by Buck Schirner
After a writer is murdered while working on a JFK assassination book, his widow contacts ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger. Swagger soon is on a collision course with ex-CIA operative Hugh Meachum, who has secrets—and the means to keep them buried. Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2013.

Tell No Lies
DB77336 12 hours 43 minutes
by Gregg Hurwitz
read by Scott Brick
Daniel Brasher counsels paroled violent offenders. When a threatening note is placed in his office mailbox by accident, he investigates—and finds that the person to whom the note was addressed was brutally murdered. And new notes keep arriving. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Velocity: A Karen Vail Novel
DB73174 12 hours 44 minutes
by Alan Jacobson
read by Mary Kane
Immediately following the events in Crush (DB72536), FBI profiler Karen Vail remains in Napa, frantically trying to find her missing boyfriend, detective Robby Hernandez. But her search is interrupted when she’s called back to Quantico for an important case. Strong language and some violence. 2010.

DB73288 11 hours 33 minutes
by Iris Johansen
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan has one more name left on the list of suspects in her daughter Bonnie’s abduction years ago: Paul Black. Then Eve learns shocking news from CIA agent Catherine Ling—Bonnie’s long-missing father is also a suspect. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

DB76683 14 hours 40 minutes
by Barry Lyga
read by Andy Pyle
After seventeen-year-old Jazz Dent—the son of a notorious serial killer—solves a serial murder case in his hometown of Lobo’s Nod, the NYPD requests his help in catching the Hat-Dog killer. Sequel to I Hunt Killers (DB74623). Violence and strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Angry Young Man
DB73621 4 hours 30 minutes
by Chris Lynch
read by Gregory Gorton
Eighteen-year-old Robert looks after his slightly odd seventeen-year-old brother Xan and helps his mother with the bills. When Xan displays extremist behavior after falling in with a radical group, Robert worries what Xan is capable of. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

Home Free
DB73107 8 hours 5 minutes
by Fern Michaels
read by Faith Potts
After pardoning the vigilantes in the Sisterhood, U.S. President Martine Connor requests that the women form a secret agency using private funds. Their first task is to investigate the financiers Martine entertained at Thanksgiving and find out who is skimming millions from government slush funds. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

The Redeemer
DB76705 17 hours 10 minutes
by Jo Nesbø
read by Jon Huffman
Detective Harry Hole enters the world of the Salvation Army when one of its ranks is gunned down by an assassin. Meanwhile, the killer realizes he got the wrong man—and returns for another attempt. Translated from Norwegian. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2009.

In Close
DB73826 12 hours 11 minutes
by Brenda Novak
read by Angela Dawe
Pineview, Montana. Claire still suspects foul play in the fifteen-year-old disappearance of her mother Alana. When she learns her husband’s death may be connected to his own search for Alana, Claire investigates—reluctantly accepting a former lover’s help. Violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

DB77300 7 hours 55 minutes
by James Patterson and
Michael Ledwidge
read by Danny Mastrogiorgio
Crime lord Manuel Perrine declares war—and his top target is detective Michael Bennett, who once arrested him. Bennett, his ten adopted children, their nanny, and his grandfather are hidden safely on a California farm, guarded by the FBI. But now the FBI needs Bennett’s help. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

New York to Dallas
DB73705 12 hours 25 minutes
by J.D. Robb
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
A dozen years ago rookie New York cop Eve Dallas brought down serial rapist Isaac McQueen. Now McQueen has escaped from prison and is taunting Dallas to find him—in Dallas, a city that holds awful memories for her. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2011.

The Devil Colony: A Sigma Force Novel
DB73706 17 hours 18 minutes
by James Rollins
read by Jim Zeiger
Sigma Force agent Painter Crowe investigates an ancient massacre in Utah’s Rocky Mountains, where gold plates have been found. Crowe uncovers a secret cabal that has been manipulating events since the colonial times. Violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Seduction: A Novel of Suspense
DB77083 13 hours 21 minutes
by M.J. Rose
read by Phil Gigante
Grieving mythologist Jac L’Etoile, from The Book of Lost Fragrances (DB74397), buries herself in work. Traveling to the isle of Jersey, Jac tries to decipher the transcripts of séances conducted by Victor Hugo to contact his dead daughter. Explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

The Black Ice Score
DB77118 3 hours 56 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen Thorne
A corrupt military leader of an emergent African nation has absconded with half the country’s treasury in diamonds. Upright leaders want their wealth returned, so they turn to cold-blooded professional thief Parker. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 1965.

Dirty Money
DB77119 5 hours 14 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen Thorne
After discovering the money from a heist was marked, Parker and his associates stash the cash in an abandoned church. Now Parker has to find a way to recover it while evading both cops and villains. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 2008.

The Green Eagle Score
DB77120 4 hours 41 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen Thorne
Professional thief Parker is persuaded to help steal an Air Force base payroll in upstate New York. But one of the key players—the ex-wife of Parker’s fresh-out-of-prison partner—is getting a little flakey. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 1967.

The Handle
DB77121 4 hours 26 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen Thorne
The mob enlists Parker and his buddy, actor/thief Grofield, to take down a casino operating without their endorsement in the Gulf of Mexico, forty miles off the Texas coast. But now the Feds want a piece of Parker too. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 1966.

The Jugger
DB77122 4 hours 10 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen R. Thorne
After receiving a disquieting letter from his old acquaintance Joe, a retired safecracker, thief Parker heads for Nebraska. When he arrives, Parker learns that Joe is dead and some nasty people expect Parker’s help in finding Joe’s hidden fortune. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 1965.

The Seventh
DB77123 4 hours 28 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Stephen Thorne
Professional thief Parker returns from a quick trip to the store to find the loot from a heist at a college football game missing and his girlfriend dead. Now Parker must deal with cops and a crazed killer. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 1966.

DB77061 5 hours 18 minutes
by Richard Stark
read by Joe Barrett
After an armored-car heist goes wrong, professional thief Parker is trapped in a deserted amusement park and surrounded by crooked cops and hoodlums out for blood. But Parker has some tricks up his sleeve. By Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 1971.

The Cutie
DB77205 5 hours 28 minutes
by Donald E. Westlake
read by Stephen Thorne
In the squalid New York City underworld of the 1950s, Clay is a fixer tasked by his mob-boss employer with exonerating a strung-out but politically connected junkie framed for murder. Donald Westlake’s first published crime novel, originally titled The Mercenary. Violence and some descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 1960.

War Stories

An Act of Treason: A Sniper Novel
DB73604 10 hours 6 minutes
by Jack Coughlin
read by Gregory Gorton
After the Taliban captures three U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and beheads one, CIA agent Jim Hall enlists his former protégé, sergeant Kyle Swanson, to rescue the survivors. But Swanson himself is taken hostage—betrayed by Hall, who is blackmailing the agency. Violence and strong language. 2011.

Field Gray: A Bernie Gunther Novel
DB73420 15 hours 30 minutes
by Philip Kerr
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Former anti-Nazi PI and reluctant SS officer Bernie Gunther’s past catches up with him in 1954 Cuba. Bernie is arrested by the U.S. Navy, grilled by the FBI, and sent back to Germany, where the CIA interrogates him about his World War II activities. Violence and strong language. 2011.


DB73610 5 hours 29 minutes
by Frank Bonham
read by Robert Sams
Tom Carmody is back and ready to make rich rancher Holt Bannerman regret that Holt stopped his daughter Ruth from marrying Tom. Now that the lease is up on Holt’s Snaketrack ranch, Tom—who has a trainload of newly bought cattle—makes his move. Some violence. 1951.

Hawks and Eagles
DB73067 9 hours 15 minutes
by Max Brand
read by J.P. Linton
Three short westerns written for Western Story Magazine in 1931 and 1932 featuring Joe Good. Wielding a whip instead of a gun, Joe seeks revenge against the Alton family, who murdered his father. Also includes “Black Snake and Gun” and “Black-Snake Joe.” Includes restored material. 2004.

Beecher Island: A Western Story
DB73507 5 hours 53 minutes
by Tim Champlin
read by Jack Fox
Kansas, 1868. Army scout Matt Talbot and his company are surrounded by thousands of renegade Cheyenne warriors on a spitbar on the Arikaree River. After days of starvation, Matt escapes. But he feels guilty even after he learns the others were rescued. 2010.

Brimstone Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel by Marcus Galloway
DB77021 6 hours 17 minutes
by Ralph Compton and
Marcus Galloway
read by Jack Fox
For the past three years Paul Lester has been the preacher in a small Arizona town. When he hears notorious outlaw Jack Terrigan is in the area, Lester feels compelled to get to Terrigan before the sheriff—or a bounty hunter—does. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

Bullet Creek: A Ralph Compton Novel by Peter Brandvold
DB77020 7 hours 27 minutes
by Ralph Compton and
Peter Brandvold
read by John Polk
Retired gunslinger Tom Navarro is content working as a foreman at the Bar-V ranch while saving to buy his own spread. But he returns to fighting mode when a local landowner’s murder threatens to spark a range war. Some violence and some strong language. 2005.

The Ghost of Apache Creek: A Ralph Compton Novel by Joseph A. West
DB77017 4 hours 23 minutes
by Ralph Compton and
Joseph A. West
read by Jack Fox
Marshal Sam Pace, left alone in a ghost town after a cholera outbreak, knows he is “tetched in the head” from three years of grieving for his late wife and baby. But he gathers his wits to protect two newcomers. Violence and strong language. 2011.

The Man from Nowhere: A Ralph Compton Novel by Joseph A. West
DB77015 8 hours 0 minutes
by Ralph Compton and
Joseph A. West
read by John Polk
With their town surrounded by Apache and supplies running low, the residents of Alma, New Mexico, start hanging criminals and banishing people they feel aren’t worthy of food. Drunken Eddie Oates is kicked out with three prostitutes and a boy. Strong language and some violence. 2009.

Riders of Judgment: A Ralph Compton Novel by Ralph Cotton
DB77012 9 hours 29 minutes
by Ralph Compton and
Ralph Cotton
read by John Polk
Danielle Strange, posing as a gunman named Danny, teams up with her twin brothers to track down Saul Delmano—the last of the men who killed her father. Some violence and some strong language. 2001.

The Hanging X
DB73477 5 hours 39 minutes
by Robert J. Horton
read by Jack Fox
Gail Landon left his stepfather’s ranch five years ago and fell in with Trantler’s gang of outlaws. When Landon learns that he has inherited the spread, he tries to figure out a way to get back on the right side of the law. 1932.

Captain’s Rangers
DB73579 6 hours 55 minutes
by Elmer Kelton
read by Robert Sams
Texas, 1875. Former Confederate army captain L.H. McNelly of the Texas Rangers is sent to the Nueces Strip to clear out Mexican raiders. Meanwhile, cowboy Lanham Neal joins the Rangers after his boss, rancher Griffin Daingerfield, is murdered. 1968.

Eyes of the Hawk
DB73620 6 hours 37 minutes
by Elmer Kelton
read by Robert Sams
Louisiana-born Reed Sawyer sails to Texas and is hired by rancher Thomas “Hawk” Canfield, who is embroiled in a feud with businessman Branch Isom. After fighting in the Civil War Sawyer returns to Texas and discovers that Canfield’s enmity still festers—and threatens his community and family. Spur Award. 1981.

