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888-NLS-READ (888-657-7323)

Help with BARD and NLS Equipment

BARD and NLS Digital Player Help

For issues with BARD, BARD Mobile, BARD Express, or your digital player, you can always Find Your Library and ask network staff for technical help.

If you are unable to reach your library, contact [email protected] .

If you are a patron living overseas, email the overseas librarian at NLS or call 202-707-5100.

The Welcome to BARD page contains answers for those who are new to BARD.  Find answers on the BARD Frequently Asked Questions page.

Subscribe to the NLS BARD support list to receive the latest news about BARD.

Software Upgrades for NLS Players

To upgrade your digital talking-book machine to the latest software, download the latest software and follow the instructions.

BARD Mobile Help

For help with BARD Mobile, access the BARD Mobile User Manual for iOS (or BARD Mobile User Manual for iOS in ebraille [.brf file]) or the BARD Mobile User Manual for Android (or BARD Mobile User Manual for Android in ebraille [.brf file]). You can also access videos on How to Use BARD Mobile for iOS or How to Use BARD Mobile for Android. You can also send an email to [email protected] .

BARD Express Help

Troubleshoot issues with BARD Express by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions about BARD Express, videos on How to Use BARD Express, or by browsing the BARD Express User Guide.

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