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Welcome to the home page for BARD Express. Here you will find everything you need to know about using BARD Express.

What is BARD Express?

BARD Express provides NLS patrons with an easy way to access BARD. Use BARD Express to browse thousands of audio books and magazines, download them to your Windows-based computer, and transfer them to an NLS cartridge or USB drive. BARD Express simplifies the process by providing a menu-driven interface, reducing the need to memorize a complex set of keyboard commands. This means BARD Express can be used with as few as four keys, while providing advanced functionality for the more adventurous user.


Learn more about BARD Express by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions or by browsing the BARD Express User Guide. If you’re already running BARD Express, access the help topics by pressing F1.

How to get BARD Express

Download BARD Express. After saving it to your computer, locate the file and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. If you have questions, contact your network library. Use the Find Your Library tool to obtain a contact telephone number for your network library if you do not already have it.


Screenshot of main menu
Figure 1: Main Menu The Main Menu gives you access to your bookshelf and wish list. It provides options for searching and browsing the BARD collection and provides information on the status of materials you are currently downloading. It also allows you to manage external devices (cartridges or USB flash drives) connected to your computer and to set and change your BARD Express preferences.


Screenshot of Search BARD screen
Figure 2: Search BARD The Search BARD screen lets you search for books on BARD by keyword, author, book number, or title.


Screenshot of Bookshelf screen
Figure 3: Bookshelf All the titles you have downloaded to your computer using BARD Express are listed in the Bookshelf. The default organization is by type, in alphabetical order, followed by the number of titles in each category: All Books and Magazines, Audio Books, Audio Magazines, Braille Books, Braille Magazines, Read Items, and Unread Items. Materials in the Bookshelf may also be sorted by subject or author.


Screenshot of Copy to Cartridge screen
Figure 4: Copy to Cartridge The Copy to Cartridge button is available in the Bookshelf screen when one or more items are checked in Advanced Mode, or one item is selected in Standard Mode. When the Copy to Cartridge button is selected, the computer is scanned for attached removable drives. Each drive is also scanned to see if it contains BARD items. A dialog box is presented, listing the attached drives. For each removable drive detected on your computer, information is displayed on how much space is available, and how many books already exist on the drive.


Learn more about Bard Express by checking out the BARD Frequently Asked Questions.


Please direct questions to the BARD Support Team at [email protected] or your network library.


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