Johnny Montana: A Western Story
DB73485 6 hours 12 minutes
by Michael Zimmer
read by Jack Fox
Montana territory, 1863. Miner John “Johnny Montana” Owens and his partners want to bank their gold in Utah before winter, but Brett Cutter and his gang rob and kill every man who leaves town. Johnny sets out alone on horseback and encounters abandoned wife Allie Purcell—and trouble. 2010.

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Adult Nonfiction


Thirty-three Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners
DB73380 8 hours 35 minutes
by Jonathan Franklin
read by Peter Johnson
Franklin, an American reporter stationed in South America for fifteen years, investigates the August 5, 2010, copper-mine explosion in northern Chile that trapped thirty-three men underground for ten weeks. Describes the miners’ ordeal and highlights the rescue attempt that brought them to the surface. 2011.

Lost in Shangri-La: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II
DB73456 9 hours 59 minutes
by Mitchell Zuckoff
read by Barry Bernson
Recounts the experience of Margaret Hastings, John McCollom, and Kenneth Decker—three burnt and injured survivors of an army transport plane that crashed in the New Guinea jungle on May 13, 1945. Describes their discovery of and stay with a native tribe. 2011.

Animals and Wildlife

The Secret Life of Your Cat: Unlock the Mysteries of Your Pet’s Behavior
DB73592 6 hours 20 minutes
by Vicky Halls
read by Gregory Gorton
Guide to understanding a cat’s character, anatomy, and day-to-day activity. Describes the way feral cats live and briefly outlines the history of domestication. Provides advice in many areas of feline care, including making your house cat-friendly, treating problematic pet behavior, and introducing cats to new household members. 2010.

Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend
DB73776 12 hours 17 minutes
by Susan Orlean
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Relates the 1918 discovery of an abandoned German shepherd puppy on a French World War I battlefield by American soldier Lee Duncan. Describes Rin Tin Tin and his descendants’ acting roles from early silent movies to the 1950s television show. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Dogtripping: Twenty-five Rescues, Eleven Volunteers, and Three RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure
DB77213 7 hours 17 minutes
by David Rosenfelt
read by Ken Kliban
Mystery writer Rosenfelt explains the reasons why he and his wife began saving dogs and describes the ordeal of moving their twenty-five rescued dogs from California to Maine in 2011—with the much-needed help of volunteering friends and readers. Some strong language. 2013.


Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet
DB73255 32 hours 42 minutes
by Jennifer Homans
read by Kerry Dukin
Professional dancer and critic traces the cultural history of ballet from its origins in the Renaissance to the twenty-first century. Discusses different approaches to the art form taken in Europe, Russia, and America and explores its evolution during political and social upheavals. 2010.


Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds in the Third Great Age of Discovery
DB72852 14 hours 36 minutes
by Stephen J. Pyne
read by Erin Jones
Examines the Voyager space program’s history, scientific impact, and legacy. Compares the mission with earlier terrestrial explorations and highlights contrasts: its unmanned nature and the lack of any native populations for it to encounter. Reports on people’s reactions to the discoveries the two probes made while touring neighboring planets. 2010.


William and Kate: A Royal Love Story
DB73572 11 hours 31 minutes
by Christopher Andersen
read by Patrick Downer
Author of Barack and Michelle (DB/RC69408) examines the relationship of William, the future king of England, and Catherine Middleton. Relates their families’ backgrounds, covering William’s bond with his mother Princess Diana. Describes Kate and William’s meeting while students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. 2011.

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels; a Love Story
DB73279 11 hours 9 minutes
by Ree Drummond
read by Jill Fox
Blogger of the site External and author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks (DB72395) describes meeting her husband. Relates returning home to Oklahoma after college in Los Angeles and encountering the down-to-earth cattle rancher, whom she calls the Marlboro Man, and falling in love. 2011.

Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family
DB77098 10 hours 14 minutes
by Ezekiel J. Emanuel
read by Kurt Elftmann
Bioethics professor discusses being raised by his Jewish immigrant parents in 1960s and 1970s Chicago. Reminisces about younger brothers Rahm—Obama’s White House chief of staff, who later became mayor of Chicago—and Ari, a Hollywood agent and basis for the character of Ari Gold on the television series Entourage. 2013.

Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc.
DB77334 4 hours 32 minutes
by Delia Ephron
read by Meg Ryan
A series of autobiographical essays about life, love, writing, movies, and family. In “Sister” the author explores the rivalry, mutual respect, and intimacy that comprised her relationship with her older sister and frequent writing companion Nora, who died in 2012. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime
DB73426 3 hours 41 minutes
by Bill Gates
read by David Hartley-Margolin
The father of Microsoft’s founder reflects on the values and principles, instilled during his Great Depression childhood, that guided him as a husband, father, lawyer, and philanthropist at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 2009.

Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson
DB73151 5 hours 24 minutes
by Nelson George
read by Joe Peck
Music journalist examines the genesis of Michael Jackson’s Thriller—the best-selling album of all time. Explores the origin of each of its nine songs and chronicles Jackson’s musical rise, controversial legacy, and the impact of that 1982 recording on pop-culture. 2010.

Midnight Express
DB72843 10 hours 11 minutes
by Billy Hayes and
William Hoffer
read by Andy Pyle
Autobiographical account of Billy Hayes of Long Island, who was apprehended with two kilos of hashish while leaving the Istanbul, Turkey, airport in October 1970. Describes the five years he served of a thirty-year sentence before he escaped to Greece. Some violence and some strong language. 1977.

In the House of My Bibi: Growing Up in Revolutionary Iran
DB73062 11 hours 32 minutes
by Nastaran Kherad
read by Catherine Byers
Author Kherad recalls being raised by her grandmother “Bibi” in Iran in the latter days of the Shah’s rule and the two-year imprisonment and torture Kherad endured after Ayatollah Khomeini took over in 1979. Discusses her release from prison—and her brother Mohammad’s less-fortunate fate. Some violence. 2008.

Trusting Calvin: How a Dog Helped Heal a Holocaust Survivor’s Heart
DB77282 6 hours 33 minutes
by Sharon Peters
read by Kurt Elftmann
Biography of Holocaust survivor Max Edelman. Describes Max being blinded by two Nazi guards and witnessing a German Shepherd kill another prisoner. Discusses Max’s difficulty bonding with Calvin—the Labrador guide dog he received after retiring in America—because of his fear of canines, and Calvin saving Max’s life. Violence. 2012.

My Father at One Hundred
DB72920 8 hours 26 minutes
by Ron Reagan
read by L.J. Ganser
Ronald Reagan’s youngest child seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the fortieth president, who would have turned one hundred on February 6, 2011. Shares experiences from his father’s past and his own family memories. Posits that memory lapses his father experienced while in office foreshadowed his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 2011.

J.D. Salinger: A Life
DB73164 17 hours 59 minutes
by Kenneth Slawenski
read by Robert Sams
Biography of Jerome David Salinger (1919–2010) examines connections between his life and his writing. Discusses Salinger’s privileged youth, service in World War II, love for Oona O’Neill and other women, work for the New Yorker, and seclusion after publication of The Catcher in the Rye (DB/RC47480). 2010.

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
DB76678 13 hours 43 minutes
by Jeanne Theoharis
read by Erin Jones
Biography of civil rights leader Rosa Parks (1913–2005) focuses on her lifelong commitment to equality. Chronicles her education; the December 1955 day in Montgomery, Alabama, when she refused to give up her bus seat; subsequent personal hardships; and her four more decades of work for the movement. Strong language. 2013.

I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
DB77454 9 hours 57 minutes
by Malala Yousafzai
read by Archie Panjabi
Memoir of Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai (born 1997), who was the target of an assassination attempt by the Taliban in October 2012. Details her family’s crusade for girls’ education, the campaign of intimidation that culminated in her shooting, and her recovery. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2013.

Business and Economics

Life after the Military: A Handbook for Transitioning Veterans
DB76698 17 hours 35 minutes
by Janelle Hill and
read by Kerry Dukin
A guide for veterans leaving the military. Discusses the emotional and psychological challenges of becoming a civilian and ways for families to cope with the change. Includes information on obtaining employment, furthering education, and managing finances. Lists relevant websites. 2011.

The Entrepreneur Equation: Evaluating the Realities, Risks, and Rewards of Having Your Own Business
DB73446 9 hours 9 minutes
by Carol Roth
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Investment banker and business strategist Roth provides a realistic look at owning, starting, or buying a business. Suggests that one should ask, “Should I be an entrepreneur?” before starting on the business-ownership path. Uses examples from her own clients. 2011.

Sugar in the Blood: A Family’s Story of Slavery and Empire
DB76838 15 hours 57 minutes
by Andrea Stuart
read by Kerry Dukin
Author traces her family history to the 1630s, when her earliest known ancestor, English blacksmith George Ashby, immigrated to Barbados and established a plantation. Documents the rise of slavery—spurred by the lucrative sugar-growing business—that included her own mixed-race relatives. 2012.

Career and Job Training

This Is How to Get Your Next Job
DB77342 6 hours 20 minutes
by Andrea Kay
read by Kristin Allison
Career consultant and syndicated columnist offers insight for improving your job search and advancing in your profession. Highlights what and what not to do, say, and wear. Discusses characteristics that employers look for and provides examples from her experiences. 2013.


Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet
DB77283 8 hours 58 minutes
by Andrew Blum
read by Bill Hensel
Wired correspondent explores the infrastructure that makes the Internet possible. Destinations include Milwaukee, where a map of the Internet is created and printed; Ashburn, Virginia, which houses data centers; and a Portuguese beach, where a cable connects Europe to African lands. 2012.


Social Security, Medicare, and Government Pensions: Get the Most Out of Your Retirement and Medical Benefits
DB73687 18 hours 10 minutes
by Joseph L. Matthews
read by Joe Wilson
Sixteenth-edition guide explains benefits, eligibility, and enrollment procedures for government retirement, pension, and medical programs. Discusses Social Security coverage and dependents’, survivors’, and disability benefits; Supplemental Security Income; Medicare enrollment, claims, and appeals; Medicaid and state supplements; Medigap insurance; and civil service and veterans’ benefits. Updates Social Security, Medicare, and Government Pensions (RC63391). 2011.


Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes
DB73427 9 hours 28 minutes
by Elizabeth Bard
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Food-loving American author recounts falling in love with a Frenchman and French cuisine—from being seduced over fresh mint tea in a tiny Parisian apartment to her joy in taking meandering walks and dining in favorite bistros. Explains that food is a gateway to understanding French culture. Includes recipes. 2010.

The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World’s Greatest Piece of Cheese
DB77337 13 hours 36 minutes
by Michael Paterniti
read by L.J. Ganser
Author chronicles his 2000 trip to Guzmán, Spain, to discover the source of a renowned cheese. Details the history of the food product, along with the process of curing it in a “telling room”—a cave dug into a hillside. Discusses the people involved in the development of the cheese. Commercial audiobook. 2013.


Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six
DB76804 8 hours 40 minutes
by Jessica Buchanan and Erik Landemalm
read by Erin Jones
Buchanan and her husband Landemalm tell of her kidnapping by Somali pirates on October 25, 2011, and her three months of captivity in a desert camp while Landemalm frantically negotiated for her release. Describes Buchanan’s rescue on January 25, 2012, by a Navy SEAL team. Some violence. 2013.

