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Talking Book Topics July-August 2014

Volume 80, Number 4

About Talking Book Topics

Talking Book Topics is published bimonthly in audio, large-print, and online formats and distributed at no cost to blind and physically handicapped individuals who participate in the Library of Congress reading program. It lists digital audiobooks and magazines available through a network of cooperating libraries and covers news of developments and activities in network library services.

The annotated list in this issue is limited to titles recently added to the national collection, which contains thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles, including bestsellers, classics, biographies, romance novels, mysteries, and how-to guides. Some books in Spanish are also available. To explore the wide range of books in the national collection, access the NLS International Union Catalog online or contact your local cooperating library.

Talking Book Topics is available online in HTML at Talking Book Topics section and in downloadable audio files on the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service at

Library of Congress, Washington 2014
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ISSN 0039-9183

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Only send correspondence about editorial matters to: Communications and Outreach Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington DC, 20542-0002.

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Individuals registered for NLS music services may receive braille and large-print music scores, texts, and instructional recordings about music and musicians through the NLS Music Section.

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In Brief

New feature provides broader glimpse of NLS offerings

The NLS book collection covers a wide range of topics, which often remain unexplored because of the collection’s vast size. Patrons sometimes inquire about subjects they are interested in and are delighted to find that such books are available. With that thought in mind, the librarians who select books for the collection have agreed to contribute microbibliographies for periodic inclusion in this publication. Patrons can share their ideas for these short lists or other book-related queries.


International crime novels

Independent book publishers named June 2014 the second annual International Crime Month to launch the summer reading season. To kick-start your own summer reading, the NLS Collection Development Section suggests exploring this sampling of the growing fiction genre in the collection.

Books are listed by country and series

Inspector Hal Challis Series, Book 1
The Dragon Man by Gary Disher
Australia. Detective Inspector Hal Challis and the Waterloo police hunt a serial killer targeting young women along Old Peninsula Highway. Meanwhile, Challis deals with his wife—who was imprisoned for conspiring to murder him—and his attraction to a journalist. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1999.
DB 77438
Department Q Series, Book 1
The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen
After a traumatizing assignment, Copenhagen homicide detective Carl Mørck is shunted to the newly developed Department Q to work on cold cases. Mørck searches for long-missing politician Merete Lynggaard, who disappeared from a ferry, leaving behind her mute brother. Translated from Danish. Violence and strong language. 2011.
DB 77366
Charlie Zailer/Simon Waterhouse Series, Book 1
Little Face by Sophie Hannah
England. When Alice Fancourt returns to her mother-in-law’s estate after her first post-childbirth outing, she is shocked to find that her infant daughter was replaced with another baby while her husband napped. No one believes her, but detective Simon Waterhouse agrees to investigate. Strong language and some violence. 2006.
DB 73118
Dublin Murder Squad Series, Book 1
In the Woods by Tana French
Irish detective Rob Ryan and his partner Cassie Maddox investigate the murder of a twelve-year-old girl from Knocknaree at an archaeological site near Dublin. The crime’s similarities to the disappearances of Ryan’s best friends twenty years ago in the same woods cause him intense personal anguish. Strong language. 2007.
DB 66071
Detective Galileo Series, Book 1
The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
After Yasuko accidentally kills her abusive ex-husband, Yasuko’s secretly devoted neighbor, mathematics genius Ishigami, devises a complex plan to save Yasuko. But the police have an equally brilliant ally—Ishigami’s former university classmate Yukawa. Originally published in Japanese in 2005. Some violence and some strong language. ALA Award. 2011.
DB 74205
Harry Hole Series, Book 1
The Bat by Jo Nesbø
In this first Harry Hole novel, the Norwegian detective travels to Australia to observe the investigation of the murder of twenty-three-year-old Inger Holter, a former television host in Norway. Originally published in Norwegian in 1997. Violence and strong language. 2012.
DB 77081
Alex Morrow Series, Book 1
Still Midnight by Denise Mina
Three inept crooks storm the house of the Anwar family demanding to talk to “Bob.” They kidnap the shopkeeper father after accidentally shooting the teenage daughter. For Glasgow police detective Alex Morrow nothing adds up—from the huge ransom demand to the Anwars’ inconsistent statements. Violence and strong language. 2010.
DB 72533
South Africa
Benny Griessel Series, Book 1
Devil’s Peak by Deon Meyer
South Africa. Ex-mercenary Thobela Mpayipheli becomes a vigilante to avenge his son’s murder. Alcoholic detective Benny Griessel investigates Thobela’s killings. A prostitute who fears her drug-lord client will harm her daughter brings them together. Originally published in Afrikaans in 2004. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.
DB 75809
Joona Linna Series, Book 1
The Hypnotist by Lars Keplar
A teenager with multiple wounds survives his family’s brutal slaying. Detective Joona Linna convinces psychiatrist Erik Bark to hypnotize the boy to find information on the killer. The hypnotism unleashes a terrifying chain of events. Originally published in Swedish in 2009. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.
DB 74754
Various countries
Akashic Noir Series (collections of noir stories set in locations such as Barcelona, Havana, Istanbul, etc.)
Delhi Noir edited by Hirsh Sawhney
Fourteen tales of darkness and despair set in the capital of India. In Radhika Jha’s “How I Lost My Clothes” a consultant’s heroin habit leads to a life-altering night. Other contributors include Uday Prakash, Meera Nair, and Siddharth Chowdhury. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2009.
DB 78219


The following announcement may be of interest to readers. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped reserves the right to publish announcements selectively, as space permits. The items mentioned, however, are not part of the NLS program and their listings do not imply endorsement.

Free monthly telephone discussions on low-vision topics

The nonprofit organization BrightFocus offers free monthly telephone discussions for people with low vision. Previous chats have covered subjects such as remaining independent despite low vision, detecting early signs of macular degeneration, and using assistive devices for low vision. Participants must register online to take part in the discussions. For more information, go to External or call (301) 948-3244.

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Books for Adults

Books listed in this issue of Talking Book Topics were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books, including biographies, classics, westerns, mysteries, romances, and others.

Registered users can also immediately download all titls and magazines from
the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service at The free BARD Mobile app is available from Apple’s App store for reading audio and braille books on a personal iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To learn more about the collection or to sign up for BARD service contact your local cooperating library. Regional library telephone numbers are listed on the last pages of this magazine.

These books are listed alphabetically within the headings Adult Fiction and Adult Nonfiction by subject category, author last name, and title. For example the title War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy would be listed in Adult Fiction under the Classics subject category and by the last name Tolstoy.

Note: A notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of violence, strong language, or descriptions of sex. The word “some” before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in “some strong language.” Commercial audiobooks for which NLS does not have access to the print book may display the notice “unrated,” which means that the book may or may not contain violence, strong language, or descriptions of sex.

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Adult Fiction


A Different Kind of Honor: Lt. Cmdr. Peter Wake, U.S.N., in the War of the Pacific, 1879
DB75151 12 hours 36 minutes
by Robert N. Macomber
read by Ray Foushee
Lieutenant Commander Peter Wake serves as the official American naval observer during the War of the Pacific off the coast of South America, then goes to Panama, where the French are building a canal. Meanwhile Wake’s family struggles back in Washington, D.C. 2007.


A Dog’s Purpose
DB72218 8 hours 1 minute
by W. Bruce Cameron
read by Chuck Young
Through four lifetimes a dog finds his reason for being. His first experience is as a feral puppy. Reincarnated as a golden retriever, he bonds with an eight-year-old named Ethan. After returning to life as a K-9 unit German shepherd, his final journey reunites him with an aged Ethan. 2010.

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly
DB77919 3 hours 6 minutes
by Sun-mi Hwang
read by Margaret Strom
Sprout, an egg-laying hen, longs to escape from the coop, hatch an egg, and watch the birth of her chick. One day she breaks free into the wider world and learns to survive with other animals. Translated from Korean. 2013.

Blindness and Physical Handicaps

Girl, Stolen
DB71997 4 hours 45 minutes
by April Henry
read by Kate Kiley
Griffin steals a Cadillac Escalade SUV only to discover sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder huddled in the backseat. While Griffin tries to figure out what to do with her, Cheyenne attempts to escape, using her blindness to her advantage. Some strong language. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2010.

The Cardturner: A Novel about a King, a Queen, and a Joker
DB75148 7 hours 32 minutes
by Louis Sachar
read by Ken Jackson
Seventeen-year-old Alton turns cards for his wealthy uncle Lester, a champion bridge player who lost his vision to diabetes. Alton becomes intrigued by his eccentric relative, the game of bridge, and a mysterious girl. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2010.


Schmidt Steps Back
DB75612 14 hours 20 minutes
by Louis Begley
read by Gary Telles
Retired lawyer Schmidt is in love with Alice, the Parisian widow of a former colleague, with whom he has had an on-again, off-again affair. Meanwhile, he continues to struggle with his daughter Charlotte, whose in-laws want Schmidt’s fortune. Then tragedy strikes. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Invisible Mountain
DB75574 14 hours 55 minutes
by Carolina De Robertis
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Uruguay. On January 1, 1900, a lost infant, Pajarita, miraculously reappears. Her daughter Eva finds solace in poetry in the 1940s, and Pajarita’s granddaughter Salom‚ gets caught up in 1960s revolutionary fervor. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2009.

The Shortest Way Home
DB75933 13 hours 26 minutes
by Juliette Fay
read by Catherine Byers
After years of working abroad, Sean Doran returns home to Massachusetts at his sister’s insistence. He is ready for a break from nursing in some of the world’s poorest regions but ends up taking over the care of his aunt and nephew. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Ray of Hope
DB77398 9 hours 54 minutes
by Vanessa Davis Griggs
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Seventy-five-year-old Rayna “Ma Ray” Towers offers to take in her two rebellious teenaged granddaughters, Sahara and Crystal, for the summer when they become too much for their mother Lenora to handle. The girls don’t have a clue about what they are in for. 2011.

The Elephant Keepers’ Children
DB75695 13 hours 48 minutes
by Peter Høeg
read by Kirby Heyborne
Fourteen-year-old Peter and his older siblings, Hans and Tilte, travel from the isle of Finø to Copenhagen in search of their parents. The fundamentalist preacher and his wife are known for staging “miracles” to entice new parishioners, and their children fear the worst. Translated from Danish. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Last Summer of the Camperdowns
DB78019 10 hours 46 minutes
by Elizabeth Kelly
read by Mare Trevathan
Cape Cod, 1972. Thirteen-year-old Riddle Camperdown falls for Harry Devlin, the son of her father’s army buddy Michael, the same summer that Riddle’s father runs for political office. Then Harry’s brother disappears, and Riddle keeps secrets about what she knows happened. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

Rejoice: Redemption Series, Book 4
DB74538 13 hours 7 minutes
by Karen Kingsbury
read by Carol Dines
Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Brooke Baxter West and her husband Peter struggle in their marriage. Peter finds solace in prescription drugs after the couple’s three-year-old daughter Hayley is left brain-damaged by a near-drowning. Brooke tries to set a course for her life and turns to God. 2004.

DB78139 22 hours 7 minutes
by Leila Meacham
read by Teresa DeBerry
Silas Toliver and Jeremy Warwick, the sons of South Carolina plantation owners, migrate to Texas in 1835. Silas, who was written out of his father’s will, agrees to marry a neighbor’s abolitionist daughter in exchange for cash to finance his trip. Prequel to Roses (DB 70654). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

The Secret Keeper
DB75668 19 hours 58 minutes
by Kate Morton
read by Caroline Lee
England. In the 1960s teenager Laurel Nicolson witnessed her mother Dorothy stab a man to death. Decades later Laurel, now a renowned actress, visits her senile ninety-year-old mother and begins to research the matriarch’s complicated past. Some violence. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Salt God’s Daughter
DB75750 9 hours 49 minutes
by Ilie Ruby
read by Mare Trevathan
Sisters Ruthie and Dolly drift with their mother, a free spirit who plans her life around an almanac, until her death leaves them in the care of nuns. Decades later, Ruthie’s daughter tries to unravel the story of her own parentage. Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Sins of the Mother
DB75670 12 hours 1 minute
by Danielle Steel
read by Cassandra Campbell
Olivia Grayson, the head of a successful home-furnishings corporation, regrets not spending more time with her children—Cass, Liz, John, and Phillip—who are now all grown adults. Instead Olivia plans a lavish family vacation every year that she hopes will compensate for her absence. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Beach Trees
DB74348 14 hours 51 minutes
by Karen White
read by Jill Fox
Julie Holt becomes the guardian of her late friend Monica’s five-year-old son Beau and inherits a beach house in Biloxi, Mississippi. While introducing Beau to Monica’s estranged family in New Orleans, Julie gradually rebuilds her life—and discovers why Monica had left home. 2011.


Everworld: Inside the Illusion, Understand the Unknown, Mystify the Magician, Entertain the End
DB75346 20 hours 19 minutes
by K.A. Applegate
read by Saskia Maarleveld
Final four volumes of a twelve-book series. David, Christopher, April, and Jalil continue their dangerous adventures in the strange parallel world of Everworld and still search for answers. Will they find Senna and return to their own world? For junior and senior high and older readers. 2000.

The Hum and the Shiver
DB78121 8 hours 19 minutes
by Alex Bledsoe
read by Mare Trevathan
When injured war hero Bronwyn Hyatt returns home to Needsville, Tennessee, she is confronted with omens of death. As she tries to uncover the hidden threat, she develops a relationship with Craig Chess, the new pastor at the Methodist church. Strong language and some violence. 2011.

The Last Dark: The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 4
DB77614 28 hours 27 minutes
by Stephen R. Donaldson
read by Gary Tipton
The events of Against All Things Ending (DB 72902) reunited Jeremiah and Linden Avery but left the land still endangered by the Worm of the World’s End and She Who Must Not Be Named. Thomas Covenant and Linden must join their powers before time is unmade. Some violence. 2013.

A Kingdom Besieged: The Chaoswar Saga, Book 1
DB75146 11 hours 23 minutes
by Raymond E. Feist
read by Michael Scherer
With rumors of an attack from Kesh thick on the ground, the king commands Henry, Duke of Crydee, to muster an army. But a threat arises from another quarter when a forgotten enemy emerges in a distant land. Violence and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Woman Who Died a Lot: Now with 50 Percent Added Subplot
DB75770 10 hours 34 minutes
by Jasper Fforde
read by Mary Kane
Literary detective Thursday Next is hired as head of Swindon’s All-You-Can-Eat-at-Fatso’s Drink Not Included Library Service instead of her beloved SO-27 unit. The annoyingly perfect Phoebe Smalls—a Thursday wanna-be—gets SO-27. Thursday must also deal with her son Friday’s Letter of Destiny, duplicate Thursdays, and assassination attempts. Some violence. 2012.

DB78125 7 hours 47 minutes
by Karsten Knight
read by Kristin Allison
Reincarnated volcano goddess Ash must stop trickster god Colt, her ex-boyfriend, from bringing back the vicious goddess Pele and other banished evil deities. Sequel to Embers and Echoes (DB 76603). Violence and strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Changes: Collegium Chronicles, Volume 3
DB75140 10 hours 29 minutes
by Mercedes Lackey
read by L.J. Ganser
Sequel to Intrigues (DB 73627). Herald Nikolas, the King’s Own, decides to train Mags as a spy. Mags assists Nikolas at the pawnshop that he runs as a cover for collecting information—and soon uncovers a plot against the kingdom. 2011.

Redoubt: Collegium Chronicles, Volume 4
DB75711 10 hours 44 minutes
by Mercedes Lackey
read by L.J. Ganser
Since the events in Changes (DB 75140), Mags has been elevated to partner of Herald Nikolas, the King’s Own. After working in their covert pawnshop by himself one night, Mags is kidnapped. He must use his wits to escape and outsmart his foes. Some violence. 2012.

Crown of Midnight: A Throne of Glass Novel
DB77500 13 hours 49 minutes
by Sarah J. Maas
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Assassin Celaena Sardothien hides her true feelings about working for the king of Adarlan. But when tragedy strikes, she must decide where her loyalties lie. Sequel to Throne of Glass (DB 76152). Violence and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Dragon’s Time
DB75427 11 hours 25 minutes
by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
The plague that ravaged Pern’s dragons has ended, but too few remain to defend the skies from Thread. Desperate to find more dragons, Lorana travels forward and backward in time, leading Fiona and others on a jump between time at great personal cost. Some violence. 2011.

Sky Dragons
DB75585 12 hours 31 minutes
by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
After the events of Dragon’s Time (DB 75427), Xhinna leads the remnants of Eastern Weyr deeper into the past. Though female and a bluerider, she becomes Weyrleader—and is determined to protect the precious young dragons in her charge until they mature enough to defend Pern from Thread. 2012.

Discount Armageddon: An InCryptid Novel
DB74832 12 hours 17 minutes
by Seanan McGuire
read by Theresa Conkin
Cryptozoologist Verity Price is surveying the monsters in New York City when she stumbles across Dominic De Luca, a member of her family’s rival, the Covenant. Verity must locate a sleeping dragon before Dominic does—and find time to win a ballroom-dance competition. Violence and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Rex Regis
DB78093 16 hours 29 minutes
by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
read by Michael Scherer
After the events of Antiagon Fire (DB 77044), Bhayar, Quaeryt, and Vaelora await word of whether the land of Khel will accept Bhayar’s rule. Meanwhile, Quaeryt focuses on his plans for building an academy for imagers. But treason threatens both ventures. Some violence. 2013.

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword of Avalon
DB75461 20 hours 43 minutes
by Diana L. Paxson
read by Jill Ferris
Anderle, Lady of Avalon, saves the baby Mikantor—the prophesized Son of a Hundred Kings—from death during a raid by a traitor. She hides him, but then he goes missing. When Mikantor returns as a man, he is ready to take up his destiny. Violence and some descriptions of sex. 2009.

The Bone Season
DB77499 16 hours 10 minutes
by Samantha Shannon
read by Erin Jones
2059. In a world where clairvoyant powers carry a death sentence, nineteen-year-old dreamwalker Paige Mahoney works for a crime lord—until she is arrested for murder. Expecting to be executed, Paige instead awakens among the Rephaim, otherworldly creatures who train captive clairvoyants for their own purposes. Some violence. 2013.

Among Others
DB74897 10 hours 54 minutes
by Jo Walton
read by Jill Tanner
1979. After a dangerous confrontation with her unstable mother, science-fiction fanatic Mori Phelps injures her leg—and loses her twin sister. Mori’s father sends her to boarding school, where she discovers fairies and begins to practice magic. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Nebula Award. 2010.

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Boxer, Beetle
DB77571 8 hours 2 minutes
by Ned Beauman
read by Michael Kramer
London. Nazi memorabilia collector Kevin Broom discovers the body of a private investigator—and, hidden in the man’s freezer, a note written by Adolph Hitler. That leads Broom to uncover details of the relationship between a Jewish boxer and a eugenics-obsessed entomologist in the 1930s. Strong language and some violence. 2010.

The Elementals
DB75630 7 hours 55 minutes
by Francesca Lia Block
read by Mare Trevathan
Freshman Ariel Silverman enters Berkeley haunted by the news of her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and the disappearance of her best friend Jeni, who vanished last year while visiting the university. Ariel searches for Jeni and discovers new experiences. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Last First Day
DB78020 10 hours 3 minutes
by Carrie Brown
read by Jill Ferris
As Ruth’s husband Peter prepares to retire from his headmaster position at a New England boarding school for boys, Ruth reflects on the years leading up to this moment—and worries about what the future holds. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Childhood of Jesus
DB77588 7 hours 59 minutes
by J.M. Coetzee
read by Bruce Huntey
Sailing to a new land, five-year-old David is separated from his mother. Simón, a fellow passenger, takes custody of David, and together they navigate a new culture and language—and a world that seems set against them. 2013.

DB75757 12 hours 22 minutes
by Elin Hilderbrand
read by Mare Trevathan
Nantucket. Seventeen-year-old Penny is killed while driving home from a high school graduation party. Penny’s twin brother Hobby, boyfriend Jake, and girlfriend Demeter are also in the car. The accident has widespread repercussions on their small community and reveals secrets. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Best of Everything
DB74686 17 hours 0 minutes
by Rona Jaffe
read by Erin Jones
Manhattan, 1952. College grad Caroline, Colorado country girl April, and struggling actress Gregg work in a typing pool at a publishing house while dreaming of success and romance. The young women cope with a lack of funds, sexual harassment, and the male-dominated workforce. Some descriptions of sex. 1958.

DB77647 16 hours 8 minutes
by John Lanchester
read by Julian Elfer
London, 2007. The residents of posh Pepys Road begin receiving postcards with pictures of their homes along with the note “We want what you have.” Their various circumstances make the postcards all the more ominous, and a looming financial crisis threatens them all. Some strong language. 2012.

Say Nice Things about Detroit
DB75697 6 hours 17 minutes
by Scott Lasser
read by Kevin Kenerly
Middle-aged attorney David Halpert returns to Detroit to assist his aging parents. When he learns that his high school girlfriend Natalie and her black half brother, a retired FBI agent, have been murdered, David reconnects with Natalie’s sister Carolyn. Some violence and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

That Part Was True
DB78140 5 hours 51 minutes
by Deborah McKinlay
read by various narrators
After wealthy British recluse Eve writes to bestselling American author Jackson, the two become affectionate pen pals. As each offers counsel to the other, they both begin to confront their problems. But when they plan a rendezvous in Paris, timid Eve fears it can never happen. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

DB75746 8 hours 31 minutes
by Lydia Millet
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
After discovering her infidelity, Susan’s husband goes to Central America—where he is killed. Susan moves into a recently inherited house filled with taxidermy and tries to sort out her feelings, while her daughter, who is paraplegic, starts a new relationship. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Up Jumps the Devil
DB75005 11 hours 41 minutes
by Michael Poore
read by David Hartley-Margolin
2005. John Scratch, AKA the devil, has his own reality show, where he offers people the deals of a lifetime. When John is shot after a deal gone bad, he reminisces about various events in his life—and his lost love. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

DB77180 15 hours 59 minutes
by Curtis Sittenfeld
read by Kimberly Schraf
Identical twins Kate and Vi lead divergent lives in St. Louis. After an earthquake, psychic Vi claims to have seen a larger earthquake coming. Meanwhile suburban housewife and mother Kate finds her stable, normal life disrupted. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

DB71921 10 hours 21 minutes
by E.O. Wilson
read by Chuck Young
A young environmental lawyer with a long attachment to Alabama’s Nokobee wilderness—and its warring ant colonies—decides to protect the land by representing the rapacious property developers who want it. Meanwhile, religious fanatics prove territorial violence is not solely the province of ants. Some violence and some strong language. 2010.


True Love
DB77350 16 hours 46 minutes
by Jude Deveraux
read by J. Michael McCullough
Alix Madsen inherits the use of a historic Nantucket home for a year. It comes with a bonus: architect Jared Montgomery Kingsley, who communes with his fifth-great-grandfather’s ghost and lives in the guesthouse. Alix and Jared connect romantically as they solve a family mystery. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Beautiful Chaos
DB75629 17 hours 20 minutes
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
read by Erik Sandvold
Swarms of locusts, record-breaking heat, and devastating storms ravage Gatlin as Ethan and Lena struggle to understand the aftereffects of Lena’s Claiming. Meanwhile, her family members’ supernatural abilities are beginning to misfire dangerously—and Ethan’s memory is failing. Sequel to Beautiful Darkness (DB 72478). For senior high and older readers. 2011.

Historical Fiction

Tuscan Rose
DB78015 20 hours 2 minutes
by Belinda Alexandra
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Florence, Italy. A baby girl is left on the steps of a convent in 1914. Fifteen years later, Rosa leaves the nuns to work as a governess to an aristocrat’s daughter. As the Fascists come to power, Rosa faces many hardships. Violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.

The Sins of the Father: The Clifton Chronicles, Volume 2
DB74875 8 hours 59 minutes
by Jeffrey Archer
read by Jack Fox
1939 to 1945. Henry Clifton, in America under an assumed name, is imprisoned because the man whose identity he took was a deserter. Henry’s family and friends presume he is dead and throw themselves into the war effort. Sequel to Only Time Will Tell (DB 73852). Violence and some strong language. 2012.

