NLS Is Easy to Use

With simple features and clear instructions, NLS makes it easy to read your way, no matter which format you choose. 

NLS talking-book players feature large buttons, braille letters beside the controls, a sleep timer, and built-in audio instructions. 

The BARD Mobile app allows users to quickly and easily download audiobooks directly your smart devices.

Watch our YouTube series of instructional videos on BARD Mobile External.

NLS Is Free

NLS has no subscriptions or service fees; it is free for eligible borrowers. Apply today to get access to all your favorite titles in a format that works for you.

NLS Offers a Variety of Formats

  • Talking books and magazines — Audiobooks and audio magazines on digital cartridges are mailed to your door. You return them the same way, through postage-free mail. Digital talking-book players are also provided free to patrons.
  • Braille — Braille books and magazines are delivered directly to your door at no cost. 
  • Music — NLS provides music appreciation materials, music scores, and music instruction in braille, audio, and large print.  Learn more about NLS Music Services and Materials External.
  • Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) — BARD is an online service that provides access to thousands of special-format books, magazines, and music materials in audio and ebraille. The same materials that are offered on digital cartridges are also available for download in compressed audio format.
  • BARD Mobile — With the BARD Mobile app, you can download and play materials on your smart phones and tablets. Many of the materials available on cartridges or in hard-copy braille are also available for download in compressed audio or braille formats.

NLS Has the Latest Titles

Check out new book releases from NLS in audio (Talking Book Topics) and braille (Braille Book Review). Explore the catalog.

NLS Uses the Latest Technology

NLS has a long history of using the latest technology to provide accessible reading materials to patrons. Audiobooks and audio magazines are available on digital cartridges or via online download through BARD. The free BARD Mobile app is available for your mobile device so you don’t need special equipment to read.

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