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  • Notated Music

    A kadish

    sheet music | 4 p. ; 35 cm. | "A memorial paryer for Abraham Goldfaden." "In sacred memoryof the poet-playwright, the originator and father of the Jewish drama." "Who can forget his songs and operettas. Now a light has been dimmed. Though dead, he lives forever in his works, and will always be with us. Let everone recite the kaddish for Goldfaden." Source: Heskes, ...

    • Contributor: Theodore Lohr Co. - Meyerowitz, David - Gilrod, Louis - Kamenetzky, Jacob
    • Date: 1908

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  • Notated Music

    A boychik up-to-date

    sheet music | 3 p. ; 35 cm. | "He's a modern fellow, a wise boy, a bluffer. Girls, don't be deceived by him; take care, and beware." Source: Heskes, Irene, Yiddish American Popular Songs, 1895-1950 (General). Sheet Music (Form).

    • Contributor: Theodore Lohr Co. - Gilrod, Louis - Meyerowitz, David - Kamenetzky, Jacob
    • Date: 1904

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  • Notated Music

    Fraun fraun

    sheet music | 4 p. ; 35 cm. | "Women, women, or what every maiden must know." from "Motl the shoemaker." Libretto: Shlomo Steinberg. "Oh women, if only we men could understand you." Performed by Sam Lahnfeld. Source: Heskes, Irene, Yiddish American Popular Songs, 1895-1950. (General). From the musical "Mot'l der shister" (General). Sheet Music (Form).

    • Contributor: Louis Gilrod and David Meyerowitz - Max Gabel's Theater - Meyerowitz, David - Gilrod, Louis - Kortchmaroff, Max
    • Date: 1919

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