All the Truth That’s in Me
DB78085 6 hours 44 minutes
by Julie Berry
read by Kristin Allison
Judith and her best friend disappear for two years without a trace. One day Judith returns, scarred and with her tongue cut out. The townsfolk want to know what happened, but she is afraid to share the truth. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

The Bartender’s Tale
DB75428 15 hours 41 minutes
by Ivan Doig
read by Jim Zeiger
Rural Montana, 1960. Twelve-year-old Rusty lives with his single father Tom, a bartender, at their saloon. Then a woman from Tom’s past—and her suspiciously familiar-looking daughter—come to town bringing changes. Meanwhile, Rusty and new girl Zoe connect in ways he didn’t expect. Some strong language. 2012.

Sweet Thunder
DB77379 10 hours 20 minutes
by Ivan Doig
read by Chuck Young
1920. Morris Morgan, from The Whistling Season (DB 63216), returns to Butte, Montana, with his wife Grace after they inherit a home there. As their finances dwindle Morris writes for a local newspaper and is caught up in a fracas between a mine owner and his workers. 2013.

The Stockholm Octavo
DB75660 14 hours 49 minutes
by Karen Engelmann
read by Andy Pyle
Stockholm, 1789. Emil Larsson, an official with the Office of Customs and Excise, enjoys his bachelor life. Mrs. Sparrow, the proprietress of the local gambling den, reads Emil’s fortune in the cards one night and tells him he must gather eight people to help realize his destiny. Strong language. 2012.

The Age of Desire
DB75581 14 hours 48 minutes
by Jennie Fields
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
In this fictionalized biography, Edith Wharton’s novels about America’s privileged classes have made her the toast of literary society in 1907 Paris. She meets young journalist Morton Fullerton and their ensuing affair soon threatens Edith’s relationships with her husband Teddy and her former-governess-turned-literary-secretary Anna. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Tilted World
DB77610 9 hours 39 minutes
by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly
read by Jack Fox
Mississippi, 1927. During historic floods, federal revenue agents Ham Johnson and Ted Ingersoll search for fellow agents who disappeared while trailing a bootlegger. Ingersoll finds a baby at a crime scene and meets Dixie Clay Holliver, a woman hiding secrets. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Midwife of Hope River
DB76906 15 hours 7 minutes
by Patricia Harman
read by Barbara Rappaport
1930s. Wanted in two states, widow Patience Murphy moved to West Virginia two years ago to hide her past as a union organizer. Working as a midwife, Patience takes in black teenager Bitsy and assists veterinarian Dr. Hester. Then the Ku Klux Klan shows up. Some strong language. 2012.

Children and Fire
DB74789 6 hours 32 minutes
by Ursula Hegi
read by Erin Jones
Burgdorf, Germany; 1934. Thekla Jansen, a devoted boys’ school fourth-grade teacher, regrets the moral compromises she makes during Hitler’s rise to power. She rues encouraging her charges—especially ten-year-old Bruno—to join the Hitler-Jugend, betraying her beloved teacher Fräulein Siderova, and hiding the truth about her birth. 2011.

The Snow Child
DB75862 10 hours 0 minutes
by Eowyn Ivey
read by Mary Kane
Still grieving over their stillborn child, middle-aged couple Mabel and Jack left a comfortable Pennsylvania life in 1918 to homestead in Alaska. Two years later, after building a snowchild, they see glimpses of a young girl who appears to live in the woods. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2012.

The Invention of Wings
DB78079 14 hours 30 minutes
by Sue Monk Kidd
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Charleston, 1803. Eleven-year-old Sarah Grimk‚ is given a ten-year-old slave girl named Handful as a gift. They become close friends and are both punished when Handful learns to read. Sarah grows up to become an abolitionist, and Handful retains her independent spirit. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2014.

Freud’s Mistress
DB77381 12 hours 39 minutes
by Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman
read by Barbara Rappaport
Vienna, 1895. Minna Bernays loses her position as a lady’s companion and is taken in by her sister Martha Freud to help care for Martha’s six children. Minna begins a friendship with Martha’s husband, Sigmund, which progresses into something more. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

My Notorious Life
DB77911 14 hours 45 minutes
by Kate Manning
read by Mare Trevathan
New York City, 1860. Twelve-year-old Axie Muldoon comes to the attention of the Children’s Aid Society. Sent west with her siblings on the orphan train, Axie is apprenticed to a doctor. She grows up to become a medical specialist in women’s concerns—but is on the run from the law. 2013.

Belle Cora
DB78124 26 hours 9 minutes
by Phillip Margulies
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
In this fictional autobiography, based on a suppositious rediscovered memoir, Frances Andersen recounts her childhood in 1800s New York, becoming an orphan, and her years as a prostitute and madam before establishing herself as a respectable member of society. Recalls the love of her life. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2014.

Red Sorghum
DB75653 13 hours 26 minutes
by Mo Yan
read by Gregory Maupin
An unnamed Chinese narrator tells the story of his family as they struggle to survive war with Japan and later rule by the Communist Party. Through it all, they work to keep their distillery open. Translated from Chinese. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Nobel Prize. 1988.

DB75594 14 hours 14 minutes
by J.R. Moehringer
read by Ray Foushee
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter’s fictionalized take on the life of bank robber Willie Sutton begins with the sixty-eight-year-old’s release from prison in 1969. Sutton spends the next day with a writer and reminisces about his career as an outlaw-turned-folk-hero, his years behind bars, and his one true love. Strong language. 2012.

The Book of Madness and Cures
DB74790 10 hours 26 minutes
by Regina O’Melveny
read by Jill Fox
Venice, 1590. Gabriella Mondini has received another letter from her physician father, ten years after he left her and her mother. Tired of feeling abandoned, Gabriella sets out to trace his movements through his old letters. Along the way, she learns about the art of medicine. 2012.

DB75490 11 hours 34 minutes
by Stefan Petrucha
read by Jason Culp
1895, New York. While searching for his birth father, fourteen-year-old orphan Carver is adopted by detective Albert Hawking of the Pinkerton Agency. But Hawking is pursuing the notorious killer Jack the Ripper, and Carver discovers that some things are better left alone. Violence. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

The Mask Carver’s Son
DB77613 11 hours 56 minutes
by Alyson Richman
read by Alec Volz
Yamamato Kiyoki leaves Japan to explore the wonders of the Parisian art world at the end of the nineteenth century. His father Ryusei, a master mask carver, doesn’t understand why his son does not want to follow in his footsteps. Kiyoki experiences culture shock. 2000.

The Midnight Palace
DB75633 8 hours 9 minutes
by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
read by Ray Childs
Calcutta, 1930s. Separated as babies, twins Ben and Sheere are reunited at age sixteen. When a mysterious man threatens them, the siblings must confront an unspeakable terror with the help of a secret society of fellow orphans. Originally published in Spanish. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2011.

A Sport and a Pastime
DB77928 6 hours 34 minutes
by James Salter
read by Jeff Woodman
France, 1950s. An unnamed narrator reveals the intimate relationship between American college dropout Phillip Dean and French waitress Anne-Marie. Dean is focused on living in the present while Anne-Marie dreams of the future. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 1967.

DB74729 15 hours 36 minutes
by Esmeralda Santiago
read by Annie Wauters
1844. Ana Larragoity Cubillas arrives in Puerto Rico with her husband Ramøn, his twin brother Inocente, and sister-in-law Elena. In their countryside hacienda their relationships and fortunes rise and fall amid the harsh realities of plantation life. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. 2011.

A Blaze of Glory: A Novel of the Battle of Shiloh
DB74922 15 hours 52 minutes
by Jeff Shaara
read by Jack Fox
After his victory at Fort Donelson, Union general Ulysses S. Grant is on the move to Nashville and points south. He is after Confederate general Albert Sidney Johnston—who learns of Grant’s plans and launches a surprise attack on Grant’s troops at Shiloh. Violence. Bestseller. 2012.

The Anarchist
DB71871 9 hours 55 minutes
by John Smolens
read by Conrad Feininger
September 1901. President McKinley travels to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo to deliver a speech. Leon Czolgosz, a young Polish American anarchist, plots to shoot McKinley while Pinkerton detectives and their informants work to protect the president. Based on historical events. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2009.

The Visionist
DB78013 12 hours 10 minutes
by Rachel Urquhart
read by various narrators
Fifteen-year-old Polly Kimball sets fire to the family farm, killing her abusive father. The family flees and Polly’s mother indentures Polly and her brother to the local Shaker community. There Polly is declared to be a visionist, but not everyone believes that she is blessed. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

The Painted Bridge
DB75751 10 hours 34 minutes
by Wendy Wallace
read by Gabriella Cavallero
1859. Newly married Anna Palmer is committed to Lake House, a private asylum, by her husband Vincent. Anna struggles to leave while confronting ghosts from her past and connecting with young doctor Lucas St. Clair. 2012.


On Christmas Eve: A Cape Light Novel
DB75583 10 hours 0 minutes
by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
read by Kristin Allison
Divorced caterer Betty Bowman is busy preparing parties during the holiday season, when she befriends a professional Santa Claus at an event, and they begin dating. Meanwhile, nurse Lucy Bates becomes a temporary guardian to homeless teen Zoey—much to the dismay of Lucy’s husband. 2010.

Human Relationships

The Middlesteins
DB75799 6 hours 23 minutes
by Jami Attenberg
read by Mare Trevathan
Attorney Edie Middlestein’s love of eating leads to health problems and family strife. Edie’s husband announces his plans for divorce between her two stent surgeries, while her daughter, son, and daughter-in-law try to save Edie in different ways. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Dying to Know You
DB75634 5 hours 51 minutes
by Aidan Chambers
read by John Haag
When his girlfriend Fiorella asks eighteen-year-old Karl, who is dyslexic, to write a letter revealing his inner secrets, Karl approaches a novelist for help. But Karl’s inability to be honest with Fiorella has unintended consequences. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

The Universe versus Alex Woods
DB78141 10 hours 5 minutes
by Gavin Extence
read by Joe Thomas
Seventeen-year-old Alex Woods has suffered from epilepsy and bullying since he was struck by a meteorite when he was ten. When he takes the rap for damaging his reclusive neighbor Mr. Peterson’s greenhouse, Alex and Mr. Peterson bond over the works of Kurt Vonnegut. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Alex Award. 2013.

Dead Ends
DB77937 7 hours 7 minutes
by Erin Jade Lange
read by Mark Delgado
Dane, a bully, gets caught fighting at school again and is assigned to work with Billy D., who has Down syndrome. A friendship forms, and Billy D. enlists Dane’s help to find Billy’s missing father. Violence and strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Pictures of You
DB75565 11 hours 27 minutes
by Caroline Leavitt
read by Faith Potts
Photographer Isabelle crashes into April’s stopped car on a foggy road, killing April but sparing April’s son Sam. April’s grieving husband doesn’t understand why his wife was three hours from home with a suitcase—or why Sam is drawn to traumatized Isabelle. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

Darius and Twig
DB77864 4 hours 15 minutes
by Walter Dean Myers
read by Erik Sandvold
Best friends Darius, a writer, and Twig, a runner, deal with bullies, family problems, and gangs while hanging on to their dreams of getting out of Harlem and going to college. Some violence and some strong language. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

Now I’ll Tell You Everything
DB77612 14 hours 7 minutes
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
read by Kerry Dukin
Series finale follows Alice’s life from her years at the University of Maryland into adulthood. As Alice grows up, she and her friends experience romance, weddings, careers, and childbirth. Some descriptions of sex. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2013.

This Must Be the Place
DB71998 14 hours 45 minutes
by Kate Racculia
read by Celeste Lawson
Sixteen years ago, fifteen-year-old friends Mona and Amy ran away to Ocean City. Months later Amy continued on to California, and Mona returned to Ruby Falls, New York, with newborn Oneida. Now Amy dies—and a clue leads her husband Arthur to Mona. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2010.

DB75283 5 hours 46 minutes
by Amy Reed
read by Erin Jones
Connor and Izzy, two teens who met as counselors at a summer art camp in the Pacific Northwest, keep in touch through e-mails. As their communications continue, Connor becomes increasingly worried about Izzy’s mental state. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

The African Shore
DB77695 3 hours 6 minutes
by Rodrigo Rey Rosa
read by Andy Pyle
Tangier. A mysterious owl connects two men: a shepherd who dreams of migrating to Spain while doing odd jobs at night for his uncle and a Colombian tourist who wanders the city while waiting to reclaim his passport. Translated from Spanish. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Golden Boy
DB77940 9 hours 45 minutes
by Tara Sullivan
read by Joe Peck
Thirteen-year-old Habo’s family moves to Mwanza, Tanzania, seeking refuge with his mother’s sister—only to learn that in Mwanza, people kill albinos like Habo for luck. Terrified, Habo flees to Dar es Salaam and builds a life there. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

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DB77655 9 hours 49 minutes
by Chuck Palahniuk
read by Jill Fox
After eight months in Hell, thirteen-year-old Madison Spencer, from Damned (DB 74040), has been sent to Purgatory a.k.a. Earth. As a ghost, Madison encounters her long-deceased grandmother Minnie, who is none too happy about her own burial. Then the secrets of Madison’s relationship to Satan are revealed. Strong language. 2013.

Legal Themes

Standup Guy
DB78074 6 hours 40 minutes
by Stuart Woods
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Stone Barrington’s latest client—fresh out of Sing Sing—wants advice about the stolen money he inherited from his cellmate. But it turns out a lot of other people are after the money. Meanwhile, Barrington’s friend, retired CIA director and First Lady Kate Lee, considers the presidency. Strong language. Bestseller. 2014.

Medical Themes

DB77748 10 hours 8 minutes
by Danielle Steel
read by Joe Peck
Seventeen-year-old champion skier Lily Thomas is paralyzed in an accident despite the best efforts of neurosurgeon Jessie Matthews, who endures her own tragedy that same day. As Lily adjusts to a new way of life, her father Bill establishes a rehabilitation center for young people with spinal-cord injuries. 2013.

Mystery and Detective

The Broken Teaglass
DB75527 12 hours 30 minutes
by Emily Arsenault
read by Erik Sandvold
While working on a new edition of the Samuelson Company dictionary, two young employees discover odd citations from a book called The Broken Teaglass. The book doesn’t appear to exist—and the excerpts tell a story involving the Samuelson Company and a murder. Some violence and some strong language. 2009.

Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby: A Spenser Novel
DB74761 7 hours 56 minutes
by Ace Atkins
read by Joe Wilson
Streetwise fourteen-year-old Mattie hires wisecracking PI Spenser to find her mother’s killers. Four years ago a friend of her mom’s was arrested for the crime despite Mattie’s insistence that she can identify the two men responsible. Violence and strong language. 2012.

DB75677 6 hours 20 minutes
by Peter Bowen
read by Joe Wilson
A California cult that calls itself the Host of Yahweh purchases a cattle ranch near Toussaint, Montana, as a compound to practice secret rites. When the FBI links the cult to several murders, part-time lawman Gabriel Du Pr‚ cautiously helps the investigation. Strong language and some violence. 2003.

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches: A Flavia de Luce Novel
DB78081 7 hours 30 minutes
by Alan Bradley
read by Kristin Allison
1951. After the corpse of Flavia’s long-missing mother is discovered in a glacier, young Flavia, her family, and mourners—including Winston Churchill—await the coffin’s arrival at the train station. A stranger makes a cryptic remark to Flavia—and then is pushed to his death. Flavia investigates. 2014.

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows: A Flavia de Luce Novel
DB75745 6 hours 43 minutes
by Alan Bradley
read by Kristin Allison
England, 1950. Eleven-year-old Flavia plans to spend the holiday investigating whether Father Christmas is real. But when her cash-strapped father rents out their mansion for a movie shoot and someone is murdered, Flavia finds herself with a more important mystery to solve—and a house full of suspects to consider. 2011.

Disturbance: An Irene Kelly Novel
DB74772 9 hours 53 minutes
by Jan Burke
read by Gabra Zackman
Imprisoned serial killer Nick Parrish recovers from paralysis and vows to come after reporter Irene Kelly, who thwarted Parrish’s escape attempt in Bones (DB 50393). Meanwhile, a group of half brothers learn Parrish is their father and decide to carry on his work. Some violence and some strong language. 2011.

Out of Sight, Out of Time
DB77611 6 hours 56 minutes
by Ally Carter
read by Abigail Maupin
Cammie runs away to protect her loved ones from the Circle of Cavan but ends up in a convent with amnesia. She returns home with more questions than answers. Sequel to Only the Good Spy Young (DB 76102). Some violence. For junior and senior high readers. 2012.

The Best American Mystery Stories, 2011
DB77907 16 hours 20 minutes
edited by Harlan Coben
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Twenty previously published tales of mystery, crime, and suspense. In Joe R. Lansdale’s “The Stars Are Falling,” a long-absent man returns home to a fatal surprise. Includes selections written by S.J. Rozan, Lawrence Block, Ed Gorman, and Loren D. Estleman. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Best American Mystery Stories, 2012
DB77908 17 hours 46 minutes
edited by Robert Crais
read by Joe Wilson
Previously published works of mystery, crime, and suspense, including pieces by Charles Todd, Mary Gaitskill, T. Jefferson Parker, and seventeen other authors. In Tom Andes’s “The Hit,” a man hires someone to kill his wife, but it all goes wrong. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

DB77505 11 hours 21 minutes
by Garry Disher
read by John Polk
Australia. While reluctantly accompanying her husband to some spouse-swapping orgies, therapist Janine McQuarrie takes cell-phone pictures of the participants that she later anonymously mails to them. When Janine is murdered, DI Challis’s investigation is hampered by Janine’s father-in-law—Superintendent McQuarrie. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2005.

Whispering Death
DB77760 11 hours 6 minutes
by Garry Disher
read by John Polk
A young woman travels throughout Australia systematically burgling expensive houses and stashing her loot in a Waterloo bank box. Meanwhile, DI Challis and his detectives try to identify a rapist posing as a cop who is terrorizing the area. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Cat in a Topaz Tango: A Midnight Louie Mystery
DB74587 13 hours 50 minutes
by Carole Nelson Douglas
read by J.P. Linton
Las Vegas. Temple Barr’s fiancé Matt Devine, a radio talk-show host, enters the “Dancing with the Celebs” charity event. But Matt and his dance partner Mariah, daughter of policewoman C.R. Molina, are soon in danger when a madman starts murdering the contestants. Temple’s cat Midnight Louie investigates. 2009.

Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme: A Midnight Louie Mystery
DB74675 12 hours 14 minutes
by Carole Nelson Douglas
read by J.P. Linton
While her fiancé‚ Matt is in Chicago, Temple promotes a gangster-themed tourist attraction in Las Vegas. But a dead body sends Temple and her cat Midnight Louie into sleuth mode. Meanwhile, both Temple’s ex-lover Max—who is suffering from amnesia in Ireland—and Matt have surprises for her. 2010.

Black Seconds
DB77832 7 hours 45 minutes
by Karin Fossum
read by Jack Fox
Norway. Helga Joner’s nine-year-old daughter Ida rides her new bike to the corner shop to buy a magazine and chewing gum—but never returns. Puzzled by the lack of clues, Inspector Konrad Sejer soon realizes this is not a typical missing-child case. Originally published in Norwegian in 2002. Strong language. 2007.

Don’t Look Back
DB77654 8 hours 5 minutes
by Karin Fossum
read by Jack Fox
While investigating a child’s disappearance, Inspector Sejer learns that a teenager’s body has been found near the same village. Who would have killed well-liked Annie Holland, stripped her naked, and covered her with a jacket? Translated from Norwegian. Strong language and some violence. 2002.

Eva’s Eye
DB77587 8 hours 7 minutes
by Karin Fossum
read by Jack Fox
Inspector Sejer investigates the cases of a prostitute smothered in her bed and a man stabbed to death and found in a river. Divorced struggling artist Eva Magnus is linked to both investigations. Originally published in Norwegian in 1995. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

He Who Fears the Wolf
DB78089 9 hours 25 minutes
by Karin Fossum
read by Patrick Downer
Provincial Norway. Two of Inspector Sejer’s cases merge when a fleeing bank robber meets Errki, a mentally disturbed man accused of killing a woman at her home in the woods. Meanwhile, widower Sejer is drawn to Errki’s therapist. Translated from Norwegian. Violence and strong language. 2003.

Gone, No Forwarding: A DKA File Novel
DB75539 7 hours 34 minutes
by Joe Gores
read by Joe Wilson
Dan Kearney Associates, private investigators who repossess cars and collect old debts in the San Francisco area, are in big trouble: California authorities are after the firm’s license over an “irregular” case. Kearney’s staff dodges killers while searching for a witness who can refute the misconduct charges. Strong language. 1978.

Stakeout on Page Street and Other DKA Files
DB75705 7 hours 53 minutes
by Joe Gores
read by Gregory Gorton
Originally published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine from 1967 to 1989, these twelve stories introduce the PIs and repo men of Dan Kearny Associates—DKA. Includes the author’s account of the way his own experience “thugging cars” led to the DKA series. Some violence and some strong language. 2000.

W Is for Wasted
DB77507 18 hours 4 minutes
by Sue Grafton
read by Mitzi Friedlander
1988. PI Kinsey Millhone has two dead men to deal with. One is unscrupulous Pete Wolinsky, a fellow California PI who was gunned down. The other is a homeless man carrying Kinsey’s name and number. Kinsey finds surprising links between the two cases—and to her. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Murder in Montparnasse: A Phryne Fisher Mystery
DB74379 8 hours 17 minutes
by Kerry Greenwood
read by Stephanie Daniel
Australia, 1928. Bert and Cec, soldiers who unknowingly witnessed a murder in post-WWI Paris, ask Phryne Fisher to look into the suspicious deaths of two comrades. During her investigation, Phryne confronts her own repressed memories. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2002.

A Room Full of Bones: A Ruth Galloway Mystery
DB75489 10 hours 26 minutes
by Elly Griffiths
read by Suzanne Toren
When forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway goes to the Smith Museum to supervise the opening of the coffin of a fourteenth-century bishop, she finds the young curator near death. Galloway and DCI Nelson must work on the case together, despite their estrangement. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Salvation of a Saint
DB77504 10 hours 15 minutes
by Keigo Higashino
read by Andy Pyle
Yoshitaka informs quilt artist Ayane that—as they agreed when they married—he is divorcing her because she failed to get pregnant. Ayane leaves town, not knowing Yoshitaka has chosen her apprentice as her replacement. When Yoshitaka is poisoned, the police and Professor Yukawa—a.k.a. Detective Galileo—investigate. Published in Japanese in 2008. 2012.

Judgment Call
DB75165 11 hours 0 minutes
by J.A. Jance
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
While out horseback riding, sheriff Joanna Brady’s daughter Jenny finds the body of her missing high school principal. As Joanna probes the woman’s mysterious past, another murder occurs. Joanna also uncovers shocking information about her own father’s death. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2012.

Drink the Tea
DB72105 8 hours 47 minutes
by Thomas Kaufman
read by John Lescault
PI Willis Gidney grew up in orphanages, foster homes, and sometimes on the streets of Washington, D.C. His friend saxophonist Steps Jackson just learned he has a daughter and hires Gidney to find her. But Gidney’s search angers the twenty-five-year-old woman—and some very dangerous people. Strong language and some violence. 2010.

Delivering Death
DB78025 6 hours 53 minutes
by Julie Kramer
read by Kristin Allison
When Minneapolis television reporter Riley Spartz receives a package containing a set of human teeth, the police quickly match the teeth to a homicide victim who was a recently released prisoner and federal informant. Riley’s investigation leads her to an identity-theft ring with ties to white-collar crime. Some violence. 2014.

Shunning Sarah
DB75627 8 hours 16 minutes
by Julie Kramer
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Minneapolis television reporter Riley Spartz goes to report on a boy trapped overnight in a sinkhole, but finds a much bigger story—a young woman’s naked corpse wrapped in an Amish quilt. Riley investigates the Amish community, but the people want nothing to do with her. Some violence. 2012.

Fire Storm
DB77909 9 hours 59 minutes
by Andrew Lane
read by Erik Sandvold
Teenaged Sherlock Holmes is disturbed to discover that the housekeeper, Mrs. Eglantine, is blackmailing his aunt and uncle to get to a hidden treasure within their manor. Meanwhile, another mystery occurs when Sherlock’s friends vanish without a trace. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

Three-Day Town
DB75672 8 hours 22 minutes
by Margaret Maron
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Judge Deborah Knott and deputy sheriff Dwight Bryant arrive at a friend’s New York City apartment for their honeymoon. When Deborah arranges to hand over a package she is delivering for a NYPD detective’s ill grandmother, the package disappears and the building’s superintendent is killed. Some strong language. 2011.

