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    Sir Francis Drake (Kraus Collection) Sir Francis Drake Sir Francis Drake's accomplishments as an explorer and naval strategist were unparalleled. His most notable feat was circumnavigating the earth from 1577-80, the first such voyage since Magellan's in 1522 and the only one up to that time captained by the same man from start to finish. Drake's expeditions to the Caribbean and the Pacific, undertaken during the circumnavigation and in...
    • Contributor: Hans and Hanni Kraus Sir Francis Drake Collection (Library of Congress) - Library of Congress
    • Date: 2005

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    Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938 Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938 contains more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves. These narratives were collected in the 1930s as part of the Federal Writers' Project (FWP) of the Works Progress Administration, later renamed Work Projects Administration (WPA). At the conclusion of the Slave Narrative project, a set of edited...
    • Contributor: Federal Writers' Project - Library of Congress. Manuscript Division - Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division - Library of Congress. National Digital Library Program
    • Date: 2001

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    The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana The collection contains more than 11,100 items. This online release presents over 1,300 items with a over 4,000 images and a date range of 1824-1931. It includes the complete collection of Stern's contemporary newspapers, Lincoln's law papers, sheet music, broadsides, prints, cartoons, maps, drawings, letters, campaign tickets, and other ephemeral items. The books and pamphlets in this collection are scheduled for digitization at a...
    • Contributor: Stern, Alfred Whital - Library of Congress - Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1824

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    Tending the Commons: Folklife and Landscape in Southern West Virginia This collection presents 718 excerpts of sound recordings, 1,256 photographs, and 10 manuscripts from the American Folklife Center's Coal River Folklife Project Collection. The project documented traditional uses of the mountains in the Big Coal River Valley of southern West Virginia, and explored the cultural dimensions of ecological crisis from 1992 to 1999. There are extensive interviews with local residents on the seasonal harvesting...
    • Contributor: American Folklife Center - Library of Congress. National Digital Library Program
    • Date: 2000

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    Prairie Settlement: Nebraska Photographs and Family Letters, 1862-1912 This digital collection integrates two collections from the holdings of the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Solomon D. Butcher photographs and the letters of the Uriah W. Oblinger family. Together they illustrate the story of settlement on the Great Plains. Approximately 3,000 glass plate negatives crafted by Butcher record the process of settlement in Nebraska between 1886 and 1912. Butcher photographed actively in central...
    • Contributor: Butcher, Solomon D. (Solomon Devore) - Nebraska State Historical Society - Library of Congress. National Digital Library Program
    • Date: 2000

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    Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982 Includes 41 motion pictures and 28 sound recordings, motion pictures produced from 1945 to 1965 by Leslie Stewart (owner of the Ninety-Six Ranch), 2,400 still photographs drawn from the Center's ethnographic field project conducted 1978-1982 and from historic photos dating 1870-1958. Background essays provide historical and cultural context for this distinctive northern Nevada ranching community. Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982...
    • Contributor: American Folklife Center - Library of Congress. National Digital Library Program
    • Date: 1998

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    By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s 2007 marks the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's rookie season for the Brooklyn Dodgers. When he stepped onto Ebbets field on April 15th, 1947, Robinson became the first African American in the twentieth century to play baseball in the major leagues -- breaking the "color line," a segregation practice dating to the nineteenth century. Jackie Robinson was an extremely talented multi-sport athlete and a...
    • Contributor: Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division - Library of Congress. Manuscript Division - Library of Congress. National Digital Library Program
    • Date: 1998

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    African American Photographs Assembled for 1900 Paris Exposition The Paris Exposition of 1900 (Exposition universelle internationale de 1900) devoted a building to matters of "social economy." The United States section of the building featured an exhibit that, according to W. E. B. Du Bois, attempted to show "(a) The history of the American Negro. (b) His present condition. (c) His education. (d) His literature." 1 Du Bois and Thomas J. Calloway, who...
    • Contributor: Du Bois, W. E. (William Edward Burghardt) - Calloway, Thomas J. - Daniel Murray Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1899

