Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections

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Content Categories

This offering began with descriptions of still images, sound recordings, textual content, and moving images, a starting point that reflected the Library's experience with the types of digital reproductions of historical content produced for the former American Memory project, and general familiarity with its physical collections of photographs, pictorial prints, sound recordings, books and periodicals, and moving image items. These four basic content categories also serve as building blocks for more complex digital works, e.g., serials, compilations, Web sites, multimedia works, etc. Subsequent additions have included the formats appropriate for archived Web sites (the Library of Congress has an active Web Archiving project), datasets (focusing on sets of data values in an organized structure intended for automated analysis), geospatial information, email and personal information manager applications (including calendaring, instant messages, tasks, appointments and more), design and 3D (including built environment and 2D and 3D computer aided design) and formats that support accessibility through captions, subtitles and on screen readers. Over time, additional descriptions will be added to all categories and new categories will be added as well.

Note that descriptions also exist for Generic Formats.

Last Updated: 10/31/2023