The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
DB77797 8 hours 48 minutes
by Alexander McCall Smith
read by J. Michael McCullough
Edinburgh philosopher and amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie agrees to help a collector recover his painting by Poussin, which the thieves are now ransoming. Meanwhile, Isabel’s young son Charlie exhibits an astonishing ability for math. 2012.

Silent Night: A Spenser
Holiday Novel

DB77762 3 hours 46 minutes
by Robert B. Parker
read by Ray Foushee
During the holiday season Boston PI Spenser is approached by a street kid who goes by the name Slide. Someone has been threatening the director of the organization that provides Slide with shelter and work, and Slide asks Spenser for help. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

11th Hour
DB74778 8 hours 27 minutes
by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
read by Suzanne Toren
Detective Lindsay Boxer is pregnant and juggling two high-profile cases: a wealthy man gunned down in the bathroom at his daughter’s school and the discovery of two decapitated heads. Lindsay’s friends and colleagues contribute their expertise. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2012.

The Point in the Market: A Mamur Zapt Mystery
DB75533 7 hours 17 minutes
by Michael Pearce
read by George Holmes
Gareth Owen, known as the Mamur Zapt or chief of British-occupied Cairo’s secret police, is caught between Egyptian, Turkish, and English interests during World War I. Owen also has married an Egyptian woman and is contending with a spy, an arsonist, and the murder of an informant. 2005.

Dorchester Terrace: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel
DB74881 13 hours 59 minutes
by Anne Perry
read by Mitzi Friedlander
As Thomas Pitt tries to get used to the trappings of his new position as head of Britain’s Special Branch, he investigates a possible railway assassination attempt. Meanwhile, he and Charlotte worry that former spy Serafina’s dementia will unleash Serafina’s long-held dangerous secrets. Some violence. 2012.

Bleeding Edge
DB77783 17 hours 39 minutes
by Thomas Pynchon
read by Dan Bloom
New York City, 2001. Before 9/11, self-employed, certification-free fraud investigator Maxine Tarnow is examining the finances of a shady computer-security firm and its wealthy CEO. But the job goes south when some of the odd characters she encounters turn up dead. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

The Sound and the Furry: A Chet and Bernie Mystery
DB77890 8 hours 9 minutes
by Spencer Quinn
read by Michael Scherer
PI Bernie’s client—convict Frenchie Boutette—is worried about his missing brother, an inventor who is the sole noncriminal in the family. When Bernie and his dog Chet start sniffing around for clues in Louisiana, various characters try to thwart them, including a notorious bayou alligator. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

Saints of the Shadow Bible
DB78119 11 hours 5 minutes
by Ian Rankin
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Back on the force, but at a reduced rank, John Rebus suspects that the daughter of a powerful businessman isn’t coming clean about her car accident. Meanwhile, the reopening of a decades-old case could cause problems for Rebus and his old team. Strong language and some violence. 2013.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
DB75853 9 hours 53 minutes
by Ransom Riggs
read by Joe Peck
A family tragedy sends sixteen-year-old American Jacob on a journey to a remote island off the coast of Wales. There he discovers the ruins of an old orphanage that was home to peculiar—and possibly dangerous—children. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

DB77496 7 hours 37 minutes
by David Rosenfelt
read by John Polk
On his way to fly with his old friend Barry Price, accountant Sam Willis stops to help an injured dog. Barry takes off without him—and the plane crashes. When he learns that Barry’s wife—Sam’s ex-girlfriend—is suspected of foul play, Sam turns to attorney Andy Carpenter. Some strong language. 2013.

Ghost Hero
DB75931 8 hours 49 minutes
by S.J. Rozan
read by Mary Kane
PIs Lydia Chin and Bill Smith become immersed in the Chinese art scene when a collector hires them to investigate rumors that three new paintings—supposedly by the famed Chau Chun, who died in the Tiananmen Square uprising—have surfaced in New York. Some strong language. 2011.

The Wrong Girl
DB77432 13 hours 5 minutes
by Hank Phillippi Ryan
read by Ray Foushee
Reporter Jane Ryland’s former coworker Tuck asks Jane to investigate an adoption agency that Tuck claims reunited her with the wrong birth mother. Jane also covers the story of a mother of two young children who was killed in her kitchen. Detective Jake Brogan conducts parallel investigations. Strong language. 2013.

The Best American Mystery Stories, 2013
DB77935 16 hours 41 minutes
edited by Lisa Scottoline
read by Mary Kane
Twenty previously published tales selected by mystery novelist Scottoline. In Patricia Smith’s “When They Are Done with Us,” the mother of a violent sixteen-year-old dropout plans to get rid of him. Includes works by Joyce Carol Oates and Michael Connelly. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

DB78136 21 hours 58 minutes
by Dan Simmons
read by various narrators
Future America. Scores of people are addicted to Flashback, a drug that allows users to relive the best moments of their lives. One addict, ex-cop Nick Bottom, takes a job investigating an unsolved murder—and discovers more than he bargained for. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Up Jumped the Devil: A Darryl Billups Mystery
DB75652 8 hours 34 minutes
by Blair S. Walker
read by Ken Jackson
Inept racists plan an attack, unaware that someone has infiltrated their group. Meanwhile, Baltimore Herald reporter Darryl Billups has been receiving anonymous messages warning that the NAACP national headquarters is going to be bombed. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1997.


Anna Dressed in Blood
DB75503 8 hours 20 minutes
by Kendare Blake
read by Jason Griffith
Since his father’s untimely death, seventeen-year-old Cas and his Wiccan mom have continued the family trade—hunting down vengeful, murdering spirits. But when Cas goes after ghostly Anna, an unexpected occurrence changes everything. Violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2011.

Revealed: House of Night
DB77889 8 hours 57 minutes
by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
read by Mary Kane
A gruesome murder puts the human inhabitants of Tulsa on edge, but Zoey and her friends know that the vampyres are not responsible. Meanwhile, Zoey has boyfriend issues. Sequel to Hidden (DB 76380). Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 5
DB77696 16 hours 2 minutes
edited by Ellen Datlow
read by Jack Fox
Twenty-eight short stories and poems covering a range of horror subgenres. In Tamsyn Muir’s “The Magician’s Apprentice,” Cherry’s instructor lets her in on a dark secret of the trade. Other authors include Ramsey Campbell, Margo Lanagan, and Gary McMahon. Violence and strong language. 2013.

Floating Staircase
DB75538 12 hours 41 minutes
by Ronald Malfi
read by Erik Sandvold
When novelist Travis and his wife Jodie relocate to a remote town called Waterview to be close to Travis’s brother Adam, strange things occur: a little boy appears in the shadows and stairs rise out of a lake. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Narrows
DB75686 11 hours 3 minutes
by Ronald Malfi
read by Mary Kane
In the dying town of Stillwater, something worse than vampires feeds on the townsfolk. One by one they slowly disappear, leaving remaining residents fighting to survive. Violence and strong language. 2012.

Thirst, Number 2: Phantom, Evil Thirst, and Creatures of Forever
DB77922 13 hours 13 minutes
by Christopher Pike
read by Mary Kane
The next three novels following Thirst, Number 1 (DB 71026). In Phantom five-thousand-year-old vampire Alisa has become human again—but losing her powers carries risks. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 1996.

Psychological Themes

An Impenetrable Screen of Purest Sky
DB77584 6 hours 29 minutes
by Dan Beachy-Quick
read by Gary Tipton
English professor Daniel no longer perceives the difference between his reality, the world of literature, and the story he fights to bring forth. Other people’s lives are like tales from a book he read as a child, and book pages seem to transport him back to his childhood. 2013.

For Today I Am a Boy
DB78127 9 hours 12 minutes
by Kim Fu
read by Erik Sandvold
Peter Huang grows up in Ontario, the celebrated only son of immigrant parents. His father hopes and dreams that Peter will become the epitome of a Western man. But Peter has a secret: he is really a girl on the inside. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2014.

Buying In
DB78083 9 hours 15 minutes
by Laura Hemphill
read by Kristin Allison
New York, 2007. Sophie Landgraf has landed her dream job on Wall Street. But as she works on a major merger, her life begins to crumble—and so does the U.S. economy. Sophie needs to prove to her colleagues—and to herself—that she still belongs there. 2013.

Reconstructing Amelia
DB78077 11 hours 17 minutes
by Kimberly McCreight
read by Kristin Allison
Attorney and single mom Kate is surprised to hear that her over-achieving fifteen-year-old daughter Amelia has been suspended from private school. Then Kate arrives to find Amelia dead after jumping from the school’s roof and frantically tries to find out what happened. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Religious Themes

The First Phone Call from Heaven
DB77804 8 hours 56 minutes
by Mitch Albom
read by Jon Huffman
People in the town of Coldwater, Michigan, begin receiving phone calls from loved ones in heaven. As the news spreads worldwide, disgraced pilot Sully Harding, who has just been released from jail, wants to investigate the phenomenon. But Sully’s young son wants a call from his late mother. Bestseller. 2013.

The Good Girlz: Getting Even, Fair-Weather Friends, and Friends ’til the End
DB77437 11 hours 32 minutes
by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
read by Erin Jones
Four best friends—Camille, Alexis, Jasmine, and Angel—continue their high school adventures. In Getting Even Alexis and Camille find out they are dating the same guy. But is payback worth risking their friendship? For senior high readers. 2008.

The Keeper: Stoney Ridge Seasons, Book 1
DB74103 9 hours 7 minutes
by Suzanne Woods Fisher
read by Amy Rubinate
After Julie Lapp’s fiancé Paul Fisher postpones their wedding for a second time, Julie blames bachelor Roman Troyer—a beekeeper who travels among the Amish farms in Ohio and Pennsylvania with his hives—for encouraging the communities’ young men to remain single. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Gifted
DB77910 12 hours 53 minutes
by Ann H. Gabhart
read by Gabriella Cavallero
1849. Nineteen-year-old Jessamine was brought to the Shaker village of Harmony Hill as a child but longs for life outside the community. When she finds injured Tristan Cooper in the woods, she takes him to the village to help heal him and soon develops feelings for the young man. 2012.

The Homeless Bishop
DB78048 9 hours 12 minutes
by Joseph F. Girzone
read by Robert Sams
Italian bishop Carlo Brunini takes a leave of absence to live as a homeless man in Rome, Mexico, and the United States and experience the plight of the poor. Calling himself “Charlie,” he discovers what church leaders must understand to carry out Jesus’s mission to the impoverished. 2011.

DB77848 13 hours 7 minutes
by Dee Henderson
read by Eva Wilhelm
Bryce Bishop, a coin-shop owner and a Christian, is approached by mysterious Charlotte Graham, who offers to sell him a huge collection that she inherited. When Bryce learns Charlotte is actually Ruth Bazoni—who was kidnapped at age sixteen for four years—he already loves her. But danger still lurks. 2013.

The Bridesmaid
DB75576 6 hours 55 minutes
by Beverly Lewis
read by Kristin Allison
Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania. Twenty-four-year-old Amish woman Joanna Kurtz is a bridesmaid for a third time when her younger cousin marries. Joanna has a secret boyfriend in Indiana and dreams of being published, but her minister warns her to stop writing and stay home. Sequel to The Fiddler (DB 74860). 2012.

Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen
DB75623 10 hours 6 minutes
by Mary Sharratt
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Germany, 1177. Abbess Hildegard von Bingen, known far and wide for her visions, is visited by Benedictine monk Guibert of Gembloux Abbey, who wants to write her life story. Hildegard recounts her past as she awaits the prelates coming to excommunicate her. Some violence. 2012.

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Autumn in the Vineyard: A St. Helena Vineyard Novel
DB78058 9 hours 31 minutes
by Marina Adair
read by Catherine Byers
Winemaking rivals Francesca “Frankie” Baudouin and Nate DeLuca are forced to occupy the same house as they battle for the coveted title of Cork King. The pair contend with their families’ long-term rivalry while resisting their own mutual attraction. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

What Happens at Christmas
DB75669 11 hours 20 minutes
by Victoria Alexander
read by Elizabeth Wiley
London, 1886. Lady Camille hires actors to impersonate her family and staff to offer her prospective husband, Prince Nikolai, a traditional English Christmas. But Grayson Elliott, a friend from the past who loves Camille, appears and wrecks her carefully arranged plans. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

After the Storm
DB78126 14 hours 4 minutes
by Maya Banks
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
KGI operative Donovan Kelly meets Eve, who has spirited her brother and sister away from their abusive, wealthy father. Eve struggles to trust Donovan with their lives—and her heart—but is wary of his true intentions. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2014.

Echoes at Dawn
DB75248 9 hours 47 minutes
by Maya Banks
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
When Grace Peterson, sister of Shea from Whispers in the Dark (DB 74615), is kidnapped for her psychic abilities, KGI extraction expert Rio rescues her. But more than one person is after Grace, and protecting her becomes a long-term assignment. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Seduction in Silk: A Novel of the Malloren World
DB77536 14 hours 37 minutes
by Jo Beverley
read by J. Michael McCullough
England, 1765. Peregrine Perriam must marry orphaned Claris Mallow to inherit his cousin’s manor and right a family wrong. Claris agrees to the union so she can provide for her brothers, but is surprised when wealth and marriage agree with her. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Secret She Kept
DB77539 9 hours 45 minutes
by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Tia Jiles and Lance Kingston’s loving marriage is threatened by Tia’s refusal to seek treatment for the mental illness she tries to keep secret from her spouse. When her pregnancy raises the stakes, Lance begins to question their future. Some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Mistletoe Cowboy
DB75586 7 hours 56 minutes
by Carolyn Brown
read by Mare Trevathan
Texas. Artist Sage Presley arrives at her grandmother’s ranch in a blizzard. Sage is surprised to find her grandmother absent—and cowboy Creed Riley, who hopes to purchase the spread, house-sitting. Antagonism soon turns to love. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2012.

Once upon a Tartan
DB77399 11 hours 46 minutes
by Grace Burrowes
read by Theresa Conkin
In this companion to The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (DB 75987), English lord Tiberius Flynn travels to Scotland to retrieve his late brother’s young daughter Fiona. But the girl’s aunt Hester—who is caring for Fiona while Fiona’s mother and stepfather travel—puts up a fight. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Desire Becomes Her
DB75571 12 hours 47 minutes
by Shirlee Busbee
read by Gabriella Cavallero
England, 1793. Gambler Luc lives with his half brother Barnaby, from Rapture Becomes Her (DB 75056). Luc befriends elderly Silas and falls for Silas’s niece Gillian despite rumors that she killed her husband. They marry, but secrets threaten their relationship. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Not Quite Enough
DB77913 7 hours 29 minutes
by Catherine Bybee
read by Mare Trevathan
Trauma nurse Monica Mann volunteers with Borderless Nurses after an earthquake and tsunami strike Jamaica. She meets helicopter pilot Trent Fairchild, who flies Monica around to assist victims—but then they get caught in an aftershock that threatens their lives. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Bride Wore Pearls
DB75753 12 hours 26 minutes
by Liz Carlyle
read by Kristin Allison
London, 1848. English Indian widow Lady Anisha, living under the protection of her brother and the St. James Society, falls in love with renegade earl Rance Welham amid scandal and intrigue. Sequel to The Bride Wore Scarlet (DB 74484). Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Blue Skies
DB75526 9 hours 54 minutes
by Robyn Carr
read by Mare Trevathan
Pilot Nikki Burgess, a single mom, moves to Las Vegas to work for a start-up airline. Joining her are her friends Dixie and Carlisle, both former flight attendants. The three create new lives while dealing with the tumultuous airline industry. Some descriptions of sex. 2004.

A Night to Surrender
DB74458 12 hours 24 minutes
by Tessa Dare
read by Catherine Byers
Spindle Cove, England; 1813. In her community, Susanna Finch has cultivated a tranquil safe haven for young women—free of men and militia. Susanna is outraged when her father gives injured officer Victor Bramwell the title of earl and sends Victor to protect a nearby castle. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

SEALed Forever
DB75134 10 hours 34 minutes
by Mary Margret Daughtridge
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Navy SEAL Garth Vale, working undercover for the CIA, finds a baby hidden on a plane. Unwilling to abandon his mission, Garth seeks the help of local physician Bronwyn Whitescarver, who keeps the girl until her parents can be found. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2011.

Bared to You
DB75717 11 hours 36 minutes
by Sylvia Day
read by Jill Redfield
Childhood rape survivor Eva Tramell moves to Manhattan with her bisexual roommate Cary Taylor, a male model, to work in advertising. There Eva meets wealthy businessman Gideon Cross, who seduces her while hiding emotional problems of his own. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Stranger in the Moonlight
DB75580 8 hours 1 minute
by Jude Deveraux
read by Kristin Allison
Wealthy attorney Travis returns to Edilean, Virginia, when his mother remarries. Travis reconnects with his childhood pal Kimberly, now a jewelry-maker, who has always wondered what happened to him—and discovers there are still sparks between them. Companion to Moonlight in the Morning (DB 74121). Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Castles in the Air
DB74906 13 hours 55 minutes
by Christina Dodd
read by Corrie James
England, 1166. King Henry orders French knight Raymond to marry widowed Lady Juliana of Lofts. Juliana mistakes Raymond for a castle builder and resists his advances—until he proves trustworthy. Sequel to Candle in the Window (DB/RC 35615). Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1993.

Love Lifted Me
DB75731 10 hours 0 minutes
by Sara Evans
read by Theresa Conkin
After the events in Softly and Tenderly (DB 75318), Jade’s husband Max returns from rehabilitation to be with her and his toddler son. The family moves to Texas where Max coaches high school football. Jade prays that their love will grow—but then they must contend with a custody battle. 2012.

An Unsuitable Bride
DB75458 10 hours 55 minutes
by Jane Feather
read by Kristin Allison
England, 1763. Viscount Bradley requires each of his nephews to marry a fallen woman in order to inherit his wealth. Peregrine, the last nephew to wed, meets librarian Alexandra, falls in love, and learns her secrets. Sequel to A Wedding Wager (DB 73701). Explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Getting Rowdy
DB77657 13 hours 26 minutes
by Lori Foster
read by Theresa Conkin
Following the events in Bare It All (DB 77275), bar owner Rowdy Yates becomes infatuated with one of his employees, waitress Avery. Avery hides secrets about her past, but gradually comes to trust Rowdy with her safety and her heart. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Way Home
DB78051 9 hours 22 minutes
by Cindy Gerard
read by Eva Wilhelm
Army widow Jess Albert becomes engaged to former special-ops soldier Tyler Brown. Then Jess’s husband—thought to have been killed in Pakistan—is discovered alive. But he has amnesia and is in love with the Muslim woman who saved him. Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2013.

Run to You
DB77576 8 hours 0 minutes
by Rachel Gibson
read by Carol Dines
Sadie, from Rescue Me (DB 74928), sends former marine Beau to Miami to find her long-lost half sister Stella. After saving bartender Stella from trouble, Beau drives her to Lovett, Texas. The two commence a tentative affair en route. Explicit descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 2013.

How to Capture a Countess
DB75755 9 hours 14 minutes
by Karen Hawkins
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
England, 1812. For six years Lord Sinclair has searched for Rose, a young Scottish lady who insulted him. When he encounters Rose at his great-aunt’s house party, he vows to seduce her. After a series of mishaps the pair cause a scandal. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Looking for Trouble
DB77765 11 hours 43 minutes
by Trice Hickman
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Tired of New York, John wants to open the first black-owned bank in his small South Carolina hometown, but his girlfriend Madeline complicates matters. Meanwhile, attorney and spoken-word artist Alexandria, a clairvoyant, cannot figure out her own life. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Mackenzie’s Heroes
DB75245 12 hours 3 minutes
by Linda Howard
read by Suzanne Toren
Two novels. In Mackenzie’s Pleasure Navy SEAL Zane Mackenzie rescues an ambassador’s daughter from kidnappers and encounters love. In Mackenzie’s Magic horse trainer Maris Mackenzie wakes up with a stranger and discovers that she is wanted for horse theft. Explicit descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 1996.

Scandalous Desires
DB75678 11 hours 29 minutes
by Elizabeth Hoyt
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
London, 1738. Widow Silence Hollingbrook goes to pirate Mickey O’Connor’s palace to reclaim an abandoned baby named Mary Darling, but Mickey will not relinquish his child. Silence stays on as Mary Darling’s guardian and falls for Mickey. Sequel to Notorious Pleasures (DB 73866). Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2011.

The Ugly Duchess
DB75674 9 hours 13 minutes
by Eloisa James
read by Kristin Allison
London, 1809. James Ryburn’s father the duke forces James to marry plain-faced Theodora for her fortune. Theo and James fall in love, but Theo banishes James when she discovers the truth. After seven years at sea James returns to win Theo back. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Destiny’s Surrender
DB78087 7 hours 27 minutes
by Beverly Jenkins
read by Colleen Delany
1885. Andrew Yates, from Destiny’s Embrace (DB 76763), is shocked when Wilhelmina “Billie” Wells, a prostitute he once frequented, appears at his California ranch with his baby. To protect the pair from an old enemy, Andrew marries Billie. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

The Kommandant’s Girl
DB77659 13 hours 41 minutes
by Pam Jenoff
read by Jennifer Hubbard
World War II, Poland. Newlyweds Jacob and Emma become separated during the Nazi invasion. Jacob joins the Jewish underground, and Emma moves in with a Catholic aunt. Posing as a gentile, Emma works for a Nazi kommandant, risking her marriage—and her life—to help Jacob’s cause. Some descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Unexpected Gift
DB77573 9 hours 49 minutes
by Berna King
read by Carol Dines
Veterinarian Scott Benson asks blind rehabilitation teacher Shannon Martin to help his daughter Rachel, who lost her sight in a car accident that killed her mother. Scott and Shannon begin a romance and deal with serious family issues with the help of God. 2013.

Fifteen Minutes
DB78131 10 hours 13 minutes
by Karen Kingsbury
read by Colleen Delany
In an effort to save his family’s Kentucky horse farm, aspiring Christian singer Zack Dylan enters the television contest Fifteen Minutes. But fame, fortune, and another contestant’s charms threaten to lure Zack away from his beliefs and girlfriend Reese. 2013.

Lady of Milkweed Manor
DB75572 11 hours 28 minutes
by Julie Klassen
read by various narrators
England, early 1800s. Charlotte Lamb, a twenty-year-old vicar’s daughter, is banished to a London home for unwed mothers when she becomes pregnant. Charlotte is mortified to find her former suitor, Dr. Daniel Taylor, working there, but Daniel—now married—becomes her protector. She soon discovers he has a secret. 2007.

Dream Lake
DB75209 9 hours 23 minutes
by Lisa Kleypas
read by Jeff Cummings
Friday Harbor, Washington. Contractor Alex Nolan is remodeling Zoë Hoffman’s cottage to accommodate her grandmother, who has dementia. But a friendly ghost searching for his past love haunts Alex. Companion to Rainshadow Road (DB 74252). Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

A Dance through Time
DB78082 12 hours 22 minutes
by Lynn Kurland
read by Gabriella Cavallero
New York, 1996. Romance writer Elizabeth Smith, whose career and engagement have stalled, goes for a walk in Gramercy Park and wakes up in medieval Scotland in James MacLeod’s castle. Elizabeth falls for James, but is determined to return home. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1996.

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
DB74324 18 hours 17 minutes
by Stephanie Laurens
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Following the events of In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster (DB 74199), the mysterious Scottish laird who is after the Cynster sisters kidnaps the youngest one, Angelica. But once Angelica hears his story, she agrees to help the nobleman save his clan. Explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. 2012.

The Fiddler
DB74860 8 hours 14 minutes
by Beverly Lewis
read by Anne Hancock
When her car gets a flat tire, classical violin prodigy Amelia is rescued by Michael, a young Amish man. Amelia, who secretly fiddles in a country band, stays at Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania, for a few days before returning to the English world. But she misses the simple life. 2012.

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
DB74389 9 hours 36 minutes
by Julia London
read by Justine Eyre
Fifteen years ago, Tobin’s father was hanged in The Year of Living Scandalously (DB 72361) for stealing Lady Ashwood’s jewels. Now a wealthy lord, Tobin returns to destroy the estate and his father’s accuser, the new Lady Ashwood. Explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Angels at the Table: A Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy Christmas Story
DB75855 4 hours 54 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Faith Potts
Angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy and their apprentice Will make an unauthorized visit to Earth on New Year’s Eve. Will unites lonely souls Aren, a restaurant critic, and Lucie, a chef, but the two lose track of each other. The following year the angels return and perform a miracle. 2012.

