International Language Quarterly

International Language Quarterly (ILQ) lists popular international language books recently added to the NLS collection and available through a network of cooperating libraries. Many come to us from other countries via the Marrakesh Treaty (DBGs), but you will also find books produced by NLS (DBs) and converted from cassette tapes (DBFs). All books listed in International Language Quarterly are available for immediate download from NLS BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading Download. You can find more information about how to register for and use BARD in the BARD reference guide.

The publication formerly known as Foreign Language Quarterly became International Language Quarterly in April 2023. This update to the name reflects a broader change, as NLS shifted its terminology to better represent our non-English language materials. The term “international” embraced the fact that languages other than English are not only spoken abroad but also right here in the United States, as well as the fact that the NLS collection includes books in Native American languages that predate the arrival of English.

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