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Network Library Outreach Promos

Modify these items with your links, your library name, or locally created content to help share information about your library, the collection, and NLS.

Keeping patrons and other stakeholders up-to-date and engaged is an important part of what we do. Below we have put together some short items about NLS and its services that network libraries can use on social media, in newsletters, on your websites, and in your other outreach efforts. Some of these are tied to special dates or upcoming events; others can be used any time. These are only suggestions, of course—feel free to modify these items with your links, your library name, or locally created content—to help share information about NLS, the collection, and your library. We also encourage you to let us know if you find these useful and would like to see more of this type of content.

For NLS patrons

NLS narrators at the National Book Festival

Watch your favorite talking book narrators at this year’s National Book Festival! This past September, voice actors Michael Kramer, Kimberly Schraf, and Dawn Ursula gathered in DC for a panel on the art of creating an audiobook. Complete with surprising anecdotes from their decades of recording work and entertaining live narrations, their session will give you a new appreciation for the audiobooks you know and love.

(Note to libraries: To access a high-resolution JPEG to illustrate your content, click the thumbnail below.)

Three audiobook narrators and one moderator sit in white chairs. The background says Library of Congress National Book Festival.


The following time-sensitive items concern upcoming events or recent updates to NLS products.

Subject: Programs

NLS Patron Engagement Section virtual programs for December

The NLS Patron Engagement Section hosts two regular virtual programs for patrons.

The Many Faces of BARD occurs the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. eastern; the next one will be December 8. Each program lasts for one hour and focuses on a component of BARD usage or a specific BARD product. After the training part of the program, patrons have an opportunity to ask questions about the topic of the evening or any other aspect of BARD.

To join a session, visit (Dial-in information is also available there.)

The Patron Engagement Section also hosts a quarterly Patron Corner program. The next one will be on Monday, December 12, at 7 p.m. eastern, and the topic will be Do You Hear What I Hear: The NLS Music Section Is Not Just for Musicians.

To join a Patron Corner session, visit (Dial-in information is also available there.)

Subject: Magazines

New braille and audio magazines available

NLS recently added three new magazines to its collection, two in audio and one in braille.

  • Harvard Women’s Health Watch, available in audio, shares information on new prevention strategies, diagnostic techniques, medications, and treatments.
  • Psychology Today, available in audio, is a general-interest psychology magazine representing a variety of perspectives and approaches.
  • Guideposts, available in braille, shares inspirational stories.

All three magazines can be downloaded from BARD. To subscribe to them on cartridge or in hard-copy braille, please contact [[[your library’s information here]]].

Subject: Calendars

Braille and large-print calendars

NLS has compiled a list of organizations that sell or distribute braille and/or large-print calendars for 2023. You can find it at Keep in mind that listed prices are subject to change, and that inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of any particular product.

Subject: BARD

New procedure for resetting BARD passwords

In response to feedback from network libraries concerning patrons’ difficulties in changing BARD passwords, NLS no longer requires you to answer a secret question to reset your password.

The new, simpler steps to reset a password from the BARD website are as follows:

  1. Open the BARD login page and click the Reset your BARD password here
  2. On the Reset your lost password page, type the email address associated with your BARD account in the Email Address field, then click the Submit button.
  3. BARD will send you an email with a link that redirects back to the BARD website, where you can create a new password. The link will expire in one hour.

A reminder: You cannot reset your password from the BARD Mobile app; you must do so from the BARD website.

Subject: BARD Mobile

Updates to BARD Mobile for Android app

NLS released two updates to the BARD Mobile for Android app in September. Version 1.4.5 added many new features, including:

  • the ability to pause and resume downloads
  • sort and search capabilities in Bookshelves and the various Get Book lists
  • the ability to delete books from Wish List
  • a new More Info book details screen
  • a new Settings tab with new settings for the User Account and Audio Settings pages

Version 1.4.6 addressed bugs and stabilized performance.

If you have not automated BARD Mobile updates, you will need to go to the BARD Mobile entry in the Google Play Store to enable the updates. BARD Mobile users can confirm that they are running the latest version by checking the bottom of the app’s Settings screen.

Subject: BARD Mobile

BARD Mobile for iOS update improves search

Version 2.0 of the BARD Mobile for iOS app replaces the BARD Website option within the app with a new and powerful search engine. If you have not automated BARD Mobile updates, you will need to go to the App Store to enable the update. Once installed, BARD Mobile 2.0 for iOS allows users to search by keyword, title, author, or annotation and receive reliable results. Additionally, version 2.0 fixes problems with rewind controls, side-loading books, and downloading and reading non-ASCII foreign language book titles.

To conduct a search in BARD Mobile 2.0, choose the Search option at the top of the Get Books screen, just above Wish List. Keyword is the default search type, and Audio is the default format, but you can change these settings. To access options such as Download and viewing other books by the same author with VoiceOver, touch the title of interest, flick up or down to the desired choice, and double-tap. If you don’t use VoiceOver, select the More info button to the right of the title, and then choose either Download, Add to Wish List, or More Actions.

The new Search option on iOS version 2.0 does not return non-English titles. Patrons searching for non-English titles should continue to use the BARD website to find and add titles to their Wish Lists for downloading.

Subject: TBT, BBR

Publisher-provided book descriptions in TBT and BBR [[[social media version]]

NLS’s Collections Division has begun using publisher-provided book descriptions to replace the 50-word book annotations that patrons have typically seen in Talking Book Topics, Braille Book Review, on BARD, and in the catalog. These publisher descriptions, which will accompany new titles added to the collection, provide more insight into book topics and will make it easier for you to identify and search titles of interest to you. We hope you enjoy this enhancement to the NLS collection!