The Gift of Christmas
DB77886 12 hours 17 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Margaret Strom
Cooper loaned Ashley money for her college tuition without knowing the devout younger woman was in love with him. Years later, Ashley goes in person to repay him—and finds he returns her affections. Also includes the novel In the Spirit of . . . Christmas by Linda Goodnight. Bestseller. 1984.

The Inn at Rose Harbor
DB75370 10 hours 44 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Theresa Conkin
Army widow Jo Marie Rose buys a bed-and-breakfast in Cedar Cove, Washington, and makes it her own with help from handyman Mark. Her first guests include Josh, returned to reconcile with his dying stepfather, and Abby, in town for her brother’s wedding. Bestseller. 2012.

Thanksgiving Prayer
DB75671 9 hours 37 minutes
by Debbie Macomber and Jillian Hart
read by Kristin Allison
Two romance novels. In the title story Seattle medical student Claudia meets Seth, an Alaskan businessman, but is torn between marriage in an unfamiliar environment and her potential career. In A Handful of Heaven waitress Paige and a divorced customer are in love—but both are afraid of commitment. Bestseller. 1984.

Summer Nights
DB75011 9 hours 2 minutes
by Susan Mallery
read by Tanya Eby
Fool’s Gold, California. Rancher Shane Stryker, still smarting from his recent divorce, is wary of fiery librarian Annabelle Weiss. But when Annabelle approaches Shane for horseback-riding lessons, the attraction between the two builds. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Against the Law
DB75062 9 hours 3 minutes
by Kat Martin
read by Kristin Allison
Dev Raines runs an investigative business in Arizona and agrees to help Lark Delaney locate her sister’s baby who was given up for adoption. Dev discovers that the adoptive parents have been murdered and the girl is missing. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

How I Came to Sparkle Again
DB75667 9 hours 37 minutes
by Kaya McLaren
read by Tanya Eby
After a tragedy, nurse Jill returns home to the ski resort of Sparkle, Colorado, and reconnects with her friend, love-hungry ski instructor Lisa. Jill also babysits ten-year-old motherless Cassie. Over the winter the three females begin to heal and rediscover life, love, and peace. Some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Birthday Scandal
DB75603 10 hours 32 minutes
by Leigh Michaels
read by Rosalyn Landor
Elderly Josiah, the Duke of Weybridge, secretly assists his great-nieces and great-nephew—Isabel, Emily, and Lucien—who have already given up on love. Josiah arranges his own birthday party to introduce his American heir Gavin Waring and encourage romance. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Big Sky Mountain
DB75342 11 hours 3 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by John Haag
Parable, Montana. Rancher Hutch Carmody, from Big Sky Country (DB 74914), calls off his wedding. He begins courting Kendra Shepherd, who has just adopted her late husband’s little girl. But Hutch has broken Kendra’s heart in the past. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2012.

A Lawman’s Christmas: A McKettricks of Texas Novel
DB74569 5 hours 19 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by Ray Foushee
December 1914. Clay McKettrick arrives in Blue River, Texas, as the new marshal. But the house meant for Clay is occupied by his predecessor’s young widow Dara Rose Nolan and her two daughters. As Christmas approaches, Clay proposes a marriage of convenience. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

An Outlaw’s Christmas: A McKettricks of Texas Novel
DB75790 5 hours 30 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by Ray Foushee
1915. Before Christmas Sawyer McKettrick leaves Arizona for Blue River, Texas, to join his cousin Clay. When Sawyer is ambushed during a snowstorm, he finds shelter with teacher Piper St. James. But by rescuing Sawyer, Piper has put her reputation at risk. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Into the Dreaming
DB74815 3 hours 13 minutes
by Karen Marie Moning
read by Phil Gigante
After centuries of imprisonment, Aedan MacKinnon must become the Unseelie king’s dispatcher of death—unless he seizes a brief opportunity to find love. The good Seelie queen sends present-day romance writer Jane Sillee back in time to make that happen. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2002.

DB75010 7 hours 32 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Phil Gigante
Housekeeper Peg falls for her employer, Winslow, a soldier-turned-rancher. When he heads to South America to work as a mercenary, a romantic rival lures Peg to follow Winslow—putting Peg’s life in real danger. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Wyoming Bold
DB77906 7 hours 29 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Alec Volz
Psychic Merissa Baker warns her neighbor Dalton “Tank” Kirk, a former border patrol agent turned Wyoming rancher, that his life is in danger from a Mexican drug cartel. Tank and Merissa work together to find the culprits. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2013.

Wyoming Fierce
DB75719 7 hours 14 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Phil Gigante
Wyoming. Bodie Mays is heartbroken after her disabled grandfather dies. Rancher Cane Kirk feels guilty for rejecting Bodie’s request for a loan. Cane, bitter about losing an arm during the war, sobers up—and tries to regain Bodie’s respect. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2012.

Vampires Need Not . . . Apply?
DB77687 11 hours 54 minutes
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
read by Helen Wick
While on vacation in southern Mexico, Dr. Antonio Acero discovers an ancient Mayan tablet. Local legends say it contains magical properties that could put Antonio’s research on the map. But he needs help from goddess Ixtab—possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

A Man to Hold On To
DB78137 11 hours 11 minutes
by Marilyn Pappano
read by Loretta Rawlins
Tallgrass, Oklahoma. War widow Therese, who is raising her late husband Paul’s two teenage children, falls in love with Sergeant Keegan Logan and his toddler Mariah. But Therese doesn’t know that Mariah was abandoned by Keegan’s ex-girlfriend—and is really Paul’s child. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

Katie’s Way: Pleasant Valley, Book 5
DB74702 8 hours 32 minutes
by Marta Perry
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Young Amish woman Katie Miller opens a quilt shop in Pleasant Valley after her beloved marries her best friend. Caleb Brand, the furniture maker next door, is also nursing a broken heart. But when Katie’s shop is vandalized he insists on helping—and falls in love. 2011.

DB75243 9 hours 52 minutes
by Carly Phillips
read by Nona Pipes
Serendipity, New York, policeman Dare Barron, from Destiny (DB 74913), is still in love with his teenage crush Liza McKnight. But Liza’s commitment to her brother Brian, the town drunk, complicates matters—until Liza needs Dare’s help. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2012.

The Mistress of Nothing
DB74878 8 hours 18 minutes
by Kate Pullinger
read by Emily Pike
Egypt, 1860s. English maid Sally accompanies her mistress, Lady Lucie Duff Gordon, to Egypt to seek a cure for the lady’s tuberculosis. But when Sally and local guide Omar secretly fall in love, marry, and have a baby, Lady Lucie sends Sally away with no means of support. Governor General’s Award. 2009.

Sometimes a Rogue
DB77728 12 hours 30 minutes
by Mary Jo Putney
read by Laura Giannarelli
England. Spinster Sarah Clarke-Townsend pretends to be her sister so kidnappers will take her in place of her pregnant twin. Family friend and Bow Street runner Rob Carmichael tracks Sarah down in Ireland and helps her escape, but the pair discover surprises upon returning home. Some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Crystal Gardens
DB74670 10 hours 18 minutes
by Amanda Quick
read by Justine Eyre
When a second attempt is made on her life, psychic Evangeline Ames flees to the grounds of Crystal Gardens. There she encounters the estate’s new owner Lucas Sebastian, who also possesses paranormal talents. They team up to investigate the attacks—and fall in love. Explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Perfect Hope
DB75718 10 hours 19 minutes
by Nora Roberts
read by MacLeod Andrews
Hope Beaumont runs the Montgomery family’s Boonsboro, Maryland, inn. When Hope’s cheating former lover—who’s now married—tries to woo her back, Hope pretends that Ryder Montgomery is her boyfriend. Sequel to The Last Boyfriend (DB 74671). Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

DB77545 11 hours 55 minutes
by Rainbow Rowell
read by Abigail Maupin
Eighteen-year-old Cath’s adoration of fantasy character Simon Snow leads to her penning a fanfiction story that is popular online. Offline, shy Cath is out of her comfort zone at her new college—until romance finds her. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Once in a Lifetime
DB78138 9 hours 29 minutes
by Jill Shalvis
read by Annie Green
Aubrey Wellington moves to Lucky Harbor, Washington, to take over her late aunt’s bookstore and make amends to those she has hurt in the past. She hires widower Ben McDaniel to renovate and they become close. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

Skye’s Legacy Series: Bedazzled, Besieged, Intrigued, Just beyond Tomorrow
DB77829 51 hours 27 minutes
by Bertrice Small
read by various narrators
Following the events in Darling Jasmine (DB 77629), Skye O’Malley’s seventeenth-century descendants follow in her footsteps and fall passionately in love—sometimes with the wrong person. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2002.

Wild Jasmine
DB77266 23 hours 53 minutes
by Bertrice Small
read by Jill Fox
Skye O’Malley’s widowed granddaughter Yasaman, daughter of an Indian grand Mughal and Velvet O’Malley, escapes from the half brother who wants to marry her. Yasaman flees to England, where her mother’s family welcomes her—but trouble follows. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1992.

Blackberry Summer
DB74536 10 hours 20 minutes
by RaeAnne Thayne
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Hope’s Crossing, Colorado. When thirty-six-year-old divorc‚e Claire Bradford’s beading shop is robbed, newly appointed police chief Riley McKnight investigates. Riley, the younger brother of Claire’s best friend, has harbored a secret crush on Claire since he was the town’s teen hellion. But Claire is hesitant to reciprocate his love. 2011.

Christmas in Snowflake Canyon
DB77805 10 hours 44 minutes
by RaeAnne Thayne
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Genevieve Beaumont, the mayor’s spoiled daughter, returns home from Paris and is arrested after a bar fight. Joining Gen in her misadventure is wounded war hero Dylan Caine. Gen and Dylan warm up to each other while performing community service. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Promise Me Texas
DB78018 8 hours 36 minutes
by Jodi Thomas
read by Kristin Allison
Texas, 1879. Beth McMurray sneaks onto a train to surprise her fiancé‚ and overhears his evil intentions for her. When the train is robbed, writer Andrew McLaughlin rescues Beth. She and Andrew pretend to be married to break off her engagement. Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2013.

Sense and Sensibility
DB78017 10 hours 31 minutes
by Joanna Trollope
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
In a modern-day version of Jane Austen’s classic tale, illegitimate sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood have different temperaments and approaches to life. After losing their home to their half brother, the sisters move to Devon with their mother and younger sibling and fall for inappropriate men. 2013.

How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend
DB77585 9 hours 16 minutes
by Allyson Valentine
read by Erin Jones
Sixteen-year-old Nora sheds her nerdy image and lands a spot on the varsity cheerleading squad, only to fall for Adam, the new school genius. Torn, Nora starts to lead double lives, trying to maintain her popularity while dazzling Adam with her smarts. For junior and senior high readers. 2013.

The True Love Quilting Club
DB75058 9 hours 57 minutes
by Lori Wilde
read by Gabriella Cavallero
After failing to become an actress on Broadway, Emma Parks returns to Twilight, Texas, to work in regional theater. She reunites with her teenage love, veterinarian Sam Cheek, and befriends the women of the True Love Quilting Club. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2010.

Midnight Promises: The Sweet Magnolias
DB75077 10 hours 26 minutes
by Sherryl Woods
read by Janet Metzger
Serenity, South Carolina. Divorced, single mom Karen Ames marries Elliott Cruz, who readily accepts Karen’s two children. But Elliott’s macho concept of marriage and Karen’s fear of debt destroys their relationship over the years—especially when Elliott’s sister also has marital problems. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

DB77574 10 hours 42 minutes
by Sherryl Woods
read by Carol Dines
Looking for distraction, Callie—laid-off from Wall Street, dumped by her husband, and burdened by her visiting mother—lets her best friend, soap-opera actor Terence, talk her into taking a walk-on part on his show. Network president Jason finds her irresistible—and decides to make Callie a star. Some descriptions of sex. 1996.

DB78059 9 hours 19 minutes
by Sherryl Woods
read by Dale Allen
Chicago PI Dana Miller leaves her children in Florida and returns home to solve her husband’s murder. Dana suspects that Rick Sanchez and his program to help troubled teens are involved, but Rick wants to find the real culprit. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 1997.

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Science Fiction

DB78008 12 hours 15 minutes
by Ann Aguirre
read by Kristin Allison
As a horde of freaks gathers near the town of Salvation, Deuce and her friends search for outside help and ready themselves to fight their largest battle yet. But the freaks are evolving. Sequel to Outpost (DB 75532). Violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

DB75532 8 hours 55 minutes
by Ann Aguirre
read by Kristin Allison
Deuce and Fade struggle to fit in with the organized topside community called Salvation. An excellent fighter, Deuce volunteers her much-needed skills to patrol against the Freaks—but in Salvation, women do not use weapons. Sequel to Enclave (DB 74167). Violence. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

The Drowned Cities
DB74636 10 hours 0 minutes
by Paolo Bacigalupi
read by Joshua Swanson
In a dark, future America torn by unending civil wars, orphans Mahlia and Mouse barely escape the Drowned Cities. But soon their safety is threatened, and Mahlia risks all to save Mouse. Companion to Ship Breaker (DB 71441). Some violence. For senior high and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

New Earth
DB77661 9 hours 30 minutes
by Ben Bova
read by Jack Fox
After the discovery of New Earth in Farside (DB 76834), a mission is sent to explore its treasures. Arriving after an eighty-year journey of cryogenic sleep, Jordan Kell and his team find a race of inhabitants who remind them of humans. 2013.

Caliban’s War: The Expanse, Book 2
DB74942 21 hours 7 minutes
by James S.A. Corey
read by Jim Zeiger
A four-year-old is kidnapped from Ganymede just before its Martian marines fight off an attack that may herald an interplanetary war. Jim Holden, from Leviathan Wakes (DB 74083), and the crew of the Rocinante investigate—and find connections to a threat from their past. Violence and strong language. 2012.

DB74583 10 hours 19 minutes
by Michael Grant
read by Nico Evers-Swindell
In the near future, BZRK, a hacker group determined to preserve free will, uses nanobots to fight against the powerful conjoined Armstrong twins, who strive to create their version of utopia. Violence and strong language. For senior high and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Plague Forge: The Dire Earth Cycle, Book 3
DB78050 14 hours 20 minutes
by Jason M. Hough
read by Gregory Gorton
After the events of The Exodus Towers (DB 77746), Skyler and his team search the world for keys belonging to the alien Builders. In the African desert, Skyler discovers relics of Builder experiments—and the secret behind the aliens is revealed. Violence. 2013.

Alien Diplomacy
DB74824 14 hours 13 minutes
by Gini Koch
read by Kristin Allison
Kitty, Jeff, Chuckie, and the rest of the Alpha-Centaurion diplomatic corps are settling into their assignments—kind of. Kitty is taking Washington wife classes and failing miserably. But a plot that endangers both Kitty’s mother and Chuckie quickly takes precedence. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

DB75578 7 hours 46 minutes
by Lois Lowry
read by Mare Trevathan
After a difficult labor, fourteen-year-old birthmother Claire has a baby boy who is immediately rescued by Jonas, from The Giver (DB 37689). Claire knows she shouldn’t search for her “product” but, overwhelmed by a sense of loss, she does anyway. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

In the After
DB77311 10 hours 34 minutes
by Demitria Lunetta
read by Jennifer Hubbard
After an attack by flesh-eating aliens decimates the world’s population, teenage Amy and a toddler she names Baby hide out in her parents’ fortified house. Three years later they discover they are not the only survivors. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love
DB74345 21 hours 44 minutes
edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Seventeen short stories by authors of fantasy, science fiction, and romance, including Diana Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, Marjorie M. Liu, Jacqueline Carey, and Carrie Vaughn. In Neil Gaiman’s “The Thing about Cassandra,” young artist Stuart Innes unexpectedly meets up with his old girlfriend. Some strong language. 2010.

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles, Book 1
DB75631 9 hours 23 minutes
by Marissa Meyer
read by Mare Trevathan
Cinder, a teen cyborg and the best mechanic in New Beijing, labors to support her stepmother—and owner—Adri and Adri’s two daughters. But after Cinder’s only human friend, her stepsister Peony, is infected with the plague letumosis, Adri volunteers Cinder’s body for plague research. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

DB74836 11 hours 26 minutes
by Veronica Roth
read by Jill Fox
War erupts between the factions. Tris and Tobias, of the Dauntless faction, struggle to avoid the Erudite faction’s relentless pursuit of divergents while seeking to uncover the Erudite secrets. Sequel to Divergent (DB 73203). Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

DB78053 20 hours 49 minutes
by C.J. Sansom
read by Daniel Weyman
England, 1952. Twelve years after Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany, resistance efforts are gaining steam. Scientist Frank Muncaster, a patient at a mental hospital, guards a secret that could turn the tide. Civil servant and spy David Fitzgerald is tasked with rescuing Frank. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

Midst Toil and Tribulation
DB75626 35 hours 2 minutes
by David Weber
read by Erik Sandvold
Merlin Athrawes—the cybernetic avatar of a girl dead for a thousand years—continues to advise the leaders of the Charisian Empire, Cayleb and Sharleyan. Merlin has convinced them to defy the totalitarian Church of God Awaiting, which sparks a revolution in the Republic of Siddarmark. Violence and some strong language. 2012.

DB74885 7 hours 57 minutes
by Daniel H. Wilson
read by Jack Fox
As a child, Owen Gray received a neural implant, or an amp, to control his epilepsy. After the Supreme Court decides implanted citizens are not a protected class, violent discrimination erupts and Owen flees to an amp refuge in Oklahoma. There, Owen discovers his new powers. Violence and strong language. 2012.

Short Stories

DB75575 13 hours 34 minutes
by Sherman Alexie
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Thirty-one short stories—sixteen previously unpublished—by the author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (DB 65403) and War Dances (DB 70926). “Cry Cry Cry” explores the relationship between a Spokane tribe member and his drug-addicted cousin. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Artist of Disappearance: Three Novellas
DB75225 5 hours 27 minutes
by Anita Desai
read by Laura Giannarelli
Three stories set in twenty-first-century India. In the title piece a young man returns to his family’s Himalayan home to live as a hermit. But his solitude is threatened when a documentary film crew discovers the beautiful hidden garden he has created. 2011.

Dirty Love
DB77617 10 hours 2 minutes
by Andre Dubus
read by Gregory Maupin
Four short stories explore the joys and disappointments of love and sex. In “Listen Carefully as Our Options Have Changed,” a man discovers his wife of twenty-four years has been having an affair. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Dancing Dogs: Stories
DB75756 8 hours 14 minutes
by Jon Katz
read by Erik Sandvold
Known for his nonfiction books on dogs, including Izzy and Lenore (DB 68441), Katz returns to fiction with sixteen tales exploring the relationship between canines and humans. In “Instinct Test” Patricia embraces a new lifestyle when she takes her incorrigible adopted border collie to sheep-herding training. Some strong language. 2012.

Secret Santa
DB77915 10 hours 22 minutes
by Fern Michaels and others
read by Kristin Allison
Four short Christmas tales. In Fern Michaels’s “Mister Christmas,” attorney Claire O’Brien must postpone her holiday trip home when her wealthiest client summons her to Ireland. Also includes Marie Bostwick’s “The Yellow Rose of Christmas,” Laura Levine’s “Nightmare on Elf Street,” and Cindy Myers’s “Room at the Inn.” Bestseller. 2013.

Mirror, Mirror
DB77682 13 hours 15 minutes
by J.D. Robb and others
read by Suzanne Toren
Five novellas based on fairy tales. In Robb’s Taken in Death, inspired by Hansel and Gretel, Eve Dallas investigates the kidnapping of two children by a “bad witch.” Includes Blayney’s If Wishes Were Horses, Fox’s Beauty, Sleeping, McComas’s The Christmas Comet, and Ryan’s Stroke of Midnight. Bestseller. 2013.

Spies and Espionage

The Kill List
DB77583 8 hours 56 minutes
by Frederick Forsyth
read by Ray Foushee
Internet sermons by a masked man called the Preacher drive his radical Muslim disciples to kill public officials. An ex-marine known as Tracker is tasked by his U.S. agency to eliminate the Preacher. When Tracker’s father becomes a victim, the hunt becomes personal. Violence and strong language. 2013.

The Spymasters
DB75299 11 hours 39 minutes
by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth
read by Christopher Lane
Europe, 1943. Intelligence agent Dick Canidy and his men, last seen in Double Agents (DB/RC 65558), race to stop rockets that the Nazis have aimed at London, rescue a spy, and prevent the Soviets from stealing atomic secrets. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Endgame
DB74865 10 hours 44 minutes
by David Michaels
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Rookie agents are sent to apprehend Sam Fisher, a seasoned Splinter Cell operative suspected of being a traitor. All must face their pasts to discover who wants them to fail. Violence and some strong language. 2009.

The Passion of the Purple Plumeria: A Pink Carnation Novel
DB78006 13 hours 23 minutes
by Lauren Willig
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
1805. Miss Jane Wooliston and her chaperone Gwen Meadows—secret spies in the war with Napoleon—are recalled to London when Jane’s sister Agnes and her friend Lizzy disappear from their boarding school. Colonel William Reid, Lizzy’s father, joins in the search and becomes attracted to Gwen. 2013.

Sports and Recreation

Catch Rider
DB77589 5 hours 55 minutes
by Jennifer H. Lyne
read by Abigail Maupin
Despite her poor background and ferocious competition from more privileged girls, fourteen-year-old Sid pursues her dream of becoming a catch rider—a show equestrian who can ride any horse. Sid’s uncle Wayne helps out. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 2013.

Love’s Winning Plays
DB75679 8 hours 46 minutes
by Inman Majors
read by Erik Sandvold
Raymond Love, a graduate assistant in a college football program, is assigned to babysit old-timer Coach Woody at fundraising events. Love discovers firsthand the corrupt side of university sports while wooing a girl in his book club and socializing with another from grad school. Strong language. 2012.


The Absence of Mercy
DB78026 9 hours 33 minutes
by John Burley
read by Dan Bloom
In the small Ohio River town of Wintersville, medical examiner Ben Stevenson investigates the worst case of his career—a fifteen-year-old boy was savagely killed and dismembered. When Monica, a friend of Ben’s son, narrowly survives the next attack, Ben fears for his family. Violence and some strong language. 2013.

Deadly Heat
DB77458 11 hours 18 minutes
by Richard Castle
read by Robert Petkoff
New York City. Detective Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook race to stop a deadly threat from Nikki’s past as well as an all-too-present serial killer targeting Nikki. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

Deep Waters
DB75133 10 hours 34 minutes
by Kate Charles
read by Gabriella Cavallero
When the baby of two reality stars dies in her crib, Detective Inspector Neville Stewart returns from his honeymoon to investigate. Curate Callie Anson and her boyfriend Mark Lombardi, a family liaison officer, become involved in the celebrity family’s funeral arrangements. Then Mark’s adulterous brother-in-law dies. Some strong language. 2009.

The Burning Soul
DB75454 14 hours 33 minutes
by John Connolly
read by Jim Zeiger
Because he had been imprisoned for molesting and killing a girl when he was young, accountant Randall Haight becomes a suspect when teenager Anna Kore goes missing from her small Maine town. Haight’s attorney hires PI Charlie Parker to investigate. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2011.

The Final Cut
DB77544 13 hours 21 minutes
by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison
read by John Polk
Scotland Yard’s chief inspector Nicholas Drummond learns his colleague and former lover was killed while guarding the crown jewels in New York. Defying orders, Drummond flies to the Big Apple to join the FBI investigation and learns that the Koh-i-Noor diamond is missing. Violence and some strong language. 2013.

Poseidon’s Arrow
DB75793 13 hours 35 minutes
by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler
read by John Polk
National Underwater and Marine Agency director Dirk Pitt and his team—including his oceanographer daughter Summer and marine engineer son Dirk, Jr.—are on a mission to stop the person responsible for stealing a slew of ships and the plans for building an attack submarine. Some violence. Bestseller. 2012.

Bad Blood
DB77619 13 hours 3 minutes
by Arne Dahl
read by John Polk
Paul Hjelm and his fellow A-Unit detectives learn that an American serial killer is on a plane arriving in Sweden. After failing to identify him at the airport, the group examines his history—and waits for him to kill again. Translated from Swedish. Violence and strong language. 2013.