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    Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs More than 2,500 special portrait photographs, called ambrotypes and tintypes, and small card photos called cartes de visite represent both Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The portraits often show weapons, hats, canteens, musical instruments, painted backdrops, and other details that enhance the research value of the collection. Other photo topics include flags, city views, veterans, and ships. Among the...
    • Contributor: Liljenquist, Thomas Richard - Liljenquist, Jason George - Liljenquist, Brandon Paul - Liljenquist, Christian Blaine
    • Date: 1851

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    National Child Labor Committee Collection Working as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC), Lewis Hine (1874-1940) documented working and living conditions of children in the United States between 1908 and 1924. The NCLC photos are useful for the study of labor, reform movements, children, working class families, education, public health, urban and rural housing conditions, industrial and agricultural sites, and other aspects of urban and...
    • Contributor: Hine, Lewis Wickes - National Child Labor Committee (U.S.)
    • Date: 1908

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    National Photo Company Collection This collection documents virtually all aspects of Washington, D.C., life. During the administrations of Presidents Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, the National Photo Company supplied photographs of current news events in Washington, D.C., as a daily service to its subscribers. It also prepared sets of pictures on popular subjects and undertook special photographic assignments for local businesses and government agencies. The images date between...
    • Contributor: National Photo Company
    • Date: 1909

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    Photochrom Prints Contains almost 6,000 views of Europe and the Middle East and 500 views of North America. Published primarily from the 1890s to 1910s, these prints were created by the Photoglob Company in Zürich, Switzerland, and the Detroit Publishing Company in Michigan. The richly colored images look like photographs but are actually ink-based photolithographs, usually 6.5 x 9 inches. Like postcards, the photochroms feature subjects...
    • Contributor: Photoglob Co. - Detroit Publishing Co.
    • Date: 1890

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    Prokudin-Gorskii Collection Features color photographic surveys of the vast Russian Empire made between ca. 1905 and 1915. Frequent subjects among the 2,607 distinct images include people, religious architecture, historic sites, industry and agriculture, public works construction, scenes along water and railway transportation routes, and views of villages and cities. An active photographer and scientist, Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) undertook most of his ambitious color documentary project from 1909...
    • Contributor: Prokudin-Gorskiĭ, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich
    • Date: 1905

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    Sikkim Photos (Kandell Collection) This selection of 300 images portrays the people and landscape of a kingdom high in the Himalaya Mountains. Sikkim, now part of India, borders on Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Dr. Kandell captured these vivid scenes in order to document a vanishing culture. During visits between 1965 and 1979 (primarily 1965-1971), Dr. Kandell received special permission to photograph Buddhist monks and lamas, ceremonial dances, and...
    • Contributor: Kandell, Alice S. - Tse Ten Tashi
    • Date: 1965

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    Tissandier Collection The Tissandier Collection contains approximately 975 items documenting the early history of aeronautics with an emphasis on balloon flight in France and other European countries. Subjects include general and technical images of balloons, airships, and flying machines; portraits of famous balloonists; views of numerous ascensions, accidents, and world's fairs; cartoons featuring balloon themes; pictorial and textual broadsides; and colorful ephemera and poster advertisements. There...
    • Contributor: Tissandier, Albert - Tissandier, Gaston
    • Date: 1773

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    Van Vechten Collection Comprised of 1,395 photographs taken by American photographer Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964) between 1932 and 1964, the bulk of the collection consists of portrait photographs of celebrities, including many figures from the Harlem Renaissance. A much smaller portion of the collection is an assortment of American landscapes. Background and Scope The Carl Van Vechten photographs form two lots in the Prints and Photographs Division,...
    • Contributor: Van Vechten, Carl - Lutz, Mark - Mauriber, Saul - Taylor, Prentiss
    • Date: 1927