Operation Family Secrets: How a Mobster’s Son and the FBI Brought Down Chicago’s Murderous Crime Family
DB73179 9 hours 33 minutes
by Frank Calabrese Jr.
read by Michael Scherer
Imprisoned for racketeering, the author approached the FBI in 1998 and offered to tape incriminating conversations with his father Frank Calabrese Sr., a crew chief in the Chicago mob, who was responsible for multiple murders. Violence and strong language. 2011.

A Stolen Life: A Memoir
DB73692 6 hours 1 minute
by Jaycee Dugard
read by Mare Trevathan
The author describes her 1991 abduction at age eleven by parolee Phillip Garrido and his wife. Recounts her eighteen years of captivity, during which she endured sexual abuse and raised two daughters, and her 2009 discovery and rescue. Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. Bestseller. 2011.

The Best American Crime Reporting, 2007
DB72855 14 hours 58 minutes
edited by Linda A. Fairstein
read by Andy Pyle
Fifteen entries by fifteen authors. In “The Monster of Florence” Douglas Preston describes his obsession with a serial killer who committed fourteen unsolved murders during the seventies and eighties—a preoccupation that began after Preston rented a house near one of the crime scenes. Some violence and some strong language. 2007.

Collapse of Dignity: The Story of a Mining Tragedy and the Fight against Greed and Corruption in Mexico
DB77241 10 hours 53 minutes
by Napoleón Gómez
read by Mark Delgado
Mexican union leader exiled in Canada describes the 2006 coal-mine explosion in Coahuila that trapped sixty-five workers. Recounts the government’s decision to suspend the rescue effort after five days—allegedly in order to bury evidence of unsafe working conditions—and the legal battles that followed. Bestseller. 2013.

The Esperanza Fire: Arson, Murder, and the Agony of Engine 57
DB76942 8 hours 47 minutes
by John N. Maclean
read by Steven Carpenter
The author of The Thirtymile Fire (DB66035) investigates the October 2006 wildfire in Southern California that killed five U.S. Forest Service firefighters. Follows the trial of a local man that resulted in the first-ever murder conviction for setting a wildland fire. Some strong language. 2013.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Imposter
DB73396 13 hours 32 minutes
by Mark Seal
read by Jim Zeiger
Author of Wildflower (DB70537) investigates the case of Christian Gerhartsreiter, who came to America from Germany in 1978 and adopted a series of blue-blood identities. Details Gerhartsreiter’s schemes, including his last and biggest, when he posed as “Clark Rockefeller” and kidnapped his own daughter. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.


What to Expect the Second Year: From Twelve to Twenty-four Months
DB73246 31 hours 22 minutes
by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
read by Kerry Dukin
Follow-up to What to Expect the First Year (DB/RC57900) details the physical and emotional growth of toddlers. Discusses tantrums and other common behaviors, eating and sleeping issues, and immunizations. Includes information on developmental disorders. 2011.

Jacob’s Cane: A Jewish Family’s Journey from the Four Lands of Lithuania to the Ports of London and Baltimore
DB72869 14 hours 12 minutes
by Elisa New
read by Jon Huffman
Harvard professor, intrigued by carvings on her great-grandfather Jacob’s cane, investigates her family history. Describes what she learned about Jacob Levy, who was born in Lithuania and moved to Baltimore, and his friendship with Bernhard Baron, another Jewish immigrant. Chronicles their prosperous businesses, family intermarriages, and eventual enmity. 2009.

Government and Politics

Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nuclear Trade Arms America’s Enemies
DB72846 11 hours 2 minutes
by David Albright
read by Jon Huffman
Former CIA and NSA analyst discusses the illicit atomic weapons trade. Traces Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan’s alleged role in setting up the black market for nuclear technology. Proposes ways to slow proliferation and reduce the risk of global catastrophe. 2010.

Power in Words: The Stories behind Barack Obama’s Speeches, from the State House to the White House
DB73079 12 hours 8 minutes
by Mary Frances Berry and Josh Gottheimer
read by Peter Johnson
History professor Berry and former presidential speechwriter Gottheimer present eighteen of Barack Obama’s speeches, from his 2002 discourse against the Iraq War resolution to his 2008 election-night victory remarks. Authors provide political analysis of the speeches and include commentary from the speechwriters. 2010.

This Is Herman Cain: My Journey to the White House
DB73799 6 hours 0 minutes
by Herman Cain
read by Jake Williams
Autobiography of Republican 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain (born 1945). Relates his childhood in Georgia and his parents’ values of faith and hard work. Describes his successful business career, entrance into the public sphere, and political beliefs. Bestseller. 2011.

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America
DB73455 13 hours 13 minutes
by Ann Coulter
read by Kerry Dukin
Weekly columnist argues that the Democratic Party in America exhibits the psychological characteristics of a mob. Asserts that Democrats activate, appeal to, celebrate, and publicize groupthink behavior to promote their agenda. Bestseller. 2011.

While America Sleeps: A Wake-Up Call for the Post-9/11 Era
DB76656 10 hours 35 minutes
by Russ Feingold
read by Scott Reynolds
Feingold, former Wisconsin senator and sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002, analyzes political and military events that have occurred since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Warns against complacency towards terrorism and suggests ways to connect with global neighbors. 2012.

A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t!)
DB73461 6 hours 38 minutes
by Mike Huckabee
read by Jack Fox
Political commentator and former Arkansas governor Huckabee discusses the challenges facing America and argues for a smaller federal government and a return to family values. Offers policies that he believes will solve the country’s problems. 2011.

The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom, and the Forgotten History of Civil Rights
DB77242 10 hours 40 minutes
by William P. Jones
read by Bob Moore
Examines the economic goals of the 1963 civil rights march on Washington, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Focuses on labor union leader A. Phillip Randolph and his quest for fair employment, as well as the role of black women’s groups. 2013.

On China
DB73469 18 hours 49 minutes
by Henry Kissinger
read by Barry Bernson
American statesman and scholar who helped President Nixon reestablish relations with Beijing in 1972 explains the differences between China’s conceptual thinking about problems of war, peace, and international order and America’s more pragmatic case-by-case approach. Focuses on the interaction of Chinese and American leaders since 1949. 2011.

The Real Romney
DB73984 13 hours 5 minutes
by Michael Kranish and
Scott Helman
read by Peter Johnson
Boston Globe political reporters explore the life of former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. They discuss the influence Romney’s father, the late governor of Michigan, had on his political views and describe Romney’s Mormon upbringing, his marriage, and his role at the investment company Bain Capital. 2012.

The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic
DB77420 7 hours 40 minutes
by Mark R. Levin
read by Bill Wallace
Constitutional scholar and radio talk-show host argues that the states should bypass Congress and convene a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, which he posits is the only way to curtail the power of the federal government. Suggests eleven amendments, including one to establish congressional term limits. Bestseller. 2013.

The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture
DB73691 9 hours 48 minutes
by David Mamet
read by Bill Wallace
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, screenwriter, and director explains his shift from liberalism to conservatism. In thirty-nine short essays Mamet discusses taxes, foreign aid, diversity, anti-Semitism, race, higher education, and other social issues. Bestseller. 2011.

The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers
DB73176 12 hours 46 minutes
by Richard McGregor
read by Mark Ashby
Journalist uses documents and interviews with both officials and dissidents to investigate the Chinese Communist Party’s power in government, courts, media, and society. Asserts that the party operates on a Leninist model. Discusses China’s future and its role as a rival to the United States. 2010.

Liberty Defined: Fifty Essential Issues that Affect Our Freedom
DB73466 8 hours 57 minutes
by Ron Paul
read by Brian Conn
Texas congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Paul presents his position on fifty contemporary issues, including campaign-finance reform, discrimination, immigration, medical care, and unions. Discusses his advocacy of sound money, personal liberty, free markets, and international peace. 2011.


Seriously . . . I’m Kidding
DB73788 3 hours 47 minutes
by Ellen DeGeneres
read by Mare Trevathan
Comedienne and talk-show host shares her views on the amount of talking required in her profession; the benefits of meditating, stretching, and making pros and cons lists; her uncomfortable stint as an American Idol judge; and other topics. Bestseller. 2011.

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me: By Chelsea’s Family, Friends, and Other Victims
DB73453 7 hours 23 minutes
by Chelsea Handler and others
read by Madelyn Buzzard
A collection of memories and anecdotes told by friends, family members, and other self-proclaimed victims of the author of Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea (DB/RC66827) and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (DB71113). Glen Handler recalls ten-year-old Chelsea hanging out with his fraternity brothers. Strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

How to Talk Minnesotan: Revised for the Twenty-first Century
DB76876 6 hours 49 minutes
by Howard Mohr
read by Scott Reynolds
Former contributor to A Prairie Home Companion details the peculiar communication styles of Minnesota residents. Includes discussions on food, relationships, recreation, and ways to give—and hear—directions. Updated from its original publication in 1987. 2013.


The Resolution for Men
DB73757 8 hours 57 minutes
by Stephen Kendrick and
Alex Kendrick
read by George W. Sarris
Authors of The Love Dare (DB70078) use scripture to encourage men to take full physical, social, and spiritual responsibility as fathers and husbands. Companion to The Resolution for Women (DB73760). Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

The Resolution for Women
DB73760 7 hours 25 minutes
by Priscilla Shirer
read by Priscilla Shirer
Companion to The Resolution for Men (DB73757) offers examples from life and scripture to encourage women to honor God and their families. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Journalism and the Media

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives
DB73696 8 hours 23 minutes
by Katie Couric
read by Jill Ferris
News anchor shares advice and anecdotes she has collected from nearly one hundred notable personalities, including Maya Angelou, Beyoncé, Michael Bloomberg, Drew Brees, Bill Clinton, and Suze Orman. Contributors and Couric herself discuss courage, hard work, tenacity, and other components of success. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.


The Glamour of Grammar: A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English
DB73411 11 hours 11 minutes
by Roy Peter Clark
read by Ray Childs
Writing coach presents colloquial advice on making grammar useful and memorable, along with examples from well-known authors. Encourages writers to master grammar rules—and then to break them discretely. Provides keepsakes at the end of each chapter, which review its salient and applicable points. 2010.

A Little Book of Language
DB73613 8 hours 24 minutes
by David Crystal
read by Mark Ashby
British linguist explores the mysteries and vagaries of language—from ancient etymologies to text-messaging—in forty brief chapters. Begins with baby talk and moves on to geographical and personal names, sign language, word play, dictionaries, and more. 2010.

Origins of the Specious: Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language
DB73021 7 hours 57 minutes
by Patricia T. O’Conner and
Stewart Kellerman
read by Anne Hancock
Word experts share linguistic myths and examine lore about grammar, etymology, usage, political correctness, fractured French, British superiority, gutter language, and plain old bloopers. Authors discuss the correctness of the Texas sign “Drive Friendly” and the authenticity of the phrase “nom de plume.” Some strong language. 2009.


What My Mother Gave Me: Thirty-one Women on the Gifts That Mattered Most
DB76437 8 hours 8 minutes
edited by Elizabeth Benedict
read by Dawn Ursula
Collection of thirty-one essays by women writers—including Lisa See, Emma Straub, Elinor Lipman, and Joyce Carol Oates—on gifts given to them by their mothers. Straub, author of Other People We Married (DB74848), reminisces about a boat tour she received as a birthday present in “Three-Hour Tour.” 2013.

Out with It: Gay and Straight Teens Write about Homosexuality
DB73598 4 hours 20 minutes
edited by Al Desetta
read by Joe Peck
Compilation of personal stories and essays written by teens—gay and straight—describes their conflicts with the homosexual identity, attempts to establish relationships, and struggles for acceptance. For senior high and older readers. 2009.

Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century; Volume 1, 1907–1948, Learning Curve
DB73177 22 hours 40 minutes
by William H. Patterson Jr.
read by Mark Delgado
Portrait of award-winning science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907–1988). This first volume of two focuses on Heinlein’s earlier years, covering his time in the navy, political aspirations, three marriages, quirky nudist tendencies, and more. 2010.

Medicine and Health

Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Guide to Maximizing Brain Health and Reducing Risk of Dementia
DB76660 16 hours 29 minutes
by Nicole D. Anderson and others
read by Ray Childs
Canadian clinical neuropsychologists define mild cognitive impairment, a risk factor for dementia. They discuss memory and aging, use case studies to explain the disorder’s symptoms and diagnosis, and suggest lifestyle changes that help improve brain health. Also included are questions to ask doctors about the condition. 2012.

Kidney Disease: A Guide for Living
DB73462 5 hours 50 minutes
by Walter A. Hunt
read by Gary Tipton
Medical researcher who has had kidney failure, dialysis, and a transplant offers fellow patients a guide to kidney failure causes and treatment options. Also includes coping mechanisms. 2011.

My Next Step: An Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Hope
DB77093 4 hours 36 minutes
by Dave Liniger
read by Guy Williams
Cofounder of real-estate giant RE/MAX shares lessons he learned after dealing with a near-fatal staph infection along his spine. Describes treatments that rendered him paralyzed and comatose and his fight to regain mobility. Includes commentary from his children. 2013.

Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It
DB73690 11 hours 46 minutes
by Jeff O’Connell
read by Bill Wallace
Men’s Health writer describes his four years of research into diabetes, after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2006. Posits that although the pharmaceutical industry and physicians advocate medication, proper diet and exercise are more effective in preventing and controlling the disease. Outlines the lifestyle actions he took. 2010.

The Family Guide to Mental Health Care
DB77279 11 hours 40 minutes
by Lloyd I. Sederer
read by Gregory Gorton
New York state’s chief psychiatrist offers families advice on finding treatment and other services for mental illness. Explains common mental disorders; their diagnosis and treatment; financial, insurance, and legal options; and ways to manage recovery. Discusses methods for navigating the health-care system. 2013.


All of Me
DB76800 11 hours 58 minutes
by Anne Murray
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Autobiography of Nova Scotia-born, Grammy Award-winning singer Murray (born 1945) chronicles her career, beginning with her first appearance on the Canadian television show Singalong Jubilee at age twenty-one and her later international success with the 1970 recording Songbird. Discusses fellow entertainers and her family life. 2009.

Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man out of Me
DB76927 5 hours 40 minutes
by Brad Paisley and
David Wild
read by Andy Pyle
Grammy-winning country-music star chronicles his development as an entertainer, beginning with the gift of his first guitar from his grandfather. Details his personal life and profiles the people—famous and not—who have influenced him, including Buck Owens, Vince Gill, and Steve Wariner. 2011.

Unbreakable: My Story, My Way; a Memoir
DB77219 7 hours 7 minutes
by Jenni Rivera
read by Theresa Conkin
Posthumously published autobiography of acclaimed Spanish-language Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera (1969–2012). Reveals her struggle with domestic abuse as well as her success as a singer, actress, television producer, and entrepreneur. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

Mystery and Detective

Books to Die For: The World’s Greatest Mystery Writers on the World’s Greatest Mystery Novels
DB76688 23 hours 29 minutes
edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke
read by Joe Peck
Anthology of 121 essays by noted mystery and crime writers on works in their genre that affected them most. The discussed novels were published between 1841 and 2008. Entries include Deon Meyer on Ed McBain, Deborah Crombie on P.D. James, and Michael Robotham on Peter Høeg. Agatha Award. 2012.

Nature and the Environment

Life of Earth: Portrait of a Beautiful, Middle-Aged, Stressed-Out World
DB73424 11 hours 1 minute
by Stanley A. Rice
read by Bill Wallace
Scientist explores the development of Earth’s biological diversity, examining such pivotal evolutionary steps as symbiosis, sexual selection, and altruism. Emphasizes the role of photosynthesis in maintaining life on our planet. Also considers social developments, including religion and science. 2011.


I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs
DB77296 0 hours 37 minutes
by Francesco Marciuliano
read by Robert Sams
Author of I Could Pee on This (DB75270) imagines the inner lives of dogs through poetry. Themes include favorite treats, attachment to owners, and the smells of the world. “Never Learn” explores the thought process of going for a car ride. 2013.

Psychology and Self-Help

Contagious: Why Things Catch On
DB76440 6 hours 28 minutes
by Jonah Berger
read by Bill Delaney
Marketing professor investigates the phenomenon of word-of-mouth buzz and what makes products, ideas, and behaviors—fad diets, food and drinks, child names, public health messages, and others—go viral. Details the STEPPS method of social currency, triggers, emotion, the public, practical value, and stories. Considers the role of technology. Bestseller. 2013.

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work
DB77186 11 hours 46 minutes
by Chip Heath and
Dan Heath
read by Bill Wallace
Authors of Made to Stick (DB72597) and Switch (DB70754) present a four-step process to help you make more rational decisions. They provide examples of ways to widen your options, test your assumptions, attain distance before deciding, and prepare to be wrong. 2013.

The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry
DB73463 7 hours 42 minutes
by Jon Ronson
read by Gary Tipton
Author of The Men Who Stare at Goats (DB/RC60917) explores psychiatry’s efforts to recognize and treat psychopaths. Interviews include a doctor who developed a checklist of psychopathic traits, a former Haitian death-squad leader, and an ex-CEO who seemed to enjoy firing workers. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2011.

The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head: A Psychiatrist’s Stories of His Most Bizarre Cases
DB73437 10 hours 51 minutes
by Gary Small and
Gigi Vorgan
read by Bill Wallace
Psychiatrist/neurologist Small and coauthor Vorgan recount intriguing cases from Small’s novice 1979 Harvard training days to his practice at UCLA as an experienced doctor. They describe a seemingly neurotic housewife who is really a dangerous, borderline psychotic; a shopaholic; and a young man with hysterical blindness. Some strong language. 2010.


Letters and Papers from Prison
DB73283 15 hours 54 minutes
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
read by Gary Tipton
German pastor and theologian’s correspondence with his family and close friend (the book’s editor Eberhard Bethge) during his incarceration by the Nazis from 1943 until his execution in 1945. Letters cover both personal and religious subjects revealing how closely Bonhoeffer’s beliefs were interwoven into his life. Translated from German. 1971.

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question
DB73471 13 hours 32 minutes
by Vincent Bugliosi
read by Gary Tipton
Trial lawyer with Catholic upbringing tackles the question of whether or not God exists. Argues that agnosticism, rather than religion or atheism, is the only logical belief. Focuses primarily on Christianity, with brief discussions of other faiths. Bestseller. 2011.

Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the Twenty-first-Century Church
DB76860 9 hours 10 minutes
by George Weigel
read by David Cochran Heath
The author of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II (DB49018) advocates a new agenda for the Catholic Church to confront secular hostility toward religion. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Science and Technology

The King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements
DB77016 3 hours 50 minutes
by David Berlinski
read by Lou Harpenau
Mathematics professor investigates the life and work of Euclid of Alexandria, a fourth-century BCE mathematical philosopher. Explains the theories that formed the basis of Euclidean geometry and the impact those theories had on the development of the field. 2013.

Extra Sensory: The Science and Pseudoscience of Telepathy and Other Powers of the Mind
DB76928 8 hours 19 minutes
by Brian Clegg
read by Ray Foushee
Author of Armageddon Science (DB72357) examines the research on extrasensory perception powers, including telekinesis. Details past experiments, such as military investigations into remote viewing. Discusses the ways that self-reporting can make it difficult to evaluate results. 2013.

Cro-Magnon: How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans
DB72886 12 hours 21 minutes
by Brian Fagan
read by Alec Volz
Anthropologist attempts to reconstruct the environment, culture, and experiences of the first anatomically modern humans—the Cro-Magnons. Briefly highlights the Neanderthals and contemplates their fate and interactions with the more adaptable Cro-Magnons. 2010.

Chasing Icarus: The Seventeen Days in 1910 That Forever Changed American Aviation
DB73277 12 hours 33 minutes
by Gavin Mortimer
read by Butch Hoover
Discusses three pivotal aviation events that occurred in 1910: the failed attempt to cross the Atlantic in the dirigible America; the International Balloon Cup Race in St. Louis, Missouri; and New York’s international aircraft contest above Belmont Park racetrack. Includes noted aviators’ accounts and examines public perception of aeronautics. 2009.

Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception
DB72859 10 hours 15 minutes
by Charles Seife
read by Theresa Conkin
Examines “proofiness”—the author’s term for the use of bogus mathematical arguments to prove a point, regardless of the truth of the matter. Uses everyday headlines and bizarre stories to demonstrate the ways deceptive math can manipulate our beliefs. 2010.

The Best American Science Writing, 2011
DB73794 11 hours 29 minutes
edited by Rebecca Skloot and Floyd Skloot
read by Kristin Allison
Twenty-one previously published articles covering science and medicine selected from the 2010 journals. Deborah Blum’s post from the Speakeasy Science blog suggests that scientists should consider communicating with journalists and bloggers as a way to promote scientific literacy rather than relying on traditional scholarly publications. 2011.

Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World
DB73445 8 hours 8 minutes
by Sam Howe Verhovek
read by Jim Zeiger
History of the first generation of jet airliners from the British de Havilland’s Comet to the American Boeing 707 and 747. Examines the individuals who spearheaded the development of aircraft propelled by jet engines. 2010.

The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires
DB73418 15 hours 14 minutes
by Tim Wu
read by Jake Williams
Historical analysis of mass-communication media—radio, telephone, television, and film—introduced during the twentieth century. Examines each technology’s trajectory from being free and open for public access to becoming closed and controlled by a single corporation or cartel led by Adolph Zukor, David Sarnoff, and others. 2010.

Social Sciences

In the Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America
DB76896 9 hours 52 minutes
by Laurie Edwards
read by Catherine Frels
The author of Life Disrupted: Getting Real about Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties (DB67333), reviews the history of chronic disease, disability rights, the women’s health movement, and cultural assumptions about the sick. Includes stories from patients and critiques of the health-care system. 2013.

Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth about Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works
DB76527 19 hours 21 minutes
by Anne M. Fletcher
read by Kerry Dukin
Award-winning health writer investigates the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers by visiting fifteen treatment programs and interviewing clients, counselors, and administrators. Challenges common beliefs about addiction and offers insight into different types of therapy, success rates, and keys to recovery. 2013.

Of Thee I Zing: America’s Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots
DB73698 7 hours 20 minutes
by Laura Ingraham
read by Kristin Allison
Political commentator and radio talk-show host shares her observations and opinions of boutique cupcake shops; laptop users; shrinking airplane seats and expanding passengers; celebrities’ choices for baby names; and other aspects of modern American life. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
DB72839 11 hours 3 minutes
by Steven Johnson
read by Alec Volz
The author of The Invention of Air (DB70847) analyzes the social and environmental conditions that spark great ideas. Identifies seven recurring patterns—such as the slow-building hunch and the fortunate error—that lead to discoveries and presents examples from business and science, including Google News and the DNA double-helix structure. 2010.

