Ask a Librarian!

Do you have a question related to NLS service, including basic BARD user support, or a question about blindness or other print disabilities? Email [email protected] or call 800-424-8567 for help. Questions about the history of NLS are also welcome. We have staff members fluent in both English and Spanish who can answer queries in either language. Spanish speakers can also find resources on our Spanish-language website:

¿Tiene alguna pregunta relacionada con el servicio NLS, incluida la asistencia básica para el usuario de BARD, o una pregunta sobre la ceguera y las dificultades para acceder al texto impreso? Envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected] o llame al 800-424-8567 para obtener ayuda. Las preguntas sobre la historia de NLS también son bienvenidas. Tenemos miembros del personal que hablan inglés y español con fluidez y podemos responder consultas en cualquiera de los dos idiomas. Los hispanohablantes también pueden encontrar recursos en nuestro sitio web en español:

A third option after emailing or calling is to use the Ask a Librarian form, primarily used by researchers at the Library of Congress.

You might also find answers to your questions in a variety of NLS informational publications that compile current information on many topics of interest to patrons, their family members and friends, and those who provide services to them. NLS regularly updates resources such as Magazines in Special Media—with details on 200 periodicals produced by NLS and others in a variety of formats—and Directory of Producers of Accessible Reading Materialswhich lists organizations, groups, and individuals that produce reading materials in audio, braille, and large print.

Looking for reading ideas? We have book lists (minibibliographies) on dozens of topics, from the Beatles and Shakespeare to Gardening and Veterans Benefits, as well as an extensive listing of Bibles and Other Sacred Writings in accessible formats. For what is new, check out Talking Book TopicsBraille Book Review, and International Language Quarterly, which all list selections of titles recently added to the NLS collection on the Catalog and BARD

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