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My brother kept
in a frame on the wall
pictures of every motorcycle, car, truck:
in his rusted out Impala convertible
wearing his cap and gown
in his yellow Barracuda
with a girl leaning into him
on his Honda 350
on his Honda 750 with the boys
holding a beer
in his first rig
wearing a baseball hat backwards
in his Mercury Montego
getting married
in his black LTD
trying to sell real estate
back to driving trucks
a shiny new rig
on his Harley Sportster
with his wife on the back
his son in a car seat
with his own steering wheel
my brother leaning over him
in an old Ford pickup
and they are
holding a wrench a rag
a hose a shammy

My brother helmetless
rides off on his Harley
my brother's feet
rarely touch the ground-
waving waving
face pressed to the wind
no camera to save him. 

—Jim Daniels

From Places/Everyone, 1985
(University of Wisconsin Press, 1985)

Copyright 1985 by Jim Daniels.
All rights reserved.

Reprinted by permission of University of Wisconsin Press. Copyright 1985 by Jim Daniels. For further permissions information, contact University of Wisconsin Press, 1930 Monroe Street 3rd Floor, Madison, WI 53711-2059.

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About the Poet

Jim Daniels (1956 - ) is the author of two poetry collections, including Birth Marks (BOA Editions, 2013). Daniels has been teaching creative writing at Carnegie Mellon since 1981.

Learn more about Jim Daniels on the Carnegie Mellon University Web site.