Sports and Recreation

The Outsider: A Memoir
DB76843 12 hours 40 minutes
by Jimmy Connors
read by Kurt Elftmann
Autobiography of tennis champion Jimmy Connors. Discusses his introductionto the sport; relationships with competitors such as John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and Andre Agassi; love life; and personal demons, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, gambling, and dyslexia. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps
DB73263 13 hours 4 minutes
by Chris Jericho
read by Mike Stefanelli
Champion wrestler Jericho continues his autobiography begun in A Lion’s Tale (DB73213). Jericho recounts joining Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment in 1999 and feuding with fellow athletes. Discusses his family life, his heavy-metal band, and the death of Chris Benoit. Strong language. 2011.

The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation
DB73780 10 hours 49 minutes
by Elizabeth Letts
read by Kristin Allison
Relates Dutch immigrant Harry de Leyer’s 1956 purchase of a gray horse from a slaughterhouse truck for eighty dollars. Recounts de Leyer’s Long Island boarding-school students riding the horse named Snowman, the discovery of Snowman’s jumping feats, and his victory at the 1958 National Horse Show. Bestseller. 2011.

Through My Eyes
DB73458 10 hours 19 minutes
by Tim Tebow
read by Andy Pyle
Autobiography of former University of Florida quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore year in 2007. Highlights his religious upbringing on a working family farm and homeschooling with dyslexia. Describes his experience as a missionary in the Philippines and being Denver’s 2010 first-round NFL draft pick. Bestseller. 2011.

Stage and Screen

Jeannie Out of the Bottle
DB73428 8 hours 28 minutes
by Barbara Eden
read by Jill Ferris
Actress Barbara Eden reminisces about her career, from her early days as a Hollywood contract player and chorus girl to her starring role on the 1960s television comedy I Dream of Jeannie, which brought her fame. Discusses her costars and family life. 2011.

The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir
DB76929 14 hours 50 minutes
by William Friedkin
read by Gregory Maupin
Autobiography of film director William Friedkin, winner of Academy Awards for The French Connection in 1971 and The Exorcist in 1973. Discusses his start in a Chicago television studio mailroom, working his way into making documentaries, and then moving on to Hollywood. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

I’m Walking as Straight as I Can: Transcending Disability in Hollywood and Beyond
DB76885 14 hours 8 minutes
by Geri Jewell
read by Geri Jewell
Actress, comedienne, and author of Geri (DB22656) discusses her life with cerebral palsy and roles on the television show The Facts of Life and in the HBO series Deadwood as well as her drug addiction and sexuality. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Shirley Jones: A Memoir
DB77345 8 hours 14 minutes
by Shirley Jones
read by Jill Ferris
Actress known for her roles in Oklahoma! and The Music Man and the TV show The Partridge Family discusses her career and personal life, including her first marriage to adulterous Jack Cassidy and her second to comedian Marty Ingels. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography
DB73697 11 hours 37 minutes
by Rob Lowe
read by Erik Sandvold
Forty-seven-year-old actor reflects upon his career, which included roles in the movies The Outsiders and St. Elmo’s Fire, and television shows The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters, and Parks and Recreation. Describes his wild younger years followed by two stable decades of marriage and fatherhood. Strong language. Bestseller. 2011.

Sleepless in Hollywood: Tales from the New Abnormal in the Movie Business
DB77261 9 hours 15 minutes
by Lynda Obst
read by Kristin Allison
Reporter-turned-producer and author of Hello, He Lied (DB44151) describes what she calls the “cataclysmic change” occurring in the movie business in the twenty-first century. Highlights the collapse of the DVD market and Hollywood studios’ growing reliance on international sales. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid
DB73694 12 hours 57 minutes
by Simon Pegg
read by Erik Sandvold
Autobiography of comedic actor and writer known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Star Trek, and Paul. Discusses his lifetime obsession with science fiction and his friendship with fellow actor Nick Frost. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2010.


Where the Peacocks Sing: A Palace, a Prince, and the Search for Home
DB77009 8 hours 10 minutes
by Alison Singh Gee
read by Jill Fox
High-living Chinese American magazine writer recounts the ways her life changed after she fell in love with a fellow journalist from India. Discusses family dynamics and differences in culture. 2013.

To America with Love
DB77260 10 hours 2 minutes
by A.A. Gill
read by Dan Bloom
British columnist for Vanity Fair explores parts of America not usually seen by tourists. Adventures include traveling to Colorado, where distant uncles once lived; visiting the Creationist Museum; and taking a wrong turn in New York City. Examines the prejudices Europeans have with regard to Americans. 2011.

Marco Polo Didn’t Go There: Stories and Revelations from One Decade as a Postmodern Travel Writer—with Special Commentary Track
DB72921 11 hours 24 minutes
by Rolf Potts
read by Peter Johnson
Backpack traveler recounts his off-the-beaten-track adventures in far-flung places around the globe, including almost crashing the set of a Leonardo DiCaprio movie in Thailand, joining a Tantric sex class in India, and following a celebration of the Virgin Mary in Central America. 2008.

Tropic of Capricorn: A Remarkable Journey to the Forgotten Corners of the World
DB73007 13 hours 42 minutes
by Simon Reeve
read by Dan Bloom
Travel writer recounts his adventures with a BBC film crew as they followed an imaginary line—the Tropic of Capricorn—around the Southern Hemisphere. Describes learning about a forgotten genocide in Namibia, gem mining in Madagascar, bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and deforestation in South America. 2009.

U.S. History

On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey through the Harlem Renaissance
DB73571 10 hours 17 minutes
by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and
Raymond Obstfeld
read by Gregory Gorton
Basketball star pays tribute to the African American artists, activists, athletes, and intellectuals of the Harlem Renaissance, whose lives inspired him and others to succeed. Portrays the history of Harlem, the Rens basketball team, jazz musicians, and prominent black authors through research and personal anecdotes. 2007.

Perilous Fight: America’s Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas, 1812-1815
DB73209 18 hours 34 minutes
by Stephen Budiansky
read by John Polk
Military historian Budiansky, author of Air Power (DB/RC60141), chronicles the building of the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812. Details the battles at sea, the politics at home, and the personalities involved on both sides of the conflict, drawing from diaries, letters, and memoirs. 2010.

The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery
DB73190 15 hours 13 minutes
by Eric Foner
read by Michael Scherer
Chronicles the evolution of Lincoln’s ideas about slavery, from his early career in Illinois and membership in the new Republican Party in the 1850s to his presidency during the Civil War. Discusses the impact that religion, the abolitionist movement, and political necessities had on his beliefs. Pulitzer Prize. 2010.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top-Secret Military Base
DB73459 21 hours 8 minutes
by Annie Jacobsen
read by Kerry Dukin
Journalist examines the history of Area Fifty-one, a secret military facility in the Nevada desert. Discusses the importance of the Atomic Energy Commission’s initial control of the site and the public’s fascination with its mysteries. Reveals details of highly classified “black ops” projects carried out there. Bestseller. 2011.

The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II
DB76895 14 hours 44 minutes
by Denise Kiernan
read by Faith Potts
Social history of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which was secretly created in 1942 as part of the Manhattan Project. Traces the lives of some of the women who were recruited to be among the seventy-five thousand workers who helped develop the atomic bomb. 2013.

American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms
DB77023 8 hours 9 minutes
by Chris Kyle
read by Bill Burton
Navy SEAL, author of American Sniper (DB74166), discusses the technological development of American guns, from the Revolutionary War’s long rifle to the introduction of the M16 in 1963, and the ways advances in weaponry have shaped history. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America
DB73487 9 hours 26 minutes
by Don Lattin
read by Andy Pyle
Journalist examines the intersecting experiences of three scholars and one ambitious freshman at Harvard during the winter of 1960-1961. Discusses their experiments in psychedelic drug research that set the stage for the social, spiritual, sexual, and psychological revolution of the 1960s. 2010.

George Washington’s Great Gamble: And the Sea Battle That Won the American Revolution
DB77166 15 hours 30 minutes
by James L. Nelson
read by Patrick Downer
Maritime historian details the Battle of the Capes, when a French armada defeated the British Navy at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay in late summer 1781. This decisive battle led to Lord Charles Cornwallis’s surrender to George Washington at Yorktown that October. 2010.

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America
DB77210 18 hours 53 minutes
by George Packer
read by Robert Sams
Writer for the New Yorker chronicles what he describes as the unraveling of America through the eyes of diverse citizens, including a factory worker in the Rust Belt, a son of tobacco farmers in the South, a Silicon Valley billionaire, and a Washington, D.C., insider. National Book Award. Bestseller. 2013.

Rawhide Down: The Near Assassination of Ronald Reagan
DB73178 10 hours 52 minutes
by Del Quentin Wilber
read by Robert Sams
Chronicles the March 30, 1981, assassination attempt on seventy-year-old president Ronald Reagan by mentally ill gunman John Hinckley Jr. Discusses the heroism of Secret Service Agent Jerry Parr and the wounding of D.C. police officer Thomas Delahanty, press secretary James Brady, and Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy. 2011.


The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western Europe, 1944–1945; Liberation Trilogy, Volume 3
DB76802 34 hours 26 minutes
by Rick Atkinson
read by Barry Bernson
Following An Army at Dawn (DB54939) and The Day of Battle (DB65493), Atkinson concludes his history of World War II by focusing on the European theater after the invasion at Normandy. Uses first-person accounts to describe the events in France, Belgium, and Germany. Violence. Bestseller. 2013.

The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle for Food
DB76655 23 hours 26 minutes
by Lizzie Collingham
read by Jack Fox
British historian details the role that food played in World War II. Argues that Germany and Japan attacked neighboring countries in part to meet their own agricultural needs. Describes the widespread starvation the war caused and America’s efforts to keep the Allied armies fed. Discusses developments in nutritional science. 2011.

The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War
DB76649 24 hours 4 minutes
by Peter Englund
read by John Polk
Historian Englund, a member of the Swedish Academy, details the course of World War I (1914–1918) from the perspectives of twenty individuals, including a twelve-year-old German girl, an American woman married to a Polish aristocrat, and an English nurse in the Russian army. Translated from Swedish. Violence. 2011.

The Twilight Warriors: The Deadliest Naval Battle of World War II and the Men Who Fought It
DB73046 13 hours 18 minutes
by Robert Gandt
read by Jake Williams
Military historian chronicles the ordeals of the U.S. Navy during the Battle of Okinawa in the spring of 1945. Details the roles of the U.S. commanders and the young American aviators (the Tail End Charlies), and the Japanese high command and kamikaze pilots. Violence and some strong language. 2010.

Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal
DB73256 23 hours 57 minutes
by James D. Hornfischer
read by Butch Hoover
Author of Ship of Ghosts (RC63121) chronicles the seven sea battles to secure the South Pacific island of Guadalcanal that began in August 1942. Official documents and day-by-day accounts drawn from survivors portray an underfunded campaign, nascent use of radar, tremendous losses, and a determined Japanese opponent. 2011.

They Dared Return: The True Story of Jewish Spies behind the Lines in Nazi Germany
DB77086 5 hours 3 minutes
by Patrick K. O’Donnell
read by Ken Kliban
Military historian relates details of the 1944 return to Nazi Germany of naturalized Jewish Americans who served as spies for the Office of Strategic Services and enlisted deserters for a covert mission. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America’s Fight over World War II, 1939-1941
DB76845 19 hours 17 minutes
by Lynne Olson
read by Peter Johnson
Examines the debate over whether and how America should support Great Britain against Nazi Germany during the early days of World War II. 2013.

