How to Enroll

You can apply for NLS service by requesting an application online or directly contacting the NLS network library that serves your state or locality. You can also complete a printable application form and send it to your NLS network library. Applications are available in English and Spanish. A family member or friend can fill out an application for you. The application must be signed by a competent authority. To learn more, review the eligibility requirements. The network library will contact you to confirm your enrollment and provide further information on equipment, reading material, and services.

Once you’re enrolled, you can apply to use BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading Download website. With BARD, you don’t need to wait for books and magazines to arrive in the mail—you can download them and start reading right away. And if you have an iOS or Android device (including a Kindle Fire device), you can enjoy books and magazines on the go with the BARD Mobile app.

Do you play an instrument or want to learn one? The NLS Music collection includes braille and large-print scores, recorded instructional materials, and recorded materials about music and musicians. Learn more about what’s available in the Music collection and how to request music materials.

You don’t have to live in the US to be an NLS patron. If you’re a US citizen living abroad full- or part-time, you can receive books and magazine through the NLS Overseas Service.

Besides books and magazines, NLS provides playback equipment—including a braille eReader—and accessories such as breath switches and remote controls. We also share information about purchasing NLS-compatible audio players and braille displays and notetakers.

Assisted living communities, schools for students who are blind or visually impaired, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, libraries, and other facilities with a number of eligible users can apply for NLS institutional accounts.

Here’s what people are saying about NLS Services:

This service is wonderful. I have macular degeneration in both eyes, can no longer read, and I receive this service and am most grateful.

– NLS patron 
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