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    World's Transportation Commission This collection contains nearly nine hundred images by American photographer William Henry Jackson. In addition to railroads, elephants, camels, horses, sleds and sleighs, sedan chairs,rickshaws, and other types of transportation, Jackson photographed city views, street and harbor scenes, landscapes, local inhabitants, and Commission members as they travelled through North Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Background and Scope Railroad publicist Joseph Gladding Pangborn organized the...
    • Contributor: Jackson, William Henry
    • Date: 1894

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    Abdul Hamid II Collection This collection contains 1,819 photographs in 51 large-format albums date from about 1880 to 1893. They portray the Ottoman Empire during the reign of one of its last sultans, Abdul-Hamid II and highlight the modernization of numerous aspects of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the places depicted are within the boundaries of modern-day Turkey, but buildings and sites in Iraq, Lebanon, Greece and other...
    • Contributor: Abdülhamid II - Abdullah Frères - Sebah & Joaillier
    • Date: 1880

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    Bain Collection The George Grantham Bain Collection represents the photographic files of one of America's earliest news picture agencies. The collection richly documents sports events, theater, celebrities, crime, strikes, disasters, political activities including the woman suffrage campaign, conventions and public celebrations. The photographs Bain produced and gathered for distribution through his news service were worldwide in their coverage, but there was a special emphasis on life...
    • Contributor: Bain, George Grantham - Bain News Service
    • Date: 1860

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    Brady-Handy Collection In 1954 the Library of Congress purchased from Alice H. Cox and Mary H. Evans, the daughters of Levin C. Handy approximately 10,000 original, duplicate, and copy negatives. The L.C. Handy Studio had been located at 494 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC. Levin C. Handy (1855?-1932) was apprenticed at the age of twelve to his uncle, famed Civil War photographer Mathew B. Brady (1823?-1896)....
    • Contributor: Brady, Mathew - Handy, Levin C. (Levin Corbin)
    • Date: 1855

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    Brumfield Collection William C. Brumfield, Professor of Russian Studies at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, has extensively photographed and written about the wooden architecture of the Russian North, the jumping-off point for the explorers, traders, and missionaries who colonized Siberia. He also has photographed the distinctive architecture of such Siberian cities as Perm, Tiumen', Tobol'sk, and Tomsk. The William C. Brumfield Collection contains photographs given to...
    • Contributor: Brumfield, William Craft
    • Date: 1987

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    Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South Noted architectural photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952) created a systematic record of early American buildings and gardens called the Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South (CSAS). This collection, created primarily in the 1930s, provides more than 7,100 images showing an estimated 1,700 structures and sites in rural and urban areas of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, and...
    • Contributor: Johnston, Frances Benjamin - Carnegie Corporation of New York
    • Date: 1864

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    Highsmith (Carol M.) Archive Photographs of landmark buildings and architectural renovation projects in Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States. The first 23 groups of photographs contain more than 2,500 images and date from 1980 to 2005, with many views in color as well as black-and-white. Extensive coverage of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building was added in 2007. The archive is expected to grow to more than...
    • Contributor: Highsmith, Carol M.

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    Carpenter Collection The more than 15,000 images in the Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection represent the extensive photographic files assembled by Frank G. Carpenter and his daughter Frances to illustrate his popular writings on travel and geography. Background and Scope Frank Carpenter | Frances Carpenter | Scope of the Collection Frank Carpenter [Frank Carpenter (left) and American Consul General Gabriel Bie Ravndal, Bosporus, Turkey]. 1923. LC-USZ62-131130...
    • Contributor: Carpenter, Frank G. (Frank George) - Carpenter, Frances
    • Date: 1880

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    Civil War Explore the faces, places and events of the U.S. Civil War through photographs, prints and drawings. The Prints & Photographs Division holds thousands of images relating to the Civil War, found in many different collections. This category allows research across those collections. View a slide show of samples. Among the pictures combined in this category are: Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints Gladstone...
    • Contributor: Barnard, George N. - Brady, Mathew - Gardner, Alexander - Gibson, James F. - O'Sullivan, Timothy H. - Smith, William Morris
    • Date: 1860

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