Trident K9 Warriors: My Tales from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL Canines
DB76875 8 hours 30 minutes
by Mike Ritland
read by Bill Burton
Former SEAL who owns a company that supplies dogs to the military and other government agencies explains what is involved in the animals’ selection and training. Describes the ways they are used on the battlefield, citing individual canines and their handlers as examples. Some strong language. 2013.

SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper
DB73316 11 hours 6 minutes
by Howard E. Wasdin and
Stephen Templin
read by Jake Williams
Wasdin, a former Navy SEAL Team Six sniper, chronicles his training and war experiences, including special operations during Desert Storm. Details the mission that almost cost him his life—the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, the basis for the 2001 movie Black Hawk Down. Bestseller. 2011.

World History

Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present
DB76846 34 hours 31 minutes
by Max Boot
read by Jeremy Edwinn Gage
Examines the global history of guerrilla warfare from 2334 BCE Mesopotamia to 2011 Afghanistan. Analyzes the factors that lead to victory or defeat and the unconventional methods used. Profiles key players involved in each of the conflicts. 2013.

The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, and Secret Agents
DB73234 23 hours 15 minutes
by Alex Butterworth
read by Lou Harpenau
Historian recounts the heyday of anarchism, from the 1871 Paris Commune and the 1886 Haymarket bombing in Chicago to the 1917 Russian revolution. Profiles key figures such as Prince Peter Kropotkin and explores the movement’s legacy. 2010.

Courageous Teen Resisters: True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust
DB73617 2 hours 34 minutes
by Ann Byers
read by Gregory Gorton
Uses extensive quotes from primary sources to highlight youth bravery during Hitler’s reign. Describes the atrocities, prejudices, disbelief, violence, and fear that Jews struggling to survive countered with acts of heroism and rebellion. Some violence. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2010.

Latin America
DB73591 4 hours 18 minutes
by Charles F. Gritzner
read by Patrick Downer
Emphasizes the culture of Latin America while discussing the geography, history, economics, and politics of these countries south of the United States border. Highlights the similarities and differences between North and Latin America in such areas as colonization and the rate of modernization. For junior and senior high readers. 2006.

Rome: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History
DB76644 27 hours 27 minutes
by Robert Hughes
read by George Holmes
Art critic for Time magazine details the history of Rome from its mythical founding by Romulus and Remus to the late twentieth century. Reminisces about his travels to the city, examines Italy’s cultural developments, and laments mass tourism and its toll on the art-lover’s viewing experience. 2011.

In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
DB73470 13 hours 18 minutes
by Erik Larson
read by Erin Jones
Follows the lives of U.S. ambassador William E. Dodd and his family, who moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1933. Discusses their attitudes toward the Nazi Party, obliviousness to Hitler’s true character, and naive reactions to the persecution of Jews and Americans and the enforcement of stringent laws. Bestseller. 2011.

The Fourth Part of the World: An Astonishing Epic of Global Discovery, Imperial Ambition, and the Birth of America
DB72841 16 hours 15 minutes
by Toby Lester
read by Lou Harpenau
Discusses the 1507 Waldseemüller map—the first to designate America—which is in the collections of and displayed by the Library of Congress. Traces the overlapping voyages, some geographical and some intellectual, that brought about the map’s revolutionary depiction of the world. 2009.

The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire
DB72727 10 hours 55 minutes
by Jack Weatherford
read by Mike Stefanelli
Anthropologist and author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World (DB/RC62418) examines the influence of Genghis Khan’s daughters, to whom he entrusted conquered lands along the Silk Road. Describes family power struggles after Khan’s death in 1227 and the role of his descendants. Some violence. 2010.

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Books for Children

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Children’s Fiction


The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
DB77164 6 hours 18 minutes
by Kathi Appelt
read by Robert Sams
Raccoon brothers Bingo and J’miah are new scouts for the legendary Sugar Man, a large creature who oversees Sugar Man Swamp. A twelve-year-old boy, Chap Brayburn, also protects the swamp. But danger is coming: feral hogs and a greedy prospector threaten to destroy the land. For grades 5-8. 2013.

The Fellowship for Alien Detection
DB76703 10 hours 5 minutes
by Kevin Emerson
read by Theresa Conkin
Teens Haley and Dodger win the first annual Fellowship for Alien Detection to conduct research supporting the idea of extraterrestrial visitation. They decide to investigate several cases of missing people who may have been abducted by aliens. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013.

DB73359 16 hours 9 minutes
by Roderick Gordon and
Brian Williams
read by Erik Sandvold
Will conducts archaeological explorations in the center of the earth with his father and Elliott. Meanwhile, Drake and Chester continue their battle against the Styx on the Earth’s surface, where some unlikely allies help reveal critical secrets. Sequel to Freefall (DB71827). For grades 6-9. 2011.

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
DB77155 3 hours 32 minutes
by Richard Peck
read by Guy Williams
Mouse Minor was raised in the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace by his Aunt Marigold, but doesn’t know who his parents are or where he came from. He hatches a dangerous plan to visit Queen Victoria, hoping that she can help him discover who he is. For grades 4-7. 2013.

Young Fredle
DB73590 5 hours 59 minutes
by Cynthia Voigt
read by Gregory Gorton
Fredle, a curious young mouse, lives with his large family behind the kitchen pantry, until he overeats a peppermint patty and is cast outdoors to the garden. He faces new dangers, predators, and allies and discovers the meaning of freedom as he struggles to return home. For grades 3-6. 2011.

Blindness and Physical Handicaps

Dead End Bluff
DB73569 3 hours 48 minutes
by Elizabeth Witheridge
read by Gregory Gorton
For eighth-grader Quig, who is blind, the steep bluff at Dead End that he is forbidden to climb symbolizes all the dead ends in his life. Then one night Quig hears his seven-year-old brother Tommy fall into the river at the bottom of the cliff. For grades 4-7. 1966.


Dorko the Magnificent
DB77019 4 hours 7 minutes
by Andrea Beaty
read by Andy Pyle
Fifth-grader Robbie Darko loves being a magician, but his tricks always end in disaster. When his cantankerous grandma Melvyn—a celebrated illusionist—moves into his room, Robbie learns there is more to appreciate than just magic. For grades 4-7. 2013.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette
DB73713 7 hours 43 minutes
by Jeanne Birdsall
read by Jill Ferris
Skye, Jane, and Batty Penderwick depart for two weeks in Maine with their Aunt Claire and are separated from their oldest sister Rosalind for the first time. This leaves Skye in charge as the OAP—oldest available Penderwick. Sequel to The Penderwicks on Gardam Street (DB/RC66552). For grades 4-7. 2011.

Al Capone Does My Homework
DB77292 5 hours 25 minutes
by Gennifer Choldenko
read by Mark Delgado
When Moose Flanagan’s dad is promoted to associate warden, others on Alcatraz Island stop at nothing to get him out of the position. After a mysterious fire burns down the Flanagans’ apartment, Moose and his friends investigate. Sequel to Al Capone Shines My Shoes (DB69960). For grades 6-9. 2013.

A Summer of Sundays
DB77234 6 hours 40 minutes
by Lindsay Eland
read by Kristin Allison
Always lost in the background of her large family, eleven-year-old Sunday decides that this summer she will stand out. When they move temporarily to the small town where her father is renovating a library, Sunday discovers something in the building’s basement that may just help her. For grades 4-7. 2013.

Dark Sons
DB73154 1 hours 48 minutes
by Nikki Grimes
read by Joe Peck
Alternating poems compare and contrast the conflicted feelings of Ishmael, son of the Biblical patriarch Abraham, and Sam, a teenager in modern New York City. Each is abandoned by his father, yet loves his new, younger stepbrother. For grades 6-9 and older readers. Coretta Scott King Honor Book. 2010.

Ruby Lu, Star of the Show
DB73723 1 hours 49 minutes
by Lenore Look
read by Kristin Allison
At first, Ruby Lu loves everything about third grade, especially coming home to her new dog Elvis. Then her dad loses his job, her teacher says Ruby Lu needs tutoring, her mom goes to work, and a man claims that Elvis is his circus dog, Thunder. For grades 2-4. 2011.

Okay for Now
DB73716 9 hours 12 minutes
by Gary D. Schmidt
read by Erik Sandvold
Marysville, New York; 1968. Eighth-grader Doug, who loves baseball statistics and drawing, manages to be upbeat and honorable—despite having an abusive father, a brother who has been accused of robbery, and another brother who has returned from Vietnam injured. Companion to The Wednesday Wars
. For grades 6-9. 2011.

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu
DB73589 5 hours 16 minutes
by Wendy Wan-Long Shang
read by Mary Kane
Lucy Wu looks forward to starting sixth grade, playing on the basketball team, and having her own bedroom when her older sister leaves. Then her father announces that a surprise visitor, Lucy’s great-aunt, is coming from China for three months—and will be sharing Lucy’s room. For grades 4-7. 2011.

The Girl from Felony Bay
DB76760 7 hours 29 minutes
by J.E. Thompson
read by Abigail Maupin
Abbey Force’s dad was framed for a crime and is in a coma, so Abbey lives with her alcoholic uncle Charlie. She meets Bee, who shares Abbey’s curiosity about the strange goings-on around Felony Bay, and together they investigate. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2013.

P.S. Be Eleven
DB77013 5 hours 52 minutes
by Rita Williams-Garcia
read by Jill Fox
Sixth-grader Delphine and her two younger sisters spent the summer in California, visiting their mother and attending Black Panther summer camp. But when they return to Brooklyn, the newly independent sisters clash and Delphine longs for her mother’s advice. Sequel to One Crazy Summer (DB71082). For grades 4-7. 2013.


Wednesdays in the Tower
DB76752 5 hours 38 minutes
by Jessica Day George
read by Jill Fox
On a Wednesday, when nothing interesting should be happening at Castle Glower, Princess Celie finds a large orange egg. She believes it belongs to a dragon and plans to care for the creature inside—whatever it is. Sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle (DB75926). For grades 4-7. 2013.

A Box of Gargoyles
DB77026 8 hours 29 minutes
by Anne Nesbet
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Just when Maya begins to relax after the events in The Cabinet of Earths (DB76045), a new kind of strangeness emerges in Paris. Once again she must fight the magician Henri de Fourcroy. For grades 4-7. 2013.

Ghoul Strike!
DB73081 8 hours 25 minutes
by Andrew Newbound
read by Terry Donnelly
England. Twelve-year-old Alannah Malarra, a ghost-busting psychic, and her friend Wortley Flint, a burglar, break into Pittingham Manor expecting to rob treasure-hoarding ghosts. Instead they stumble into a demonic invasion from the Dark Dimension and join forces with the Attack-ready Network of Global Evanescent Law-enforcers (A.N.G.E.L.). For grades 4-7. 2010.

The Sorceress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Book 3
DB73419 13 hours 38 minutes
by Michael Scott
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
While armies of the Shadowrealms gather and Machiavelli goes to Alcatraz to kill Perenelle Flamel, fifteen-year-old twins Sophie and Josh Newman accompany the Alchemyst to England to seek Gilgamesh. Sequel to The Magician (DB/RC67731). For grades 6-9. 2009.