There Was an Old Woman
DB78117 7 hours 51 minutes
by Hallie Ephron
read by Kristin Allison
After her alcoholic mother is hospitalized, historian Evie Ferrante is horrified by the run-down state of her childhood home, puzzled by unexplained cash and expensive purchases, and unaware of the cryptic message her mother left her ninety-one-year-old neighbor: “Don’t let him in until I’m gone.” Some strong language. 2013.

Notorious Nineteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
DB75812 6 hours 50 minutes
by Janet Evanovich
read by Annie Wauters
Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her sidekick Lula search for an assisted-living facility manager who disappeared from the hospital while facing trial for embezzlement. Meanwhile, Stephanie works as a bodyguard for Ranger, who is the target of a Special Forces adversary. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2012.

The Nightmare Thief
DB74712 12 hours 32 minutes
by Meg Gardiner
read by Susan Ericksen
Wealthy Peter Reiniger buys a three-day crime-spree reality game for his daughter Autumn’s twenty-first birthday. But when real kidnappers grab Autumn and her friends, forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett, pararescueman Gabe Quintana, and journalist Evan Delaney are the young women’s only hope. Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Ransom River
DB77352 12 hours 35 minutes
by Meg Gardiner
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Rory Mackenzie, who left her hometown of Ransom River to help political refugees seek asylum, is called home to be a juror in the case of a gangster’s son killed by two cops. But the courtroom is seized by masked armed men—who target Rory. Violence and some strong language. 2012.

Fear Nothing
DB78023 14 hours 45 minutes
by Lisa Gardner
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Badly injured Boston detective D.D. Warren is seeing pain doctor Adeline Glen when she realizes an odd coincidence: Adeline’s father was a serial killer whose technique is very similar to the murder Warren is currently investigating. And Adeline’s incarcerated sister has also killed multiple times. Violence and strong language. 2014.

Hazardous Duty
DB78088 10 hours 19 minutes
by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth
read by Mark Delgado
2007. President Clendennen declares that Mexican drug cartel violence in Laredo and El Paso and hijackings by Somali pirates qualify as extraordinary circumstances—allowing him to recall retired Colonel Charley Castillo back into hazardous duty. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

DB75607 11 hours 14 minutes
by Mo Hayder
read by Gregory Gorton
The discovery of the corpses of five prostitutes with tiny dead birds sewn into their rib cages has London detective Jack Caffery searching for a serial killer who is a doctor wannabe. Meanwhile, Caffery’s girlfriend pressures him to commit. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1999.

DB75769 13 hours 12 minutes
by Mo Hayder
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Flea Marley, who works as a diver for the police, finds a pair of severed hands. Flea and detective Jack Caffery search Bristol’s drug world for the hands’ owner and encounter African shamanism. Meanwhile, Flea goes to extremes to understand her parents’ diving deaths. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2008.

DB77798 13 hours 2 minutes
by Mo Hayder
read by Andy Pyle
Bristol, England. Still haunted by his last case, Detective Inspector Jack Caffery investigates a series of suspicious suicides and the disappearance of a celebrity who left a rehab facility. Meanwhile, police diver Flea Marley discovers something horrifying that she must conceal illegally. Violence and strong language. 2009.

Full Disclosure
DB75602 14 hours 15 minutes
by Dee Henderson
read by David de Vries
While working together to find a female assassin, Midwest homicide investigator Ann Silver and Chicago FBI agent Paul Falcon bond over their shared faith—and fall in love. Then the suspect herself asks for house arrest in exchange for information on one of her high-profile clients. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

You Don’t Want to Know
DB75137 17 hours 25 minutes
by Lisa Jackson
read by Christina Traister
Though wealthy heiress Ava Garrison has been medicated since her toddler son disappeared two years ago, she continues to notice signs of him. Ava suspects a sinister plot, involving her husband, relatives, and doctors. Only Austin, the family’s new employee, seems trustworthy. Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Sleep No More
DB75584 10 hours 29 minutes
by Iris Johansen
read by Kristin Allison
Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is shocked when her mother reveals that Eve has an older sister, Beth, who has fled from a mental hospital. Eve and her lover, detective Joe Quinn, enlist profiler Kendra Michaels to help search for Beth. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

What Doesn’t Kill You
DB74768 12 hours 4 minutes
by Iris Johansen
read by Jennifer Van Dyck
Operatives Catherine Ling and John Gallo, both from the Eve Duncan series, work together to keep Ling’s childhood mentor Hu Chang safe. Chang has created a poison that a dangerous foe is desperate to have, putting Ling’s son Luke at risk. Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Boy in the Suitcase
DB77362 8 hours 16 minutes
by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis
read by Jack Fox
Danish nurse Nina Borg helps her distraught friend Karin by retrieving a suitcase from a Copenhagen train-station locker. When Karin is murdered, Nina must flee to protect the little boy she found drugged and naked inside the suitcase. Originally published in Danish in 2008. Violence and strong language. 2011.

Death of a Nightingale
DB77697 8 hours 43 minutes
by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis
read by Jack Fox
Crisis-center nurse Nina Borg cares for the young daughter of Ukrainian refugee Natasha, who is imprisoned for the attempted murder of her abusive fiancé. When Natasha escapes custody to reunite with her child, an evil underworld figure from Natasha’s past awaits her. Translated from Danish. Violence and strong language. 2013.

The Three-Day Affair
DB75673 8 hours 38 minutes
by Michael Kardos
read by Erik Sandvold
When Will’s old college friends Jeffrey and Nolan visit him for the weekend, Jeffrey inexplicably robs a convenience store and kidnaps the female clerk. Realizing that Jeffrey has also implicated Will and Nolan, the friends spend a frantic three days trying to figure out a solution. Strong language. 2012.

The Stonecutter
DB77707 14 hours 27 minutes
by Camilla Läckberg
read by Gregory Maupin
Off the small coastal town of Fjällbacka, the body of young Sara is discovered by a lobsterman. When Detective Patrik Hedström learns that the girl was actually drowned in a bathtub, he investigates Sara’s troubled family and neighbors. Translated from Swedish. Strong language and some violence. 2008.

Hostage Three
DB78122 8 hours 11 minutes
by Nick Lake
read by Kristin Allison
Teenaged Amy is on an around-the-world cruise with her father and stepmother when Somalian pirates seize their yacht and take them hostage. She builds a bond with one of her captors, but her life remains at risk. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

Strong Justice: A Caitlin Strong Novel
DB75758 10 hours 30 minutes
by Jon Land
read by Mare Trevathan
Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, with help from her lover Cort Wesley Masters, protects a Mexican teenager from sex slavers, hunts for a serial killer, fights a renegade Mexican commander, and investigates bizarre behavior in the small town where her lawman grandfather worked. Strong language and some violence. 2010.

House Justice
DB75656 13 hours 32 minutes
by Mike Lawson
read by Jon Huffman
A female CIA agent in Iran is executed after a U.S. journalist’s article on illegal weapon sales blows her cover. Outraged, CIA director LaFountaine arrests the reporter and suspects that Congress leaked the information. House Speaker Mahoney asks fix-it man Joe DeMarco to investigate. Violence and strong language. 2010.

House Rules
DB75462 12 hours 22 minutes
by Mike Lawson
read by David Hartley-Margolin
After a flurry of botched domestic terrorist strikes, Congress is ready to pass an anti-Muslim bill. But the Speaker of the House has questions about the latest attempted attack—which involved the son of a longtime friend—and asks his fix-it man, Joe DeMarco, to investigate. Violence and strong language. 2008.

Live by Night
DB75625 15 hours 4 minutes
by Dennis Lehane
read by Jim Zeiger
Joe Coughlin’s dad is a Boston cop, but Prohibition turns Joe into a small-time hood. He survives prison and becomes a crime boss in Florida and Cuba—but his fate is shaped by his choice in women. Violence, explicit descriptions of sex, and some strong language. 2012.

Capitol Murder
DB75528 9 hours 25 minutes
by Phillip Margolin
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
After the events in Supreme Justice (DB 74795), attorney Brad Miller, who now works for Senator Jack Carson, finds a dead woman in Carson’s house. Meanwhile, terrorists plan to attack a football stadium and serial killer Clarence Little, from Executive Privilege (DB 68322), escapes prison. Violence and strong language. 2012.

The End of the Wasp Season
DB75529 13 hours 44 minutes
by Denise Mina
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Glasgow. In a case of mistaken identity, two teens kill call girl Sarah Erroll in her bedroom but leave behind piles of cash that were stored in the kitchen. Pregnant detective inspector Alex Morrow investigates Sarah’s murder and reveals the damage done by uncaring parents. Violence and strong language. 2011.

DB74479 11 hours 24 minutes
by Karen Robards
read by Kate Rudd
While house-sitting for family friend Nicco, cop Micayla, “Mick,” confronts a thief breaking into Nicco’s safe. But the robbery exposes damning photos of Nicco, sending Mick and the thief running for their lives—together—and fighting their strong attraction. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel
DB75008 17 hours 5 minutes
by James Rollins
read by Jim Zeiger
Sigma commander Gray Pierce and his partner Seichan must rescue President Gant’s pregnant daughter Amanda from Somali pirates. Assisting them are Tucker Wayne and his canine partner Kane. But no one realizes Amanda’s baby is the real target. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

The Kept
DB78022 9 hours 30 minutes
by James Scott
read by Mare Trevathan
Upstate New York, late 1890s. Midwife Elspeth Howell returns to her farm after an extended time away only to find her husband and four of her children brutally murdered. With her lone surviving child, twelve-year-old Caleb, Elspeth sets off to exact vengeance on the killers. Violence. 2014.

DB77705 13 hours 51 minutes
by Simon Toyne
read by Jennifer Hubbard
A monk leaps off a mountain after learning the truth held by his secret religious society—and his brethren will stop at nothing to keep the information hidden. Meanwhile, reporter Liv Adamsen searches for answers about her missing brother and makes a shocking discovery. Some violence. 2011.

In the Blood
DB78024 11 hours 33 minutes
by Lisa Unger
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
To escape the fact that her father is imprisoned for the murder of her mother, psychology major Lana Granger quietly attends a small, remote college. But when Lana babysits troubled young Luke, he tries to manipulate her. Then Lana’s roommate Beck disappears after an argument. Violence and strong language. 2014.

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War Stories

Edge of War: Larry Bond’s Red Dragon Rising
DB74852 11 hours 30 minutes
by Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice
read by Luke Daniels
CIA operative Mara Duncan is trying to extract global-warming specialist Josh MacArthur from Vietnam so MacArthur can tell President Greene about the massacre China perpetrated in Shadows of War (DB 70089). Meanwhile, Greene orders Major Zeus Murphy to protect Vietnam from China. Violence and strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

Eleven Days
DB78046 8 hours 33 minutes
by Lea Carpenter
read by James Konicek
When devoted single mother Sara learns her Navy SEAL son Jason is missing after a mission in Afghanistan, she reexamines her life in hopes of understanding what led to his unlikely choice to join the military. Some strong language. 2013.

The Cartographer of No Man’s Land
DB78010 16 hours 25 minutes
by P.S. Duffy
read by Erik Sandvold
1917. Canadian Angus MacGrath had enlisted in the army with the expectation of being assigned to London as a cartographer. Instead, he is on the front lines in France, where he also searches for his missing brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Angus’s thirteen-year-old son Simon Peter navigates home-front life. Some violence. 2013.

Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am
DB75328 3 hours 48 minutes
by Harry Mazer and Peter Lerangis
read by Alec Volz
When Ben delays college to enlist in the army reserve, his family, girlfriend, and best friend are shocked. After deployment to Iraq Ben returns home with a traumatic brain injury and finds nothing is the same. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

DB77912 15 hours 20 minutes
by Dennis McFarland
read by Erik Sandvold
1864. Deserted by his comrades, Union soldier Summerfield Hayes struggles to survive in the woods after being wounded in battle. His thoughts turn to his pre-enlistment life with his sister in Brooklyn. Once rescued, he is sent to a hospital in Washington, where Walt Whitman befriends him. Violence. 2013.


The Outlaw Josey Wales
DB75055 6 hours 11 minutes
by Forrest Carter
read by Robert Sams
After Yankees murder his family, Missouri farmer Josey Wales joins Confederate guerrillas—and becomes an outlaw after the war. A botched bank robbery sends Wales and his wounded teenage partner fleeing to Indian territory. By the author of The Education of Little Tree (DB/RC 58621). Basis for Clint Eastwood movie. 1973.

The Omaha Trail: A Ralph Compton Novel by Jory Sherman
DB77920 8 hours 55 minutes
by Ralph Compton
read by Robert Sams
Oklahoma rancher Dane Kramer plans to pay off the note on his land once he sells a herd of cattle to a buyer in Omaha. Dane doesn’t realize that his banker wants the ranch for himself—and plans to sabotage Dane on the trail. Some violence and some strong language. 2012.

In Alaska with Shipwreck Kelly: A North-Western Story
DB75171 8 hours 38 minutes
by Dan Cushman
read by Jim Zeiger
Self-educated U.S. marshal Patrick Kelly of Montana joins forces with entrepreneur Studdsworth Blackmore to bring a casino to the Klondike gold rush. They encounter rival Diamond Jack McGowan and his daughter, who are hauling a gambling boat north. Some strong language. 1996.

Desert Rider: A Western Duo
DB75172 8 hours 55 minutes
by Ray Hogan
read by Jim Zeiger
Two western novellas. In Desert Rider marshal John Banning of Yucca Flats seeks revenge for the murder of his teenage nephew. In The Outside Gun lawman Little Bill Krask feuds with his rancher father Big Bill, and it is up to Dan Wade to intercede. 2011.

The Loner Series: Crossfire, Inferno, Brutal Vengeance, Hard Luck Money, Bullets Don’t Die
DB78004 36 hours 8 minutes
by J.A. Johnstone
read by various narrators
Conrad Browning—a.k.a. Kid Morgan, the Loner—searches for his kidnapped twins with help from his gunslinger father Frank Morgan in Crossfire, book eleven of the Loner series. Also includes books twelve through fifteen. Violence and some strong language. 2012.

Assault of the Mountain Man
DB77498 8 hours 23 minutes
by William W. Johnstone
read by John Polk
When Smoke Jensen’s wife Sally is shot during a bank holdup in a town she is visiting, Smoke rushes to stay with her while she fights for life. After she recovers and they return to Sugarloaf, Smoke vows to track down the men responsible. Violence and strong language. 2011.

A Big Sky Christmas
DB77883 9 hours 58 minutes
by William W. Johnstone
read by Patrick Downer
Against his better judgment, Jamie MacCallister agrees to lead a wagon train of settlers from Kansas City to Montana by Christmas. They meet up with a reluctant outlaw who saves an actress. MacCallister also gets help from frontiersman Smoke Jensen and a mountain man called Preacher. Some violence. Bestseller. 2013.

Law at Angel’s Landing
DB75024 5 hours 20 minutes
by Wayne D. Overholser
read by John Polk
Colorado, late 1800s. Livery-stable owner and county sheriff Mark Girard and other locals regret that gold has been rediscovered in their former mining town. Some old-timers hire gunman Captain John Wallace behind Mark’s back to keep the peace, but Mark tries to get rid of the ruthless killer. 2010.

Apache Moon
DB74874 7 hours 31 minutes
by James Powell
read by Jack Fox
Northern Sonora, Mexico; 1887. Luther Cordalee, a deserter of the Arizona Territory cavalry, is fleeing from a band of murderous Mexicans when his horse drops dead. He seeks refuge in the foothills along the Bavispe River—only to be captured by the last remaining Apaches in the Southwest. 1983.

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Adult Nonfiction


Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History
DB75534 8 hours 20 minutes
by Antonio J. Mendez and Matt Baglio
read by Karl Miller
Former CIA officer Mendez recounts the rescue of six Americans who escaped from the U.S. embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979, when it was overrun by militants. Details the plan to extract the diplomats from Iran disguised as members of a Hollywood film crew. Some strong language. 2012.

Into the Abyss: An Extraordinary True Story
DB77894 10 hours 5 minutes
by Carol Shaben
read by Tiffany Morgan
Journalist reconstructs the 1984 crash of a commuter plane in Alberta, Canada, during a storm. Only four of the ten passengers survived: the author’s father, politician Larry Shaben; a police officer and his unshackled prisoner; and the pilot. Examines the lives of these men following the accident. Commercial audiobook. 2012.


Hanging Man: The Arrest of Ai Weiwei
DB77586 6 hours 57 minutes
by Barnaby Martin
read by Scott Reynolds
Profile of artist Ai Weiwei (born 1957), who consulted on the Beijing National Stadium—a.k.a. the Bird’s Nest—for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Details his April 2011 arrest by Chinese officials and subsequent eighty-one-day incarceration, during which he was held without charges. Discusses his artistic and political influences. Some strong language. 2013.

American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
DB78042 17 hours 13 minutes
by Deborah Solomon
read by Mary Kane
Author of Jackson Pollock: A Biography (DB 27937) examines the life and work of Norman Rockwell, preeminent illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post. Examines Rockwell’s struggles with depression and the ways the disorder influenced his work. Chronicles the evolution of visual journalism from illustration to photography and television. 2013.


Master of Deceit: J. Edgar Hoover and America in the Age of Lies
DB74894 4 hours 57 minutes
by Marc Aronson
read by Luke Daniels
Portrait of John Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) and his controversial rise to power within the FBI. Discusses Hoover’s determination to overcome challenges in his youth, his life with his ambitious mother Anne Scheitlin Hoover, and his manipulation of people and information. For senior high and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives . . . Eight Hours
DB77841 6 hours 23 minutes
by Larry Elder
read by Bob Moore
African American talk-show host and author of Ten Things You Can’t Say in America (DB 51905) recalls his troubled relationship with his father Randolph, an ex-marine. Highlights the night he returned home to confront Randolph after barely speaking to him for ten years. Strong language. 2012.

My Father’s Fortune: A Life
DB74883 8 hours 59 minutes
by Michael Frayn
read by Ray Foushee
Award-winning British author and playwright chronicles his London family’s ascension into the twentieth-century middle class. Relates the travails of his hard-of-hearing salesman father, who was raised by deaf parents, and the early death of his musically trained mother. Describes his own childhood during World War II. 2010.

The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism
DB77650 2 hours 26 minutes
by Naoki Higashida
read by Michael Kramer
Autistic thirteen-year-old communicates with a special alphabet grid to explain his behaviors, like why he doesn’t make eye contact or stay still. Originally published in Japan in 2007. Translated by British novelist David Mitchell and his wife, who are parents of an autistic child. Includes short stories. Bestseller. 2013.

Abigail Adams
DB71999 21 hours 21 minutes
by Woody Holton
read by Laura Giannarelli
Biography of America’s second First Lady by the award-winning author of Unruly Americans (RC 66397). Uses first-person accounts and Mrs. Adams’s letters to portray her political and business acumen, which enabled her to leave her female descendants funds in her will despite the law of coverture. 2009.

Notes on a Century: Reflections of a Middle East Historian
DB74813 13 hours 3 minutes
by Bernard Lewis
read by Ralph Lister
Middle Eastern scholar (born 1916) and author of The Crisis of Islam (DB/RC 55867) reminisces about his career as a London-born, non-religious Jew who majored in Oriental Studies, worked as a British intelligence officer during World War II, and participated in twentieth-century developments in the Islamic world. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

My Queer War
DB71874 15 hours 30 minutes
by James Lord
read by Ray Hagen
American author James Lord recounts his experiences during World War II, when as a soldier in his twenties he began exploring his homosexuality. Discusses his European assignments, his reactions to warfare, and the military gay underworld. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2010.

Tupac Shakur: The Life and Times of an American Icon
DB71978 8 hours 8 minutes
by Tayannah Lee McQuillar and Fred Johnson
read by Julian Thompson
Biography of rap-music star Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) examines the artist’s unstable childhood as the son of a former Black Panther militant. Chronicles Shakur’s rise to fame, the rivalry between East- and West-coast rappers, and Shakur’s unsolved murder in Las Vegas. Strong language. 2010.

Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche
DB75587 15 hours 42 minutes
by James Miller
read by Jake Williams
Professor of politics considers the lives and ideas of twelve philosophers, ancient and modern, in the Western canon: Socrates, Plato, Diogenes, Aristotle, Seneca, Augustine, Montaigne, Descartes, Rousseau, Kant, Emerson, and Nietzsche. 2011.

Twelve Years a Slave
DB77891 9 hours 44 minutes
by Solomon Northup
read by Bob Moore
Original nineteenth-century memoir by free-born African American Solomon Northup. Details his life in New York, kidnapping in 1841, and the time he spent as a slave on southern plantations until his rescue in 1853. Basis for the 2013 movie. Violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 1853.

That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor
DB74745 13 hours 42 minutes
by Anne Sebba
read by J. Michael McCullough
Bestselling British biography of American-born socialite Wallis Simpson (1896-1986) interprets the character and motives of the woman for whom England’s King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936. Biographer Sebba researches Wallis’s background, the psychological and medical disorders of Edward and Wallis, and their affair’s threat to the monarchy. 2011.

Philomena: A Mother, Her Son, and a Fifty-Year Search
DB77914 17 hours 0 minutes
by Martin Sixsmith
read by Erik Sandvold
Journalist chronicles the life of Philomena Lee, an Irish unwed mother who was forced to give her young son up for adoption in 1955, then spent fifty years trying to find him. Includes foreword by Judi Dench, who played Lee in the 2013 movie adaptation. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2009.

Hunting the Jackal: A Special Forces and CIA Soldier’s Fifty Years on the Frontlines of the War against Terrorism
DB75929 9 hours 16 minutes
by Billy Waugh
read by Patrick Downer
Army Special Forces and CIA operative Billy Waugh chronicles his half-century career, which took him to sixty-four countries and included covert missions trailing Osama bin Laden in 1991 and 1992 and a pivotal role in the 1994 capture of Carlos the Jackal. Some violence and some strong language. 2004.

Blindness and Physical Handicaps

Imperfect: An Improbable Life
DB74896 8 hours 46 minutes
by Jim Abbott and Tim Brown
read by Peter Johnson
Autobiography of professional baseball pitcher and 1988 Olympic gold-medal winner who was born without a right hand. Abbott discusses his blue-collar, Flint, Michigan, childhood spent playing sports; his achievements in the major leagues, including a 1993 no-hitter for the New York Yankees; and his determination to reach the top. 2012.

The Boy in the Moon: A Father’s Journey to Understand His Extraordinary Son
DB74439 11 hours 9 minutes
by Ian Brown
read by Ray Childs
Award-winning journalist candidly recounts his relationship with his son Walker, who was born with cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome (CFC), a rare genetic mutation. Discusses raising Walker at home and the heartrending decision to place teenage Walker in a care facility. Reflects on the value of human life. Some strong language. 2009.

Saving Each Other: A Mystery Illness, a Search for the Cure, a Mother/Daughter Love Story
DB75689 11 hours 41 minutes
by Victoria Jackson and Ali Guthy
read by Margaret Strom
Victoria Jackson and her teenage daughter Ali Guthy recount Ali’s experience with the often-fatal disease neuromyelitis optica (NMO). Describes Ali’s early symptoms and doctors’ efforts to make a diagnosis, and Victoria and her husband’s creation of a foundation to search for a cure. Some strong language. 2012.

Learning to Cope with Sight Loss: Six Weeks at a VA Blind Rehabilitation Center
DB719221 hour 22 minutes
by William L. McGee
read by Ed Dudkowski
Author shares his experiences learning to manage the effects of sight loss with help from the VA Western Blind Rehabilitation Center program. Includes information on living skills, manual skills, computer-access training, therapy, family assistance, and more. 2010.

Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race through the Eyes of the Blind
DB78044 14 hours 14 minutes
by Osagie K. Obasogie
read by Gary Telles
Legal scholar explores the ways blind people experience racial differences. Argues that we are socialized to attach particular characteristics to race regardless of our ability to see and considers the implications of that convention on efforts to achieve a “colorblind” society. 2014.

Business and Economics

Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
DB77698 9 hours 55 minutes
by Jacob Tomsky
read by Andy Pyle
Philosophy major Tomsky humorously reminisces about his accidental career in the hospitality industry that began when he took a job as a valet after college. Highlights his climb up the corporate ladder and offers tips and strategies to obtain good service. Strong language. 2012.

Career and Job Training

What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
DB77533 14 hours 43 minutes
by Richard N. Bolles
read by Bill Burton
Revised and updated edition of the popular guide for determining job objectives and career goals. This 2014 version offers advice on social media and search tactics and discusses interviewing, networking, negotiating salary, beginning your own business, changing careers, and dealing with handicaps. 2013.


