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Patrons will soon have access to richer, more detailed descriptions of new NLS titles. NLS is now using publisher-provided book descriptions for most new titles added to the collection. These longer descriptions will give patrons more insight into book topics and content and should make it easier for patrons to identify titles of interest to them. These descriptions will appear – in the catalog, on BARD, and in NLS publications – as written by the publishers.

Text-Only Search (Quick)

What it does:

What it does not do:

  • sorts search results
  • saves or print search results

NLS Catalog (New)

What it does:

    • vastly optimized search functionality and speed
    • direct links to BARD from catalog listings
    • an ask-a-librarian feature, which will go to the NLS Reference section
    • an email button so patrons can send themselves information about a title
    • optimized searching and cross-searching via links by author, subject, and format
    • the ability to create saved searches
    • automatic search history tabs
    • optimized short and long-form formatting for printing
    • easy-to-find links to the Find Your Library page and other NLS resources
    • allows patrons to submit a request to NLS for a title not found in the catalog
    • makes it easy to create and print book lists


    You can ask your library to help you sign up for BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) so you can download titles through your computer or directly to your mobile device using the BARD Mobile app. To order titles from the catalog without using BARD, you should Find Your Library and ask your library about options for ordering titles by phone, email, or mail.
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