DB76833 8 hours 58 minutes
by Kathleen Van Cleve
read by Carol Dines
When a drought threatens her family’s magical rhubarb farm, eleven-year-old Polly tries to find a way to make it rain again. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2010.


Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover
DB77200 0 hours 15 minutes
by Cece Bell
read by Abigail Maupin
Rabbit plans out the entire sleepover he is going to have with his friend Robot. But when Robot shows up, he does not want to do what is on Rabbit’s list. Now Rabbit does not know what to do. For grades K-3. 2012.

Boys Are Dogs
DB73488 4 hours 31 minutes
by Leslie Margolis
read by Jill Fox
Eleven-year-old Annabelle is uncomfortable moving in with her mother’s new boyfriend, even though Annabelle gets a puppy. Annabelle misses her all-girls school and thinks going to middle school with boys is horrible. Then she decides to use puppy-training techniques to tame her male classmates. For grades 4-7. 2008.

Thunder over Kandahar
DB73070 7 hours 32 minutes
by Sharon E. McKay
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Raised in England, fourteen-year-old Yasmine feels dislocated when her parents return to Afghanistan and are targeted by the Taliban. She and her best friend Tamanna—who is promised in marriage to an older man—flee but face danger from land mines, soldiers, and a suicide bomber. Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2010.

Greetings from Nowhere
DB73478 3 hours 20 minutes
by Barbara O’Connor
read by Jill Fox
Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. Rundown Sleepy Time Motel in the middle of nowhere becomes a rendezvous for lonely people: widowed Aggie, the motel’s owner; Clyde Dover, the motel’s buyer, and his daughter Willow; reform-school student Kirby and his mother; and adopted Loretta and her parents. For grades 4-7. 2008.

Historical Fiction

Phantoms in the Snow
DB73616 5 hours 32 minutes
by Kathleen Benner Duble
read by Gregory Gorton
1944. Orphaned fifteen-year-old Noah Garrett joins Uncle James, his only living relative, in Camp Hale, Colorado. Though raised as a pacifist, Noah enlists in the military and trains with other winter-warfare soldiers called Phantoms. But when Noah deploys to Italy, his peace-loving beliefs are tested. For grades 6-9. 2011.


Ruby Redfort Take Your Last Breath
DB77030 7 hours 56 minutes
by Lauren Child
read by Mare Trevathan
Thirteen-year-old secret agent and genius code-breaker Ruby Redfort must solve a diabolical puzzle involving pirates, sea monsters, and strange ocean disturbances. For grades 5-8. 2012.

Theodore Boone: The Abduction
DB73476 4 hours 41 minutes
by John Grisham
read by Brian Conn
Theo was the last person to talk to his best friend April before she was abducted from her bedroom. When the police are stumped, Theo uses his investigative skills to try to save April. Sequel to Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (DB71512). For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2011.

Theodore Boone: The Activist
DB76873 7 hours 4 minutes
by John Grisham
read by Andy Pyle
When the Strattenburg school system’s budget is reduced, several programs are cut and staff fired from eighth-grader Theodore Boone’s school. Undeterred, Theodore searches for answers and uncovers corruption. Sequel to Theodore Boone: The Accused (DB76706). Some violence. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013.

Adventure at Simba Hill: A Kari and Lucas Mystery
DB73711 5 hours 23 minutes
by Susan Runholt
read by Mare Trevathan
Over Christmas vacation, best friends Kari and Lucas travel to an archaeological dig in Kenya with Kari’s uncle Geoff. When priceless artifacts are stolen from the Simba Hill site and the police are slow to respond, the girls investigate as the situation becomes increasingly dangerous. For grades 5-8. 2011.


Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream
DB73619 1 hours 56 minutes
by Jenny Han
read by Margaret Strom
Korean American third-grader Clara Lee enters the Little Miss Apple Pie contest to ride a float in the town parade. But she worries that she is not American enough to win and wonders if she can make a speech in front of the whole school. For grades 2-4. 2011.



Shoot-out: A Comeback Kids Novel
DB72599 2 hours 44 minutes
by Mike Lupica
read by Mark Ashby
Jake Stuart was on a championship soccer team until his family moved from Greenville to Belmont. Now he is on the worst twelve-year-olds’ team ever. Jake needs to change his attitude if he wants to inspire his new teammates. For grades 4-7. 2010.

Children’s Nonfiction


Thirteen Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System
DB73161 1 hours 43 minutes
by David A. Aguilar
read by Patrick Downer
Updates Eleven Planets (DB/RC68324), which was written after the demotion of Pluto to dwarf-planet status. Discusses the idea that there are eight classical and five dwarf planets. Also covers the Sun, the moon, the asteroid belt, meteorites, comets, orbits, and other solar systems. For grades 3-6. 2011.


Benjamin O. Davis Jr.: Air Force General and Tuskegee Airmen Leader
DB73609 2 hours 4 minutes
by Sari Earl
read by Gregory Gorton
Biography of African American general Benjamin O. Davis Jr. (1912–2002), who challenged racial discrimination in the military as a West Point cadet and a World War II hero. Discusses Davis’s personal encounters with segregation, determination to be a pilot, and successful career. For grades 5-8. 2010.

Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider
DB73612 2 hours 17 minutes
by Jean Fritz
read by Robert Sams
Biography of Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804), who was born in the West Indies and immigrated to New York in 1773. Discusses Hamilton’s loyalty as aide-de-camp to General Washington, role at the Constitutional convention, authorship of the Federalist Papers, work at the Treasury, and duel with Aaron Burr. For grades 5-8. 2011.


The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution
DB73596 1 hours 40 minutes
by Jim Murphy
read by Gregory Gorton
Discusses the early battles of the Revolutionary War, beginning with the appointment of George Washington as commander of the newly formed Continental army. Examines the British army’s advantages during the invasion of New York City and asserts that Washington’s tactics revived the spirit of the revolution. For grades 4-7. 2010.

Fort Mose: And the Story of the Man Who Built the First Free Black Settlement in Colonial America
DB72923 1 hours 34 minutes
by Glennette Tilley Turner
read by Nona Pipes
Biography of Francisco Menendez, who was born in West Africa around 1700, sold into slavery in South Carolina, and freed in Spanish Florida in 1738. Describes his leadership of Fort Mose, the first officially sanctioned free black settlement in what is now the United States. For grades 5-8. 2010.

Science and Technology

Honey Bees: Letters from the Hive
DB73587 5 hours 34 minutes
by Stephen Buchmann
read by Gregory Gorton
Beekeeper and entomologist Buchmann discusses bees’ biology and behavior, their relationship with people from prehistoric times to the present, and their influence on art and medicine. Explains the ways bees produce honey and their vital role in maintaining the human food supply and ecosystem. For grades 6-9. 2010.

U.S. History

Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the Spy Network That Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement
DB73180 4 hours 8 minutes
by Rick Bowers
read by Patrick Downer
Investigative journalist examines Mississippi’s Sovereignty Commission, founded in 1956 to help the state maintain racial segregation. Traces its transformation from a public-relations tool into a spy network that reported on civil rights activists. Reveals the group’s clandestine operations and its legacy of bigotry. For grades 6-9. 2010.

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Foreign Language Books


Mujercitas (Little Women)
DB76966 11 horas 5 minutos
por Louisa May Alcott
leído por Miriam Miranda
Clásico de la literatura estadounidense que narra la vida de las cuatro hermanas March de Nueva Inglaterra—irascible Jo, que está inquieta por la libertad; Beth, que ama a su hogar y su familia; Meg, que adora la ropa bonita, y la ensimismada Amy. Traducido del inglés. Para grados 6 a 9 y lectores mayores. (Nineteenth-century New England. The joys and sorrows of the four March sisters: quick-tempered Jo, who is restless for freedom; Beth, who loves her home and family; Meg, who longs for pretty clothes; and self-absorbed Amy. For grades 6-9 and older readers.) 1868.

Estrella Distante (Distant Star)
DB72966 4 horas 35 minutos
por Roberto Bolaño
leído por Jorge Pupo
Chile. Arturo Belano cuenta la historia de un hombre inquietante quien encuentra inicialmente en un taller de poesía. Arturo llega a creer firmemente que es el mismo hombre quien, más tarde—como un piloto nombrado Carlos Wieder—crea obras de “arte multimedia” consistiendo de fotografía, tortura, y versos escritos con humo de un avión, durante el golpe de 1973. Descripciones de violencia y lenguaje injurioso. (Chile. Arturo Belano tells the tale of a strange man whom he encounters at a college poetry workshop. Later that man—as air force pilot Carlos Wieder—creates multimedia works of skywritten verse, photography, and torture during the country’s 1973 military coup. Some violence and some strong language.) 1996.

La Magia (The Magic)
DB76972 6 horas 1 minuto
por Rhonda Byrne
leído por Miriam Miranda
En esta continuación de El Poder (DB76971), Byrne examina un versículo del Evangelio que ella postula es la clave para la felicidad humana cuando se interpreta correctamente. Byrne proporciona una guía de veintiocho días para poner las palabras en acción y que ayudará a los lectores a reconocer y apreciar la magia que nos rodea. (In this sequel to El Poder (DB76971), Byrne examines a Gospel verse that she believes holds the key to human happiness when it is correctly interpreted. Provides a twenty-eight-day guide to putting the words into action and recognizing the magic all around us.) 2012.

El Poder (The Power)
DB76971 6 horas 23 minutos
por Rhonda Byrne
leído por Miriam Miranda
Byrne expande la filosofía que describió en El Secreto (DB67975) sugiriendo que el pensamiento positivo puede cambiar la vida entera. Propone que el poder del amor puede atraer todo lo necesario en la vida, incluyendo el dinero, la salud, y las relaciones sanas. (Byrne expands on the philosophy she described in El Secreto (DB67975) by suggesting that positive thinking can change one’s entire life. Posits that the power of love can attract everything a person needs, including money, health, and relationships.) 2010.

Tres Tristes Tigres (Three Sad Tigers)
DB70962 16 horas 22 minutos
por Guillermo Cabrera Infante
leído por María Pino
La Habana, años cincuenta. Diversas viñetas brillan una luz sobre la noche tropical en la Cuba pre-revolucionaria; una representación polifonica de voces locales, incluyendo el de Bustrófedon, quien cuenta sus aventuras en chistes y juegos de palabras, en parodia de episodios de la literatura universal, el cine, la música, y la cultura popular cubana. (Havana, 1950s. Diverse vignettes shine a bright light on the tropical night in prerevolutionary Cuba, parodying episodes from world literature, films, music, and Cuban popular culture. The polyphonic rendering of voices includes that of Bustrófedon, who recounts his adventures through jokes and word games.) 1967.

La Voz Dormida (The Sleeping Voice)
DB76969 10 horas 59 minutos
por Dulce Chacón
leído por Gabriela Garcia
Madrid. Al final de la guerra civil española, Hortensia, Reme, Tomasa, y Elvira se encuentran entre las miles de mujeres encarceladas en la prisión de Ventas por presuntos delitos políticos. En medio de la humillación, la tortura, y la muerte, ellas utilizan la dignidad y el coraje como armas contra la injusticia. Violencia y lenguaje injurioso. (Madrid. At the end of the Spanish Civil War, Hortensia, Reme, Tomasa, and Elvira are among hundreds of women incarcerated in Ventas prison for alleged political crimes. In the face of humiliation, torture, and death, they use dignity and courage as weapons. Violence and strong language.) 2002.