Subject: TBT, BBR

Publisher-provided book descriptions in TBT and BBR [[[newsletter version]]]

Over the years, you probably have grown accustomed to seeing short annotations or descriptions of books in Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review and on BARD. These annotations were written by NLS staff members and were limited by space constraints.

To provide richer and more extensive information for patrons, NLS recently began using publisher-provided descriptions for new titles being added to the collection. These longer descriptions often provide a more complete picture of the book and present the same information that is routinely used by other libraries and book providers. We hope this will make it easier for you to identify titles of interest to you.

When publisher-provided book descriptions are available, NLS uses them verbatim. This means that book descriptions may reference other works or supplementary materials that are not available or contained in the NLS edition. They may also contain opinions on current events. Remember that these are statements from the publisher and do not represent the position of NLS, the Library of Congress, or this library.

NLS will continue to provide rating taglines to help patrons identify books containing strong language or descriptions of sex and violence.


The following evergreen items can be used any time.

Subject: TBT, BBR

Looking for your next great read? [[[social media version]]]

You’ll find many of the latest additions to NLS’s ever-growing collection in Talking Book Topics or Braille Book Review. Both bimonthly publications—and past issues too—are on the NLS website in a variety of formats. Patrons can access the audio edition of TBT via the BARD Mobile app, subscribe to it on cartridge, or get it through NFB-NEWSLINE. The website also has issues of Foreign Language Quarterly for patrons reading in languages other than English.

Subject: TBT, BBR

Looking for your next great read? [[[newsletter version]]]

As you probably are aware by now, due to worldwide supply chain issues, NLS ended production of large-print, hard copy publications including Braille Book Review (BBR) and Talking Book Topics (TBT).

But there are a variety of other ways you can get both publications!

  • To subscribe to BBR in hardcopy braille, contact us at [[[your library’s information here]]].
  • BBR is available in HTML at
  • To subscribe to BBR in ebraille, visit BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading Download service, via computer or the BARD Mobile app. (If you do not already have a BARD account, you can find instructions on how to sign up at
    • On the BARD website: Once logged in, select Braille Book Review (braille) in the drop-down menu Magazines by Title and then select Subscribe to Braille Book Review (braille). Individual issues can also be downloaded.
    • On the BARD Mobile app: Once logged in, select Get Books, then Browse Magazines, then Braille Magazines, then Braille Book Review (braille). If you are using the app visually, tap the + symbol at the top of the screen to subscribe. If you are using Voiceover, this button is labeled Subscribe.
  • TBT is available in HTML and PDF at and in audio from BARD and BARD Mobile or by mail with a magazine on cartridge subscription. TBT is also available on NFB-NEWSLINE.
  • An abridged version of TBT is included in the braille edition of BBR.

If you need assistance, contact us—we’re glad to help!

Subject: Music

Get to know the NLS Music collection

The NLS Music Section is home to the world’s largest collection of accessible music scores for a variety of instruments across nearly every genre. It also offers a wide selection of music instruction and appreciation materials for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Learn more about the collection at

Subject: Music

Music materials for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between

Do you play the penny whistle? Ukelele? Fiddle? Harmonica? You’ll find scores for these instruments—and more common ones like piano and guitar, too—in NLS’s world-class Music collection. In addition to scores across a wide variety of genres, popular hits past and present are always being added to the collection. From artists like Bill Withers, James Brown, and Otis Redding to Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, and Bruno Mars, there is something for every aspiring pop star patron. The NLS Music Section also serves many professional musicians at the top of their fields. Read more about the Music Section’s latest additions in the weekly Music Notes blog:

Subject: Braille on Demand

NLS Braille-on-Demand pilot continues

Want a braille book that you can keep indefinitely? The NLS Braille-on-Demand pilot program, launched this past summer, allows any registered patron to receive one hard-copy braille book per month with no return date. You can request books directly using the form at, or you can contact us at [[[your library’s information here]]] for assistance in making a request. Any braille book available on BARD is eligible to be produced in hard copy by this program. Books are mailed directly to you. You can learn more about Braille-on-Demand in the July–September 2022 issue of the NLS newsletter, available online at

Subject: Reader advisor services

Changing your reading options is easy!

When you signed up for NLS service, you might have elected to have your library’s reader advisor select books for you, based on your interests — specific authors such as Stephen King or Nora Roberts, or genres such as biography, science fiction, romance, or westerns. But if you’ve found a new favorite author or want to explore a new genre, all you need to do is let your reader advisor know! You can ask your reader advisor for specific titles, too — or download them yourself from BARD. Contact us at [[[your library’s information here]]] for assistance.

Subject: Diabetes

Resources on diabetes

Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults? NLS has a variety of resources to help manage and combat diabetes, including comprehensive titles such as the American Diabetes Association’s What to Expect When You Have Diabetes (BR21870, DB87414),” which discusses blood sugar, medications, and alternative treatments and includes advice on diet and nutrition, weight management, and prevention. Health magazines that NLS makes available include the monthly Health and Nutrition Newsletters, available on audio cartridge and through BARD, which compiles information of special interest to older adults from Scientific American—Health after Fifty, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and Nutrition Action Healthletter.

Another magazine available to patrons is Health Newsletters, in ebraille and hard-copy braille, with medical and nutritional information from Harvard Health Letter, University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter, and Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

Your library’s reader advisor can help you find other recent books and magazines on preventing and living with diabetes.

For public outreach

Subject: Reading disabilities

Free services for people with reading disabilities

Many people ask us if NLS, the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, offers services to people with dyslexia. Yes, they do! NLS patrons with reading disabilities like dyslexia have access to free audiobooks, magazines, and music instructional materials, as well as services provided through their local NLS network library. Find out if you’re eligible at or contact [[[your library’s information here]]].

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