Computing: A Concise History
DB75267 4 hours 25 minutes
by Paul E. Ceruzzi
read by Mark Delgado
Smithsonian Institution curator details the invention and development of computing, from punch cards to smartphones. Focuses on four themes: the coding of information in binary form, the convergence of different technologies, advances in solid-state electronics, and the interaction between people and machines. 2012.


Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps
DB77819 10 hours 0 minutes
by Kelly Williams Brown
read by Anjili Pal
Twenty-seven-year-old journalist’s book based on her blog of the same name and interviews with experts provides ways to manage the challenges of being an independent adult. Offers suggestions for renting an apartment, cooking, house cleaning, doing laundry, budgeting, and grocery shopping. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2013.

How to Retire Happy: The Twelve Most Important Decisions You Must Make before You Retire
DB77532 10 hours 30 minutes
by Stan Hinden
read by Bill Burton
Former Washington Post columnist and AARP contributing writer outlines the personal and financial decisions one must make to ensure a comfortable retirement. Offers advice on estate planning, buying long-term care insurance, withdrawing from IRAs, taking Social Security benefits, and more. 2013.


Eat to Live Cookbook: Two Hundred Delicious, Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health
DB77709 11 hours 17 minutes
by Joel Fuhrman
read by Andy Pyle
Nutrition expert and author of Eat to Live (DB 75601) provides recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks that emphasize their ingredients’ nutritional benefits. Discusses tools and techniques, including shopping strategies, food preparation, consumption, and storage. Bestseller. 2013.


Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson
DB77542 17 hours 29 minutes
by Jeff Guinn
read by Todd Fox
Biography of the petty criminal and failed musician who directed his cult followers to commit the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders in Los Angeles. Describes Manson’s childhood. Chronicles the killings and his trial, and places Manson in the context of the era’s social upheavals. Violence and some strong language. 2013.

Newtown: An American Tragedy
DB78100 7 hours 11 minutes
by Matthew Lysiak
read by Peter Johnson
Reporter chronicles the murders of twenty children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. Examines the family of shooter Adam Lanza and the events that led up to the massacre. Violence and some strong language. 2013.

The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletica Killing
DB77925 8 hours 54 minutes
by Dan Morse
read by Mark Delgado
Washington Post reporter dissects the March 2011 murder of a young saleswoman by her coworker in an upscale yoga-apparel boutique in Bethesda, Maryland—a killing overheard but ignored by employees in the Apple Store next door. Violence and some strong language. 2013.

Kill for Me
DB75624 12 hours 52 minutes
by M. William Phelps
read by Joe Wilson
True-crime author uses police files and interviews with the victim’s family and friends to recount the July 5, 2003, murder of Tampa, Florida, bartender Sandee Rozzo. Discusses the evidence that pointed to a newlywed bride who wanted to prevent Sandee from testifying in court against her groom. 2010.

Diet and Nutrition

Special-Needs Kids Eat Right: Strategies to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn, and Thrive
DB77921 11 hours 46 minutes
by Judy Converse
read by Faith Potts
Registered dietitian offers nutritional strategies and recipes for children with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or other developmental disabilities, who may be picky eaters. Discusses working with your doctors, basic nutritional therapy, lab tests, supplements, and other ways to encourage healthy eating habits. 2009.


Bullying and Students with Disabilities: Strategies and Techniques to Create a Safe Learning Environment for All
DB77771 5 hours 27 minutes
by Barry Edwards McNamara
read by Erin Jones
Professor of special education draws on research and case studies to provide an overview to understand and address bullying of students with disabilities. Discusses specific school-wide programs, offers intervention techniques for parents and staff, and lists resources for students. 2013.

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
DB77706 11 hours 13 minutes
by Amanda Ripley
read by Kerry Dukin
Time magazine journalist followed three American teens who studied abroad for one year in countries considered to be “educational superpowers”—Finland, South Korea, and Poland—to determine why these nations scored better on international exams. Offers tips for selecting a school. 2013.


Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know about Ending the Cycle of Fear
DB75456 11 hours 17 minutes
by Carrie Goldman
read by Kristin Allison
Chicago Tribune blogger Goldman uses academic research and personal anecdotes to offer advice on dealing with childhood bullying. Discusses prevention, intervention, and reconciliation for families, schools, and society. Highlights the unique problems of children with disabilities and gender issues. 2012.

Government and Politics

Algerian Chronicles
DB77424 5 hours 43 minutes
by Albert Camus
read by Michael Kramer
Collection of writings dating from 1939 to 1958 by the author of The Stranger (DB 40902). Explores his thoughts and feelings on the politics of Algeria with relation to France. Chronicles the evolution of Algerian independence. Translated from French. 2013.

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War
DB78129 27 hours 53 minutes
by Robert M. Gates
read by Michael Scherer
Former secretary of defense recalls his five years in office, beginning in 2006 as the replacement for Donald Rumsfeld under President George W. Bush and continuing under Barack Obama. Analyzes the fight against terrorism and describes the political and bureaucratic struggles he faced at the Pentagon. Bestseller. 2014.

Hobbies and Crafts

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting
DB78078 11 hours 20 minutes
edited by Ann Hood
read by Jill Ferris
Twenty-seven essays on the craft of knitting by authors including Elizabeth Berg, Andre Dubus III, Sue Grafton, Barbara Kingsolver, Elinor Lipman, Joyce Maynard, Ann Patchett, and Anita Shreve. Berg discusses the pleasures of visiting yarn stores when one is not a knitter. Includes six knitting patterns by Helen Bingham. 2014.


Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings
DB77941 6 hours 33 minutes
by Ron Burgundy
read by Gary Telles
Humorous fictional autobiography by San Diego television newsman Ron Burgundy, a character played by Will Ferrell in the 2004 movie Anchorman and its 2013 sequel. Describes his adventurous life and shares love advice and hair-care tips. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t
DB78097 3 hours 14 minutes
by Stephen Colbert
read by various narrators
Comedian and faux right-wing host of The Colbert Report offers a satirical take on what it means to be American in the twenty-first century. Riffs on employment, health care, Wall Street, energy, elections, justice, and other topics. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections
DB72104 3 hours 44 minutes
by Nora Ephron
read by Barbara Rappaport
Following her lighthearted essay collection I Feel Bad about My Neck (DB/RC 63378), screenwriter Ephron (b. 1941) discusses growing up with show-business parents, fantasizing about a potential inheritance, learning that no one likes her Christmas desserts, growing old, and dealing with her longtime memory problems. Bestseller. 2010.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir
DB74647 10 hours 49 minutes
by Jenny Lawson
read by Theresa Conkin
Popular Internet blogger uses dark humor to describe her everyday life. Recounts racing armadillos and swimming with pigs during her childhood in West Texas, dealing with anxiety disorder by hiding in bathrooms during dinner parties, and discovering that her boyfriend was planning to propose—not murder her. Strong language. Bestseller. 2012.

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Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough
DB77699 6 hours 13 minutes
by Jefferson Bethke
read by Andy Pyle

Twenty-something author expands on his 2012 YouTube video poem Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus that critiqued institutional expressions of faith. Discusses his dysfunctional upbringing and search for higher meaning that led back to what he believes is the real Jesus. Bestseller. 2013.

The Reason for My Hope: Salvation
DB77704 6 hours 38 minutes
by Billy Graham
read by Scott Reynolds
Evangelical preacher Billy Graham uses scripture and anecdotes to explain the concept of salvation. Urges people to accept the redemption that God offers and discusses the notions of hell and the Second Coming. Bestseller. 2013.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum; 101 Inspirational Stories for Parents of Children with Autism and Asperger’s
DB78045 13 hours 1 minute
compiled by Rebecca Landa and others
read by Margaret Strom
Authors offer accounts of rearing children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Landa, the director of the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Autism, gives a brief introduction to the condition while contributors share their challenges, setbacks, and successes. 2013.

You’ll Get through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times
DB77761 5 hours 18 minutes
by Max Lucado
read by Scott Reynolds
Minister Lucado relates the biblical tale of Joseph and his brothers as an allegory to help people deal with crises such as job loss, illness, and divorce. Discusses ways faith in God can relieve difficulties and offers practical advice based on scripture. 2013.

Journalism and the Media

DB75163 35 hours 2 minutes
by Douglas Brinkley
read by Ray Childs
Biography of twentieth-century newscaster Walter Cronkite (1916-2009), once dubbed “the most trusted man in America.” Chronicles his coverage of World War II and entrance into the then-fledgling business of television reporting. Highlights his reporting on space exploration, the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the Vietnam War. 2012.

Legal Issues

The Eichmann Trial
DB75110 8 hours 7 minutes
by Deborah E. Lipstadt
read by Laura Giannarelli
Details the 1960 capture of fugitive Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by Israeli operatives and his subsequent trial in Jerusalem. Discusses Hitler’s Final Solution policy that was aimed at the annihilation of European Jews and the impact the survivors’ testimonies had on the international public’s consciousness. 2011.


Bookmarked: Teen Essays on Life and Literature from Tolkien to Twilight
DB74791 6 hours 18 minutes
edited by Ann Camacho
read by Kerry Dukin
Fifty essays by young adults, grouped into five different themes. Contributors—such as immigrant Raymond Yeung, who learned about making life choices from the Harry Potter series—reflect on their connections to literary works. Includes sections for further discussions and a teaching guide. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

How to Read Literature
DB77257 7 hours 6 minutes
by Terry Eagleton
read by Bill Delaney
English professor offers instruction on critically assessing literary works. Describes ways to analyze openings, character, narrative, interpretation, and value. Uses examples from novels, poetry, plays, and nursery rhymes to illustrate points. 2013.

Call Me Burroughs: A Life
DB78054 29 hours 38 minutes
by Barry Miles
read by Malcolm Hillgartner
The editor of Naked Lunch (DB 57547) explores the life of countercultural icon and author William S. Burroughs (1914-1997). Uses thousands of conversations, recordings, writings, and interviews with friends to chronicle Burroughs’s roles as an outlaw, social critic, writer, performer, and artist. Examines his long-term cultural legacy. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2014.

Kissing the Sword: A Prison Memoir
DB77582 6 hours 6 minutes
by Shahrnush Parsipur
read by Kerry Dukin
Iranian novelist writes of her times of imprisonment, first at the hands of the shah and then, from 1981 to 1986, by the Islamic Republic. Describes day-to-day life, the treatment of women prisoners, and the loss of friends who were executed. Translated from Persian. Some violence. 2013.

The End of Your Life Book Club
DB75762 11 hours 17 minutes
by Will Schwalbe
read by Erik Sandvold
Journalist and publishing professional chronicles the conversations he had with his mother as he accompanied her on treatments for advanced pancreatic cancer. Discusses books such as Crossing to Safety (DB/RC 49441), The Hobbit (DB/RC 48978), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (DB/RC 67759), and others. Bestseller. 2012.

DB77540 26 hours 26 minutes
by David Shields and Shane Salerno
read by Jon Huffman
Explores the life of Jerome David (J.D.) Salinger (1919-2010), the enigmatic author of The Catcher in the Rye (DB 47480). Draws on interviews with his intimates to detail his early years in New York City, experiences during World War II, and romantic relationships. Companion to 2013 documentary movie. Bestseller. 2013.

Medicine and Health

One Hundred Questions and Answers about Psoriasis
DB77702 7 hours 8 minutes
by Kendra Gail Bergstrom and Alexa Boer Kimball
read by Kerry Dukin
Dermatologists answer common questions and concerns about the chronic skin disease psoriasis. They discuss the causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and social effects of the lifelong illness. 2011.

The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book
DB75600 21 hours 44 minutes
edited by Lynn C. Hartmann and Charles L. Loprinzi
read by Kerry Dukin
Mayo Clinic medical oncologists provide a comprehensive explanation of breast cancer from basics to treatment options, side effects, associated cancers, and supportive care. Includes a guide for family members on medical and emotional issues. 2012.

The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be
DB75748 9 hours 38 minutes
by Martha Herbert
read by Kristin Allison
Neurologist posits that autism is a reaction to bodily disorders that may be caused by various triggers, including environmental toxins, viruses, stress, and/or food. Uses anecdotal evidence to discuss ways to restore health to those with autism. Suggests a whole-body approach to dealing with symptoms. 2012.

Prevention: The Ultimate Guide to Breast Cancer; Your Essential Resource from Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond
DB77703 14 hours 9 minutes
edited by the editors of Prevention and Mary L. Gemignani
read by Kerry Dukin
Basic guide for those with breast cancer. Discusses coming to terms with the diagnosis and sharing the news, treatments and complementary therapies, financial concerns, the importance of good nutrition and exercise, coping with stress, and recovery. Includes personal stories. 2013.

My Child Is Sick! Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries
DB75787 7 hours 52 minutes
by Barton D. Schmitt
read by Carol Dines
Professor of pediatrics covers the most common illnesses and injuries of childhood, such as fevers, diarrhea, rashes, and bites. Discusses home treatments, including correct drug dosage for nonprescription medicines, and helps determine when to call the doctor. 2011.

Johns Hopkins Patients’ Guide to Cancer in Older Adults
DB77887 5 hours 8 minutes
by Gary R. Shapiro and Ilene S. Browner
read by Michael Scherer
Oncologists explain cancer treatment in older adults. They discuss the biology of aging, therapy options and their potential side effects, palliative care, rehabilitation, and nutrition. 2012.


My Cross to Bear
DB74827 11 hours 45 minutes
by Gregg Allman
read by L.J. Ganser
Rock musician Gregg Allman describes growing up in Nashville, forming the Allman Brothers Band, coping with the death of his older brother Duane, and struggling with addiction. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2012.

Late Life Jazz: The Life and Career of Rosemary Clooney
DB77847 15 hours 30 minutes
by Ken Crossland and Malcolm MacFarlane
read by Robert Sams
Biography of singer Rosemary Clooney (1928-2002), aunt of movie star George Clooney, chronicles her life as she traveled from Kentucky to Hollywood. Highlights her 1940s Big Band career, her starring role in the 1954 film White Christmas alongside Bing Crosby, and her 1970s comeback as a jazz singer. 2013.

Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll
DB75009 22 hours 56 minutes
by Marc Dolan
read by Bill Wallace
Biography explores the life of Bruce Springsteen (born 1949) from 1964 to 2009, through the lens of his music. Discusses his influence on the development of rock ‘n’ roll and the genres that followed. Also covers the socio-political sensibilities he infused into his brand of music. Strong language. 2012.

River of No Return: Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Woman He Loved
DB75651 10 hours 29 minutes
by Jeffrey Buckner Ford
read by Robert Sams
The son of entertainer Ernie Ford (1919-1991) chronicles his father’s career—including his television show and such hits as “Sixteen Tons”—and his parents’ long marriage. Discusses his mother’s suicide in 1989 and his father’s death, two years later, from an alcohol-induced condition. Some strong language. 2008.

When I Left Home: My Story
DB75698 7 hours 30 minutes
by Buddy Guy
read by Mirron E. Willis
Legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy (born 1936) reminisces about growing up as the son of Louisiana sharecroppers, moving to Chicago in 1957 and playing in nightclubs, and working with Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Junior Wells, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling Stones. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Beatles vs. Stones
DB77744 10 hours 36 minutes
by John McMillian
read by Jeff Allin
History professor examines media portrayals and public perceptions of the two iconic British bands—the “lovable” Beatles and the “bad-boy” Stones. Discusses the rapport and rivalry between them and the influence of their managers. 2013.

Wild Tales: A Rock and Roll Life
DB77535 12 hours 8 minutes
by Graham Nash
read by Gregory Maupin
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member for his work with the Hollies and Crosby, Stills & Nash details his life and fifty-year career. Discusses the 1960s and 1970s music scene in England and the United States, his romance with singer Joni Mitchell, and his philanthropic efforts. Strong language. 2013.

Mo’ Meta Blues: The World according to Questlove
DB77380 10 hours 12 minutes
by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Ben Greenman
read by Julian Thompson
Drummer and cofounder of the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group the Roots discusses his early musical influences, efforts to keep his hip-hop group focused on being politically correct and mindful, and career highlights and lowlights. Ruminates on black culture and the current state of the music industry. Strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Nature and the Environment

The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future
DB77809 9 hours 19 minutes
by Paul Sabin
read by Bob Moore
History professor examines the 1980 bet between biologist Ehrlich and economist Simon over what the prices of five metals would be ten years later—a test of coming worldwide prosperity or environmental doom. Examines the reasons for each scholar’s prediction and the ways government actions influenced the outcome. 2013.


Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems
DB77867 3 hours 56 minutes
by Billy Collins
read by Jim Zeiger
Previously published works and fifty-one new poems from the former U.S. poet laureate. In “Ode to a Desk Lamp” Collins compares his long connection with the “faithful light” to his fleeting personal relationships. Bestseller. 2013.

Psychology and Self-Help

Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War
DB75902 6 hours 19 minutes
by Rita Nakashima Brock and Gabriella Lettini
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Explores the idea and effect of moral injury—the violation of one’s core beliefs—on military personnel following their return from combat to civilian life. Discusses the symptoms, coping methods, and healing techniques to prevent suicide and other mental issues. Highlights the experiences of four vets. Violence. 2012.

Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn
DB74386 13 hours 57 minutes
by Cathy N. Davidson
read by Laural Merlington
Explores the nature of attention and the influence the educational system has on it. Recounts an experiment during which students assigned to count passes between basketball players in a film failed to notice a person wearing a gorilla suit who walked through the middle of the game. Commercial audiobook. 2011.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence
DB77885 8 hours 26 minutes
by Daniel Goleman
read by Gregory Gorton
The author of Emotional Intelligence (DB 41511) and Social Intelligence (DB 63894) posits that the ability to focus is essential to performance, success, and self-awareness. Uses neuroscience, case studies, and personal experience to elaborate on the importance of paying attention. 2013.

The Gift of Adversity: The Unexpected Benefits of Life’s Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections
DB77939 10 hours 52 minutes
by Norman E. Rosenthal
read by Kurt Elftmann
Psychiatrist posits that to navigate life successfully one must encounter—and overcome—difficulties. Uses the experiences of his patients, colleagues, and his own Jewish childhood in 1950s apartheid South Africa to illustrate methods and techniques for dealing with challenges. 2013.

DB75782 10 hours 3 minutes
by Oliver Sacks
read by Barry Bernson
Neurologist and author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (DB/RC 23901) examines the phenomenon, history, and treatment of hallucinations. Investigates visual, auditory, and olfactory events. Discusses drug-induced, mind-altering experiences and diseases with hallucinatory symptoms such as Charles Bonnet syndrome, which affects blind individuals. Bestseller. 2012.


A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master”
DB75701 10 hours 18 minutes
by Rachel Held Evans
read by Shannon McManus
In 2010, a twenty-nine-year-old blogger, who was raised as an evangelical Christian, decided to live by the Old Testament’s instructions for women for a year. Humorously describes her adventures seeking modesty, obedience, domesticity, and silence. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Book of Genesis: A Biography
DB77618 6 hours 26 minutes
by Ronald Hendel
read by Lou Harpenau
Religion professor discusses the influence of the first book of the Bible and its role in the history of Western science, politics, and human rights. Examines different interpretations in the work of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza, writer Franz Kafka, mathematician Galileo Galilei, and others. 2013.

What Are You Afraid Of? Facing Down Your Fears with Faith
DB77943 8 hours 44 minutes
by David Jeremiah
read by Bob Moore
Christian pastor and author of God Loves You (DB 75744) explores ten fears—including disapproval, danger, and death—that he argues prevent people from living life to its fullest. Posits that God is the answer to all of our concerns. Bestseller. 2013.

A Simple Guide to Mark
DB78016 5 hours 33 minutes
by Paul J. McCarren
read by Bill Wallace
Jesuit priest presents an accessible translation of the Gospel of Mark along with brief commentaries. Discusses religious practices, repentance, healing, and trust. Describes Jesus’s ministry, arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection. 2013.

Jesus: A Theography
DB75702 13 hours 2 minutes
by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
read by Tom Parks
Two Christian authors and bloggers recount the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, focusing on the ways that stories and characters in the Old Testament foreshadow and illuminate events in the New Testament. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas
DB77903 2 hours 52 minutes
by Ann Voskamp
read by Jack Fox
The author of One Thousand Gifts (DB 74783) uses the Old Testament to trace Jesus’s lineage and offers her interpretation of the true meaning of Christmas. Includes devotional readings and ideas for reflection. Bestseller. 2013.

Science and Technology

An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist; a Memoir
DB77591 9 hours 48 minutes
by Richard Dawkins
read by Bill Burton
Memoir of evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist details both his education and spiritual awakenings. Describes his life at boarding schools in colonial Africa and England, his work at Oxford University, and the writing of his seminal book The Selfish Gene (DB 10899). Reflects on both familial and professional influences. 2013.

Ingenious: A True Story of Invention, Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America
DB77846 11 hours 44 minutes
by Jason Fagone
read by Gregory Gorton
Science journalist followed four teams from 2010 to 2013 as they competed for the $10 million award offered by the Automotive X Prize foundation for development of a one-hundred-mile-per-gallon car. 2013.

The Tizard Mission: The Top-Secret Operation That Changed the Course of World War II
DB75219 13 hours 1 minute
by Stephen Phelps
read by Theresa Conkin
Recounts Sir Henry Tizard’s mission to the United States in August 1940 to share secret British military technology—most notably the cavity magnetron, which revolutionized radar and is used in microwave ovens. Describes the ways those inventions contributed to the Allies’ victory and spurred America’s postwar boom. 2010.

Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future
DB77858 15 hours 40 minutes
by Donald R. Prothero
read by Bill Wallace
Geology professor discusses the difference between being skeptical of well-established theories and simply denying their validity. Explains the methods scientists use to reach their conclusions and rebuts arguments against evolution, climate change, and childhood vaccinations. 2013.

Social Sciences

Homo Mysterious: Evolutionary Puzzles of Human Nature
DB75680 14 hours 17 minutes
by David P. Barash
read by Bill Wallace
Professor of psychology and biology examines the scientific reasons behind evolutionary mysteries of human culture. Explores possible reasons for homosexuality, unannounced ovulation, and menopause, as well as the need for religion, art and sexuality. 2012.

Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital
DB77656 19 hours 55 minutes
by Sheri Fink
read by Erin Jones
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist reports on the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans. Reconstructs the five days it took to rescue the hospital’s staff and patients and examines the life-and-death decisions made and the lawsuits that followed. 2013.

Thank You for Your Service
DB77869 9 hours 51 minutes
by David Finkel
read by Alec Volz
Journalist who was embedded with the U.S. Army in Iraq describes what life was like for some of the veterans from The Good Soldiers (DB 70623) after they returned stateside. Portrays issues the men and their families dealt with, including suicide, PTSD, and financial strains. Violence and strong language. 2013.

Drink: The Intimate Relationship between Women and Alcohol
DB78123 10 hours 14 minutes
by Ann Dowsett Johnston
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Award-winning Canadian journalist chronicles her own recovery while examining the worldwide phenomenon of female alcoholism. Combines personal anecdotes with research to explore the psychological, social, and workplace factors that lead to alcohol abuse and discusses ways to combat it. Some strong language. 2013.

Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement, Updated Edition
DB75628 13 hours 27 minutes
by Peter Singer
read by Bill Wallace
Australian ethicist examines mankind’s treatment of animals, focusing on factory farms, product testing, medical research, and what he labels “speciesism”—the systematic disregard for nonhuman creatures. Originally published in 1975, revised in 1990. With 2009 preface by the author. Violence. 2009.

Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth
DB74776 16 hours 18 minutes
by Chris Stringer
read by George Holmes
Anthropologist examines existing theories of human evolution and compares them to the fossil record. Using modern technologies, including DNA analysis, he puts forth his own theories on how Homo sapiens survived and outlasted the other humanoid species. 2012.

Sports and Recreation

Ball Four: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
DB77068 16 hours 34 minutes
by Jim Bouton
read by Erik Synnestvedt
The author recalls his effort to make a comeback as a big-league pitcher in the late 1960s, revealing inside-the-locker-room details that tarnished the game’s wholesome image and made him a persona non grata for years afterward. Edited by Leonard Shecter. Originally published in 1970; includes Bouton’s 1990 epilogue. 1970.

Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball
DB74762 10 hours 44 minutes
by R.A. Dickey
read by Bill Wallace
Autobiography of the journeyman knuckleball pitcher, who was cut from his first professional team, the Texas Rangers, when doctors discovered that Dickey lacks a ligament in one of his elbows. Describes his impoverished Nashville upbringing, his quest for a career, and his Christian faith. 2012.