La Guía de Buena Salud sobre la Artritis y Tu Vida (The Buena Salud Guide to Arthritis and Your Life)
DB76965 3 horas 50 minutos
por Jane L. Delgado
leído por Juan Carlos Rueda
La presidenta de la Alianza Nacional para la Salud de los Hispanos presenta información y consejos para el tratamiento de la artritis. Cubre las variedades de esta enfermedad inflamatoria, los cambios de estilo de vida útiles, y una programa de diez puntos para promover la salud. Incluye una lista de recursos. Con una introducción por el Dr. John H. Klippel. (The president of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health presents information on and tips for preventing and treating arthritis. Discusses the varieties of the inflammatory disease, necessary lifestyle changes, and a ten-point program to promote health. Includes a list of resources. Introduction by Dr. John H. Klippel.) 2012.

Ritmo al éxito: Cómo un Inmigrante Hizo su Propio Sueño Americano (Rhythm of Success: How an Immigrant Produced His Own American Dream)
DB72953 9 horas 7 minutos
por Emilio Estefan
leído por Juan Carlos Rueda
El famoso productor, compositor, ganador de múltiples premios Grammy, empresario, y esposo de Gloria Estefan explora los secretos de su éxito. Estefan presenta un análisis de su vida como un refugiado motivado en los Estados Unidos para proporcionar una sistema de objetivos personales y sugerencias para lograr la prosperidad. Prefacio de Quincy Jones. (Producer, songwriter, Grammy Award-winner, businessman, and husband of singer Gloria Estefan shares the secrets of his success. Discusses his exile from Cuba to America at age fifteen and the influence his refugee status had on his personal goals and eventual prosperity. Preface by Quincy Jones.) 2010.

B de Bella (B as in Beauty)
DB76979 9 horas 25 minutos
por Alberto Ferreras
leído por Maria Pino
Manhattan. Bella María Zavala es una joven simpática que trabaja en una agencia de publicidad y lucha con problemas de imagen corporal. Un día conoce a Natasha Sokolov, una mujer extraña que la complementa—y brinda una oferta peculiar. Lenguaje injurioso y descripciones de índole sexual. (Manhattan. Bella María Zavala is a likeable young woman who works in an advertising agency and struggles with body-image issues. One day she meets Natasha Sokolov, who compliments her—and makes an intriguing offer. Strong language and descriptions of sex.) 2011.

El Otoño del Patriarca (The Autumn of the Patriarch)
DB72957 9 horas 13 minutos
por Gabriel García Márquez
leído por Jorge Pupo
Con un humor sutil y surrealista, el autor ganador del Premio Nobel presenta un retrato de la barbarie, miseria, y corrupción que rodea el estado de un dictador latinoamericano. Lenguaje injurioso y descripciones explícitas de índole sexual. (Nobel Prize-winning author presents a many-layered, surrealistic tale of barbarism, squalor, and corruption during a Latin American dictator’s regime. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language.) 1975.

Los Sueños de un Libertador (The Dreams of a Liberator)
DB72954 14 horas 15 minutos
por Fermín Goñi
leído por Juan Carlos Rueda
Venezuela, 1806. Después de servir al rey Carlos III y participar en las revoluciones americana y francesa, el general Francisco de Miranda embarca en una invasión naval del Caribe para liberar a las colonias españolas del Nuevo Mundo. Novela basada en hechos reales. Algunas descripciones de violencia. (Venezuela, 1806. After serving Charles III of Spain and participating in the American and French revolutions, General Francisco de Miranda sails to the Caribbean to liberate the Spanish colonies in the New World. Based on true events. Some violence.) 2009.

Cincuenta Sombras Liberadas (Fifty Shades Freed)
DB76964 25 horas 0 minutos
por E.L. James
leído por Gabriela Garcia
La relación dominante-sumiso de Ana y Christian ha evolucionado y ellos parecen tener un futuro juntos. Pero el equilibrio de su nueva vida resulta más difícil cuando Christian lucha con su pasado atormentado. Continuación de Cincuenta Sombras Más Oscuras (DB76962). Violencia, lenguaje injurioso, y descripciones explícitas de índole sexual. (The dominant-submissive relationship of Ana and Christian has finally evolved, but their future is uncertain as Christian wrestles with his tormented past. Sequel to Cincuenta Sombras Más Oscuras (DB76962). Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex.) 2012.

Cincuenta Sombras Más Oscuras (Fifty Shades Darker)
DB76962 22 horas 39 minutos
por E.L. James
leído por Gabriela Garcia
Seattle. Ana está desesperada por poner su relación tórrida con Christian Grey detrás de ella, borrando el pasado y comenzando una nueva carrera. Inesperadamente, él está de vuelta en su vida. Traducido del inglés. Continuación de Cincuenta Sombras de Grey (DB74993). Violencia, lenguaje injurioso, y descripciones explícitas de índole sexual. (Seattle. Desperate to put her torrid relationship with Christian Grey behind her, Ana starts a new career. But Christian unexpectedly reenters her life. Sequel to Cincuenta Sombras de Grey (DB74993). Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex.) 2012.

Nuestras Vidas Son los Rios (Our Lives Are the Rivers)
DB72978 11 horas 24 minutos
por Jaime Manrique
leído por María Pino
1822. La joven de veinticinco años, Manuela Sáenz, ya estaba enamorado con el General Simon Bolívar antes de conocerlo en una fiesta en Quito. Ella se convierte en su amante, mientras que activamente lucha en el ejército de Bolívar para liberar a Sudamérica del dominio español. Traducido del Inglés por Juan Fernando Merino. (1822. Twenty-five-year-old Manuela Sáenz was already enamored with General Simon Bolívar before she met him at a party in Quito. Soon she becomes his mistress and joins his army, fighting to liberate South America from Spanish rule. Translated from English by Juan Fernando Merino.) 2006.

Metafísica 4 en 1, Volumen 1 (Metaphysics 4 in 1, Volume 1)
DB70986 9 horas 57 minutos
por Conny Méndez
leído por María Pino
Colección de quatro obras de la autora venezolana Méndez (1898–1979) que expone sus teorías sobre el cristianismo, el amor y el propósito de la vida. Incluye las obras Metafisica al Alcance de Todos, Te Regalo lo que se te Antoje, El Maravilloso Número 7, y ¿Quién Es y Quién fue el Conde St. Germain? (Four works by Venezuelan author Mendez (1898–1979) that detail her theories on Christianity, love, and the purpose of life. Includes Metafisica al Alcance de Todos, Te Regalo lo que se te Antoje, El Maravilloso Número 7, and ¿Quién Es y Quién fue el Conde St. Germain?) 2009.

Naufragios (Shipwrecks)
DB76967 7 horas 31 minutos
por Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
leído por Luis Carlos de La Lombana
En 1528, el conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca naufragó en el Nuevo Mundo. Con tres compañeros, hizo su camino a través de casi dos mil millas del suroeste americano inexplorado, encontrándose con las tribus nativas y privaciones indecibles. En 1542, publicó este relato clásico de su viaje. Algunas descripciones de violencia. (Conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s account of his 1528 shipwreck in the New World. Describes his nearly two-thousand-mile journey across the unexplored American Southwest with three companions, encountering native tribes, and enduring life-threatening hardships. Some violence.) 1542.

Las Mejores Historias sobre Perros (Best Dog Stories)
DB76961 8 horas 11 minutos
redactado por Lesley O’Mara
leído por Paul Gamache
Colección de cuentos clásicos sobre caninos por diversos autores, incluyendo Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, P.G. Wodehouse, G.K. Chesterton, y Virginia Woolf. Con un prólogo de Gerald Durrell. Traducido del inglés. (Collection of classic tales about canines from various authors, including Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, P.G. Wodehouse, G.K. Chesterton, and Virginia Woolf. Prologue by Gerald Durrell.) 1997.

Querida Dra. Polo: Las Cartas Secretas de Caso Cerrado (Dear Dr. Polo: The Secret Letters of “Caso Cerrado”)
DB72958 7 horas 17 minutos
por Ana María Polo
leído por Sara Espinoza
Una colección de cartas enviadas a Ana María Polo, abogada y jueza de la televisión latinoamericana, que se consideraron muy explícitas o controversiales para su programa “Caso Cerrado”. Polo ofrece consejos sobre relaciones personales y varios asuntos legales. Lenguaje injurioso y descripciones de violencia y de índole sexual. (Letters sent to attorney and famed Latin American television judge Ana María Polo that were deemed too explicit or controversial to air on her show “Caso Cerrado.” Includes Polo’s advice on relationship and legal issues. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex.) 2010.

Las Luces de Septiembre (September Lights)
DB72970 7 horas 10 minutos
por Carlos Ruiz Zafón
leído por Maria Pino
Normandía, 1937. Irene y Dorian se mudan a un pueblo costero donde su madre encuentra trabajo en la mansión de un excéntrico fabricante de juguetes. Se encuentran en el centro de un misterio de luces extrañas en la niebla y creaciones que cobran vida. Para lectores de alta secundaria y mayores. (Normandy, 1937. Irene and Dorian move to a fishing village, where their mother works as a housekeeper in the mansion of a toymaker. The siblings find themselves in the middle of a mystery involving strange lights and animated creations. For junior and senior high and older readers.) 2007.

Helen Keller: Una Chica Valiente (Helen Keller: Girl of Courage)
DB70265 0 horas 47 minutos
por Francene Sabin y
Joanne Mattern
leído por Maria Pino
Relata la historia de Helen Keller, una niña estadounidense que sufrió una enfermedad en su infancia que la dejó ciega y sordomuda. Con la ayuda de su maestra, Annie Sullivan, aprendió a leer y escribir y se convirtió en una inspiración para el mundo. Para grados K-3. (Relates the life of Helen Keller, an American girl whose illness during early childhood left her blind, deaf, and mute. With the help of teacher Annie Sullivan, Helen learned to read and write and became an inspiration to the world. For grades K-3.) 2006.

Fe en Disfraz (Faith in Disguise)
DB72964 3 horas 2 minutos
por Mayra Santos-Febres
leído por Tony Chiroldes
Chicago. Martín Tirado y Fe Verdejo son académicos hispanos que trabajan con manuscritos originales acerca de la esclavitud en las Américas. Pero rápidamente desarrollan su propia relación compleja, con elementos potentes de sexo, raza, dominación, y disfraz, que reflejan sus investigaciónes académicas y tambien la violenta historia de las colonias. Lenguage injurioso y descripciones explícitas de índole sexual. (Chicago. Martín Tirado and Fe Verdejo are scholars who work with manuscripts about slavery. They quickly develop their own complex relationship—with elements of sex, dominance, and disguise—that mirrors their research and the violent history of colonial Latin America. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.) 2009.

En Busca de Klingsor (In Search of Klingsor)
DB70971 20 horas 52 minutos
por Jorge Volpi
leído por Alvaro Mendoza
El matemático Gustav Links relata la historia del teniente Francis P. Bacon, enviado por los aliados en los tribunales de Nuremberg para encontrar y llevar a la justicia a Klingsor, un científico atómico nazi. Con su conocimiento de la matemática y la física, Bacon tiene que encontrar el paradero del misterioso Klingsor con poca información. (The mathematician Gustav Links relates the story of Lieutenant Francis P. Bacon, whom the Allies dispatch to bring Klingsor, a Nazi atomic scientist, to justice during the Nuremberg Trials. Bacon must piece together Klingsor’s whereabouts with little information beyond his own knowledge of mathematics and physics.) 1999.

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