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    Lincoln hymn of democracy Notated Music. print | 1 score (1 page) ; 33 cm | [music by] G. W. Andrews ; [words by] H. A. Youtz. (Statement Of Responsibility). For voices SATB, unaccompanied. Staff notation. (Language). Print (Form). Unmediated (Form). Sheet (Form).
    • Contributor: Publisher Not Identified - Andrews, George Whitfield - Youtz, H. A.
    • Date: 1920

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    Abraham Lincoln what would you do? Notated Music. print | 1 score (2 pages) ; 35 cm | lyric by Carol Hirsch ; music by Baker and Blink. (Statement Of Responsibility). For voice and piano. Staff notation. (Language). Print (Form). Unmediated (Form). Volume (Form).
    • Contributor: Metropolitan Music Pu Co. - Baker and Blink - Hirsch, Carol
    • Date: 1918

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    Abraham Lincoln's funeral march
    Lincoln's funeral march
    sheet music | Music associated with the Union side Sheet Music (Form).
    • Contributor: H. N. Hempsted - Bach, C. H. - Bach, Christoph
    • Date: 1865

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    We'll sing to Abe our song! sheet music about Lincoln, emancipation, and the Civil War : from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Collection of over two hundred sheet music compositions on the subject of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Spanning the years from Lincoln's presidential campaign in 1859 through the centenary of his birth in 1909, details historic events of late nineteenth-century America and reflects popular opinions of the time. Offers a variety of popular music styles such as Union draft songs, campaign pieces, and ...
    • Date: 1999