One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season
DB75688 15 hours 37 minutes
by Tony La Russa
read by Patrick Downer
Autobiography of major league baseball manager who, for thirty-three seasons, coached the Chicago White Sox, Oakland A’s, and St. Louis Cardinals. Highlights the St. Louis Cardinals’ comeback to win the 2011 World Series. Foreword by novelist John Grisham. 2012.

The Best American Sports Writing, 2013
DB77936 16 hours 3 minutes
edited by J.R. Moehringer
read by Steven Carpenter
Twenty-six sports-related articles from North American newspapers, magazines, and websites. Patrick Hruby’s “Did Football Kill Austin Trenum?” explores the suicide of a high school football player who had suffered multiple concussions. Other subjects include bullfighting, bowling, swimming, running, surfing, and basketball. Strong language. 2013.

Stage and Screen

A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York
DB77854 8 hours 2 minutes
by Anjelica Huston
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Actress Huston, born in 1951 to director John Huston and his fourth wife Ricki Soma, recalls her privileged childhood in Ireland and England and early career as a model in New York. Discusses her mother’s death and her troubled affair with photographer Bob Richardson. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Along the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son
DB74903 15 hours 43 minutes
by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez
read by Andy Pyle
In alternating chapters of this dual memoir, father and son actors Sheen and Estevez look back on the ups and downs of their relationship. They also examine their careers, including work they have done together, such as the 2009 movie The Way. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2012.

The Redgraves: A Family Epic
DB75573 13 hours 37 minutes
by Donald Spoto
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Details the theater dynasty that began in 1907 with the marriage of British actors Margaret Scudamore and Roy Redgrave. Recounts the personal and professional lives of their son Michael; grandchildren Vanessa, Lynn, and Corin; and the following generation, including Natasha and Joely Richardson and Jemma Redgrave. 2012.

The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler
DB77930 13 hours 1 minute
by Ben Urwand
read by J.P. Linton
Details the 1930s alliance between Hollywood studios—nearly all of which were headed by Jews—and Nazi Germany. Explains why the German consul in Los Angeles had veto power over scenes and characters. Discusses Adolf Hitler’s preferences and dislike of specific films. 2013.


The Best American Travel Writing, 2013
DB77745 9 hours 45 minutes
edited by Elizabeth Gilbert and Jason Wilson
read by Kurt Elftmann
Author of Eat, Pray, Love (DB 61789) edits nineteen previously published travel essays infused with a sense of marvel and wonder. In “The Way I’ve Come” author Judy Copeland describes backpacking along the border of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. 2013.

Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air
DB77724 16 hours 45 minutes
by Richard Holmes
read by Patrick Downer
Author of The Age of Wonder (DB 72354) examines ballooning in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Profiles early pioneers in the field, including Tiberius Cavallo, Jacques Alexandre Charles, and the Montgolfier brothers. Discusses female aeronauts, scientific advancements, and arctic expeditions. 2013.

DB77548 11 hours 38 minutes
by Michael Palin
read by Gary Tipton
In this companion to the BBC miniseries, the author of Around the World in Eighty Days (DB 35432) explores the largest country of South America. Details Brazil’s cultural traditions, geographic features, and burgeoning industries from the Amazon basin in the north to the city centers of the south. 2012.

There and Then: The Travel Writing of James Salter
DB77927 6 hours 25 minutes
by James Salter
read by Mark Boyett
Collection of essays by the author of All That Is (DB 76675). Details his travels across the world, including trips to Japan, Paris, the Alps, and the Rocky Mountains. Includes reminiscences from his time as a soldier during World War II. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2005.

The One Hundred Best Affordable Vacations
DB73664 15 hours 9 minutes
by Jane Wooldridge and Larry Bleiberg
read by Theresa Conkin
North American destinations for the cost-conscious. Divided into four categories—classic Americana sites, wilderness trips, learning vacations, and wellness getaways—the guide suggests when to splurge on tours, meals, and train rides and ways to save on accommodations. Lists festivals and parks. Provides resources for more information. 2011.

U.S. History

Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America
DB77942 11 hours 2 minutes
by Glenn Beck
read by Michael Scherer
Conservative radio host relates twelve little-known incidents from American history involving ordinary citizens—both heroes and villains. Settings include the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Wounded Knee, World War II, and Vietnam’s My Lai massacre. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

One Summer: America, 1927
DB77749 20 hours 46 minutes
by Bill Bryson
read by Jason Culp
Chronicles the events of 1927 during Calvin Coolidge’s presidency. Highlights newsmakers Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, and Al Capone; anarchists and flappers; the deadly Mississippi River flood; the first talking movies; and the actions that set the stage for the 1929 global economic crash. Bestseller. 2013.

The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
DB74635 32 hours 50 minutes
by Robert A. Caro
read by Grover Gardner
Fourth volume in Caro’s biography of the thirty-sixth president, following Master of the Senate (DB/RC 54174), covers the years 1958-1964. Depicts Johnson’s failed 1960 presidential campaign, frustrations as vice president, ascent to power after JFK’s assassination, and push for groundbreaking civil rights and social legislation. National Book Critics’ Choice. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Josephus Daniels: His Life and Times
DB78014 20 hours 45 minutes
by Lee A. Craig
read by Gregory Gorton
Biography of Josephus Daniels (1862-1948), head of the Democratic Party during the Progressive Era of the early twentieth century. Chronicles his rise to power as a newspaper owner, secretary of the navy, President Wilson’s confidant, and leader of his native North Carolina’s white-supremacy movement. 2013.

The First North Americans: An Archaeological Journey
DB75249 10 hours 25 minutes
by Brian Fagan
read by Kerry Dukin
Anthropology professor and author of Cro-Magnon (DB 72886) surveys fifteen thousand years of Native American history and culture in North America. Discusses controversies over the first settlement and humans’ role in animal extinction. Covers immigration routes and the diversity of hunter-gatherer societies. 2011.

Life upon These Shores: Looking at African American History, 1513-2008
DB75408 26 hours 27 minutes
by Henry Louis Gates
read by Jake Williams
History of African Americans in the United States from colonial days to the 2008 election of president Barack Obama. Discusses black conquistadors accompanying Spanish explorers to the New World. Examines both the acquisition and freeing of slaves as well as the civil rights movement. Highlights individual contributions. 2011.

The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island
DB78192 20 hours 43 minutes
by Mac Griswold
read by Kerry Dukin
Cultural landscape historian uses primary documents and archaeological research to reconstruct the history of the Georgian-style Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island, New York. Traces the Quaker plantation owners through fifteen generations and discusses their relationships with the Manhansett Indians, roles in the Revolutionary War, and uses of slave labor. 2013.

Shiloh, 1862
DB74383 10 hours 50 minutes
by Winston Groom
read by Eric G. Dove
Describes the Battle of Shiloh, fought in the Tennessee wilderness April 6-7, 1862. Details the tactics of the two armies—the Confederates led by Albert Sidney Johnson and the surprised Union defenders under Ulysses S. Grant. Explores the what-ifs that might have changed the outcome. Violence. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Five Days in November
DB78047 4 hours 31 minutes
by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
read by Jeff Allin
Retired Secret Service agent Hill, who was assigned to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, reflects on the days from November 21, 1963, when the Kennedys left Washington for their trip to Texas, to November 25, when the slain president was buried in Arlington Cemetery. Some violence. 2013.

Treacherous Beauty: Peggy Shippen, the Woman behind Benedict Arnold’s Plot to Betray America
DB75530 9 hours 20 minutes
by Mark Jacob and Stephen H. Case
read by Kristin Allison
Biography of Philadelphia debutante Peggy Shippen (1760-1804), who befriended English officer and spy John André‚ in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. Explores the reasons why Peggy conspired with André‚ and her husband, colonial general Benedict Arnold, to turn over the fort at West Point to the British. 2012.

Mary McLeod Bethune in Washington, D.C.: Activism and Education in Logan Circle
DB78049 7 hours 1 minute
by Ida E. Jones
read by Faith Potts
Historian chronicles the life and achievements of African American educator and civil rights leader Bethune (1875-1955) when she lived in the nation’s capital in the 1940s. Describes Bethune’s fight for integration and the rights of women while advising President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Young Adult appeal. 2013.

America’s Longest Siege: Charleston, Slavery, and the Slow March toward Civil War
DB78095 14 hours 16 minutes
by Joseph Kelly
read by Bob Moore
Literature professor chronicles the history of Charleston, South Carolina, and its slave-driven economy that led to secession and the 1863 blockade of the city’s harbor. Kelly documents the nationalism, paternalism, and wealth that made Charleston the focus of the national debate on slavery. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes, and Politics
DB77730 11 hours 44 minutes
by Charles Krauthammer
read by Gregory Gorton
Conservative Pulitzer Prize winner Krauthammer, who was trained as a psychiatrist, compiles favorite columns from his thirty-year writing career. In addition to politics, government, and autobiographical pieces, his topics include creationism, Judaism, chess, and border collies. Bestseller. 2013.

History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
DB77803 6 hours 45 minutes
by Brad Meltzer
read by Lou Harpenau
Companion to the History Channel’s show Decoded examines ten historical mysteries and tries to debunk the sensational stories surrounding them. Questions covered include the fate of Confederate gold, the identity of skyjacker D.B. Cooper, the possibility of UFOs at Roswell and Area 51, and the perpetrator of Kennedy’s assassination. 2013.

1775: A Good Year for Revolution
DB75715 25 hours 46 minutes
by Kevin Phillips
read by Arthur Morey
Author posits that 1775 was the year that the American Revolution established its basis for armed resistance to Great Britain. Discusses the war’s causes, battlegrounds, and worldwide consequences while emphasizing the roles of religion and ethnicity and slaves, indentured servants, and natives in the conflict. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

Robert Morris: Financier of the American Revolution
DB74725 24 hours 35 minutes
by Charles Rappleye
read by Lou Harpenau
Biography of Robert Morris (1734-1806) chronicles the personal and political life of the British-born Philadelphia businessman who, as superintendent of finance for the Continental Congress, provided General Washington’s army with supplies. Discusses Morris’s role as a Federalist and the real-estate speculation that landed him in debtors’ prison. 2010.

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Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi
DB77708 11 hours 27 minutes
by Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz
read by Jon Huffman
Security experts reconstruct the September 11, 2012, attack by al-Qaeda-allied rebels on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Violence and strong language. 2013.

The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914
DB77462 23 hours 46 minutes
by Christopher Clark
read by Barry Bernson
British historian explores the causes of World War I, which began with the 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Discusses the political and economic tensions that led to armed conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and the responses of Russia, England, and Germany. Draws comparisons to twenty-first-century problems. Violence. 2012.

American Heroes on the Homefront: The Hearts of Heroes
DB78084 5 hours 43 minutes
by Oliver North
read by Jake Williams
Profiles American servicemen and servicewomen who have returned home from military deployments to deal with their battle wounds and/or illnesses. Discusses their combat actions, rehabilitation, and family lives as they have learned to live with multiple handicaps. Companion to television series War Stories. Some violence. 2013.

Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War
DB74339 10 hours 1 minute
by Hal Vaughan
read by Erin Jones
American diplomat and foreign correspondent uses overseas archives to document French fashion designer Coco Chanel’s collaboration with the Nazis during World War II. Discusses Chanel’s childhood; emergence on the social scene as a couture, perfume maker, and mistress of titled men; anti-Semitism; and involvement with the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS). 2011.

The West

The Killing of Crazy Horse
DB75199 24 hours 31 minutes
by Thomas Powers
read by Karl Miller
Investigates the death of Sioux warrior Crazy Horse in 1877, after he surrendered to the U.S. Army. Describes the tensions between whites and Native Americans at the time and discusses critical events, including General George Custer’s defeat and the discovery of gold in the Black Hills. Spur Award. 2010.

Women’s Concerns

The Butterfly Mosque
DB77547 9 hours 32 minutes
by G. Willow Wilson
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Author’s memoir of her conversion to Islam and her romantic relationship with an Egyptian man after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Details her spiritual search as a college student, her move to Cairo at age twenty-one, and the culture clash she experienced as an American living in Egypt. 2010.

World History

Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China
DB77768 19 hours 10 minutes
by Jung Chang
read by Kerry Dukin
Author of Mao (DB 61346) and Wild Swans (DB 34458) portrays the life of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908). Chronicles her selection as concubine, orchestration of a coup that made her the de facto ruler, reign during the Taiping and Boxer rebellions and an eight-country invasion, and implementation of sweeping reforms. 2013.

White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves
DB75220 10 hours 0 minutes
by Giles Milton
read by Lou Harpenau
Chronicles the white slave trade that flourished during the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries in North Africa. Details the fate of eleven-year-old British cabin boy Thomas Pellow, whose ship was captured by Islamic pirates in 1716 and who spent twenty-three years as a slave to Morocco’s sultan Moulay Ismail. Violence. 2004.

Israel: A History
DB77502 23 hours 42 minutes
by Anita Shapira
read by Barry Bernson
Tel Aviv University professor details the history of modern Israel, from Zionist movements in the late 1800s and the nation’s founding in 1948 to the end of the twentieth century. Examines Israel’s relations with neighboring Arab countries and the Palestinian intifada. Translated from Hebrew. National Jewish Book Award. 2012.

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Books for Children

Listed books were recently sent to cooperating libraries. Books and magazines are also available for immediate download from the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) site at To order books or sign up for BARD service contact your local cooperating library. Regional library telephone numbers are listed on the last pages of this magazine.

These books are listed alphabetically within the headings Children’s Fiction and Children’s Nonfiction by subject category, author last name, and title. For example the title Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown would be listed in Children’s Fiction under the Classics subject category and by the last name Brown.

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Children’s Fiction


Will in Scarlet
DB77609 7 hours 33 minutes
by Matthew Cody
read by Alec Volz
Late 1100s. Thirteen-year-old Will, the future Lord of Shackley, is exiled to Sherwood Forest. He meets Robin Hood and the Merry Men and bands with them to try to retake Shackley Castle. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2013.

Royal Ranger: Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 12
DB78076 14 hours 45 minutes
by John Flanagan
read by Erik Sandvold
Will Treaty, now a legendary Ranger in the kingdom of Araluen, is dealing with personal demons. But the time has come for him to take on an apprentice of his own—and Will cannot believe who it is. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013.

The Paladin Prophecy, Book 1
DB75773 13 hours 32 minutes
by Mark Frost
read by Mark Delgado
Fifteen-year-old Will West follows his parents’ strange rules and avoids drawing any attention to his incredible mental and physical abilities. But when something happens to his parents and a black sedan follows him, Will accepts an invitation to attend an exclusive prep school. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2012.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
DB77918 5 hours 56 minutes
by Chris Grabenstein
read by Patrick Downer
Twelve-year-old Kyle and his friends enter a contest to win a Friday-night lock-in at the new public library created by an eccentric game maker. Little do they know that the winners will have to work together to solve puzzles in order to escape. For grades 4-7. 2013.

The Six Crowns Series
DB78094 13 hours 11 minutes
by Allan Jones and Gary Chalk
read by Gregory Gorton
Six-book series includes Trundle’s Quest, Fair Wind to Widdershins, Fire over Swallowhaven, The Ice Gate of Spyre, Sargasso Skies, and Full Circle. Follows the adventures of Trundle Boldoak, a hedgehog, on his search to find the six fabled crowns and fulfill his role in an ancient prophecy. For grades 3-6. 2010.

New Lands: The Chronicles of Egg, Book 2
DB77579 7 hours 48 minutes
by Geoff Rodkey
read by Bruce Huntey
After thirteen-year-old Egg and his friends narrowly escape from Deadweather Island, they hitch a ride aboard the vessel Thrush to search for the treasure on New Lands. But first they must find an Okalu native to translate the map. Sequel to Deadweather and Sunrise (DB 75681). For grades 5-8. 2013.

Seldovia Sam and the Very Large Clam, Seldovia Sam and the Sea Otter Rescue, Seldovia Sam and the Wildfire Escape, Seldovia Sam and the Blueberry Bear
DB74919 3 hours 1 minute
by Susan Woodward Springer
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Seldovia, Alaska. Young Sam and his dog Neptune have many misadventures while growing up in a remote town south of Anchorage. In Seldovia Sam and the Wildfire Escape Sam and Neptune race to save a mother cat and her kittens. Four books in a series. For grades 2-4. 2003.

Origin Story Series: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Courageous Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Avengers, The Mighty Thor, The Uncanny X-Men
DB749431 hour 3 minutes
retold by Rich Thomas
read by Erik Sandvold
Series of seven books explains how Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk became legendary superheroes. In The Uncanny X-Men Professor Xavier assembles a team of mutants called the X-Men to protect mankind from evil—even though humans are afraid of them. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2011.


The Pup Who Cried Wolf
DB71872 2 hours 12 minutes
by Chris Kurtz
read by Brian Hemmingsen
Lobo, a Chihuahua from New York City who feels he truly is a wolf in an undersized body, goes to Yellowstone National Park with his mistress and dreams of running wild with his wolf brothers. For grades 2-4. 2010.


Zebra Forest
DB77916 3 hours 32 minutes
by Adina Rishe Gewirtz
read by Mare Trevathan
As summer approaches, eleven-year-old Annie wishes for adventure but figures things will be pretty quiet at home with her younger brother Rew and their depressed Gran. Then an escaped convict from the local prison attempts to hide in their house, shattering family secrets. Some violence. For grades 5-8. 2013.

Unhooking the Moon
DB77572 7 hours 51 minutes
by Gregory Hughes
read by Alec Volz
When unfortunate circumstances leave Marie Claire and her older brother Bob orphans, the siblings embark on an adventure from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to New York City in search of their wayward uncle. For grades 6-9. 2010.


Summer and Bird
DB75675 9 hours 45 minutes
by Katherine Catmull
read by Kristin Allison
Young sisters Summer and Bird separate while searching for their parents in the world of Down. They journey in very different directions, trying to vanquish the evil Puppeteer, lead the talking birds back to their Green Home, and discover the true identity of the bird queen. For grades 5-8. 2012.

The Underland Chronicles: Gregor the Overlander, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, Gregor and the Marks of Secret, Gregor and the Code of Claw
DB74333 40 hours 0 minutes
by Suzanne Collins
read by Andy Pyle
When eleven-year-old Gregor follows his two-year-old sister through a basement grate in their New York City apartment building, both siblings are hurtled into an underland. Their arrival triggers an epic battle involving humans, bats, cockroaches, rats, and spiders—and a quest foretold by an ancient prophecy. Complete series. For grades 4-7. 2007.

Secrets of the Crown: The Familiars
DB75830 7 hours 33 minutes
by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Paksahara destroys human magic in a bid to control the kingdom of Vastia. Leaving their wizards behind, familiars Aldwyn the cat, Skylar the blue jay, and Gilbert the tree frog search for the Crown of the Snow Leopard, the only object that can save their homeland. For grades 4-7. 2011.

The Path of Names
DB77578 10 hours 11 minutes
by Ari Goelman
read by Jennifer Hubbard
Thirteen-year-old Dahlia is reluctant to attend a Jewish camp. Shortly after her arrival, two girls disappear through the cabin’s wall. Dahlia soon becomes intrigued by Camp Arava’s mysteries—including the strange man who visits her dreams. For grades 5-8. 2013.

Under Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book 2
DB77923 14 hours 16 minutes
by Colin Meloy
read by Eva Wilhelm
After returning home from the Impassable Wilderness, twelve-year-old Prue McKeel finds life rather dull and has difficulty concentrating at school. She misses her friend Curtis, a bandit-in-training in Wildwood. But when political unrest in Wildwood puts Prue’s life in danger, the two reunite. For grades 4-7. 2012.

Wildwood Imperium: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book 3
DB78133 14 hours 38 minutes
by Colin Meloy
read by Eva Wilhelm
Middle-schooler Prue returns to Wildwood to find another dangerous situation brewing. Teen Zita and her young friends perform a ceremony that brings back the Verdant Empress from her hellish purgatory. Meanwhile, the Council Tree wants to resurrect Alexei, the automaton child prince. For grades 4-7. 2014.

Battle Magic
DB78043 11 hours 53 minutes
by Tamora Pierce
read by Mark Delgado
Messengers arrive in Gyongxe and invite Dedicate Initiate Rosethorn and her two young companion mages, Briar and Evvy, to Yanjing for the birthday celebration of Emperor Weishu. Rosethorn is excited to go but Briar suspects there is an ulterior motive behind the invitation. For grades 6-9. 2013.

The Serpent’s Shadow: The Kane Chronicles, Book 3
DB74714 11 hours 24 minutes
by Rick Riordan
read by various narrators
Magicians Sadie and Carter Kane are trying to stop the chaos snake Apophis from destroying the world. But their friends the magicians and the gods are divided, and the Kanes must face the forces of chaos alone. For grades 5-8 and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2012.

The Girl Who Fell beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There
DB77845 7 hours 45 minutes
by Catherynne M. Valente
read by Colleen Delany
September longed to return to Fairyland, but finds trouble when she does. Fairyland’s inhabitants are losing their shadows to the Hallow Queen—September’s own shadow, which she had sacrificed in The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (DB 73304). For grades 5-8. 2012.

The Crowfield Curse
DB71873 7 hours 36 minutes
by Pat Walsh
read by Laura Giannarelli
1347. While gathering wood in the forest, fourteen-year-old orphan William, a servant at Crowfield Abbey, finds a magical creature caught in a trap. William, who can see fays, becomes embroiled in a strange mystery involving old magic, a bitter feud, and ancient secrets. For grades 4-7. 2010.


Ivy and Bean: No News Is Good News, Book 8
DB776581 hour 10 minutes
by Annie Barrows
read by Abigail Maupin
Ivy and Bean want what everyone else at their lunch table has—expensive cheese balls coated with super squishy red wax. But their parents won’t buy any. So the girls decide to make money by creating a neighborhood newspaper—but the subjects of their stories are not pleased. For grades 2-4. 2011.

Mrs. Noodlekugel
DB74812 0 hours 26 minutes
by Daniel Pinkwater
read by Jill Ferris
Nick and Maxine discover a cute little house behind their drab high-rise apartment building. Once they sneak over to visit, they meet a talking cat called Mr. Fuzzface, an eccentric old lady named Mrs. Noodlekugel, and four far-sighted, funny mice. For grades K-3. 2012.

DB75682 0 hours 22 minutes
by Patricia Polacco
read by Mare Trevathan
New student Lyla starts sixth grade and quickly becomes friends with Jamie. When Lyla gets on the cheerleading squad she basks in her popularity and leaves Jamie behind. But her new clique’s bullying behavior makes Lyla rethink her hasty decision. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2012.

Remember Dippy
DB77888 4 hours 1 minute
by Shirley Reva Vernick
read by Steven Carpenter
Vermont. After reluctantly agreeing to spend the summer helping out his older, autistic cousin named Remember, Johnny is surprised to find that they become good friends. Soon an unlikely romance and an adventure with two cunning ferrets add to the mix. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013.

Growing Up

Something to Hold
DB75617 5 hours 43 minutes
by Katherine Schlick Noe
read by Suzanne Toren
1962. Sixth-grader Kitty’s family has recently moved to Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, where she is one of the few white children at her school. Unsure of how to fit in, Kitty eventually finds friendships—and opportunities to make a difference. For grades 4-7. 2011.

Counting by 7s
DB77917 6 hours 12 minutes
by Holly Goldberg Sloan
read by Colleen Delany
Twelve-year-old Willow Chance, a genius and social outsider, must learn to connect to people and find a surrogate family after her parents are killed in a car accident. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2013.

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie
DB75193 0 hours 51 minutes
by Julie Sternberg
read by Mary Kane
Eight-year-old Ellie’s beloved babysitter Bibi moves away to Florida to care for her ailing father. Ellie spends the summer adjusting to a new babysitter—and missing Bibi. For grades 2-4. 2011.

The Pet War
DB77873 5 hours 51 minutes
by Allan Woodrow
read by Alec Volz
Eleven-year-old Otto desperately wants a dog, but his mother doesn’t believe he is responsible enough. Meanwhile, his older sister Lexi wants a cat. Their mom says that whichever one of them raises enough money to pay for a pet may choose—and so the competition begins. For grades 4-7. 2013.

Historical Fiction

Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building
DB78118 0 hours 19 minutes
by Deborah Hopkinson
read by Erik Sandvold
In 1931, a boy and his father watch as the world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building, is constructed, step by step, near their Manhattan home. For grades K-3. 2006.

