Video Gaming Accessibility

Playing video games can boost creativity, improve problem-solving skills, and cultivate teamwork. People with disabilities, however, have limited opportunities to enjoy video games: those with visual challenges may not be able to participate in games that are rich in graphics, and those with mobility challenges may not be able to use a standard game controller.

Still, many resources are available for gamers with disabilities. Individuals and organizations have taken up the challenge of adapting or modifying controllers for people with disabilities. Computer programmers have developed audio games (or audio adaptations of games) that can be played by people who are blind or visually impaired. In addition, there are video game experts who publish accessibility reviews of new games.

Listed here are some of those resources. This list is not comprehensive. Articles in the bibliography are available through the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled Information Services Section. Please email [email protected] for more information.


Ability Powered

Features product reviews, articles, videos, and links to other resources for people with an interest in accessible gaming. Posts accessibility reviews of games before they are released to the public. External


Modifies and adapts controllers for gamers with disabilities and raises awareness of the importance of accessibility within the gaming community. Publishes articles on trends in accessible gaming and presents at gaming conferences. A nonprofit organization that does not charge for its services. External

Accessible Games

Provides standards from the AbleGamers Foundation for making games accessible to people with visual, physical, auditory, and cognitive disabilities. External


Publishes accessibility reviews of iOS applications, including more than four hundred games, submitted by Apple users who are blind or visually impaired. External

Lists games that are accessible to people with visual impairments. External

Ben Heck

Modifies Xbox controllers so they can be used with one hand. External

Blind Gamers

Shares nearly forty games for people with visual disabilities, developed by a retired Australian computer programmer who’s been creating accessible games since 2004. External

Reviews the accessibility of games for people with visual disabilities. Offers sound demonstrations of games and links to gaming resources for people with disabilities. External

The Controller Project

Modifies game controllers to fit the unique needs of people with physical disabilities. External

Disabled Gamers

Offers help with controls, mechanics, or just general discussion for gamers with disabilities. External

Disabled Gaming Reviews

Reviews games for their accessibility. External

Game Accessibility

Reviews the accessibility of new video and computer games for users with specific disabilities. Informs game developers about the importance of making their games accessible. External

Game Accessibility Guidelines

Offers examples and advice on how to structure video games for people with disabilities. Developed by gaming studios and academics. External

Game Box Controllers

Adapts PlayStation and Xbox game controllers and switches for people with severe disabilities who cannot operate a standard handheld device. External

Geeky Gimp

Reviews games and game controllers for their accessibility. Published by a woman with muscular dystrophy. External

GMA Games

Designs and sells Windows-based computer games for people with visual disabilities. Offers some games for free. External

Help Kidz Learn

Lists games for people with mobility and learning disabilities, including games specifically for use with the EyeGaze adaptive technology. External

Ian Hamilton

Helps studios avoid excluding gamers with disabilities. Author collaborated with NLS to add and expand on resources in this publication. External

Illegally Sighted

Reviews video games on YouTube for people with visual impairments. Provides hardware reviews, tutorials on how to use assistive technology, and product demos. External

International Game Developers Association: Game Accessibility Special Interest Group

Brings together developers with an interest in game accessibility, acts as a resource for them, and educates and collaborates with them to make more video games accessible. External


Offers ideas on ways to use adaptive switches to make gaming consoles more accessible. External

PCS Games

Lists and reviews iOS, PC, and online games for people with visual impairments. External
7-128 Software
Reviews and rates the accessibility of games for people with visual disabilities and mobility impairments. External


Reviews the accessibility of video games for people with visual disabilities as part of a fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. External

Smash Clay

Audio engineer advises people who want to add audio to their games to make them accessible. External


Matches players with disabilities with adaptive gaming consoles. External

Titan One

Produces software that allows users—including those with limited functions in their extremities—to convert their game controllers into fully compatible game consoles without violating the warranty of the original controller. External

Warfighter Engaged

Volunteer-operated organization modifies devices, including video game controllers, to meet the specific needs of military service members with disabilities. External

Streaming Videos on Disabled Gaming

“Disabled Gamers Who Can Beat You!”

The Next Top Gamer
September 2019 External
Features gamers with disabilities from around the world.

“Disabled Players Get New Life through Video Games”

April 2017 External
Explores gamers with disabilities and the organizations, like DisabledGamers, who help them.

“eSports for Disabled Gamers”

October 2019 External
Reports on gamers with disabilities who take on eSports in Japan.

“The Fight for Video Game Accessibility”

Jan 19, 2018 External
Accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton discusses small changes studios can make to make their games available to more people.

“Helping Disabled Gamers Play Minecraft”

Channel 4 News
August 2018 External
Profiles gamer Becky Tyler who worked with Special Effect, UK to help bring Minecraft to millions of severely disabled people.

“How Accessible Were 2019’s Biggest Games?”

Game Maker's Toolkit
November 22, 2019 External
Reviews accessible video games that were released in 2019.

“How the Xbox Adaptive Controller Empowers Gamers”

October 2018 External
Sean Marihugh shows Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella how the new Xbox Adaptive Controller enables gamers to create a custom setup that works for their unique needs.

“Level Up: With Xbox Adaptive Controller, Anyone Can Play”

VOA News
September 2018 External
Reports on the ways the Xbox Adaptive Controller makes it easier for disabled gamers to join in the fun.

“Making Games Better for Gamers with Colourblindness & Low Vision | Designing for Disability”

Game Maker’s Toolkit
August 2018 External
Video game developer shares guidelines and best practices for making games more accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. Provides information on design choices and menu options that will affect people with low vision and color blindness.

“Making Games Better for Players with Motor Disabilities | Designing for Disability”

Game Maker's Toolkit
October 2018 External
Video game developer shares guidelines and best practices for making games more accessible to a wide range of disabilities. Provides information on design choices and menu options that will affect people with motor, mobility, or physical disabilities

“Playing Video Games with Mouth Quadstick—C4 Complete Quadriplegic from Connecticut, Mike Hurlock”

More than Walking
September 2018 External
Demonstrates how to play video games with a mouth quadstick. Made by a Connecticut non-profit to promote independence after spinal cord injury.

“RockyNoHands: The Gamer Who Can Beat You with His Mouth”

Shot Callers Esports
September 2017 External
Profiles Rocky Stoutenburgh, aka RockyNoHands, who suffered an accident at 19 that left him a tetraplegic without the use of his arms but became a champion gamer.

“What Does It Take to Make a Video Game Accessible?”

AMI: Accessible Media Inc.
Mar 20, 2018 External
Household Games Inc. founder Jason Canam explains how inclusive gaming starts in the initial stages of game design.

“Xbox Adaptive Controller Review”

All Access Life
September 2018 External
Demonstrates the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


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