One Came Home
DB78007 5 hours 27 minutes
by Amy Timberlake
read by Mare Trevathan
1871. Thirteen-year-old Georgie’s sister Agatha ran away from Placid, Wisconsin, with a band of traveling pigeon hunters. Agatha is presumed dead when her dress is found on a corpse, but Georgie believes Agatha is alive and sets out on an adventure to find her. Some violence. For grades 5-8. 2013.

DB77590 8 hours 54 minutes
by A.B. Westrick
read by Andy Pyle
Richmond, Virginia; 1867. Fourteen-year-old Shad Weaver’s life becomes complicated after Yankee soldiers arrest his older brother for a horrific murder. Shad struggles with his family’s racist beliefs and membership in a secret group. Violence and some strong language. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2013.

Breaking Stalin’s Nose
DB756931 hour 52 minutes
by Eugene Yelchin
read by Ken Kliban
In the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, ten-year-old Sasha idolizes his father, a devoted Communist. But when the police take his dad away and leave Sasha homeless, he is forced to examine his own perceptions, values, and beliefs. For grades 5-8. Newbery Honor. 2011.


Attack of the Giant Hamster: Dr. Roach’s Monstrous Stories
DB77882 0 hours 21 minutes
by Paul Harrison
read by Robert Sams
Hercules the hamster is a much lazier pet than Billy Philips wanted, so when Billy sees a commercial for energetic Booster Bites, he buys them for Hercules. But Billy ends up with a giant hamster—one he can’t keep hidden for long. For grades 2-4. 2012.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters
DB75818 0 hours 12 minutes
by Josh Schneider
read by Peter Jay Fernandez
A father tells outlandish stories while trying to get his young son, who is very picky, to eat foods the boy thinks he will not like. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2011.


The Hardy Boys: The Melted Coins, The Short-Wave Mystery, The Secret Panel
DB75127 11 hours 31 minutes
by Franklin W. Dixon
read by Guy Williams
Three books in the series. In The Melted Coins, when a friend is swindled, the Hardy brothers find themselves on the trail of a large criminal operation. In The Secret Panel a car accident leads the boys to the mysterious Mead mansion. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 1944.

The Humming Room
DB74785 4 hours 26 minutes
by Ellen Potter
read by Emily Pike
Twelve-year-old orphan Roo Fanshaw goes to live with an uncle she never knew in a largely uninhabited mansion on Cough Rock Island. There she discovers a wild river boy, a secluded cousin, and the mysteries of a hidden garden. Inspired by The Secret Garden (DB 23638). For grades 4-7. 2012.


Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading
DB75752 4 hours 10 minutes
by Tommy Greenwald
read by Erik Sandvold
Charlie Joe Jackson tries everything possible to avoid reading, including bribing a friend with ice cream sandwiches to tell Charlie what happens in the middle of a book. But when his scheme goes awry, Charlie must deal with the source of the problem. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2011.

The Year of Billy Miller
DB77924 2 hours 28 minutes
by Kevin Henkes
read by Mary Kane
Seven-year-old Billy Miller starts second grade at Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School in Constant, Wisconsin, with a bump on his head and lots of worries. But his adventures with friends, homework, and family keep him busy all year long. For grades K-3. 2013.

Science Fiction

The Gardener
DB75622 5 hours 44 minutes
by S.A. Bodeen
read by Luke Daniels
High school sophomore Mason finds a beautiful but catatonic girl in the nursing home where his mother works. The discovery leads him to revelations about a series of disturbing human experiments by local scientific company TroDyn—experiments connected to his own life. For grades 6-9 and older readers. Commercial audiobook. 2010.

DB74794 7 hours 16 minutes
by Prudence Breitrose
read by Jill Fox
While ten-year-old Megan’s scientist mother is off doing research on the hairy-nosed wombat in Australia, Megan goes to live with her father in Oregon. Shortly thereafter, computer-savvy mice approach her for help with their project: getting a tiny Thumbtop computer for every mouse hole. For grades 3-6. 2011.

Sports and Recreation

King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige
DB75321 3 hours 57 minutes
by Wes Tooke
read by Todd Fox
Twelve-year-old Nick loves baseball and pitching. After spending a year in the hospital with a brace on his leg, fighting polio, Nick takes a job with the Bismarck Churchills—where his dad is the catcher—and gets to see the great Satchel Paige pitch the 1935 season. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2012.

The Kid from Tomkinsville
DB75632 6 hours 12 minutes
by John R. Tunis
read by Graham Halstead
Pitcher Roy “the Kid” Tucker joins the Brooklyn Dodgers in his rookie year in the big leagues. Just as Roy begins to win the respect of fellow players, a freak accident threatens his dreams of leading the team to a winning season. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 1940.

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Children’s Nonfiction


Big Cats: Explorers
DB78128 0 hours 37 minutes
by Claire Llewellyn
read by Margaret Strom
Guide to wild cats from around the world, including cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, margays, tigers, and African lions. Discusses their bodies, habitats, behaviors, and family structures. Highlights conservation efforts. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2013.

Parrots over Puerto Rico
DB78034 0 hours 44 minutes
by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore
read by Jennifer Hubbard
This combined history of the Puerto Rican parrot and the island of Puerto Rico highlights efforts to protect and manage the endangered bird. Includes an afterword and a timeline of important dates. Sibert Award. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2013.


A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin
DB78033 0 hours 28 minutes
by Jen Bryant
read by Jill Fox
Biography of self-taught African American folk artist Horace Pippin (1888-1946). Describes Pippin’s childhood in Pennsylvania and New York, the combat injury that threatened to end his career, his struggle to learn to paint again, and the widespread fame he achieved. Schneider Family Award. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2013.

Flying Solo: How Ruth Elder Soared into America’s Heart
DB77844 0 hours 18 minutes
by Julie Cummins
read by Margaret Strom
Biography of Ruth Elder (1902-1977), who wanted to be the first female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Recounts Elder’s first attempt that ended in a crash and the cross-country race that Ruth and nineteen other women entered. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2013.

Fatty Legs
DB778431 hour 30 minutes
by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
read by Mary Kane
In the mid-1940s the author—then an eight-year-old Inuit girl named Olemaun—begged her father to let her attend a Catholic boarding school in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Renamed Margaret by the nuns, she recounts the two years of hard work and cruelty she endured there. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2010.

The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism, and Treachery
DB74602 6 hours 0 minutes
by Steve Sheinkin
read by Jack Fox
Biography of Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) discusses his birth in colonial Connecticut, heroism in George Washington’s revolutionary army, marriage to a prominent Philadelphian, switch in allegiance to the British army, and death in disgrace and exile. Cites primary sources. For grades 6-9. YALSA Award for Nonfiction. 2010.


Vicious: True Stories by Teens about Bullying
DB75579 2 hours 52 minutes
edited by Hope Vanderberg
read by Kristin Allison
Teens share stories about bullying they experienced and actions they took to stop feeling helpless. In “Why Are Girls So Mean?” one teen examines why she gossiped about a friend. “I Showed My Enemies—and Hurt My Friends, Too” discusses the cost of fighting. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2012.


DB77766 0 hours 55 minutes
by Brian Floca
read by Andy Pyle
Illustrates what it was like to ride from Omaha to Sacramento on the new cross-country railroad in the mid-1800s. Describes the sounds of the engine, the work of the crew, and the changing scenery. Caldecott Medal. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2013.

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down
DB78146 0 hours 34 minutes
by Andrea Davis Pinkney
read by Catherine Byers
Greensboro, North Carolina; 1960. Recounts the historic protest led by four African American friends—David, Joseph, Franklin, and Ezell—who sat down at a Woolworth’s “whites only” lunch counter to challenge the injustice of segregation. For grades K-3 and older readers. 2010.

Lincoln’s Grave Robbers
DB78091 3 hours 17 minutes
by Steve Sheinkin
read by various narrators
Recounts the adventures of a group of counterfeiters, particularly Benjamin Boyd, in Chicago in the late 1800s. Follows the Secret Service’s pursuit of the criminals, Boyd’s capture, and his accomplices’ scheme to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body and trade it for Boyd’s freedom. Commercial audiobook. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2012.

The Nobel Prize: The Story of Alfred Nobel and the Most Famous Prize in the World
DB75494 3 hours 16 minutes
by Michael Worek
read by Faith Potts
History of the Nobel Prize, which began in 1901 after Alfred Nobel left instructions in his will to award annual monetary prizes to those who made the biggest contribution in the categories of peace, medicine, literature, chemistry, and physics. Profiles famous recipients. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2010.


Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade
DB75815 0 hours 18 minutes
by Melissa Sweet
read by John McDonough
Recounts the history of the giant helium-filled character balloons that have floated every year since 1928 in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Discusses Tony Sarg’s love for puppets, which set the stage for his creations. For grades K-3 and older readers. Robert F. Sibert. Commercial audiobook. 2011.


Environmental Issues, Global Perspectives: Wetlands, Forests, Mountains, Oceans, Freshwater
DB74355 35 hours 12 minutes
by James Fargo Balliett
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Five-volume series explores the predominantly negative impact of human behavior and population growth on natural areas. Examines modern society’s response to these changes through increased education, conservation efforts, and environmental management. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2010.

The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees: A Scientific Mystery
DB77884 0 hours 58 minutes
by Sandra Markle
read by Faith Potts
Overview of the honeybee, its hierarchy, importance to food crops, and various hypotheses for Colony Collapse Disorder—the mysterious loss of this insect. Includes a glossary and information on global rescue efforts. Offers suggestions on ways to help your local honeybees. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2013.


Mystery Hunters Series: Aliens and UFOs, Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds, Bigfoot and Other Monsters, Hauntings, The World’s Strangest Unexplained Mysteries
DB74748 3 hours 27 minutes
by John Hawkins
read by Gary Tipton
Five books explore the strange and unexplained. Aliens and UFOs discusses public interest in UFOs, which was sparked in 1947 by American aviator Kenneth Arnold. Hauntings examines ghosts from ancient Japan, WWI England, and nineteenth-century Arizona. Provides background, eyewitness accounts, and alternate explanations. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2012.

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Foreign Language

Los siguientes libros fueron enviados recientemente a las bibliotecas de la red de NLS. Para ordenar libros, por favor rellene el formulario de pedido y envíalo por correo a su biblioteca local o regional. Los usuarios registrados pueden descargar de inmediato todos los títulos y revistas a través del sistema BARD (por sus siglas en inglés, que en español aproxima las palabras “Descarga de Braille y Lectura de Audio”) aquí: La aplicación móvil gratuita de BARD (llamado “BARD Mobile” en inglés) se encuentra disponible en la tienda de aplicaciones de Apple para la lectura de libros en audio y braille para un iPhone personal, iPad o iPod touch. Para obtener más información acerca de la colección o para inscribirse en el servicio BARD, por favor póngase en contacto con su biblioteca local. Números de teléfono de las bibliotecas regionales se encuentran en las últimas páginas de esta revista.

Nota: Un aviso puede aparecer inmediatamente después del resumen del libro indicando violencia, lenguaje injurioso, o descripciones explícitas de índole sexual en el libro. La palabra “algunas” antes de cualquiera de estos términos indica una ocurrencia ocasional o aislada, por ejemplo “Algunas descripciones de violencia.” También, libros parlantes commerciales (commercial audiobooks, en inglés) que NLS no tiene acceso al libro impreso pueden mostrar el aviso “sin clasificación” que significa que es possible que el libro contiene violencia, lenguaje injurioso, o descripciones de índole sexual.


Cómo Ganar Amigos e Influir sobre las Personas: Edición Revisada (How to Win Friends and Influence People: Revised Edition)
DB76996 9 horas 19 minutos
por Dale Carnegie
leído por Juan Carlos Rueda
Esta guía práctica para llevarse bien con otras personas en situaciones de negocios o sociales cita ejemplos de los éxitos o fracasos de personas conocidas. Traducido del inglés por Román A. Jiménez. Actualización de una edición original publicada en español en 1940. (Practical guide to getting along with others in business or social situations provides examples of the successes and failures of notable and notorious historical figures. Updated from an original edition published in 1940.) 2010.

La Isla de los Amores Infinitos (The Island of Eternal Love)
DB76994 11 horas 44 minutos
por Daína Chaviano
leído por María Pino
Miami, 1998. Mientras trabaja en un reportaje sobre una casa fantasma misterioso, la periodista Cecilia se encuentra con una anciana llamada Amalia en un bar de la Pequeña Habana. Noche tras noche Amalia entretiene a Cecilia con historias de familias españolas, africanas, y chinas y la mágica isla de Cuba. (Miami, 1998. While researching a story on a mysterious ghost house, journalist Cecilia encounters an elderly woman named Amalia in a Little Havana bar. Night after night Amalia regales Cecilia with stories of Spanish, African, and Chinese families and the magical island of Cuba.) 2006.

Cuando Todo Se Derrumba: Palabras Sabias para Momentos Difíciles (When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times)
DB76987 5 horas 36 minutos
por Pema Chödrön
leído por María Pino
Una monja budista americana describe cómo aplicar la filosofía de su religión para alcanzar la felicidad. Explica como comunicarse, experimentar emociones difíciles, y convertirse compasivo con ocho “dharmas mundano” o creencias budistas básicas. (American Buddhist nun describes applying her religion’s philosophy to achieve happiness. Explains using eight worldly dharma or basic Buddhist beliefs to communicate, experience difficult emotions, and become compassionate.) 1998.

El Arte de la Estrategia (The Art of Strategy)
DB76993 3 horas 5 minutos
por Carl von Clausewitz
leído por Luis Carlos de La Lombana
Tratado por el general prusiano del siglo diecinueve y renombrado teórico militar Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), extraída de su libro inacabado Sobre la guerra. Describe la esencia de la táctica y la estrategia. (Treatise by nineteenth-century Prussian soldier and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), excerpted from his unfinished book On War. Describes the essence of tactics and strategy.) 1831.

Beneficios Federales para Veteranos, sus Dependientes, y Sobrevivientes: Edición 2011 (Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors: 2011 Edition)
DB72994 8 horas 52 minutos
por Departamento de Asuntos de los Veteranos de los EE.UU.
leído por Harry Froget
Un resumen de los beneficios otorgados a los veteranos elegibles por el Departamento de Asuntos de Veteranos de los EE.UU. Incluye secciones sobre los cuidados de la salud, las discapacidades relacionadas con el servicio, pensiones, educación y capacitación, préstamos para viviendas, seguros de vida, beneficios de entierro y conmemoraciones, asistencia de transición, y beneficios para sobrevivientes y dependientes. Incluye directorio de teléfono y sitios en el Internet. (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 2011 summary of benefits provided to eligible individuals. Covers health care, service-related disabilities, pensions, education and training, home loans, life insurance, burial and memorial benefits, transition assistance, and dependents and survivors. Includes phone and website directories.) 2011.

El Espejo Enterrado: Reflexiones sobre España y América (The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World)
DB74982 17 horas 9 minutos
por Carlos Fuentes
leído por Walter Krochmal
Novelista y ensayista mexicano usa la imagen de un espejo enterrado —a veces dejado en tumbas antiguas, presumiblemente para guiar a los muertos— para explorar los paralelos entre las culturas de España y el Nuevo Mundo. Fuentes espera que América Latina eventualmente tomará su verdadera fuerza política y económica en abrazar su herencia hispana. (Mexican novelist and essayist uses the imagery of a buried mirror—sometimes left in ancient tombs, presumably to guide the dead—to explore parallels between the cultures of Spain and Latin America, a region he hopes will eventually draw political and economic strength from its Hispanic heritage.) 2010.

Luna de Oriente (Eastern Moon)
DB74974 11 horas 24 minutos
por Nieves Hidalgo
leído por Gy Mirano
Inglaterra, 1818. Christin, una joven hermosa criada por gitanos, se encuentra con Kemal Ashan, un conde rico que intenta comprar sus favores. Christin lo roba y lo humilla, sólo a encontrarle más tarde en circunstancias marcadamente diferentes. Lenguaje injurioso y algunas descripciones de índole sexual. (England, 1818. Christin, a beautiful young woman raised by gypsies, meets Kemal Ashan, a wealthy count who offers money to sleep with her. Christin robs and humiliates Kemal, only to encounter him later under markedly different circumstances. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex.) 2010.

Obras (Works)
DB77989 3 horas 27 minutos
por Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
leído por María Pino
Colección de los escritos de la monja y poetisa Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651-1695), cuya obra se considera el comienzo de la literatura mexicana. Incluye sonetos, redondillas, romances, junto con la carta autobiográfica “Respuesta a Sor Filotea”. (Collection of writings by nun and poet Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651-1695), whose work is considered the beginning of Mexican literature. Includes sonnets, redondillas, romances, and the autobiographical letter “Reply to Sister Filotea.”) 1695.

La Reina en el Palacio de las Corrientes de Aire (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest)
DB72995 26 horas 52 minutos
por Stieg Larsson
leído por María Pino
Suecia. Pirata informática Lisbeth Salander, de La chica que soñaba con un cerillo y un galón de gasolina (DB 72992), se encuentra hospitalizada con una bala en la cabeza, acusada de asesinato. El periodista Mikael Blomkvist investiga la protección ofrecida por funcionarios suecos a Alexander Zalachenko, atacante de Lisbeth— y su padre. Traducido del sueco. Violencia, lenguaje injurioso, y descripciones explícitas de índole sexual. (Sweden. Computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, from The Girl Who Played with Fire (DB 69599), is hospitalized with a bullet in her head, accused of murder. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist investigates Swedish officials protecting Alexander Zalachenko, Lisbeth’s attacker—and father. Translated from Swedish. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex.) 2009.

El Libro de Cinco Anillos (The Book of Five Rings)
DB76998 2 horas 40 minutos
por Musashi Miyamoto
leído por Jorge Pupo
Tratado escrito por un duelista invicto y guerrero samurai de Japón del siglo diecisiete. Musashi expone sobre arte de la espada y la estrategia, describiendo la disciplina mental y física necesaria para derrotar a un adversario y hacer frente a múltiples desafíos con éxito. Traducido del japonés. (Treatise by an undefeated duelist and seventeenth-century samurai warrior of Japan. Musashi expounds on swordsmanship and strategy, highlighting the mental and physical discipline needed to defeat an adversary and deal with multiple challenges successfully. Translated from Japanese.) 1645.

¡Basta de Historias! La Obsesión Latinoamericana con el Pasado y las Doce Claves del Futuro (Enough Stories! The Latin American Obsession with the Past and Twelve Keys to the Future)
DB74970 16 horas 3 minutos
por Andrés Oppenheimer
leído por Jorge Pupo
El autor y periodista premiado Andrés Oppenheimer analiza el futuro económico y político de América Latina mediante un examen de sus tendencias actuales; explorando historias de éxito de otras naciones como Finlandia, Singapur, y la India; y al confrontar la obsesión de la región con su pasado histórico. (Award-winning journalist and author Andrés Oppenheimer analyzes the economic and political future of Latin America by examining trends; recounting success stories from other nations such as Finland, Singapore, and India; and confronting the region’s obsession with its past.) 2010.

El Francotirador Paciente (The Patient Sniper)
DB77953 8 horas 44 minutos
por Arturo Pérez-Reverte
leído por Irma Bello
Alejandra Varela es enviada en una misión editorial para localizar a un artista urbano conocido sólo como Sniper. A través de Europa, ella viaja en el mundo ilegal y violento del arte grafiti en búsqueda de este pintor elusivo de las calles. Algunas descripciones de violencia y de lenguaje injurioso. (Alejandra Varela is sent on an editorial assignment to track down an urban artist known only as Sniper. She travels across Europe and into the illegal and violent world of graffiti art, searching for the elusive street painter. Some violence and some strong language.) 2013.

Saber Comer: Sesenta y Cuatro Reglas Básicas para Aprender a Comer Bien (Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual)
DB76999 1 hora 44 minutos
por Michael Pollan
leído por Adriana Sananes
Un periodista presenta una serie de reglas simples para la selección de comidas saludables informados de una variedad de tradiciones étnicas y culturales. Analiza la relación entre la dieta y la salud, y sugiere que las personas renuncien o modifiquen la dieta occidental que se basa en los alimentos altamente procesados y la carne. (Journalist offers a set of rules for making healthy food choices that draws from a variety of ethnic and cultural traditions. Discusses the link between diet and health and suggests that people renounce or modify the Western diet of highly processed foods and meat.) 2012.

Inquebrantable: Mi Historia, a Mi Manera (Unbreakable: My Story, My Way)
DB76988 7 horas 48 minutos
por Jenni Rivera
leído por María Pino
Autobiografía póstuma de la cantante mexico-estadounidense Jenni Rivera (1969-2012). Revela su lucha contra la violencia doméstica así como su éxito como cantante, actriz, productora de televisión, y empresaria. Violencia, lenguaje injurioso, y descripciones de índole sexual. (Posthumously published autobiography of acclaimed Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera (1969-2012). Reveals her struggle with domestic abuse as well as her success as a singer, actress, television producer, and entrepreneur. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex.) 2012.

El Papa Francisco: Conversaciones con Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis: Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio)
DB76995 5 horas 44 minutos
por Sergio Rubin y Francesca Ambrogetti
leído por Paul Gamache
Serie de entrevistas realizadas en 2010 con el cardenal argentino Jorge Bergoglio quien fue elegido como el nuevo Papa de la Iglesia Católica en 2013. Bergoglio ̃—el primer Sumo Pontifice Latinoamericano— relata la historia de su vida y sus opiniones sobre una variedad de temas, incluyendo la cultura, la educación, y el pasado reciente de Argentina. (Interviews conducted in 2010 with Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio—who became Pope Francis in 2013—in which he shares his life story and views on a variety of topics, including culture, education, and his country’s recent past.) 2013.

El Juego del Ángel (The Angel’s Game)
DB74967 23 horas 0 minutos
por Carlos Ruiz Zafón
leído por Alex Alburqueque
Barcelona, 1917. David Martín escribe cuentos policíacas y noveluchas. Martín descubre el Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados, de La Sombra del Viento (DB 67999), y acepta una tarea siniestra para escribir un libro creando una nueva religión. Lenguaje injurioso y algunas descripciones de índole sexual. (Barcelona, 1917. “Penny dreadful” author David Martín discovers the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, from La Sombra del Viento (DB 67999), and accepts a sinister commission to write a book that would create a new religion. Originally published in Spain. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex.) 2008.

Desde el Corazón (From the Heart)
DB74981 19 horas 16 minutos
por Corín Tellado
leído por Irma Bello
Una colección de cuatro libros de Tellado (1927-2009), la renombrada autora española de novelas románticas. Incluye “El regreso,” “Espero verte después,” “El caso de Sandra,” y “Decide el destino.” Prólogo de Rosa Villacastín. (Four works by Spanish romance novelist Tellado (1927-2009). Includes El regreso (The Return), Espero verte después (Hope to See You Later), El caso de Sandra (Sandra’s Case), and Decide el destino (Fate Decides). Prologue by Rosa Villacastín.) 2011.

Mis Años con los Yankees (The Yankee Years)
DB77990 23 horas 6 minutos
por Joe Torre y Tom Verducci
leído por Tony Chiroldes
Joe Torre, el ex mánager de los Yankees de Nueva York, ofrece su perspectiva única del equipo exitoso que ganó seis banderines de la Liga Americana y cuatro Series Mundiales entre 1996 y 2007. Torre describe partidos cruciales, el abuso de esteroides, sus relaciones con Derek Jeter y Alex Rodríguez, y desacuerdos con el dueño George Steinbrenner. Lenguaje injurioso. (Manager who led the New York Yankees to six American League pennants and four World Series championships between 1996 and 2007 discusses key games, steroid abuse, his relationships with superstars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, and disagreements with owner George Steinbrenner. Some strong language.) 2010.

El Héroe Discreto (The Discreet Hero)
DB76991 13 horas 25 minutos
por Mario Vargas Llosa
leído por Juan Carlos Rueda
En Piura, Perú, Felícito Yanaqué, propietario de una pequeña empresa, es víctima de un complot de extorsión. Al mismo tiempo, en Lima, el empresario Ismael Carrera teme por su vida— y planea vengarse de sus dos hijos, que quieren verlo muerto. Algunas descripciones de violencia y de lenguaje injurioso. (In Piura, Peru, Felícito Yanaqué, who owns a small business, is the victim of an extortion plot. Meanwhile, in Lima, rich entrepreneur Ismael Carrera fears for his life—and plots revenge on his two sons, who want him dead. Some violence and some strong language.) 2013.

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